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  • From Terrazza Umberto in castle area..
    From Terrazza Umberto in castle area..
    by alectrevor
  • Via Azuni
    Via Azuni
    by EdnaKrabbappel
  • via Sardegna
    via Sardegna
    by EdnaKrabbappel

Càgliari Things to Do

  • Views from atop Bastion San Remy

    In the Castello district atop the hill climb the Bastion for great photoshoot opportuniites with a near 360 view around Cagliari

  • The Tower of the Elephant

    Up in the Castello district you can come in from the Largo Carlo Felice side or through the Bastion San Remy. It's a tower alright - with a very, vey small insignificant elephant attached low down !So - no spectacular elephant thing happening, but together with thw Tower of San Pancrazio / Saint Pancreas, this was one of the twin towers by...

  • Sant' Eulalia chapel

    The 1371 chapel Santa Maria del Porto was replced by that of Sant Eulalia which largely dates from 1790s up until the 20th century.together with the Museum del Tesoro, it hosts a lot of artefacts from the Chiesa Santa Lucia in MarinaOur shots are a bit random as we did not know this at the time we visited !

  • See the excavation of Santa Lucia

    La Chiesa Santa Lucia was demolished in 1947 for safety reasons after strucural damage during WWII air raids. All of the importatn artworks it housed can now be see at the Museum of the 14th century Sant Eulalia (things to do tip) and the National Gallery in Cagliari.In June 2013 it looked like these pictures - we are hopiong to be back shortly to...

  • 2014 Nuraghe Visit

    Sardinia is home to the old but somewhat mysterious Nuragic civilization (ca 1500 BC); cylindrical towers (called Nuraghi, sing. Nuraghe) dot the Sardinian landscape, and fortified villages can still be found.We took a tour of a Nuraghe and it was quite interesting. At one point the steep stone stairs were difficult to manage. I took a photo of the...

  • Visit the twilight Castello

    Castello is where you can drink, enjoy architecture, feel romantic and feel dreamy and pleasant with a wonderful soft breeze. Without Castello, Cagliari is .....


Càgliari Hotels

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Càgliari Restaurants

  • Cucina Tipica Sarda

    This was a post we came across by chance and it is not far from where we stayed, a little East of Via Sardegna, so again a short wlak from what we take to be Cagliari's main street , Largo Carlo Felice low down by Via RomaVery clean establishement with nice ambience and lunchtime menu We had parma ham and melon, pasta - think the picture shows...

  • Institution below the Hotel

    This is located on the ground floor of the Hotel italia on Vias Saredna, a stone'sthrow from the bottom of Largo Carlo Felice. Not eye watering proces but cetianly as much as we paid in our whle stay for dinner, but we dined well here and there is a 10% servizio levied so your bill or check is inclusive.A Cagliari institution since 1921 , the man...

  • Crepes and snacks beach side

    La Quinta is on the main road opposite Poetto BeachSeating inside and out. we like ot dodge the sun for an hor or two whenit's at itspeask during the early afternoon.Self described Bar Gelateria, does nice crepes for Eu4, soft drinks Eu2 Cheese and Ham Crepes for lunch


Càgliari Nightlife

  • pierpaolo's Profile Photo

    by pierpaolo Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's better to ask the persons who live in Cagliari, the nice people chenges pub or disco very quickly(???) it as always a mode.... More known bars are:IL MONASTEROVARADEROLINEA NOTTURNA

    Dress Code: Very often u can dress casual

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Càgliari Transportation

  • Buses to Poetto Beach

    There are four buses ; PF , PN , PQ and 9P which all run from the bus terminus on Via Roma in front of Stazione Centrale. It takes about 15 minutes and there are at least four stops. Was Eu1.20 each way in 2013 As you will see from the picture, bus takes you right onto the coast

  • City Tour by bus

    A one hour tour, with headphone commentary in multilingual. Buy the ticket on board at 10 euro. Seats for 34. Very good tour,calls at 10 sites.There is also a toy train , Trenino Cagliariitano.

  • Ferrovie dello Stato

    We only used the train once, when we did not have a direct bus connection returning from Barumini to Cagliari. We took the bus to Sanluri Stato and from there caught the train back to Cagliari. The train was on time, quite comfortable, too, so we did not have any complaints!One thing I remember from previous trainrides in Italy: make sure to...


Càgliari Shopping

  • Dpeartment store for renaissance man /...

    Large Italian department store • UOMO • DONNA • BAMBINO • BEAUTY • HOME&DESIGN • FOODThe website wil ltell you more, it has English Espanol & Portogues September 2014 La Rinascente has opened a new food hall on Floor 6 - not there when we visited but will have a look next time Will ahve sale items normally at any given time but it is not a...

  • Two sides of the coin - and two...

    Two syllable co-in (caw-een) is my favourite European departemnt store.Fashion and fragrances but I love the cookery ware Not a unique Cagliari or Sarde store but always imaginative items to be found Just over average prices I suppose

  • Buy or not to buy, that is the question

    many interesting jewels, watches buy anything you can afford - maybe a nice ring or watch that is a good question -please watch inside your wallet!


Càgliari Local Customs

  • Drink

    The local Sardinian brew is Ichnusa and a tasty drink, bottle or draft. It is 4.7% vol. I found i had to ask for Ichnusa , if i just asked for a beer i was offered an international brand, which proberly cost more.

  • Balconies

    Balconies are something that has always fascinated me when travelling in Italy - and here in Cagliari I had the best time looking at different ways to use and decorate balconies! Here, the balconies are usually very small, but have space enough to load them with flowers and laundry and satelite bowls and and and - and even if nothing else survives,...

  • Espresso means quickly!

    In the cafés/bars you will usually see the locals have their espresso or cappucchino while standing at the bar - this is the way to do it! For a "quick" drink at the bar you pay less than if you have the same drink while sitting at one of the tables. One example: in 2007 a cappucchino cost 90 cents to 1 € when having it at the bar and around 1,30 €...


Càgliari Warnings and Dangers

  • Mistral

    The Mistral is a strong wind that you will experience mainly in winter and early spring in Southern France and Sardinia! And boy, that Mistral sure can blow!!! When we decided to go to the beach it was an especially windy day, so the fine sand was blown in our faces and walking was a little strenuous!Back in Cagliari I was even hit by some sort of...

  • Parking problem

    If you decide to come to Cagliari by car you will find that parking your car is a real problem - especially in the old part of town! Okay, there are parking lots, but even those are full most of the time. What are the options? Public transportation is one or taking chances and renting a tiny car - like my all time favourite Fiat 500!

  • Narrow streets

    In the Marina and Castello districts of Cagliari the streets are so narrow that it is difficult both for car drivers and pedestrians to pass by eachother! I found walking there a little annoying at times, but on the other hand I would not have wanted to be a driver either.....


Càgliari What to Pack

  • by Mongrelguts Written Aug 25, 2002

    Luggage and bags: Travel light if going in summer

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Resort wear, but try not look too touristy because then you will stick out like dogs balls

    Miscellaneous: My biggest regret was not taking a snorkel. Although there is no coral life here the water is absolutely crystal clear off the coast of Sardinia. Head out of Cagliari to see this though becuase every major city has its pollution.

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Càgliari Off The Beaten Path

  • San Giorgio War Hospital in the caves

    In 1941 Italy was in the middle of World Second War. Italian Red Cross was present as medical help on entire national area (likewise on colonies and on african, balcanic and russian battlefields), creating military hospitals and other sort of ad-hoc structures, when possible. San Giorgio Military Hospital was one of those extemporary structures,...

  • Hidden beach

    If you're tired of the crowd on Poetto, here's a tip for some private sunbathing, pic-nic or whatever you're looking for. It's a bit of an effort to get here, but well worth it. Starting from Marina Piccola, if you walk across the Sella del Diavolo you will find a fantastic small beach on the otherside. Wear good shoes for the walk!

  • Go to Villasimius Beach

    Go to Villasimius beach, it's where all the Italians go. Buses leave from Piazza Matteotti in Cagliari and the journey takes about an hour. The road is winding and follows the crystal clear waters of the south Sardinian coast (costa Rei). What a beach. Definately head there if you are in southern Sardinia.


Càgliari Sports & Outdoors

  • Climbing 10 min from city centre

    There are some beautiful rocks just outside the city in the area called Cala Fighera. The views are stunning. There are several routes to climb. I had one of my nicest days on those rocks.

  • il maresciallo - calasetta- isola di...

    located 90 km from cagliari, one more beautiful righthander wave.near spiaggia grande at calasettavery good surf conditions with sw and w swells. better unwindy or light nw breeze

  • surf brake west coast

    located 60 km from cagliari , Goruneddu is one of the best surf brakes in Sardinia.it takes nw to sw swells and it works well when it's no windy and the swell is dropping down.on the SP to Portovesme right side. good shoes to go down and come back up......


Càgliari Favorites

  • Helpful links

    When preparing a trip to Cagliari, the following links might be helpful:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cagliari- Commune CAGLIARI.it- italytravelescape.com- discoveritalia.com /Cagliari- myareaguide.com / Cagliari- http://www.sardi.it/cagliari- www.sardinien.com (in German)- a 58 page description of the tourist attractions/PDF

  • Suggested walks

    There are 4 suggested walks through Cagliari and each single one will not take more than two hours! You will be able to find signs both showing you where you are right now plus giving you some information (in Italian and English) about the sight.There are walks through all four quarters of the old city of Cagliari:- Castello - Villanova- Stampace-...

  • Churches

    There are numerous churches in Cagliari, some of them dating back as far as the 15th century. It is always worth visiting them both from the outside and the inside.Here is a list of churches in Cagliari with a short description of each one.Please note: we found that quite a few churches were closed whenever we wanted to visit, so you better check...


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