Sardegna Favorites

  • This magic painting is downhill from Orgosolo
    This magic painting is downhill from...
    by iandsmith
  • Alghero's Port
    Alghero's Port
    by BeChar
  • Dunes at La Salina beach
    Dunes at La Salina beach
    by PaolaParigi

Sardegna Favorites

  • The Sardinian Fig | Ficus Carica

    The edible fig is one of the first plants that was cultivated by humans and is known for its edible fruit throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East. August and September are prime picking months for the fig in Sardinia and we’ve come home with bucketfuls.Fig leaves have for centuries been used to cover the genitals of nude figures in paintings...

  • Hyknusa | From Ancient Names to Beer

    Hyknusa is the Latinized name given to Sardinia billions of light years ago. Now fast forward a few centuries and allow me to introduce you to Ichnusa.Brewed in Assemini, Italy, located 12 km northwest of Cagliari, in southern Sardinia. Birra Ichnusa was founded in 1912 and their brewing standards remain true to tradition, even after beer giant...

  • Eight days in Sardinia: what to visit?

    Hello!I'd also contact VTers living in Sardinia. I usually follow this way because I think people living in a land can give the best and reliable information; anyway that's only my humble opinion.I have worked in Sardinia Region some years ago. I'd say Sardinia has two faces. The first is on the coasts (for tourists); the second is into the...

  • Romanesque

    The few foreign assaults on Sardinia left their mark though it's not as pronounced in northern Sardinia as most other places I've travelled.The influence of Christianity was marked after 1,000 A.D. as can be seen by the plethora of churches from around the 12th and 13th centuries. In the space of two days I stumbled across three Romanesque...

  • Tempio Pausania

    This small village appears at the end of a long, winding road through granite scenery, wild bush and holm-oak forests that, from the central-northern coast heads towards the interior of the island. It was founded on a mountain slope 650 meters high. The village is called Tempio; immersed in the green forest of cork trees and St. Lawrence pine bush...

  • Drive in the country

    Let's be totally honest here - a car will increase your enjoyment of Sardinia immensely. It's not favoured by a comprehensive public transport network and most of the stuff is only visible if you have transport. Here I've selected some scenes that I took. The first was on the way to Orgosolo, the second (which you need to click on and blow up...

  • Monte Limbara

    This great lump of rock, sitting in the middle of northern Sardinia, is festooned with communications antenna on Punta Balestreri.Monte Limbara is a granite mountainous range situated in the heart of the Gallura. To the north it looks over the plains of Tempio, to the south-west it is bordered by the river Coghinas and to the south-east by the...

  • Supramonte - Monte Nieddhu

    The Supramonte Mountain Range is Sardegna's second highest. It is formed by limestone rock, which is is quite similar to the formations you can find in the Dolomites. The range, however, is older so that it is in a state of advanced erosion. You won't find the large scree piles beneath the summits, that you get used to in the Dolomites - most of...

  • Tavolara

    Isola Tavolara da San Teodoro - We weren't on our way there; in fact, I never knew it existed, having arrived at Olbia very early it the morning and then moving to Arzachena.Yet, on a day when we were supposed to be checking out Posada, and what a disappointment that turned out to be (see elsewhere), we couldn't help but notice this magnificent...

  • The coastline

    The Costa Esmeralda is famous these days but I found some of the beaches on the other side of the island (north west) just as attractive. We pulled up here to check out the coastline to see what it had to offer and I was impressed. Not many beaches in Europe do a lot for me, bearing in mind I come from Australia, but this one had much to recommend...

  • Shapes

    If there's one thing you never forget about Sardinia, it's rocks. The north eastern coast has some of the world's most amazing granite shapes, period. I had a few sojourns into this world. Once I climbed around the Capo d'Orso, arguably the most famous of them all. Another time I went cold and solo into the rocks between Cannigione and Arzachena...

  • Castelsardo - the castle

    There aren't that many castles in Sardinia so Castelsardo is favoured in that regard.Castelsardo was founded in the XII century by the Genovese family of Doria. It is situated on the summit of a rocky promontory in a strategic position dominating the harbour. The castle and fortifications were built in this time period. Beginning in the second half...

  • Castelsardo

    The small town of Castelsardo is set on an imposing rock overlooking the sea. Built in such a strategically high position for defensive purposes from possible attacks from the sea. Castelsardo is an extraordinary example of Medieval town which developed around its castle. Its old town walls are still intact which makes it a magnet for tourists. The...

  • Kind Hearted People

    Sardinia is great all round. Just one thing almost spoiled my holiday, that was finding a little abandoned dog on 2 consecutive nights. The second night was my last night but, thanks to the hotel staff I went home with the contact name of a rescue organization in the Olbia area. www.lidaolbia.itI emailed them the day after I got home and had a...

  • Helpful links

    When preparing a trip to Sardegna, the following links might be helpful:- ESIT- ADAC Reiseführer (in German)- (in German)

  • Arzachena town This town isnt...

    Arzachena townThis town isnt the typical touristic place with beaches cause its in the internal part of the island on the road between Palau and OlbiaIts a clam town , a lot of narrow aley streets , all it surrounded by mountains and so lovely place to stay for your vacations

  • Palau

    One of the most beautiful beaches for me in Sardinia. I found it without so much hope before have lunch .it was a calm beach with a few people there.Far away is where Santa Smeralda ferry departs

  • Badesi Mare

    Badesi Marethe same beach...Going to Castelsardo i didnt find any gorgeous or swimer beach. there are a rocky linecoast until that town, on the top of a hill with colorful houses, really cool and pretty to visit itEven this linecoast runs untill few kilometers before Santa Teresa di Gallura .In this tour there are a luxorious towns in the middle of...

  • On the road

    The saturday afternoon i did a tour along the island from Alghero crossing Sassari, Castelsardo, until Santa Teresa di GalluraIn this pic the first beach Badesi Mare where i can 'swim' for an hour cause that beach wasnt enough deep to swim well but it was so cool place and quiet above all

  • Algher

    Algher its special town because there are people who speak Catalan as in my country (Catalonia). Once there i visited the old city , so cool and beautiful with a gorgeous fortress, narrow alley streets, typical italian buildings, and small and cool places with bar terraces Its a small city with a long beach that arrives to Fertilia in the other bay...

  • last moments

    The last morning too after Sara waked up .. she was so asleep.that morning i carried them to algher town cause they wanted to take a bus destination Budoni, san Teodoro where they wanted to sell their stuffs

  • friends

    These are two of my friends that i met in Stintino.. where we slept.she is from Colombia and she was studying in Avignon (France) until last September and he was seller of craftsman.. around Europe and Central and South America. This pic is the last night celebrating her birthday (16/8/2001) with a bottle of Wodka with melon and hash of course

  • Spiagga de Pelosa

    Spiagga de PelosaOne of the most touristic places in Sardinia.. its in the summit northwest of the island.. its a great place but so much crowded . there is the most touristic resort but also some beaches less crowded.. i prefer it although it wasnt so deep and the bottom was full of hedgehog (a little bit dangerous)

  • Argentiera

    Argentiera: town located 40 km North aprox. from Alghero, but above all its so beautifull their beaches.. one of the best for me in Sardinia

  • Fertilia

    The same charm , lovely and impressive afternoon that i spent in fertilia townThis pic belong a stones order placed in front of the sea. there isnt sandy beach , you must walk over those stones to get arrive to the water. the sight at the end is l'Algher placed in the asme bay that Fertilia.I spent that night (increible) eating a pizza bought in...

  • Alghero

    This pic was taken the same afternoon that before one , but this is when i was arriving to my destination, Alger, my departure point a few days ago and my stopover for an hours again, because i went to Fertilia to have dinner and sleep. (next pic)I love this pic because its gorgeous sight of Algher, Capo testa , Fetilia ..and that exciting road (as...

  • Cala Gonone area...

    Cala Gonone area beachesIncredible sight of two of most impressive beaches i 've seen in Sardinia, it remebers me to Costa Brava in Catalonia (Spain). At the end there is cala Luna (where i didnt arrive on my trip)You can come here without enter to cala gonone town , there is a shortcut to right hand before arrive to gonone and you only must follow...

  • Dorgali gorgeous place

    DorgaliIncredible place, no doubt, mountainous town, and so curious, becuase its under a big mountain , the main road runs over the town and cross a tunnel of 500 meters into that mountain.Once you go out of the tunnel ..WOW there's an amazing sight of the linecoast , 6 km of curves with a dangerous and pending road until Cala GononeDorgali also...

  • That day i drove my Opel Corsa...

    That day i drove my Opel Corsa from Golfo Aranci to Orosei (pic)i spent two hours on itand i arrived at noon to Olbia, but i didnt like so much i didnt find any special thing to see (its my fault i thought).along the day i came to any places such as San Teodoro, Budoni, la Caletta, Siniscola, Cala Liberotto until arrived to Orosei where i slept...

  • Golfo Aranci sunrise The next...

    Golfo Aranci sunriseThe next morning it was a sunshine day(7.30 am), incredible moment for swim. Impressive stones in front of cala morescawhere you can see a lot of recess ships (rich people, not me lol) and the planes arriving to Olbia airport

  • Golfo Aranci sunset Another...

    Golfo Aranci sunsetAnother place looking like a dream . Aranci. In fact this place is Cala Moresca few kilometers from Aranci going over a path side by side of the train trackI spent a night there and next morning.The beach is so beautiful, cos there are solitary , fact that you dont find in Aranci town and places closest to itBe careful with the...

  • This is an important granitic...

    This is an important granitic hill on the way to Cala Volpe and Golfo Aranci through san Pantaleo (mountain and not frequented mountain road). From the top there are an impressive sight of all the linecoast

  • Really go out of your way to...

    Really go out of your way to see Sardinia, it is so much more than a beach resort. Whether you stay in a luxury hotel, on a million-dollar yacht or in a tent, if you go to the trouble to visit Sardinia, you must not leave without negotiating the narrow roads. They wind and curve alongside this most picturesque coastline. You will be rewarded with...

  • Take a boat out to see the...

    Take a boat out to see the islands of Sardinia, Corsica and Capri. I loved the food, the weather, the views, the people and the service.

  • Here is Cala Liberotto, my...

    Here is Cala Liberotto, my home place, is placed in the east coast from Sardinia, more informations in the map on the Transportation tips...

  • Especially i can speak about...

    Especially i can speak about Sardinia, what you really MUST have is a car, the public-transposrt are not the best in the world and the Isle is very big (350km x 180 km The people are very friendly and want everytime to have fun and enjoy himself so much as possible. But the People it's also very hard, like all the persons that lives in a...


Sardegna Hotels

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  • Hotel Angedras

    A pretty new hotel just a few minutes walk from the city centre. Very friendly and helpful staff....

  • Hotel Quadrifoglio

    I was in Cagliari from the 1st to the 5th of December in 2008. It was a business trip book by our...

  • Speraesole

    This hotel is 10km south of the airport at SS125 in Murta Maria (a place belonging to Olbia). It is...

  • Hotel Cala Caterina

    I haven't stayed there but I visited it and found everthing oustandingly excellent with a very...

  • Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro

    Via dei Gabbiani, Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, 07020, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Parco Degli Ulivi

    Loc. Rena, Arzachena, 7021, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Le Sabbie

    SottoTorre, Calasetta, 09011, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Park Hotel Asinara

    Loc. Cala Lupo, Stintino, 7040, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Bajaloglia REsort

    localita Bajaloglia, Castelsardo, 07031, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

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