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  • The Yab: Be Careful

    by eileen1979 Written Aug 22, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had the same experience a couple years ago as one of the other reviewers- they give you a ticket when you walk in and no one gives you any warning that they use a weird payment system. the ticket acts as a type of credit card, and when you leave they expect you to pay for everything that's on the ticket. the problem is that you're never notified that you've essentially just entered into a credit agreement. since we never asked to open a tab, we figured that it must be a flat rate all-you-can-drink or something. when, at the end of the night, we were told that we owed a huge amount we were surprised. it was more money than we had on us, we asked we could run to our hotel to get the remainder, and instead were physicially detained until some other tourists felt sorry for us and let us borrow money. the staff were very rude, calling us very nasty names, insulting our country, etc...it was actually really scary. i've travelled a fair bit and have never encountered such a weird and shady payment system in any other country. I guess the bar itself was fun, but just be careful and realize that you're opening a credit account with them whether or not you want to.

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  • The Yab: Awful Nightclub

    by arttraveller Written Apr 12, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    YAB was the worst experience I had during my month long stay in Italy. They gave us each a ticket on our way in, with little explanation. Once we went to the bar, we figured out we got our ticket stamped for each drink and then we would pay at a booth. If you loose your ticket, they charge you 50 Euro. One in our group lost her ticket, having drank well under 50 Euros worth of drinks. The manager screamed at us, calling us "stupid American girls." We were prevented from leaving the club until we found our ticket or paid 50 Euro. It was literally a tourist trap. To much relief, we ended up finding the missing ticket, and paid for the few drinks that had been stamped out. However, we were stopped by the manager on the way out and accused of lying. Everyone in the group could produce a ticket and receipt but he still continued to berate us, calling us liars and every slur for american tourists. It was the only black mark on our lovely month long tour of Italy. I would definitely advise fellow travelers to stay away from this place.

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  • The Yab: Midget Partying

    by hotsoccerplaya Written Nov 5, 2010

    I came to Yab during a weekend getaway with a bunch of my friends. We ate dinner there, which was mainly appetizers, but we didn't really want to have full stomachs since we were looking forward to dance after! The best part about dinner was that we met some great Italian boys (heyyyy FTPBS). Once the partying really started to pick up, we didn't want to stay with the peasants on the dance floor so we opted to buy a table. The service was great and the people there were a lot of fun. The ceilings are a little low, which makes the space really conductive to midget table dancing. All in all, a good place ;-)

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  • The Yab: Good club managed by thieves

    by fresandco Written Nov 5, 2011

    First of all I have to confess that is one of the best club in Florence, good music, nice lighting....

    The problem of this club is that they will try to rip you off for sure

    We got in at 12,50 the guy at the entrance gave us the card (all the big clubs here use this sistem for the payment, its a card were they mark all the spenses you have (max 3 drinks, if you want more you have to get another card) saying that as we are international students and it was before 1am we could get in for 1 € (without drink).

    But when we walk out, after 30 MINUTES!!!!! (some friends call us to invite us to another party) they tried to charge us 14 € (11 for the entrance and 3 for the cloakroom) they insult us and call us "international rubbish"... I really don´t get how this people feel so important just for working at a ***ty nightclub

    I would not recomend it because this kind of crap happens everyweek (some other time this fool gave a friend of mine a vip card (is exact the same to the other but instead of marking general entrance they mark vip entrace, my friend did not benefid of his vip card at all but he had to pay for it..)

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  • The Yab Disco: DON'T GO

    by soph77 Written Mar 24, 2012

    Most awful night I could have experienced- They overcharge American Tourists by their pay system and trick you into paying more than the locals, there are many locals that come just to seek out American tourists to take advantage of. All of our money was stolen from my friend's purse, along with a camera and credit cards. Instead of being helpful, they detained us in the night club and blamed us. We were stuck for over an hour until they only let one of us go back to the hostel to get help to pay our way out. They look down upon tourists and are rude and take advantage. Worst animals I have ever encountered. They hate Americans, therefore they do not deserve any American business.

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  • The Yab: AVOID!!!!!

    by sam2012164 Written Oct 30, 2012

    My boyfriend and I went to the Yab nightclub after having a meal and some wine in a restaurant - we were in search of somewhere to have a few drinks and a dance. They gave us tickets and told us to go inside, at which point I was quite suprised as in the UK you have to pay to get into a club but thought it was a drinks voucher. I had one drink at the bar went to dance on the dancefloor and that's all I remember from the rest of the night. From what my boyfriend tells me I was dancing like a lunatic - at which point he insisted that we leave. I somehow must have made it past the bouncers but my boyfriend was told we had to pay 20 Euros each for entry and a drink. I must have left my ticket at the bar or maybe the bartender kept it but it was gone, we had to pay an extra 50 Euros as a fine. At this point my boyfriend didnt care as I was crying and then was sick for the next 2 hours and couldnt even walk back to our hotel! I have had my drink spiked in the past at Uni so I know this is what had happened. It never even crossed my mind that this would happen to me whilst I was in the company of my boyfirend as previously my girlfriends and I had been targeted. From previous reviews on this website and on other venues in Florence it appears to be quite a frequent occurance. My advice to other tourists visiting this otherwise fantastic City is to watch your drinks like a hawk, as another girls said try not to order drinks at a table but go to the bar to order then where you can see them being made and make sure you are aware of how much a club costs before entering. It seems many clubs and bars in Florence are making a lot of money out of scamming tourists which is a shame.... Based on these reviews The Yab is Florence's number one culprit for this so please be aware before you part with your money!

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  • The Yab Florence Italy: Avoid was drugged and robbed here by staff!

    by Austindude Written Nov 22, 2014

    Stopped here , had a single mixed drink that i got form Bartender myself and then "came to" hours later on a bench , my phone, wallet and valuables gone.

    Many other have had similar experiences and report being drugged in a similar way and robbed.

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