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  • Segesta Amphitheatre - view I
    Segesta Amphitheatre - view I
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  • Doric Temple at Segesta
    Doric Temple at Segesta
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  • Segesta Shadows
    Segesta Shadows
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Segesta Things to Do

  • Segesta Archeological Site

    The civilization of Sicily is believed to have its origins from several groups of ancient people considered as 'indigenous' inhabitants. One of these groups of people are called the Elymi. In legend, after the fall of Troy, some Trojans settled on the western tip of Sicily. Along with the people already settled there, they became known as the...

  • Views

    The Greeks always chose their towns and settlements in perfect areas. Not only did the high up location protect the settlement since invaders or attackers were visible, but also offered splendid views over the surrounding region. Segesta is one of those sites that is beautifully located overlooking the rolling hills of Sicily.

  • The Church

    The ruins of a small church once dedicated to St. Leone in a multi stratified area between the Castle and the Theatre. It was a single room building measuring 13 x 6,30 meters.

  • Agora

    The best explored part of the ancient Agora the forum of the Roman city is the west part that has buildings on pillars with an internal cryptopoticus. Unfortunately most of the city has been destroyed.

  • Medieval Castle

    The Castle was built in the 12th century and it stands on the peak of Mont Barbaro. The overall height of the building must have been around 8 to 10 meters. Partially the building was created from the ruins of the Greek temples and buildings around it.

  • Greek Theatre

    The Greek Theatre originates from around the 3rd to 2nd century BC in the Hellenic period. It stands in the highest part of the ancient city at about 400 metres on the cliffs of Mount Barbaro. The auditorium is 63.60 meters in diameter and offers splendid views over the Sicilian country side.

  • Doric Temple

    This temple was built in 430 BC and today this Doric Temple is one of the most perfect monuments with proportions of perfect harmony. Astonishingly the 36 columns are almost perfectly intact, even though the balance of this archaeological site has been destroyed by earth quakes.

  • The Temple of Segesta

    This majestic moderate-sized hexastyle Doric Temple (36 columns) stands on a tall three stepped stylobate on a small hill overlooking a deep ravine (of the Pispisa river) surrounded by gentle mountains and greenery with birds flying through. There is no cella and you can wander and climb in and all around. Unlike other Greek structures, it is...

  • The Theater at Segesta

    The theater is carved into the rock of Mt. Barbaro with lateral extensions of quarried free-standing wings. It is easiest reached by bus (See Transportation). The theater is quite large,with a cavea 63 m in diameter, containg 7 sections and 2 rows in two tiers (seating 3200). It may have been built after the Athenian "con-job" failed or ater the...

  • The ruins of the city of Segesta.

    Excavations are slowly under way on the remains of Segesta. There are a Roman wall and a medieval town built on earlier ruins with a structure (12-15C?) called the "Castello". This must have been a refuge from Saracens and Normans. There are remains of a church too. These are located at the top of Mt. Barbaro around the theater area. I guess that...

  • The Amphitheater

    Segesta's other main monument, the amphitheatre, stands on the slopes of Monte Barbaro (literally Mount Barbarian) at an elevation of 400 meters above sea level. The theatre has 20 tiers of steps which served as seats, divided into 7 sections by aisles that lead to the U-shaped stage area. The diameter of the semi-circular seating area is 63...

  • The Temple

    The temple of Segesta is 61 meters long (190 feet) and 26 meters wide, built upon 4 steps, with a total of 36 Doric columns supporting the stone roof-frame of the structure. There are 14 columns on each of the long sides of the building and 6 columns across the front and back, for a total of 36 columns. The columns are of a "rough" finish because...


Segesta Hotels

  • Hotel Relais Angimbe

    SS 113 - KM 338,4, Calatafimi-Segesta, 91013, Italy

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Segesta Transportation

  • Bus

    To access the antique town from the valley one can either walk the 1,5 km or alternatively use a bus shuttle from the entrance to the top of the hill. Tickets for the bus need to be purchased with the entrance ticket, and the bus operates in ‘irregular’ intervals.

  • The theater bus

    You have only 2 ways to get up to the theater: 1) walk ( 2km, 30 minutes all uphill) 2)bus.This is oviously faster (1.2 euro round-trip) and less tiring. It goes up Mt. Barbaro from next to the concession area every half-hour (on the hour). You cannot drive up yourself. The trip takes about 10 minutes, the returns are prompt. Out the window are...

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