Sardegna Things to Do

  • Palazzo della Provincia.
    Palazzo della Provincia.
    by alectrevor
  • Via Azuni
    Via Azuni
    by EdnaKrabbappel
  • via Sardegna
    via Sardegna
    by EdnaKrabbappel

Sardegna Things to Do

  • Coda Cavallo

    One of the best sights in northeast Sardegna is at the Horse's Tail Cape, so called because... of course, its shape. The forms of the coast, the colors of the water, and the wide views from the panoramic road are a must, and the beaches are excellent. So captivating, that I forgot there my camera's bag, and extras. Yes, that one in the picture,...

  • Budoni

    We travelled a lot in Sardignia, searching for an animated beach, but everything was calm and discreet in the area. Budoni is a wide beach, but with nothing more than we had at our hotel and its private beach.

  • Costa Smeralda

    If the landscape in Sardegna is beautiful (and it is), Costa Smeralda is the best area, and the most developed for tourism. Wherever you look, you feel that the whole was conceived to people with a boat. The so many calas and islands make me believe, that, if you can afford it, this may be one of the best places for nautical holidays. But if you...

  • Alghero

    Today this destination visited by many tourists every season, the ideal location right on the seafront and just a fifteen minute drive from the airport of Alghero , Fertilia , makes this place a perfect holiday destinationA maze of narrow cobbled streets with many small shops is nice to wandering around Plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes and ice...

  • Bosa

    Is a medieval town located on the west coast , dominated by the Malaspina Castle and the high soft colorful houses, offers stunning views of the valley , the river Temo and the distant sea . The landscape around Bosa is fascinating and give a nice color to the wholeThe city center a medieval district of Sa Costa , a labyrinth of alleyways ,...

  • Oristano

    Oristano is the third largest city of Sardinia, the historic center which dates back to the Middle Ages in the city are various remains of medieval buildings to be found the Torre di San Cristoforo Piazza Roma example served as a gateway to the city and was part of the defensive wall to the center and the main museum, the Antiquarium Arborense ,...

  • Orgosolo

    The town Orgosolo, is famous for its murals (murales). In total there are more than a hundred walls, buildings and storefronts images made ​​by the local people and artists, the oldest paintings date back to the 60s of the last century. Favorite subjects: history, (international) politics and the Sardinian struggle for freedomExcept for...

  • La Caletta

    A seaside resort located about seven kilometers from Siniscola, the fishing village is dominated by the existing harbor, beautiful nature, blue water and beautiful beachesWere on our way to Olbia, and passes through here as it was not far from our B&B in Posada is nothing much around except the harbor with yacht

  • Capo Testa

    Is a peninsula located in the north of Sardinia, about 5 km from the town of Santa Teresa di Gallura From the lighthouse at Capo Testa can be made ​​delightful walks through a marked trail, in addition there are billboards which indicates the flora and fauna present in the area the perfect place for lovers of hiking , nature and bird...

  • Castelsardo

    Coming from Porto Torres to the east and we arrive in this small villageThe medieval town of Castelsardo is perched on a volcanic rock on the Gulf of Asinara and has had different names over the century, a magnificent view of the bay and one can even discern in a clear day from the distance of the mountains from CorsicaThe village is known as a...

  • Porto Torres

    Is a former major port city in the north of Sardinia with several ferries from Marseille, Genoa and Livorno, a typical port incidentally, expressed with much, when a ferry arrives, is also the beginning of the main motorway from Sardinia, direction CagliariDespite being a port city, the city also offers a lovely beach

  • Argentiera

    Many places in Sardinia recall the mining industry, in Argentiera in the province of Sassari , the Romans mined in the Middle Ages and the Pisans precious metalsThe area has evaluated its name ( argento means silver) this town is one of the most fascinating examples of industrial archeology on the islandBut today, they named the place "The Ghost...

  • Capo Caccia

    Just as alive as the sea voyage is five minutes drive from Alghero, the road winds around to Capo Caccia and ends short of the climb to the lighthouse on a small parking lot, this can be very busy in the summer, but it is possible to leave on the side of the road near the beginning of the decline in steps and within walking distance of vehiclesOn...

  • The coast

    Sardegna's coast is much more empty and wild than we expected. I couldn't imagine vacations there without a car (or boat). Travelling around, it's easy to find a beach that suits your preferences in a short distance.

  • Wild Strawberries hanging on wild Trees...

    Honestly, I have seen so many fruits but these fruits I found in the Sardinian wilderness was something unusual and questionable to me. I was not sure about these fruits because it was my first time to see them. Asking myself if they are eatable, edible, sweet or sour? Maybe poisonous or whatever? All the way to the Gorropu Canyon was filled with...

  • Trekking at Gorropu Canyon

    Gorropu Canyon is considered one of the deepest Canyon in Europe or even so far the deepest among the European Canyons and marked as the Grand Canyon of Europe. It was known that for thousands of years ago this Gorropu Canyon was created due to some erosive actions caused by the Flumineddu river that continuously flow northward embedded within the...

  • Sardegna´s Rocks and Stone...

    I was so impressed about this holiday because I didn´t expect that Sardegna offers phenomenal numbers of natural rocks and stone formations which I enjoyed very much. I love rocks and stone formations in general. I am always fascinated whenever I visit a place or see houses made of natural stones and bricks or see huge rocks that formed like cakes,...

  • Visit Bear Rock

    Since 1993 it has been recognised as a natural monument. It is a huge granite rock which is in the form of a bear. From the top of the hill (122m) you will have really great views over the Arichipelago of Maddalena. Its a small hike and can be hot. Bring some water.Opening hours: April to October from 09:00 till sunset. Adult rate is 2 Euros, Kids...

  • Take a boat trip to the Maddalena...

    If you like boat trips you should spend a day in the Archipelago. For example with Consorzio del Golfo. We had a nice day out. However keep in mind that the beaches you head to will be very crowded as there will be other boats doing the same tour.The mentioned company has three boats which depart between April and October from La Conia, Cannigione...

  • Hunting Season Sardegna 2011-2012

    Hunting season is a rite of passage for most young boys in Sardinia. Their father and their father’s father have passed down generations of knowledge and whereabouts of the islands fine animals. Hunting on the island of Sardinia has taken place since the first inhabitants set foot on this sprawling lush island.For those that love to exercise...

  • Barumini

    Barumini is about 1 1/2 hour bus ride north of Cagliari and is famous (?) for its Nuraghe Su Nuraxi. This outstanding archaeological site has recently been named UNESCO World Heritage Site.You can only visit with a guided tour. The wonderful part (maybe not too environmentally acceptable) was that we were guided through the whole premises and were...

  • discover the charme of Sardinia

    this is a typical fly & drive tips I would like to post for those traveller who,like me, like to eat well, stay away from mass tourism and live the nature all in charming hotels: Arrival in Olbia and 3 overnights at hotel Pellicano D'Oro, Costa Smeralda is very near and day boat excursion to la Maddalena suggested. drive from Pittulongu to oliena,2...

  • Visit the Beaches

    With waters so clear you can see the seabed and unspoilt stretches of golden and white sand, you can see why Sardinia attracts sun lovers from the Italian main land. At present, the beaches remain relatively uncrowded throughout the year, except for peak season, as these beautiful sections of coast have yet to become major resorts. Instead, the...

  • Nuraghe la Prisgiona

    Mauro is a man with a passion. His passion is Sardegna, his love is history. Mauro could talk for the whole day about it without everyone getting bored. Mauro brings things to life, as do all people who speak with passion.How lucky was I that I mentioned, as an aside, that I did a bit of freelance journalism. From that moment on we had his...

  • Olbia

    Olbia has a port, the port has Olbia, and never shall they be parted. Without the daily influx of multiple tourist ferries one wonders what Olbia would be like.As it is, it has the brashness and life that one expects in a port city although, because it's in Sardinia, it's a little bit more subdued.The town itself is not as pretty as the coast...

  • The old mill

    We drove past this lovely old restored mill often, en route to one place or another. In order to get better light I drove out one morning and photographed it while the sun was coming up.This is how the owners describe their estate:"Il Mulino di Arzachena is a charmingly converted old Mill House and stables made into apartments and set in 2 acres of...

  • Arzachena

    Arzachena is a town that is burgeoning because of the tourist industry. Not because you'd particularly want to stay there it's simply that it has the services they require and is conveniently positioned for clients of the Esmeralda Coast."Arzachena is accessible via the island's main road (S.S 125) and from the ports of Olbia and Palau. Its...

  • Posada

    Our host at our accommodation recommended Posada. So it was with heightened anticipation that we set out. Sadly, Italian road works without proper signage delayed our entry into the town by about 2 hours. Plus, it was raining. Perhaps that's why I don't share the enthusiasm of others about this place. The road to the old town was also closed due to...

  • Cannigione

    This town is unashamedly tourist. It's really the only reason for its being.Expensive boats lined up at the marina and a variety of restaurants and supermarkets (3) mean that you won't starve.If you want to laze around and do nothing this would be a reasonable place to do it but whatever you want to do it should involve water somehow because, apart...

  • Visit Isola di San Pietro

    San Pietro's Island is a special island in Sardinia's area: some sailors coming from Genova settled there in the middle ages so everything there is much more similar to Liguria than to Sardinia. People's accent when they talk, what they eat, houses...everything reminds you about Genova and Liguria. Nevertheless, San Pietro lives on thuna fish...

  • Giants Tombs

    Along with the villages there are the tombs of the Nuraghe. They are generally located a little distance from the towers.Just south of Arzachena, on the main road, there is a tourist centre and information centre with excellent guides to local sites. Throughout Sardegna there are over 300 known burial sites and they were used for communal burials,...

  • Alghero

    Alghero is a place you might like to visit. It has beaches, it has history, it has shops, what more can you ask for?This port has a historic look about it, more so than anywhere else. A formerly fortified town it has towers that flaunt its past, interspersed among the tourist shops and streets that make up the old city.The area of today's Alghero...

  • Palau

    Palau is a modern town, its reason for being is its location inasmuch as it's close to the Maddalena Islands and it has a protected port.Sitting in the north eastern corner of Sardinia it has a busy look about it, at least down near the waterfront where I visited. The north east never really happened until the Aga Khan spied what looked like a good...

  • Castel Pedreso

    The ten metres high tower sitting atop a granite outcrop attracts ones gaze constantly when heading west from Olbia. Erected by the Pisan workforce on the orders of the Visconti family in order to dominate the Guidicato of Gallura, today only one of the two towers remains.

  • Alghero again

    Located on the northwest coast of Sardinia, Alghero has become a major holiday destination in recent years and yet still retains its distinctive Catalan character. This derives from the influence of Pedro IV of Aragon who seized control of the town in the mid-fourteenth century and embarked on an intense period of colonization and building with...

  • Nuraghe history

    A nurague (plural: Nuraghi) is a monumental tower made of huge stones roughly worked. A nuraghe might stand as a single tower or several nuraghi might be joined together as a complex of many towers with connecting structures and walls. Either form might show remnants of a village in the immediate vicinity. The name "nuraghe" derives from the word...

  • Funghi or Mushroom

    Up on the hill where much of the old town of Arzachena is situated there's a famous rock labelled the Mushroom Rock or Funghi if you're keeping with the local lingo.It's worth a look and access is free. The location also affords quite good views over the local area.There are signs on the main road indicating its whereabouts so keep your eyes peeled...

  • Capo d'Orso

    In English it means cape of the bear and, like it or not, it's hard not to want to go and see it. Sadly, due no doubt to the ravages of tourism, it has been fenced off and there's a charge to go and visit it.Still, you do get good signage and explanations of how these formations occurred, though it's fairly obvious that the granite has been shaped...

  • Alghero

    Alghero also has the two things that attract many visitors to Sardinia - Sand and sea - but of course it was the sea that first caused the place to be settled.These days there are lovely parks beachside where people sunbake and swim to their heart's content.This particular one is not that far north of the main part of the old town.People come here...

  • Visit Porto Flavia

    Porto Flavia is an outstanding miracle of mining engineering. It was built in the 50's as minerals storage, in order to facilitate their loading on big container ships. Actually I am not so expert in this field but I loved the visit a lot (just a guided tour, which last 1,5 hour). The guide was an ex miner and let us appreciate the visit a lot.

  • Panoramic road from Iglesias until...

    This part of Sardinia attract people some decades ago because of its mines. Now mines have been closed and villages look very sleepy. Perhaps it's the only part of Sardinia not crowded in August. Anyway, landscapes are outstanding and beaches can be desert. Do not miss the promenade on the sea in Nebida.

  • Beach of La Tuaredda

    La Tuarredda is one of the most beautiful beach in South Sardegna. Unfortunately, many people agree with me so it is always very crowded. On Monday Sep 15, it was hard to find place for our towels. Nevertheless, accept to pay 5 euros for the parking and go there. You won't regret.

  • Beach: Chia

    Actually it's already late to go to Chia. Until some years ago, just beach and stars. Now there are some big resorts (of course NO skyscrapers ) so you will find crowded beaches, although beautiful. The atmosphere is not very different from Costa Smeralda atmosphere...that means...trandy people, trandy bars and music. South Sardinia is very...

  • Beach: Porto Tramatzu

    The panoramic road from Cagliari to S. Antioco island is full of nice bays. One of my favourite is Porto Tramatzu.

  • Beach: Porto Pino

    Porto Pino is a huge and very long beach where you can relax for an entire day (or week). Unfortunately, you may be asked to pay 3 or 5 euros for a day-long parking (in September we did not pay anything). Maybe very windy but I raccomend you to go in every climate condition, because its dunes of white sand are really worth to see. There is a small...


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