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  • Looking towards the sea (JPH pic)
    Looking towards the sea (JPH pic)
    by Bunsch
  • The necropolis
    The necropolis
    by Bunsch
  • Tarquinia
    by maykal

Tarquinia Things to Do

  • Visit the Etruscan Necropolis of...

    About 5 km south of the present day city is the necropoiis of Monterozzi which can only be visited with a guide (about two hours}. Starting in the 6 BC the walls and ceilings of these tomb rooms were decorated with drawings and eventually frescos with coloring.A few of the technics were of Greek origin but most were original. O n the second floor...

  • Visit the Excellent Etruscan Museum in...

    The small city of Tarquinia houses a fine museum devoted to the Etruscan finds from the area which are housed in the Palazzo Vitelleschi which was built in 1439.

  • Visit the archeological museum

    The museum, housed in the Palazzo Vitelleschi in Tarquinia, contains an important collection of Etruscan antiquities dating to 700 BC. The collection includes sarcophagi, vases, jewelry, glass, carved ivories, coins and fragments of large decorative reliefs. Pay particular attention to the nearly life-sized terracotta statues of two winged horses...

  • Etruscan necropolis at Monterozzi

    The Etruscans constructed a city, one of twelve in their federation, about two miles east of modern Tarquinia. Nearby, on the ridge at Monterozzi just to the south, they constructed a necropolis. Discovered in 1823, it is one of the best preserved of Etruscan cemeteries. A tour of the tombs takes at least ninety minutes but if you're a real fan of...

  • Got your bathing suit?

    After a nice visit to the museum, perhaps you'd like to get more comfortable. Take a quick hop down to Tarquinia Lido. You can rent an umbrella and lounge chair, or wend your way through the crowds and just plunge straight into the sea (no charge for that). Many places feature outdoor showers so that you can get the sand and salt off before you...

  • Noah's Sanctuary :)

    A closer picture of the Ark. I was trying to get across some of the detail that has gone into this piece of work, but to be honest, I wonder if pictures can ever do justice to something this beautiful. I guess it wont stop me, or many others, trying!

  • Modern Art amongst Ancient Atmosphere

    After our visit to the museum, we walked around the Old Town and found a small restaurant for lunch. Pasta of course for the children! After lunch we walked round exploring some more. We came upon a piazza and in the centre of it was this sculpture of Noah¡¦s Ark. It appears to be fairly modern and is absolutely beautiful. The detail is amazing....

  • Ancient Views

    I took this picture from the first floor balcony of the Museum in Tarquinia. The view from here was wonderful. You can see all the way to the sea. The museum itself is fascinating, the children enjoying it as much as we did :)t

  • Ancient Balconies

    Taken from the balcony surrounding the courtyard. There are rooms going from the balcony that hold many artefacts. t


Tarquinia Hotels

  • Valle del Marta Resort

    Via Aurelia Vecchia Km 93, Tarquinia, 01016, Italy

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Tarconte

    Via Della Tuscia 21, Tarquinia, 1016, it

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Velcamare

    Via degli Argonauti 1, Tarquinia, 01010, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Tarquinia Restaurants

  • Bunsch's Profile Photo

    Falcioni & Coco's: When at the seaside, get seafood!

    by Bunsch Written Nov 27, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You wanted fresh seafood, right? The great big aquarium which greets you (and mesmerizes the small fry) isn't the source of your lunch or dinner, but the Med, just outside the door, probably housed your meal only short hours earlier. This is a noisy, crowded, family-style restaurant right on the beach. The waitstaff obviously knows the clientele and very promptly arrived with icy-cold bottles of water, and there wasn't much of a wait for the fried seafood platter which was our luncheon choice. Fine dining it isn't, but very satisfying all the same.

    Expect something like this (not my pic)
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Tarquinia Local Customs

  • When in Rome (or Tarquinia), do as the...

    I must have led a charmed life up to this particular venture to Italy, because in all the other countries I visited, English was either one of the standard languages or, in the case of France, I spoke the ambient tongue. I suppose I expected that many, if not most, of the hoteliers and shop keepers and transport personnel in Italy would speak at...

  • Cover charges and tipping

    When you are seated at an Italian restaurant, you should anticipate paying "coperto" or a cover charge, assessed on a per person basis. This ranges from something minimal to several euros, presumably depending upon the restaurant although I never analyzed this during our trip. Since the cover charge is intended to compensate the restaurant for the...

  • Never on a Monday

    Not just in Tarquinia...many (perhaps most) Italian museums are closed on Mondays. This can be a spirit-killer if you're only in a city or town for a single day and the museums are unavailable, which is why the Spirit moves me to suggest that much of Italy's great art is found in its churches, virtually all of which are open every day of the week...


Tarquinia What to Pack

  • Bunsch's Profile Photo

    Some like it hot

    by Bunsch Written Jun 2, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: Although things tend to cool off at night, if you're an American and used to air conditioning, you may find that it is well worth your while to bring a small battery-powered fan with you, or to purchase a slightly larger fan which has the appropriate plug for Italian current. I brought two of the former and we never did get around to buying the latter -- but we certainly would have been much more comfortable had we done so, and at minimal cost.

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