Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence

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  • Galleria dell'Accademia
    by brendareed
  • Galleria dell'Accademia
    by brendareed
  • Not the real big, naked guy
    Not the real big, naked guy
    by goodfish
  • Fraud

    by lmcpbp Written Jul 30, 2012

    Academia gallery is a fraud!...the entrance ticket costs the same as the uffizi galery and you have alot alot alot less to see. You can say that you pay €11 to see the David's statue...all together you have just a few rooms with paintings. An exception is the music room with very interesting material.
    One of the rooms floor is a sliced big mirror where the ladies have alot of trouble hidding their panties if they are in a skirt! just unbelievable!
    The two entering lines are a scheme to get money from you! Unlike almost every other italian museum where the normal line keeps going, at a slow pace, but going, in Academia they block the regular line even if there is nobody on the reservation line...just to make you change of line and buy exactly the same ticket for more €4 across the street!! Cousa nostra is making its way up...
    So, overall, don't go unless you really have to see David's statue! Better to spend your money in uffizi.

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  • xiquinho's Profile Photo

    La Galleria dell'Accademia

    by xiquinho Written Jan 2, 2008

    Originally an academy of drawing, the gallery was transformed into a general arts academy in the 1760s. 20 years later Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo founded the nearby Galleria dell'Accademia with a collection of paintings from suppressed religious foundations, along with altarpieces from Florentine churches.

    The Accademia's pièce de resistance is Michelangelo's David, the world's most famous sculpture, carved in 1504 when the artist was just 29 years old.

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  • alisonr's Profile Photo

    Galleria dell'Academia

    by alisonr Written Nov 16, 2005
    You can't take pics of David so here is my ticket

    You found him! David is at the Galleria dell'Academia. When you see this colossus of a man, your first thoughts will be ' i'ts big, big hands, or nice butt'!! its all true it is over 5 meters tall!! I never imagined him to be so big. And the hands, well either the golden boy got it wrong, or there is some hidden message going on in those big hands!! Oh, the nice butt bit is right too!

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  • Blatherwick's Profile Photo

    David and the Galleria dell Academia

    by Blatherwick Written Dec 30, 2004

    Ok, I know that it is bad and wrong to take pictures in certain museums. But come on! This is the David!

    Michelangelo's David, finished by Michelangelo in 1504, is widely considered to be a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture, and one of Michelangelo's greatest works of sculpture. David portrays the Biblical David at the moment that he decides to engage Goliath. This 5.17 meter (17') marble statue was commissioned as a symbol of the Florentine Republic. The statue was originally placed in the Piazza Signoria, just in front of the Palazzo della Signoria. To protect it from damage, in 1873 it was moved to the Accademia Gallery.

    The proportions of the statue are not quite true to the human form; the head and upper body are somewhat larger than the proportions of the lower body. While some have suggested that this is of the mannerist style, the most commonly accepted explanation is that the statue was originally intended to be placed on a church fascade or high pedestal, and that the proportions would appear correct when the statue was viewed from some distance below.

    Michelangelo's David is based on the artistic discipline of disegno, which is built on knowledge of the male human form. Under this discipline, sculpture is considered to be the finest form of art because it mimics divine creation. Because Michelangelo adhered to the concepts of disegno, he worked under the premise that the image of David was already in the block of stone he was working on -- in much the same way as the human soul is thought to be found within the physical body.

    Also housed in the gallery are four of Michelangelo's prisoners. The theme of this is that the artist felt that he could not free the human image that was captured within the blocks of marble that he was working on. This concept fascinates me probably more than the image of David itself.

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  • LostBoyPN's Profile Photo

    Seeing is Believing

    by LostBoyPN Written Jan 14, 2005
    The Majestic David

    I wasn't expecting to be overwhelmed by seeing something that I've seen thousands of times in pictures... but when I turned the corner and saw the gigantic statue of David down the hallway, I was numbed. I rushed over to Michelangelo's masterpiece and just stared and stared for several minutes. I was totally awed by what a man can create with his bare hands. Unbelievable. And he was only 29 years old when he finished it.

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  • Mobleydcat's Profile Photo

    The Renaissance Man

    by Mobleydcat Written Nov 19, 2004

    Video taking and photography is not allowed inside the Academia, I have to sneak to take this picture (without flash). The statue is amazing ! I never realized how tall it is (until I7') saw it in my very own eyes.

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  • where2next's Profile Photo

    More Than Just David

    by where2next Written Apr 12, 2004
    Help, Get Me Out of This Prison

    There were two unexpected surprises at the Accademia Museum. First, the height of David was much higher, and secondly was the cool sculptures that are also in the museum. There are a set of "prisoners" such as the one shown in the photo. It's amazing as one can feel the tension or action even though it's just a rock!

    If you go to Rome there's more Michelangelo. Of course, the Sistien Chapel, though there's the Pieta at St. Peter's and there is also a Moses (the church name escapes me).

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  • meteorologist1's Profile Photo

    Home of the Original David

    by meteorologist1 Updated Jul 20, 2003
    Michelangelo's David

    A visit to Florence is never complete without seeing Michelangelo's David at Accademia. This sculpture is very impressive. It is a symbol of Florence. David represents a true Renaissance man with his confident look.

    Admission: 6.50 euros (unfortunately there's no discount for students with an international student ID card)

    Throughout Florence you will find souvenirs of David: from models to postcards. The models are worth buying. The machine-made ones are cheap, usually about 10-20 euros. The hand-crafted ones are expensive.

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  • CourtneyLyn's Profile Photo

    Il Gigante

    by CourtneyLyn Written Aug 4, 2003
    Me and my buddy...

    David. He is incredible. Ever since I read the Agony and the Ecstasy when I was young I have been obsessed with Michelangelo. His passion for marble sculpture bursts from the David. It is one of Florence's most visited sites, but once you are there you will see why.

    The picture shows a replica of the David where it originally stood, out front of the Palazzo Vecchio, before it was moved into the Accademia. I miss my days in Florence where I would call my friends and say "meet me at the David."

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  • boggild's Profile Photo

    Best museum in Florence

    by boggild Written Aug 12, 2003
    The fantastic David by Michelangelo

    Sorry for not labeling the Uffizi Gallery best museum in Florence, but the Galleria dell'Accademia just impressed me so much more.

    Well, to be honest, it was the statue of David that did the trick. Normally I don't fancy statues very much, but there is just something special about this one.

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  • AgentJX's Profile Photo


    by AgentJX Written Dec 23, 2002

    Of course everyone comes for the David, but there is much more to see here than just the masterpiece and most famous sculptor in Florence if not anywhere. Housed in a room all by itself Michelangelo’s David can be viewed from every angle, and truly revels how thoroughly Michelangelo mastered sculpture in marble. However in your rush to see the David don’t miss Michelangelo’s Prisoners, intentionally unfinished works. The effect is amazing; it appears as though the people in these sculptures are locked in a struggle to escape from the marble entombing them. Also stop by the vast room that is filled with works by the students of Accademia. There are some great works in here as well, everyone should be able to find something that they can relate too. Also it is a good look into the process of sculpture.

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  • kazander's Profile Photo


    by kazander Updated May 26, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Unfinished work

    not only does the Academia hold Michaelangelo's famous David, but as you approach that famous sculpture, you walk by many of his unfished statues. It's like an "evolution" of Sculpture

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  • Redang's Profile Photo

    Galleria della Accademia

    by Redang Written Oct 8, 2007

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Galleria della Accademia (Florence, Italy)

    This Museum houses the impressive David, famous sculpture by Michelangelo (apart from many other jewels).

    Book in advance to avoid queues.

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