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Greve Highlights

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     Pleasant little market town on the Greve River in Chianti 

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     It's the place you leave to visit the real Chianti! 

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     Worthwile day trip, will spark curiosity to explore more of Tuscany 

Greve Things to Do

  • The river

    Walk around the town, you'll find a bridge across this river. From where we parked, we had to cross the river (a modest brook at this time of the year) to reach the central market square.

  • San Stefano

    San Stefano is the parish church of Montefioralle. In its excistance the church has been reconstructed several times and its present exteriors dates from the end of 18th century. The original church is, however, much older most probably from the 6th century. The interiors of the church maintained forms from the 6th up to 17th centuries.

  • Montefioralle

    Montefioralle is a real beauty of Chianti and the whole of Tuscany. I have discovered it only by chance but found it even more beautiful then San Gimignano or Volterra. It is a kind of place I would like to grown old.I spend half a day here strolling around and having extremelly pleasant chat with the locals. Don't miss "La Castellina", the only...

  • Montefioralle - streets

    What a difference after bussy streets of Florence, e real boon for body and soul. The whole interiors of the village was built with care and love and the only thing you can feel about is to be envy to those who live here. I've asked if any of this houses is on sale, smile on the faces of locals told me more then a tousand words.According to certain...

  • Wine tasting at Le Cantine di Greve in...

    If your time in Tuscany is limited, Le Cantine di Greve in Chianti is the ideal destination to slake your thirst for Tuscan and Italian wines. Open Monday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm, Le Cantina is situated just across the canal from public parking at Piazzale Ferrante Mori, but is also within easy walking distance from Piazza Matteotti.Wines at Le...

  • See this statue in the central market...

    A must see, this statue, the Torso Alato (or 'torso with wings') in the central market square. Hey, it's modern art - by Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj.

  • Montefioralle - passageways

    The number of short and arched passageways make the whole place even more pitoresque and charming. House pats are strolling all around or sitting in the shadow showing no fear towards me the intruder who inquisitively explore their territory. Instead, they were staring at me waiting to be caressed.

  • Montefioralle - houses

    Would you like to live here? Wouldn't you like to buy a house here? Me too, but unfortunatelly they don't sell it. Each of this houses is different, you wont find any of the doors that looks alike, each of the windows is unique. This houses were biuilt and rebuilt during the centuries in order to look like a sweet home.

  • Antica Macelleria Falorni

    Prosciutto, salami, guanciale, rigatino, capocollo, all hanging from the ceiling of this old style butcher shop. Don't miss the wild boar sausage and the heavilly peppered dried pancetta.


Greve Hotels

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Greve Restaurants

  • In Montefioralle but worth the walk

    For the first time in Italy, there were no other Americans in the restaurant with us. We had to walk through the town looking for the restaurant. It's a small town, very quaint and built entirely of stone. There were plenty of kitties on the streets but not many people. We finally found the restaurant by following local people who appeared...

  • By the park on the river

    Bottega del Moro restaurant or workshop of the Moor is a small family restaurant set at the end of a small park surrounded by apartments and with the Greve River running by it.You won't see many tourists here as it's off the beaten tourist track. Our agriturismo manager told us about it. She is French and loved the place. The prices were very...

  • Piccolino ma grande

    There is small but beautiful restaurant in Montefioralle called "La Castellana", situated on the road which leads into the centre of the village. From perfectly positioned terrace of the restaurant, you can enjoy in the magnificent scenery of Montefioralle and its close surroundings. 5Since I wasn't hungry yet, I only took juice and coffee here....


Greve Off The Beaten Path

  • Castello di Colognole

    This beautifull castle complex with the vineyards around is situated on the top of the hill, right opposite to the Montefioralle. I never approached to it, have take only this photo from the distance. Any usefull help regarding this castle and its names is very welcomed, am sure some fellow Vters knows something about it.Castello Colognole is the...

  • Castello di Verrazzano

    Castello Verrazzano is another castle which had important strategic significance in defence of Florence during clashes between Guelphs and Ghibellines. The same as Vicchiomaggio, the castle Verrazzano was a stronghold of the Guelphs. Originally the castle was built in the late-Romanesque style but only the central tower remined from the original...

  • Podera San Cresci

    Podera San Cresci isn't actually a hamlet, it is estate of the church along with the neighbouring vineyards, (podere is Italian word for the estate).Pieve di San Cresci is a producer of the world famous Chianti Classico, which can be tasted in a small wine-cellar adjacent to the church. I wasn't lucky to taste it because the wine cellar was closed...


Greve Favorites

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  • The Sangiovese grape

    The Region of Chianti is wide world famous for its authentic and unique sort of grapes called Sangiovese. The high quality of Chianti wine is the result of a very long and great tradition of wine making, since Etruscan times. Chianti is specific wine produced by utilising grapes of Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Trebbiano and Malvasia, with 12 degrees of...

  • Don't miss the Wine Festival

    Every year in September the little town Greve hosts a Wine Festival. The local wine producers gather and let you taste their wines (of course mainly Chianti wines made with Sangiovese grapes, according to the regulations at least 80%). The town square is filled with stands and the atmosphere is fantastic! We visited from the 8th to the 10th of...

  • Poggio alla Croce a quiet one street...

    The small village of Poggio alla Croce, no let me rephrase that, the TINY village, was our access route to the villa we rented and from the information that I managed to find on the internet there are 87 residents...The village has basically ONE street and you can see us walking in the middle. We encountered no moving cars, and not even a single...


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