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  • Main outdoor dancefloor
    Main outdoor dancefloor
    by tomhoward
  • Firenze
    by Patricialuv
  • Central Park
    by meaganelizabeth
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    Central Park: Florence (& Dougal) go raving

    by tomhoward Updated Jan 27, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Main outdoor dancefloor

    Central Park is a massive nightclub a short walk from Florence city centre. I've never seen a club like this before - and you especially won't in England.

    Basically 5 dance floors, each with their own DJ, some indoor, some outdoor and a load of bars in between. It reminded me of being at a mini festival like Creamfields. Anyway, as usual for Italy, you pay an extortionate entrance fee (20 euros each I think) to get in, they give you a small piece of card, then each drink purchased is marked on the card, and you pay again on the way out.

    The biggest surprise here was that out of a club of 2000 people, we were the only clubbers drinking alcohol. We virtually had a private bar, and the barman couldn't believe we kept going back... After chatting to the promoter, it seems the club makes their money on the door, then purposely overcharges for drinks to avoid any hassle that a club full of pissed up punters causes. Music ranged from RnB (which seemed popular), house (less so), through to the simply bizarre - at one point the DJ in the Main Room played Will Young - Relight My Fire, and the place exploded.

    Cue people dancin' on podiums, the works. God these people need to get out more...

    Not really a place to go to get drunk - each drink is 8 euros.

    UPDATE - web link is now dead... I presume the club has changed names / hands. I doubt it has fully closed.

    Dress Code: WHO KNOWS ?

    Although there is a strange fashion among young Italian men to tie the arms of a white (any pastel shade will suffice) jumper neatly over their shoulders, then strut around thinking they look cool.

    Memo to any young Italian men who are visiting the UK in the coming years... dont go out dressed like this. You are likely to end up in hospital after some serious GBH. Harsh I know, but some might say fair.

    You may suffer a similar fate if you ask an English club DJ for Will Young's latest single.

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  • Central Park: the best nightclubs

    by erikita Written Oct 9, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Oh my god it is awesome!!!! its so funny to hear about the first girl well not really girl lol, because she's already 30 come on!! that's why she did'nt have fun, anyways I think it is one of the best clubs IN THE WORLD! besides I'm mexican and because we are latin we always get a special treat!! it is definetly awesome, you can feel the music right just there, there is this act by a violinist which makes it togehter with the dj, the dj with the techno part and the violinist with his part!! it is just great, there is some nights also that an afro-american girl sings with the dj, oh my God I wanna go back already! the music is grat and then there are these free drinks that you can always get by just being nice to the guys that work there, but not slutty like americans by the way, but anyways I just loved it, I totally recommend it to everyone around the world it is just amazing!! plus there is hot italians all over the place!!

    Dress Code: I think you always have to drees nice to go out I hate those girls that don't even care and just go with the "touristing" clothes I mean come on you are supposed to be in a designer city lol, it would be embarrassing!

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    Central Park: Party time!! =D

    by Ibizahippie Updated Jul 9, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you come to Florence, you shouldn't miss their party scene! Check out Central Park..cos you'll definitely won't regret it!
    They have several dancefloor (some indoors, some outdoors) where each plays different kinds of music, so you can keep switching place for different kinds of music ;)

    By cab from the area near Del Duomo, it cost around Euro 7 to get there. But if you really don't mind to walk, it's actually not that very far from the train station (Santa Maria Novella Stazione) -if you know the street. I remember there's a stall just at the beginning of the little dark street leading to Central Park. So perhaps if you are walking at the main street, just try to locate the a stall selling drink and finger food.. :)

    Dress Code: I'm not that sure if they really have a dress code there.. But it's always good to dress well for pary ;)

    Additional information...
    You'll be given a card at the entrance. Whenever you buy a drink, you just need to give the bartender your card. And don't lost it. Pay at the cashier before leaving and you'll then be given a receipt. You'll need to give the receipt to the bouncer before they let you go thru the exit.
    By the way, drink cost Euro 8.

    P.s: You might see some informations from other VT members are different. But that's because there have been several changes (that's what I was told by the locals..)
    There was no minimum spent requirement when I was there too. I pay exactly for what I purchased.. :)

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  • meaganelizabeth's Profile Photo

    Central Park: Gorgeous Indoor and Outdoor nightclub

    by meaganelizabeth Written May 25, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This nightclub is so great! We went week after week to this crazy club. Half of the pary is outdoor in a garden filled area. The decor is great and the gardens are very pretty. There is different music in every section, house, hip hop outside. This is not just a foreign club there are plenty of Italian girls and guys. They give you a card when you enter, DO NOT LOSE THIS. This is your drink card. They punch holes when you drink, and if you lose it its $60. Guess how I know!

    Dress Code: Just dress chic. Sneakers are probably ok if they are stylish.

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  • Central Park: All Night Dancing!

    by pamelaxo Written Aug 4, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    First Italian club I experienced last year on my first visit to Italy and first club I returned to on my stusy abroad session this year! Wednesdays they have just one dance floor open playing mostly hip-hop, mostly american students and a few younger local males. thursday and saturdays are the best nights - all the dance floors are open playing a range from house, hip-hop, commercial, latin music. arrive before 1am and there's no minimum drink charge. after that, it;s a one drink 8 euro charge and 8 euros for add'l drinks thereafter. open til about 5am.

    i read some negative comments and i just have this to say - you're in a foreign country that has different customs and norms from the U.S. and a different language!, therefore be open-minded and relaxed (after all you're suppose to be out having fun) when there are miscommunications/understandings. it was embarassing seeing drunk american girls acting, you kno.. sloppy.. guys definately try to pick them up.. but same thing at any club/bar in the U.S. - so see, we're not all that different, hah. but seriously, ladies, let's end this stereo type already.

    Dress Code: nothing too upscale, but dress up, its fun.

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  • deedeechi's Profile Photo

    Central Park: bad experience

    by deedeechi Written Nov 28, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    while living in florence i went to central park many times, usually bringing a visiting friend or two along. while i never had a problem almost all my friends were hassled there. on many occasions while we were trying to leave a bouncer told us that our drink cards were not punched enough, meaning that we had more drinks than are card read. on one occassion my an officer waved handcuffs in front of my best friend until she payed 20 extra euro cover her supposed drinks. dont get me wrong the time inside is great-heart-thumping music, huge crowd, and unique ambience. Central Park is an ideal location in the summer with vast outdoor area-bamboo and palm trees,Thursday nights features some of the best drum'n'bass in Italy. There are bars everywhere but be careful for shady bouncers at the end of the night..

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  • Central Park: Best club in Florence

    by luvbk11221 Written Jun 15, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This club was absolutely fantastic. It was spacious, the dj was on point. He knew exactly what to play. I spent most of the night in the hip hop room. The club was packed and live and this was on a wednesday night. I strongly recommend this club if you are looking for hip hop in italy. You won't be disappointed.

    Dress Code: Jeans ok, but be fashionable, it's italy!

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  • Patricialuv's Profile Photo

    Space Electronics (dancing...

    by Patricialuv Updated Mar 15, 2003

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Space Electronics (dancing club with techno, hip-hop and mix of popular songs)
    Central Park (outdoor club with three dance floors: one for hip-hop, one for techno and another one which includes a live band.)
    Andromeda (small but good danceclub that has all types of music)

    Dress Code: Most clubs require no sneakers and no jeans.
    It is always recommendable to wear long pants or skirts whenever you are outside at night. (I'm referring to the hot summer weather that Florence has from June to August).

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  • Central Park: Nightlife Fun? Notttttt

    by lcr4m Updated Jun 22, 2011

    The club itself was fun-- good music and good people. I would have given it a ten out of ten, but as I was leaving, there was a rude awakening. The staff is TERRIBLE and only want to rip you off. Apparently, you need a receipt to leave without any trouble/without having to pay 50 Euro for no reason...They not only ridicule you when you confront them for not giving you a receipt in the first place, but I have found (through multiple people, not just myself) that they purposefully forget to give you your receipt. In my situation, they laughed in my face when I confronted them about my ticket situation. I had already paid the 10 Euro I owed them (entrance plus a drink) and they completely denied it and called me crazy for even bringing it up. It is the MOST CORRPUT NIGHTCLUB I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. They purposefully try to make you feel crazy/miserable and rip you off. All in all, the club featured great music and had great drinks. Just be careful upon leaving-- MAKE SURE TO ASK FOR A RECEIPT IMMEDIATELY and if not, you will see how manipulative and terrible the staff is.

    Dress Code: Nightclub attire

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  • Jacana's Profile Photo

    Central Park: Dancing outdoors

    by Jacana Written May 29, 2004
    Central park

    This is a one-of-a-kind night club: as many dance floors as you could possibly want, each with a different type of music. The one I enjoyed the most was the main one, which is outdoors, you dance under the trees. Amazing!
    Before midnight is practicaly empty, then suddenly everyone starts coming in.
    Don't miss it!

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