Sicilia Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by rosata
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by rosata
  • Etna Nord - 21.5.2013
    Etna Nord - 21.5.2013
    by rosata

Sicilia Warnings and Dangers

  • Traffic

    Taormina Warnings and Dangers

    The traffic in Taormina is terrible. They drive like maniacs in the small and narrow streets. And they will not stop or slow down when they see people. You have to jump to the side and stay there. And there are almost no sidewalks, and if there is - be sure that it will be filled with cars or mopeds. So take care of yourself and your children!

  • Sicily: siesta and heat

    If visiting Sicily, in most parts they have a "siesta" time in afternoon from about noon to 4pm. Many or most stores will be closed. Plan on doing errands in the morning or late afternoon and rest up after lunch as they do. Of course if sightseeing you will find tourist spots open but be aware of extreme heat in summer months. You wills weat...

  • Thieves

    No thieves! Regular visitor has prejudiced after watching movies about the Mafia that walking in Palermo is dangerous. Quite the contrary. Looks like mafia bosses very well keep an eye on the peace and order. After all, what's more tourists, more money left to them. Do not be afraid to walk the night.

  • The Sicilian death wish

    Driving in Sicily is an absolute pleasure if only they didn't have Sicilian drivers using them. The custom is to see how many laws you can break each time you go on the road. Speed limits are ignored, 120kph on an 60kph road, road markers are not obeyed, I saw three cars side by side in a two lane stretch. Parking regulations are none existent, the...

  • On driving a car

    I drove a rental car through Sicily and, yes, driving there is an experience not easy forgotten. The main rule seems to be: when you saw me, i may enter the road. Pretending not to see did work in most cases. On the positive side: Italian drivers do watch the traffic closely. And they do look good. I didn't mind driving in the cities: the traffic...

  • Partly closed: mosaics villa romana del...

    The website says: Il percorso di visita e' subordinato ai lavori di restauro in corso.When we visited in May, only a small part was open to the public. We were told that the first months of this year the whole villa was closed. They're building new walk ways and a new roof. Good, but even better: check it out before you drive a long way for nothing...

  • Careless smokers cause fire along the...

    The Motorways are excellent but our guide pointed out that the oleander which line the roads have been burnt because of careless smokers who throw their cigarettes out of their cars causing fires along the way and destroying these beautiful flowers.PALERMO - MAZARA DEL VALLO - TRAPANI (free of charge)PALERMO - MESSINA (Toll)MESSINA - CATANIA...

  • Do not throw toilet paper into the...

    Do not under any circumstance throw toilet paper into the toilets because the pipes are narrow and immediately causes blockage which in turn causes overflow and this can be messy and for everyone most of all the owner a cause of anger.Next to the toilet is a container where you can dispose of your toilet paper after use. Although this seems to be...

  • Waiting & waiting & waiting for the...

    During our two weeks in Sicilia, we used public transport (bus , train & boat) and private bus/ private boats. On no occasion was any of the said transport "on time". Even the guided tour buses were late.Learn to go with the flow! (or lack of it) Something usually turns up........... eventually.Don't plan tight schedules with interconnecting...

  • Crazy drivers all over!!!

    I am sorry to writte this, and I hope not to offend any local who can read this, but driving in Sicily is madness. They seem not to fear death, not to know the basic rules...not just to avoid fines, just to be alive.My wife took some pictures while I was driving. I swear that you can take more than 6 pictures every hour driving with DANGEROUS...

  • Beware the summer festival

    If you like your ancient ruins uncluttered by modern-day commercial interests (or necessities, depending on which way you look at it - these festivals do bring in lots of money and provide employment) then I would suggest you avoid visiting the major Greek theatres of Sicily (and lots of other places too) in Summer. The necessary seating,staging...

  • Hot, hot, hot!

    Sicily's summer heat can be fierce and the effect is increased as the sun bounces off the baked earth and piles of stone at the major Greek and Roman sites, some of which are spread over large areas and up and down hills. Shade is in short supply when you're walking around the temples and city ruins. A hat, water and sunscreen are essentials.

  • Open? Closed!!

    "Open daily" the guidebook said,when we werre working out when to visit the Villa Romana de Casale , only to find everything closed when we got there. The authorities had decided only two weeks previously that it would be closed on Mondays henceforth - and this was Monday. Although we'd driven quite a way to get there we did have time to come back...

  • Missing Cruise Ship Departures

    On that one day trip to Messina we toured by bus Mount Etna and it was well worth while. But the traffic jams getting back to the ship were bad. The usual rule for cruise ships is that if you book a trip on board, then the ship will wait for you if you are delayed past departure time. But if you free lance the shore excursion and miss the departure...

  • Money

    Maybe we were extremely unlucky but neither my partner nor myself were able to draw money from many of the Bancomats. When we got to our last few euros one day we decided something had to be done and quickly. I enquired in a bank and the cashier explained to me that many of the machines had not been upgraded and couldn't accept cards with a chip on...

  • Parking

    In lots of places or during weekend you 'd not pay for parking,but there are "not legal parking men".Well normally they ask just 1 euro(anyway i suggest to aks them how much does it cost) and i suggest to pay it,even if it's not legal.It's not expensive and it's better to not have troubles with the car(like to found a heel cut)

  • Highway Robbery by Banks

    Booked a weeks accom at two places via the net months in advance. Had to pay a deposit of 100 euro in each case to secure the booking. Sent an international money order in one case (my cost 15 Aussie dollars) but had to wait several weeks for confirmation of arrival. So the second place got the deposit via an electronic transfer. One would think...

  • Ask before snapping a picture

    Walking the streets of Siracusa, we saw these two older Sicilian women all dressed in black. I thought that it would be an interesting photograph, so I snapped the picture. BIG MISTAKE!The women were most upset.I realized, too late, that I should have asked first. Note that the one woman actually turned her back to avoid the camera.I felt really...

  • grass snakes

    It isn't a joke! It is during our visit of the ruins in Syracuse that we found this small couple of black grass snakes! Be careful!

  • Driving through Sicilian towns

    It is impossible to simply drive through a Sicilian town. On entering the town, you will follow a road which appears to be taking you right through the town. However, at some point you will be met with a No Entry sign right in front of you, and you will be diverted left or right into a one-way system of labyrinthine complexity. The only direction...

  • Fires

    Sicily is often heavily damaged by fires in summer. Unfortunately many of them are caused by pyromaniacs. This was taken in Taormina, but during my stay in Sicily there was also a big fire in the Zingaro reserve. In that case residents of the area have been cautioned to leave their homes or evacuated. So pay attention!

  • Driving in Sicily....

    Yes, what you've heard is true : Sicily can be a nightmare for a foreign driver. But I dont consider myself as such a good driver and I still survived!Be REALLY careful on the Palermo's Siciliana Regionale (kind of an urban highway). Dont think that 3 lanes means that there will be 3 cars wide :)In the rest of the island, drivers can be really slow...

  • Parking fees...

    If you park your car near out-of-town tourist sites like Agrigento's temples, you'll probably get the 'help' of some local kids who'll find a spot for you (even if you dont need them...). Once you get out of your car, they'll ask you for 2 euros. The problem is that authorities dont bother building a real parking lot so tourist money is up for...

  • Getting robbed

    Now, let me begin by saying that I spent a week in Sicily and never got robbed and never felt like I was going to be robbed. One thing I feel that aided me greatly was choosing to stay at accommodation out of the major cities exept for the ever popular Taormina where we were in a B&B with locked garage.Catania, for one, has a terrible reputation...

  • Vulcano: hot rocks and sulphuric gases

    If you go to the volcano's crater you'll see some clear warning signs.1- the ground is hot and you can burn yourself, and the earth crust is thin2- the sulphuric gases can choke you if you go too nearBoth warning are very real: on the crater's edge you should walk very carefully: the soil (over and underground9 is extremely hot. About sulphuric...



  • Falling magma and a wiseguy that´ll grab...

    Mt. Etna is Europe´s largest vulcano, and is a great place to visit. Unfortunately, it´s active. There´s little danger, but watch out. Also, the drivers here are crazier than in the rest of Italy, which is not a good sign!


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Sicilia Warnings and Dangers

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