Italy Things to Do

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    View from our balcony.
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Italy Things to Do

  • Colosseum

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Rome Things to Do

    On the outside of the Colosseum it is pretty obvious that it is not in its top form and has seen better days. What do you do with an old Roman amphitheater after the fall of the Roman Empire? Well, you can use the stones to build other things, after all, the stones are pre-cut and ready to use – a sort of early Home Depot. Part of St. Peter’s...

  • Doge's Palace

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Venice Things to Do

    On every visit of the doge's palace I was surprised by the contrast between the brightness, the clear colours and the elegance of the outside facades and the rather dark decoration from the inside of the Doges Palace. The sculptured and gilded wooden ceilings, the paintings of the masters Tintoret, Veronese, Bassano, Palma the Young and others do...

  • Il Duomo - Santa Maria del Fiore

    Florence Things to Do

    If you just came from the inside of the Cathedral, then you know how absolutely magnificent and massive this church is. If you are able to climb 463 steps, sometimes rather steep, and are not afraid of heights or claustrophobic, then I highly recommend you make the trek up to the top of the dome. Not only is the view magnificent on nice days, but...

  • Duomo

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Milan Things to Do

    If you buy the ticket then you will be able to get up on the roof of Cathedral Terraces. Views from the roof of Duomo are stunning. Just have a look at the pictures. When you are on the roof the first your impression is as if you get in the forest of spires. That magnificent masterpiece is worth the money you spent for your visit. Opening times of...

  • Marina Grande

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Sorrento Things to Do

    Beaches are a rarity near Sorrento because of the cliffs But there are a few, the best by far is at Marina Grande, a small fishing village that has now become a part of Sorrento. There are some nice Shops, bars and Restaraunts there and it's a lovely place to take a stroll or relax in a bar and take in the Lovely views or watch the local fishermen.

  • Romeo & Juliet

    Verona Things to Do

    "Juliet lives here, write to her!" So it says in five languages, right above her mailbox. Evidently people have been writing to Juliet for years, and the letters are answered by her volunteer "secretaries" who are members of the Juliet Club in Verona. There is even a contest every year in February (on Valentine's Day) to choose the most moving...

  • Human Remains

    Pompeii Things to Do

    One of the most impressive sights were the petrified bodies in exhibiting. Reading the guide, Horacio claimed that they were original. It would be too much violent so I told him they were scaled reproductions. He didn't insist and I relaxed. But not very sure. True or imitation, the figures hit they goal - to remember the human dimension of the...

  • The Tower

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Pisa Things to Do

    Everyone knows The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the tower is a freestanding bell tower , or Campanile , which like the Duomo in the Campo dei Miracoli , the wonders of the field Designer of the tower was probably Diotisalvi, the original intention was to build a vertical tower but shortly after the start of construction in 1173, the building began to...

  • Palazzo Ducale & Piazza De Ferrari

    Genoa Things to Do

    Piazza De Ferrari is Genoa's most important public square. It links Genoa's historical heart with its modern, commercial centre. In the middle of the square a large fountain shoots jets of water into the air. Several important buildings are located on this square. The Palazzo Ducale which means Doge's Palace has its main entrance round the...

  • Towers - Torri

    Bologna Things to Do

    The two towers, both of them leaning, are the symbol and the emblems of Bologna and they have a names of course. The taller one is called Torre Asinelli while the smaller but more leaning tower is called Torre Garisenda. The names derive from the noble families which are traditionally credited for their construction between 1109 and 1119. There is...

  • Archaelogical Museum

    Naples Things to Do

    The Farnese Bull is the tallest and largest work in the museum. The Doryphorus is also a fine statue. Another full length statue is the Dancing Faun which stood in Pompeii at the house of the same name. The last two statues are from Roman times, first a Roman matron and finally a River God.

  • Walking and Hiking

    Positano Things to Do

    No matter how you choose to get to Positano, all roads end and start at the top of Positano. To see the rest of the town and to get to the beach you must climb down through the its windy corridors, or if you have a car there is a single road that goes through part of the town. However as alluring as the beach may seem, take some time to walk around...

  • City walls

    Lucca Things to Do

    You can jog, walk our cycle it, However you decide to do, make it top of your list. The best way to see the city is to do a circut of these perfectly intact medieval walls. Its Ideal for families with children as the ramparts are dotted with picnic spots and playparks and the tree-lined promenades are pefect to people watch during the eveing...

  • MIRAMARE Castle

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Trieste Things to Do

    The eclectic Castle Miramare was built between 1856 and 1860 by the architect Carl Junker as the luxurious residence for Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Habsburg and his wife Charlotte of Belgium. The castle is surrounded by a 22 hectar large park, which is home to numerous exotic trees and plants as well as a small castle, where Charlotte lived...

  • Vucciria and other markets

    Palermo Things to Do

    I had a great experience in Palermo with strEat Palermo tour. It's a streer food tour through the street markets of Palermo.The itinerary includes several stops at bakeries,street vendors and old inns to taste the streetfood & wines. This is web page :

  • Funicular Como/Brunate

    Como Things to Do

    Exit the train station, walk to the lake, then go right, you will reach the funicular. We were able to use it for free with our seven day Lombardy train pass, but we had to show our pass at the ticket office first and get issued with return tickets. When you get off at the top, go down the steps to the viewing platform before exiting the...

  • Museums (Egyptian, Cinema...)

    Torino Things to Do

    The museum is just reinagurated and in the interior design it has participated François Confino who also did the Museum of Cinema in Torino Torino who was the "big car factory" in Italy (Fiat (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino), Pirelli, Lancia ...) has created a very interesting museum about the history of the automobile in which we go through...

  • Città Alta

    Bergamo Things to Do

    The Porta Sant’ Agostino city gate is the Southern gate to Città Alta for all motorized traffic. Although the center gate is just a single lane, all traffic (including the buses and trucks) have to pass this gate and making a sharp turn to get at the road along the outer walls. Porta Sant’ Agostino was designed by Paolo Berlendis. Construction...

  • Beach

    Monterosso al Mare Things to Do

    Besides Fegina beach resort Monterosso has another sandy beach which stretches right in front of the old town. The town beach is slightly smaller but equally so is perhaps less attractive for swimming, due to a fact that it is, at the same time, the port of Monterosso. On the one side, there where is a harbour, the beach is bordered with a pier and...

  • Piazza del Campo

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Siena Things to Do

    This fountain - a pool with water pouring into it from a pipe - looks a very useful Piazza addition for the pigeons....but people always like a water feature so heres a rather elegant one for people to come and admire or sit near and listen to the relaxing sound of trickling water. (there are toilets handy lol)

  • Basilica di San Antonio

    Padova Things to Do

    Basilica del Santo has been an important pilgrimage destination since the thirteenth century. Its construction begun in 1232 to house the tomb of saint Anthony. It was completed in 1307. This church is located on the site where since 110 there was a church. This was incorporated into the basilica and now it is one of the chapels; the Chapel of the...

  • Grotto Azzurra - Blue Grotto

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Capri Things to Do

    There are several caves in the island, but Grotto Esmeralda is the top attraction in the harbor, everybody "forgetting" to tell you that you can only enter with good sea and low tide. So you may pay your trip, start the ride, stop at the entrance and discover that, unfortunately, you arrived exactly when it will be impossible to enter. It...

  • Chiesa di Santa Margherita d'Antiochia

    Vernazza Things to Do

    As the legend goes, long, long ago a chest containing the finger bones of St. Margaret of Antioch washed up on the rocks in Vernazza’s harbor. I'll admit to some skepticism about this miraculous event ‘cause I’m not really sure how they knew who the waterlogged digits belonged to, plus various bits of her - or rumored to be her bits, anyway - now...

  • Beach

    Rimini Things to Do

    Rimini has 15 km of beach along the strip and it's used well. In the summer months it's really crowded here, but when I arrived in the beginning of September it was less people, and more space. The beach is divided in different spots, with a number. Most hotels have their own part of the beach, but there are also parts that are for everyone. I...

  • Malcesine

    Lago di Garda Things to Do

    Head to Malcesine which is a beautiful town at the bottom of Mont Baldo. The town in itself might be a consideration for somewhere to stay, but we just headed here to take the cable car up the 1800 feet to check out the views. In summer you can take a walk and take in the stunning scenery and in winter you can take the car up with your skis and go...

  • The Cinque Terre trails

    Manarola Things to Do

    Everyone else has written about this silly thing but what’s one more review, eh? The section of the Blue Trail (Sentiero Azzurro, #2 on a CT trail map) that runs between Manarola and Riomaggiore is more pedestrian highway than hiking path. It is flat; it is paved; it is short (about 1/2 mile); all of which makes it attractive to any tourist who...

  • Mount Etna

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Catania Things to Do

    There are various trips you can do with Mt Etna, from taking a train around the base of the volcano to actually trekking to the very rim, encased in steam & sulphur. Guide took about 10 of us up, cost $55 euro each. Very informative, appeared to be multi lingual, funny - overall entertaining, also safe. Approx time for tour was about 5...

  • Villa Melzi

    Bellagio Things to Do

    The Villa Melzi is a short walk from the centre of Bellagio along a promenade lined with oleander trees. The Villa was built between 1808 and 1810 for Francesco Melzi d'Eril, who was vice president of the Italian Republic under Napoleon. It was designed by Giocondo Albertolli. Although the villa itself is not open to visitors, there is a small...

  • Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta - Il...

    San Gimignano Things to Do

    In the 15C the Collegiata was extended and among the additions was a special chapel to its local Santa Fina (who died in 1253).The chapel has two paintings of her deathbed and her funeral painted by Ghirlandaio. Inn the central part of the church there are also several works by Benozzo Gozzoli.

  • surrounding, Cinque Terre

    La Spezia Things to Do

    The walk from Riomaggiore to Monterosso al Mare (an 18 km/11 mi hike), at the steadily-decreasing-in-price-per-day-bought price of 5 Euro for one day, is quite a bargain. You get breathtaking views of the mountains, or rather cliffs, the Mediterranean, and the five cliffside and seaside towns, which all have a similiar, but each slightly varied...

  • Mosaics

    Ravenna Things to Do

    “O lone Ravenna! many a tale is told Of thy great glories in the days of old: Two thousand years have passed since thou didst see Caesar ride forth to royal victory.” — from “Ravenna” by Oscar Wilde (1854-1900). This poem won the Newdigate Prize for poetry in 1878 Ravenna has a school that teaches mosaics arts, both their creation and their...

  • Teatro Olimpico

    5 out of 5 stars

    Vicenza Things to Do

    Wandering 5 minutes from the center of Vicenza you will find Teatro Olympico. In front of the Teatro is a quaint courtyard with some nice statues featured in a garden setting. This might be a nice place to rest your feet and take a few minutes to read about the history of this structure. It took 5 years to be completed, 1580-1585, and they say that...

  • Castello Brown

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Portofino Things to Do

    The climb "up the hill" from the port is quite strenuous for "older" people so take it easy and just pace yourself. My legs certainly were complaining when I reached the top but the views were wonderful and I felt it worth the trek.

  • Terrazza Mascagni

    4 out of 5 stars

    Livorno Things to Do

    Further along the coast from the Scoglio della Regina and a modern day "beach" complex, the Terrazza Mascagni sprouts out from a patch of wasteground, and at first seems underwhelming. But, as it turns the corner, the checkboard terrace suddenly becomes impressive. Behind it, there is a park with various monuments like a bandstand, and the Grand...

  • Lakeside Towns

    Lago di Como Things to Do

    We took a boat to Varenna, which looked like a fairytale village from the boat, and it didn't disappoint us when we walked there. It's a mere village and less touristy than Bellagio and thus have more authenticity to it. We really loved it. We wanted to have pizza for lunch/dinner that day but as usual we wanted to eat at difficult time and ended...

  • Church of S. Pietro

    Portovenere Things to Do

    Doria Castle or Fortress was built in somewhere between the 12th and 17th centuries. Climbing through the narrow streets to the ancient castle is quite a hike, but the effort is worthwhile. The road is rough and steep in places but the views are incredible.

  • Hadrian's Villa - Villa Adriana

    Tivoli Things to Do

    The Piccole Terme (Small Bath, in Englis) is one of my best building of the Villa. This complex is well preserved and it was built between 121 and 126 AD. The building is surrounded by courts adorned in various ways (exedrae, gardens, etc.). Inside there were large windows which allowed a lot of light inside. The rooms were covered with various...

  • Baia del Silenzio

    Sestri Levante Things to Do

    Bay of Silence is a wonderful quiet romantic bay. It has a small boardwalk, but most of the houses come as far as the beach. It's a public beach where you will find many locals. In front of the boardwalk you'll find the typical boats called "gozzi", resting on the beach after a fishing trip. I liked this part of Sestri Levante the best.

  • Beach

    Ostia Things to Do

    This couple enjoyed the services of an outstanding masseuse right there on their lounge chair - sea breeze blowing - sun warm but not hot. Life is GOOD at the beach in Rome! 5 Euro for just your back - 10 Euro for full body massage!

  • Kids/Families

    Gianicolo Things to Do

    More for the kids - they were lined up in front of this lovely puppet show on Via Garibaldi in Gianicolo Park just to the left of Piazzale Garibaldi. The show was enchanting and the children were completely engaged. It was free and a gentleman passed through the audience with a tray - the vast majority of people happily contributed. There was also...

  • Conero Natural Park

    Marche Things to Do

    The best time for a walk through conero park is definitly spring, when it's not crowded yet and nature starts showing its colours.MOst organised excursions though start from latre may or even june as before, there is not enough request, but, if your porupouse is just a walk in the nature and some photography, then yoi can easily do that on your...

  • cinque terre

    Liguria Things to Do

    Hi, October is good to see Cinque Terre, mostly good to walk on the beautiful trails passing through the villages and manarola as well, of course, since the weather is not hot anymore as in the summertime. As to find best deals have a look on this site They arrange personailzed tours and also offer informations about...

  • Trevi Fountain

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Rome Things to Do

    I was really surprised by the size of this well-known fountain. The statues are much larger than life, and they stand against a very impressive backdrop that is about the size of the apartment block where I used to live.

  • Campanile di San Marco

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Venice Things to Do

    A work of art and architecture, the bell tower of San Marco stands right in front of the church on Piazza San Marco. The "Campanile", as it is most often referred to by the Venetians, is an outstanding landmark of Venice. Standing at almost 100 meters high it is hard to miss it once at the square. Unlike the Basilica, its simple brick structure...

  • Pitti Palace & Boboli Gardens

    Florence Things to Do

    The Palazzo Pitti was originally the home of the Pitti family, who were wealthy bankers in Florence. It was sold to Eleanor of Toledo, wife of Grand Duke Cosimo I Medici, in 1550 and became the home of the ruling family. Today is houses a huge art collection and hosts special exhibitions. In nice weather, the attached Boboli Gardens are a pleasure...


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