Tuscany Local Customs

  • Local Customs
    by brendareed
  • Local Customs
    by brendareed
  • Local Customs
    by brendareed

Tuscany Local Customs

  • Events

    Pisa Local Customs

    Last Sunday in June - 'Gioco del Ponte' (Bridges Game) . This is probably the most important festival in Pisa. It involves Mediaeval costumes, horseback parades and 12 teams of 20 people attempting to push a 7 ton 'trolley' onto the opposite side of the bridge.

  • Churchs

    Pisa Local Customs

    This is Santa Maria della Spina by night during the "LUMINARA". The scenery is very impressive so if you are in Pisa on june the 16, in the evening you could take a walk along the Arno River.

  • Via Francigena

    Perhaps you have noticed marks or indications of "Via Francigena", especially when visiting San Gimignano or in its surroundings. Via Francigena or the Frankish Route is a branch of the pilgrimage trail that goes between Canterbury in UK and Rome, coming into full use starting around th 11th century. Bishop Sigeric of Canterbury first made the...

  • Pecorino di Pienza

    When you come to Pienza, buy a round of pecorino cheese. Pecorino di Pienza is said to be the best in the province of Siena. Pecorino is made from sheep milk - not any sheep though, but some selected breed. The sheep are raised out in the open and thanks to some herbs 'in their diet', pecorino from Pienza has special flavour.In the shops in Pienza...

  • Festival in Montepulciano - Bravio Della...

    We just happened upon this once a year festival. It is supposed to be the last Sunday in August (in 2005 it rained so was delayed one week when we stopped by).The deal is, the Contrade (districts) of the town compete by rolling casks of wine up the streets to the main square in traditional medieval fashion and flare. In preparation, each district...

  • Stop and Smell the Roses

    Why do Allan and I continue to return to Italy people always ask. If you once set foot on Italian soil, you will know the answer: the people, the landscape, the climate, the art, the food, and the wine.Most of all, we enjoy the pace: slow. Even though the people talk fast, the cars are driven fast, and the children play "football" at a fast speed,...

  • Cemetery in Cortona

    While in Cortona, we visited a small church that had a cemetery beside it. Since I am fond of visiting cemeteries to learn more about the culture, we took about an hour to explore.This was not the first time that I noticed that in Italian cemeteries, the graves have PHOTOGRAPHS on the tomb. The photographs are encased and are weatherproof. Also,...

  • Be Aware of Holidays and Local Festivals

    While traveling, you should always be aware of the National and Public Holidays as well as the Local Festivals. It is important because many times everything is closed at those times. Also, the local crowds are immense at these festivities.While we were in San Gimignano on bApril 25 (Liberation Day), we were amazed at the number of people out in...

  • Wonderful Food in Tuscany

    While in Tuscany, we certainly ate well. The food is simple but filling. It has lots of flavor and is based on"peasant cooking that relies heavily on olive oil, tomatoes, beans, hams, and salamis."We both loved the cured meats and hams, especially prosciutto and Parma Ham. I was especially fond of the Tortelloni stuffed with cheese and served in...

  • Midieval festivals of Tuscany

    Many of the towns in Tuscany host traditional festivals yearly; sometimes more than once a year (as is the case with the most famous, Siena's Palio, as well as Arezzo's festival).The traditions and activities vary, but they all usually include medieval garb as the entire town celebrates and competes.Some of the larger festivals include:The Palio of...

  • Midieval festivals - Arezzo

    Arezzo hosts the Giostra Del Saracino, or Joust of the Saracens. The tradition is for the neighborhoods of the city to compete for accuracy in jousting on horseback. This tradition was born in the 14th century when the knights would prepare for the religous wars. The town celibrates the tournament 2 times per year, the first being on the 3rd...

  • Palio di Siena

    Palio is not the game only, it is a lifestyle of Sienese people. They wake up in the morning and lie in the bad with it. There exist strong division in between the contradas and each and every one have its territory which is marked by the flags. Even the street lamps are coloured in the typical colours of each contrada.The annual winner is...

  • enjoy a homemade Ponce alla Livornese

    my friend made this for me last nightthe best way is to try it at Bar Civili in Livorno or home made..like this one...yummyyyyyyy

  • enjoy local gourmet food

    when you come to Tuscany, the best way to savour our cuisine is having a local friend who would cook for us or take us to very un-touristy places to eat, something what we call "circolini" or "trattorie", otherwise what you can do is buy some gourmet products and try to cook the repices yourself at home..something which has " tuscany" on the label...

  • Ice Cream

    You can buy ice cram in Italy nearly everywhere. The best one I ever got was in San Gimignano, on the main place.

  • Vespas

    Cities are usually crowded. With a vespa, there is no pronlem to be faster than a car! I took this pic in Firenze.

  • PISA - the entrance of the Duomo

    The door is made of solid Bronce and was a masterpiece not only for the ornaments but also regarding the technical possibilities of that time.When you get there in the afternoon, the sun will shine on the door and the silhouettes will look perfect on your pics !

  • SIENA - symbols on the housewalls

    One more of the stange signs in oder to see its variety.This one is a sheep and it seems to be a symbol for one of the 17 "Contrades" ( districts ) of Siena.6 of them are not any more allowed to participate in the Palio since a big fight in 1675.For the rest of the of 11 contrades it is an absolutely strict command to win the Palio by all means....

  • SIENA - symbols at most buildings

    It is strange and beautiful at the same time to see most of the big buildings of the centre of Siena decorated with such "ornaments" fixed on the walls.Most of them have a ring -maybe in order to fix decorations for the festivities like the PALIO, a traditional horse-race dating back to 1147, and still taking place each year on july 2nd and august...

  • When in SIENA , do as the Doves do...

    Water of most of the public fountains in Italy is drinkable, otherwise it is stated with a small sign.It was big fun to watch the doves lining up in order to drink directely from "Fonte Gaia" on the "Campo in Siena"And of course Fonte Gaia is one of the most beautiful and best preserved fountains in Italy.

  • SIENA - Garibaldi & his horse

    In Siena you may see the italian hero G.Garibaldi on his horse and on the basement of the sculpture you may also see 4 interesting scenes out of Garibaldi's heroic life.Take a closer look, when you are interested in history , these sculptured pictures look great.

  • PISA - Piazza Garibaldi

    Directely on the shore of the river Arno you see the statue of G.Garibaldi in Pisa.In fact it is hard to find any town in Italy without a statue of Garibaldi, and once you know that, it becomes great fun when travelling through Italy to see the differences umong all of these statues.

  • PISA - the doors of the Duomo are 8...

    The doors of the Duomo in Pisa are about 8 meters high, obviously in order to enter the church with banners during holy processions.And when you are lucky and get there in the early afternoon, the sun will shine directely on the doors and will show more details of the reliefs .

  • PISA - Lucifer is expelled from paradise

    Lucifer is expelled from paradise - click on the pic for better solution. The details are really great in reality, and when you are lucky, the sun will shine on it and make your pics perfect.Have a look of the faces of the different persons.This door is at the backside of the Duomo, facing the Battistero.

  • The Palio in Siena

    The Palio in Siena - the famous horse race around the central square - must be quite an adventure - but very crowded I am afraid! We didn't see it, but we saw some rehearsals of the different groups, which was interesting!For some interesting information about the Palio click here

  • another great scene

    There are 3 big doors with ornaments of that kind.Its great to see, how pieces of art like this one will survive plenty of centuries without damage, and still show all the great impressions on the faces of all persons in the reliefs

  • How long is 10 minutes?

    Should you be as misfortunate as we were - our car going deaf and blind thanks to some mistake in its electric system - and need an urgent service, you may discover that, once again, time is sooo relative. As we called the local mechanic (thank God it was a working day!) and were promised to be picked up in 10 minutes, we realistically expected him...


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Tuscany Local Customs

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