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Trani Things to Do

  • Cathedral by night

    You cannot miss a visit to the cathedral square by night.....The square is quite central, well lit and usually crowded with people, so no problem going to see the stunning show of the stones coloured by the artificial lights.The facede, like usual, is facing the sunset, so wonderful colours are lit at that time of the day, if you are lucky.

  • The inside of the cathedral of S.Nicola...

    Discover the three floors of the church. This is the upper and main hall...Usually, the main door (the big one you see in the monumental facade) is closed.To enter the upper level of the cathedral you have to enter from the right side and the ground floor, then take an internal staircase, and you will enter from there.

  • The Swabian Castle

    The Swabian Castle is one of the most beautiful attraction of this city.It was built in the 13th century by the Emperor Federico II,right on the sea and in front of the Cathedral.

  • Walk along the Harbor

    The harbor is primarily for local industry and fishing is prominent. There are no ferries or tourists. All is pretty and restful. If I were an independent traveller I would have enjoyed relaxing at a nearby simple hotel (there are a few). Our story is in our Intro. From the portside road we saw the apse of a very old unidentified Romanesque church...

  • Look at the Statue to S. Nicolo...

    During the years immediately bfore the 1st Crusade (1096) the Arab seizure and closure of the pilgrimage routes to Jerusalem caused an influx of refugees from the east and a pile-up of pilgrims (tourists). Among them in 1090 appeared a handsome Greek pilgrim named Nicolo (Pelligirno, the pilgrim). He was probably autistic. He carried a large heavy...

  • Examine the interior of the Cathedral

    We did not go in. It was closed for lunch. (Check this possibility before you come). I have only this picture of the doorway on the N. side at the Campanile that I think is the entrance. There are fine interior views by "effeti" on Trani that should make you anxious to go in. The sculpture on tis door is quite fine. I do not know the significance.

  • Examine the sculptural program

    The surface of the Cathedral is adorned with stone carving of many types: moldings in patterns and figures, statues on standards and brackets, the rose windows (W front and N transept) around doorways and more. This was done by the teachers of Nicolo Pisano and he may have done some of the last pieces. (There is no way to know). Many are worn. The...

  • Walk Around the Cathedral

    A proud double stairway leads to a broad porch. The churchis raised to accomodate in its foundations the crypt of St. Nicola (see tip on his statue), the previous church S. Maria and below them an ancient Christian catacombs (Ipogeo di S.Leucio). There is a prominent central door flanked by blind arcades. Above this are 3 windows,the central...

  • The Cathedral by the Sea

    Begun in 1096 it is considered by most experts to be the finest example of Apulian Romanesque of the many churches nearby. Ones initial view of the church across the wide piazza (with the sea on the left) is a reward for church-hoppers. Unfortunately for me the sun was blazing and I am not adept at judging camera exposure, so my pictures look like...

  • Cathedral again

    finally, take a look to the back side of the cathedral from the pier.... That's how it looks from the sea.A very amazing apse....See the other side's view in the additional pictures now VT allows

  • The Cathedral

    Of course, you have to see the cathedral... Opening time from the mornig to 7 pm.... I'm not sure but i think no stop-The magic of the place is at the top at sunset. This is a very original style of romanic architecture, wide spread in Puglia. But, due also to the place near the see, this is probably the best cathedral, in my humble position.

  • The ground floor of the cathedral

    This is part of the ground floor.... but not the lower one! In fact, there are 3 churches from different ages built one over the other.You enter from the middle one, and then from it reach the lower and the upper one.

  • A fresco

    You will find this old ant bizanthine-style Mary wit the Baby opposite the entrance of the lower church, dedicated to St. Mary. You can't miss it!Another picture from the lower church in the additionl picture

  • The monumental door

    The original ancient door is now stored inside the upper church.... The original bronze pieces were obviously too at risk if left in open air and .... handySee details in the other pictures.

  • The Cathedral interiors, too

    Too see the imponent interior of the Cathedral, you have to enter from the basement, passing a little door near the base of the bell tower, then up from a little staircase. The main door that opens over the square is usually closed.


Trani Hotels

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  • Regia Hotel

    Piazza Monsignor Reginaldo M. Addazi 2, Trani, 70059, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Mare Resort & Spa

    Piazza Quercia, 8, Trani, 70059, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Hotel San Paolo al Convento

    Via Statuti Marittimi 111, Trani, 70059, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Trani Restaurants

  • Specialities of Puglia

    In this small bar and restaurant (only for 30 persons) of the historical center of Trani, you can taste all kind of regional specialities. The atmosphere is very traditional and friendly and you can eat and drink very well without spending too much money. Better book a table before going because it's very often crowded. Closed on Tuesday.***Last...

  • Dining in general

    I was there for a week-end... Always took seafood and it was ok and cheap. You can even buy fresh fish from the fishing boat tied in front of the restaurants.Local dining time is 9:30 PM. If you are a tourist, you MAY be able to find a restaurant serving food from 8PM, but do not try before... It's a waste of time!Better to sit down in a bar, order...

  • Trani Hotels

    6 Hotels in Trani

Trani Nightlife

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  • Isn't it romantic...?

    Well, it is not striclty night yet.... but isn't this full moon rising at sunset promising for the night to come?

  • around the harbour

    Around the harbour. Magic lights, bars, restaurants, "pizzerie"... or just walking along the piers... It was good to me. Whatever

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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