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  • In Fiesole, looking towards Florence
    In Fiesole, looking towards Florence
    by Jefie
  • James' house
    James' house
    by halikowski
  • Herve swimming (1995-8)
    Herve swimming (1995-8)
    by halikowski

Fiesole Highlights

  • Pro
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    leics says…

     Etruscan remains, superb views, nice place 

  • Con
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    Jefie says…

     It's all up hill so make sure to bring those walking shoes! 

  • In a nutshell
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    tigerjapan says…

     Get On The Bus!!! 

Fiesole Things to Do

  • Just wander the lanes

    Fiesole is very pretty, with lots of very well-kept-up houses and gardens.And there are lots of lovely views as well, over Florence and the surrounding hills.From the main square you can follow the brown-signed 'Via Panoramico' and then just wander at will. As my friend kept pointing out when I was flagging from the heat, dehydration and lack of...

  • Monastery of San Francesco

    This simple but beautiful monastery perched on a hill overloking Fiesole was home to Franciscan monks dating back to the 15th century. The monks living quarters (or cells) are particularly interesting and open to the public along with the church and museum which contains facinting Etruscan and Roman artifacts.

  • Sant'Alessandro Basilica & San Francesco...

    Once you reach the top of Via di San Francesco, you'll see the Sant'Alessandro Basilica. Although there is no official record mentioning when this church was built, it's estimated that Sant'Alessandro dates back to the 6th century. During recent restoration works, Etruscan, Roman and Lombard relics were found around the church and there is some...

  • Climb up Via di San Francesco for a...

    From Piazza Mino, if you walk past the duomo you'll reach Via di San Francesco, a little street that goes up a fairly steep hill. It's time to put on those walking shoes because the view at the top of the street is simply amazing! You'll eventually see a little park on your left that offers many different vantage point of views. It's also a very...

  • Piazza Mino, Fiesole's main piazza

    It might be surprising at first to see such a big piazza at the heart of a small town like Fiesole, but when we think about the fact that Fiesole is much older than Florence and that it once was as big and powerful as the capital of Tuscany, it all starts making more sense. As it often is the case, Piazza Mino (named after the Italian sculptor Mino...

  • Il Duomo di Fiesole

    The Cathedral of Fiesole dates back to 1028, although it was extensively restored during the 17th century. Dedicated to St. Romulus, the patron saint and first bishop of Fiesole, the cathedral houses the remains of the Christian martyr in its crypt. Although it's not as lavishly decorated as some of the churches in Florence, Fiesole's Romanesque...

  • Fiesole's archaeological museum

    The archaeological museum in Fiesole includes an indoor and an outdoor section. Inside the museum, it's possible to see several objects that were found in and around Fiesole, some of them dating back to prehistoric times, but for the most part the different objects reflect the history of the town, which was founded around the 9th century B.C....

  • Etrusco-Roman temple complex #1

    Now there's something that - to the best of my knowledge - I'd never seen before: an Etrusco-Roman temple complex.

  • Roman architecture #6

    Another view of the Roman baths - the tiles that form part of the hypocaustum seemed very well preserved, it was our guess that this was partly a reconstruction by the archeologists.

  • Roman architecture #3

    Inside the Roman amphitheatre. We were allowed to move about the site quite freely - although of course it wasn't allowed to climb the walls...

  • Roman architecture #1

    Entrance to the site of the Roman and Etruscan excavations. Be advised that a family with two young children pays only 20 euro, whereas two adults without children don't count as a family and therefore have to pay 26 euro - so be sure to bring some children with you, if you can find any!

  • Visit the church of San Romolo

    This is a very interesting building, not very large when compared to nearby churches in Florence, but full of dark corners and unexpected sculptures and paintings that are yours to discover. See separate travelogue.


Fiesole Hotels

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Fiesole Restaurants

  • Potential to be nice but sadly a rip-off

    The waiter was great, absolutely no complaints. Sadly the food was of a very poor quality and taste. We had a pasta carbonara and a chicken salad, the pasta tasted like microwave food and the salad was tiny with dried chicken. A small glass of coke was €4.20 each!!!!! Plus we even had to pay a cutlery charge of €1.50 per person. It is actually...

  • Great service and atmosphere, good food...

    Of course the most popular restaurants in Fiesole are the ones with a terrace overlooking the city of Florence but after taking a look at the different menus, we decided we'd rather enjoy a good, not too expensive meal and then walk around to enjoy the view. There were several nice looking restaurants around the main piazza and in the end we...

  • Just Relax in Fiesole

    Large outdoor patio in front with huge umbrellas shading you from the summer sun. Inside is a bar next to a large wood-fired brick oven & upstairs are little dining nooks & crannies with windows overlooking the sights of the town.The owner is a friendly, good looking man, who was sitting outside with an American friend when I walked up. He's been...

  • Come alive at number five

    Caffe al no. 5 - on the Piazza Mino da Fiesole - "Bistrot American Bar, light lunch & dinner, birreria, cocktails & long drinks, caffetteria" I'll have to check what they served us, but I'm sure I'll find the receipt somewhere.

  • A top notch dining experience

    This restaurant is actually just a stone's throw south of Fiesole in Maiano/Settignano.We had seen this restaurant recommended in one of our tour books and figured we'd give it a try. Seems that a lot of tourists end up staying in or near Fiesole as it's just 5 minutes north of Florence (and presumably because it's away from the tourist masses and...

  • The only pizzeria in Fiesole

    You sit next to the street at Piazza Mino, the center of Fiesole. It´s a crowded place, but it´s worth to wait a while. The tables are standing quite close to each other, what is good for conversation. We met some nice Germans there and were talking a lot. It was a nice evening! All pizzas are great here. Also try a starter from the carte.......


Fiesole Nightlife

  • Irish Pub in Italy?

    We really loved this little Irish pub that we found in the small town of Fiesole. Being the small town that it is, there are only a handful of little restaurants on the main street. We were pleasantly surprised by the welcoming atmosphere of this little pub. They make some wonderful gelato as well. The highlight was a scoop of mint-chocolate gelato...

  • Admire the view and have a great dinner

    All you can do here is to have lovely dinner at one of the great restaurants. They all served fantastic food!!!!!! Admire the lovely view over Florence afterwards..... Therefor you have to walk up a hill, so that you will loose some calories again :) Maybe it´s better the other way round..........Admire first and eat when the sun went down.......

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Fiesole Transportation

  • From Florence

    Bus 7/7x run regularly to Fiesole, a journey of around 20 minutes.The buses now leave from near Piazza San Pietro, with the stop sited along Via Giorgio La Pira (the side furthest from the church). See photo.You can buy tickets from the newsagents booth in the centre of the piazza (see photo). If there are two of you a 4-journey ticket costs 4.70...

  • City bus from Florence to Fiesole

    Getting to Fiesole from Florence using public transportation is dead easy. Bus No. 7 leaves from Piazza di San Marco every 15 minutes (every 30 min after 10:00 pm). Tickets cost 1.20 Euro and you can buy them from the ticket machines located on the piazza (don't forget to validate your ticket once you get on the bus). It's probably a good idea to...

  • ATAF Buses to Fiesole from Florence

    ATAF Buses leave Florence at regular intervals for the trip up into the hillside town of Fiesole 8kms away. Buses leave from Santa Maria Novella outside the southeast entrance/exit of the station below Piazza Adua. Take the No 7 bus and stay on until the end. Stops before Fiesole main square are Regresso and F.G. Angelico 03. Buses leave every...


Fiesole Shopping

  • LauraWest's Profile Photo

    by LauraWest Written Jul 14, 2005

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fairly large, for a small town, air conditioned Food market that you can find many choices for picnics, etc. This photo is part of their dairy section.

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Fiesole Warnings and Dangers

  • leics's Profile Photo
    Do not do this.

    by leics Written Apr 22, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    .........well, the sign speaks for itself really. There is a hole. You might fall in.

    Actually, there are many holes, because this is an archaeological site. And the stones can be slippery. So take care. :-)

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Fiesole Off The Beaten Path

  • summer swimming

    Summers are hot, outdoor swimming pools are expensive and dirty (I remember reading a newspaper review where the number of people confessing to peeing in them was unholy). You can go to Campomigliaio, and swim under the bridge, or into the Apennini north of the Mugello (some famous waterfalls at Acquachetta, i also tried one or two other places on...

  • James Kaye's house

    Beautiful location just off the small road between Settignano and Compiobbi. Actually, it was easiest to roll all the way down from from the Castel di Poggio bifurcation, past Montebeni and the canile, through the pine forest, out again into the fields, and then down the dirt track on the left.James lived like an ascetic, I remember being shocked...

  • Toilets

    A useful tip:Just inside the entrance to the Museo Archaeologico is a cafe and, on the left before you get to the cafe, there are free toilets (clean when I've visited). You don't need to buy a ticket for the museum to use either facility.Very useful to know this, I think, as I spotted no other public toilets in Fiesole.


Fiesole Favorites

  • Bigs's Profile Photo

    by Bigs Written Nov 22, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: It´s the scenic view you get over Florence. It´s very romantic. Many people are coming up for a nice picnic when the sun is going down.... Your love next to you and a lovely bottle of red wine with the romantic view over Florence ...What else do you need?

    Fondest memory: The restaurants up here have been great....

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Off The Beaten Path
Off The Beaten Path
Don't forget the walls.
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Visit the Etruscan/Roman ruins.
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Then visit the museum.
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Walk by the Etruscan Wall
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800 year old belltower.
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