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  • The Mole Antonelliana Tower
    The Mole Antonelliana Tower
    by 807Wheaton
  • Cycling - Corona di Delizie
    Cycling - Corona di Delizie
    by ant1606
  • Torino
    by bonio

Torino Highlights

  • Pro
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    Jetgirly says…

     Location, "Genuine" Italian Atmosphere 

  • Con
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    Rita_ says…

     Freezing in february :((( 

  • In a nutshell
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    marco2005 says…

     "Turin without Italy would be more or less the same. But Italy without Turin would be very different" (Umberto Eco) 

Torino Things to Do

  • Museums (Egyptian, Cinema...)

    The museum is just reinagurated and in the interior design it has participated François Confino who also did the Museum of Cinema in Torino Torino who was the "big car factory" in Italy (Fiat (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino), Pirelli, Lancia ...) has created a very interesting museum about the history of the automobile in which we go through...

  • Royal residences

    It was the House of Savoy Royal Palace of and is located in the Castillo square at the center of Turin The facade of the palace is sober, but the interior is decorated very luxurious and s well preserved . It had the participation of the most famous names of the time Vases, tapestries, ornaments ... make it worth visiting The scissors ladder...

  • Mole Antonelliana

    La mole Antoniellana es uno de los edificios más emblemáticos de Turín , que curiosamente no se ve hasta que casi te topas con él El diseño original era una sinagoga judía , pero después de diversos cambios de uso de momento ha acabado siendo el Museo Nacional del Cine En el centro hay un ascensor que sube los los 167 m del edificio hasta una...


Torino Hotels

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Torino Restaurants

  • Barratti & Milano

    I originally wrote this review in 2007, but thought it was time to update with some better photos. As for the Baratti & Milano experience itself, some things never change - walking through the doors is always like stepping back in time to all the other occasions I've sat and had a chocolate here. Italian cafes are renowned for the real deal for...

  • Brek (Restaurant chain)

    This is a self service restaurant with good food and well priced. We were really getting hungry for vegetables and a salad so this place was perfect. We had lunch there which was very good - and we also had an evening meal of lasagna and a fruit dessert. There is a microwave to heat up the food - rather different. There are glasses for water. The...

  • Arcadia

    In my opinion, the BEST place to go to have a nice farewell dinner in Torino is RISTORANTE ARCADIA Central location in a wonderful gallery, superb atmosphere and very good food. Tasty lunches for a low price (around 15€) and higher prices at dinner, but they are worth the extra money if you want to...


Torino Nightlife

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  • Centre

    We were in Turin this June ( it rained a lot ! ) and we found that there were very few Bars open in the evenings after 10pm. We were told that there was lots of nightlife on the riverside but when we check this out we found that it had been washed away in a flood a few weeks earlier !

  • Murazzi and the river bank

    Down in some dodgy bars alongside the river Po. A strange place to be, but unique atmosphere. Watch out for the early morning happy hours. A think it was a case of trousers around you ankles on the dance floor.

  • Collina and "the opposite" banks

    Hennesey is a posh disco located on the road to Pino Torinese, a mildly pricey taxi ride with no public transportation. The club is sprawling and elegant, with low tables lining a small dancefloor and the best and most beautiful of Torino lining up for expensive drinks. Reserve a table unless you want to stand all night. Recommended for people who...


Torino Transportation

  • Parking

    Not only parking is scarce most anywhere in town, it's also expensive. Except for a few public underground spots, parking in Torino means finding a place on the streets. Closer to the city center, blue painted lines require an hourly fee in between 8:00 AM and 7:30 PM, no fee on Sundays and certain holidays. In the past few years the city had...

  • Cycling in Torino

    After years of debate and pressure form citizens and organizations, a lot has been done in town to ease the discomfort and dangerous situations encountered by those who cycle around. Torino has become the most cycle-friendly large town in Italy and, although a lot more can be done - the dedicated cycling paths are currently being expanded - the...

  • Renting buses

    HiI have never used this kind of service so the links below are only the result of my research surfing the net.Sorry, two of them are not in...


Torino Shopping

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  • Food and drink shopping taken to a new...

    Forget Harrods, this is what my vision of grocery shopping heaven looks like. Imagine if the fresh vegetables on sale were the very best examples of their type, if an unbelievable selection of cheeses, meats and seafood was piled high, if the bakery dished out only freshly made perfectly flavoursome bread, if there was every type of condiment,...

  • Farmers' Markets

    Most popular in town, and centrally located, are the following:"Oasi di prodotti tipici della campagna piemontese" (Typical Piedmontese food products)When: 1st Sunday of every month (except Jan, Jul, Aug)Where: Piazza Palazzo di Citta' (City Hall)"Oasi di prodotti tipici della campagna piemontese" (Typical Piedmontese food products)When: 3rd Sunday...

  • Made in Torino

    Iconic brand name born and raised in Torino, Robe di Kappa has placed its logo onto the jerseys of a great number of domestic and foreign sports teams. Production had long been moved abroad but part of the former city manufacturing plant was dedicated to the "Spaccio" (it means "outlet"), where RdK and other brands collections can be found at...


Torino Local Customs

  • Drinking water

    Abundance of water from the Alps is a blessing and a public resource in town. The typical drinking water outlet is named "Toret" (pronounced "tuh-ret" in Piedmontese language) or Italianized as "Toretto" which means "small bull". Torino has about 700 of such fountains scattered all over the city territory and most of these are well over a century...

  • "Tramway" aka Tram

    Public transportation service in town was introduced in 1845. Since 1871, Torino was the first Italian city to implement horse-drawn trolleys circulating on steel tracks and still today has the most extensive network of such an urban system in the country. Subway and bus lines are a natural complement but many still refer to using public...

  • Aperitivo

    NOTE: This tip is written as a test, made into a tip from a forum reply.For us Turinese, the concept of aperitivo is associated with food rather than being just a pre-meal drink. A long tradition dating back over 200 years.Plenty of choice and different styles - vintage, classic, modern, w/ music or not, indoors or alfresco. Peek inside venues...


Torino Warnings and Dangers

  • Torino - Downtown traffic limitations

    UPDATE:As of May 31st 2010, the City of Torino extends the ZTL area which boundaries become those of the former ZTL Ambientale. As far as I understand, no-entry hours from 7:30AM through 10:30AM except for special permission holders in the green (and brown) area of the map in the photo.In recent years, the city administrators adopted and enforced a...

  • italian drivers...

    many drivers in italy seem to have no common sense whatsoever.i visited in june and the 2 hour drive i took from turin to imperia was the scariest experience of my life.undertaking,cutting in and excessive speeding seem to be the norm in this part of italy,there was even one driver on the motorway doing ten mph and riding on the rim of one...

  • Torino - Driving habits

    My comments can be taken as general guidelines applicable to most Italian large cities.In almost any society, symptoms of stress occur when cramming people together as a result of lack of vital room. Like most industrial cities in the north of italy, Torino grew up rapidly and doubled its population in about two decades, the 60s and 70s. The pace...


Torino Tourist Traps

  • Caffe' Torino

    Whether or not this can be a tourist trap, or just a warning, you decide. Nothing wrong with this historical cafe' in the heart of the city - Piazza San Carlo, 204 - if not for the prices. You should know that any cafe' and bar in Italy have two different prices for anything served at the bar, while you stand, or otherwise served at the table....

  • Café to avoid - Caffe Torino - Piazza...

    We stopped in this little arcade caffe for a coffee, hot chocolate and a coke and the bill was 18 Euros ! I had to steal the menu just to avenge the establishment and to frame the menu just to remember this place as the most expensive place in Europe to date to a coke, 6 Euros ! The menu hangs on my wall at work just as a reminder to always check...

  • "Closed - On Holiday"

    Torino economy is - perhaps was - driven by FIAT and the usual 4-week closure of the car manufacturer for summer vacation occurs in August. This drives the whole suppliers world to follow the rule, and with so many people leaving town it's an obvious consequence for stores and businesses to adapt to this system.It's understandable that stores won't...


Torino What to Pack



  • Torino - Packing List

    Torino lies exactly on the 45th parallel in a temperate zone and it has 4 seasons. Spring and Fall can be rainy, summer is hot and humid and most winters are cold and white.Adjust accordingly.

  • Torino is a cold city!

    Torino is very cold in winter, so you should bring warm clothes (overcoats, fur coats, scarves). The temperature easily goes below 0 ?C. Bring your camera, preferably a digital camera if you have one, to photograph all the beauties of the city!


Torino Off The Beaten Path

  • Old cafeterias

    The most famous Cafe in Torino.. locates in Galleria Subalpina near Piazza Castello. The place itself is very beautiful.. worth a visit.. Baratti & Milano is wellknown for their fine coffee, delicious afternoon snacks and delicate finger foods.. I bought some chocolate bars with hazelnuts there.. about 4 euros.. yum yum.. :) "You will find this...

  • Street market in Porta Palazzo

    I have never seen so much fruit and grocery for such low prices. Two kilo of grapes for 1 euro. 3 kilo of prunes for 1 euro's. Clothes, shoes. Fish inside the Mercato building. I am sure the mercato is on friday morning and saturday. Perhaps also on other days ? You can combine it with a visit to the Duomo (watch out....the Duomo is closed between...

  • Royal residences

    From this little station you can take the train to arrive on the top of Superga Hill, where there is the amazing Superga Church, where there are the tomb of the first Italy's Kings and Queens The price to go and to come back are: from Mo to Fri € 3,10 Sat-Sun- € 4,13


Torino Sports & Outdoors

  • Hiking in Torino

    Except for minor depressions found along its four rivers, Torino lies on a mainly flat area to the west of the Po river (left bank). Opposite bank otherwise has an imposing hill culminating at the Colle della Maddalena which stands 500 m (1,650 ft) above the river - max elevation here is 715 m (2,350 ft). This geographic feature is proper ground...

  • Cycling - "Corona di Delizie"

    This "Crown of Delights" 88 Km (55 mi) cycling loop itinerary unfolds in and around the city of Torino and is a great opportunity to pedal through history. Among other valuable venues, it touches several Royal Residences of the House of Savoy locations and partially runs within city parks and along the four city rivers. Mostly flat and on dedicated...

  • Olympic Stadium - Turino

    I went to watch Manchester City vs Juventus in the Europa Cup 2011. One we were directed the correct way by the stewards and queued to enter, it was easier than walking around the magnitude of an Olympic Stadium with people directing us the wrong way!!!There was top security with body searches, photographic ID being needed and bag checks. The club...


Torino Favorites

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  • Miscellaneous

    I have seen a lot of questions in the forum about relocating to Torino, looking for apartments, etc, and want to share the information that I have. If you are young, a good place to stay while house-hunting is the Ostello Gioventu (Youth Hostel) at Via Alby, 1. Take the bus #52 across the river and get off at Crimea, the hostel is up the hill....

  • 'Torino card'

    Sacamos la tarjeta Torino /Piamonte de tres días ( 72 horas ) que entra en vigor , no cuando la compras , sino cuando la utilizas por primera vez Te permite utilizar todos los medios de transporte ( bus , tranvía ...) a excepción del metro y con él puedes entrar a todos los museos y sitios de interés , no es como otras tarjetas que excluyen la...

  • Architecture

    Today the life of the town is centered at Piazza San Carlo and on the main streets Via Roma and Via Po. Under the arcades of Via Roma are some of the trendiest shops in Italy while cars whiz by on hot summer nights. Piazza San Carlo is a beautiful square lined with cafes that lies halfway down Via Roma and is known to be a popular meeting place...


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