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  • Babbaluci anyone?
    Babbaluci anyone?
    by TheWanderingCamel
  • Snack time
    Snack time
    by TheWanderingCamel
  • Local Customs
    by pecsihornet

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    by TheWanderingCamel Updated Aug 21, 2008

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    We saw them first in the market, boxes full of small brown and white snails, though no-one seemed to be buying. Then we saw what happens to them - a street stall in la Kalsa, copper cauldrons bubbling away on portable gas burners, full of snails cooking before being marinated in oil, parsley, garlic and pepper to be sold in paper cornets. Known as babbaluci they're a popular street snack here in La Kalsa. The old fellow sitting at one of the stall's small pavement tables was tucking in with gusto - we gave them a miss.

    Snack time Babbaluci anyone?

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    Great street food!

    by pecsihornet Updated Sep 25, 2007

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    In the streets of Palermo you can find great foods at a low price (for only 1-2 EUR) like arancini (rice balls stuffed with meat and peas), panini panelle (deep-fried chickpea fritters) or sfincione (thick slab of pizza with tomato, anchovy, onions, artichokes and bread-crumbs). We liked all of them!

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    Something more in Italian...

    by Propermark Written Jun 8, 2005

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    ON A TRIP*


    I must go to... Can you give me the flight times and prices? = Devo andare a... Può darmi orari e tariffe dei voli?

    Are there four seats available on the flight... for...on...? = Ci sono quattro posti disponibili sul volo... per... del giorno...?

    I'd like a ticket for... = Vorrei un biglietto per...

    I'd like to book a seat on the flight... = Vorrei prenotare un posto sul volo...

    I'd like to change/to cancel/to confirm my booking = Vorrei cambiare/annullare/confermare la mia prenotazione

    What time do we have to be at the airport? = A che ora dobbiamo essere all'aeroporto?

    What's the best way to get to the airport? = Come si può raggiungere l'aeroporto?

    How far is the airport from the city center? = Quanto dista l'aeroporto dal centro città?

    I'd like a window seat = Vorrei un posto finestrino

    I'd like an aisle seat = Vorrei un posto corridoio

    a non smoking seat = un posto non fumatori

    I've lost my boarding card = Ho perso la mia carta d'imbarco

    Where can i get a taxi/ a bus? = Dove posso trovare un taxi/ un autobus?

    Near Politeama square, Palermo, Italy

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    Speaking Italian!

    by Propermark Updated Jun 8, 2005

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    If you are going to Italy maybe you might be interested in learning some basic words in Italian..

    English is studied in every school in Italy but usually if you try to address somebody in this language you will be understood by the young people only... unfortunately at school English is not taught in a proper way!

    I've learned English by myself listening to music and reading lyrics and watching movies... and as you probably know I've always got in touch with foreigners and I also worked for Alitalia International Customer Care... so I spoke English everyday on the phone with the American and Canadian customers...

    Some words in Italian:

    uno 1 one
    due 2 two
    tre 3 three
    quattro 4 four
    cinque 5 five
    sei 6 six
    sette 7 seven
    otto 8 eight
    nove 9 nine
    dieci 10 ten
    undici 11 eleven
    dodici 12 twelve
    tredici 13 thirteen
    quattordici 14 fourteen
    quindici 15 fifteen
    sedici 16 sixteen
    diciassette 17 seventeen
    diciotto 18 eighteen
    diciannove 19 nineteen
    venti 20 twenty

    Si = Yes No = No

    Come ti chiami? = What's your name?
    Quanti anni hai? = How old are you?
    Come stai? = How are you?
    Parlo poco Italiano = I speak a little Italian
    Non parlo Italiano = I don't speak Italian
    Parla Inglese/Tedesco/Francese? = Do you speak English/German/French?
    Mi dispiace = I am sorry
    Mi scusi.. = Excuse me..
    Grazie = Thank you
    Prego = You are welcome
    Mi piace l'Italia = I like Italy

    Quanto costa?= How much does it cost?
    Sei gentile = You are kind
    Sei bella (to a girl)= You are beautiful
    Sei bello (to a boy)= You are handsome

    Mangiare = To eat
    Bere = To drink
    vino = wine
    pane = bread
    acqua = water
    carne = meat
    pesce = fish

    Somewhere in Palermo, Italy, Europe

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    Lutto (Mourning)

    by hquittner Written May 30, 2005

    We heard about the tragic ambush and killing of Italian soldiers enroute to Cefalu the day before, and as we approached the WWest face of the Porta Nuova across from the Piazza Indipendenzia we became aware of this sight in front of the military buildings situated there. This was a continuation to the Memorial Service in Cefalu the day before. Grief for unexpected death is universal.

    Flowers of grief
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    Muss and Noise!What a colorful maelstrom!

    by pecsihornet Written Sep 26, 2007

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    Ballaro is Palermo's biggest market. It reflects the liveliness and maelstrom of the city!
    The mainly food market here is buzzing with salesmen's shouting. Do not miss!

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