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Perugia Things to Do

  • Torre degli Sciri

    At the end of Via dei Priori stands the Torre degli Sciri (the Tower of Sciri family), dating back in the 12th century, the only one remaind intact among the numerous ones which existed in the town, punctually demolished when the owners were banished.

  • Chiesa di San Filipo Neri

    The Church of San Filipo Neri is the most important and the only authentic Baroque building in the town. The Vignola-styled facade dates back to 1665 and was designed by Roman architect Paolo Morucelli, while the church itself was built tetween 1627 and 1634. With its barrel vaulted single nave and lateral chapels, the interior is richly decorated...

  • Oratorio di San Bernardino

    San Bernardino da Siena stayed in Perugia five times during the first half of the 15th century. The Saint influenced greatly the life of the town and this fact is proved by the reform of the statutes - STATUTA BERNARDINIANA - and by the spread of the devotion to Jesus Christ's name, testified by three letters IHS, inscribed on many architraves.

  • Rocca Paolina

    The grandiose fortress built by the will of Paolo III Farnese in record time between 1540 and 1543, occupied the area of the heavily populated medieval quarter where the houses of the Bglioni family stood.It was erected under the guidanceof the archirect Antonio da Sangallo il Gionave, through a system of spurs and casemats for its five levels with...

  • Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo

    Piazza Metteoti, originally known as Piazza del Sopramuro, was built in the second half of the 13th century over a very steep area just outside the old Etruscan walls.The square is supported by walls built against the cliffside, from which is original name derived (Sopramuro translates as above the wall).The works were directed by Fra Bevigna, also...

  • Via Maesta delle Volte

    At the beginning of the street, which is situated a foot of Piazza IV Novembre, there are still remains of a vaulting that supported a hall of the medieval Palazzo della Podesta, destroyed by fire in 1534.Red and white striped arch is all that remains of the Gothic portico of the 14th century Maesta delle Volte Oratory. This was replaced by a...


Perugia Hotels

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Perugia Restaurants

  • Best in Perugia

    This is probably the best restaurant of Perugia. Unfortunatelly, I don't remember the name of it but you cannot miss it because it is situated in the heart of the old core of the town, right on the Piazza Maggiore. We have trusted in the weither's suggestions, il primo piatto; spaghetti al olio e pepperoncino, ilsecondo: orata grillata (was...

  • Best Typical Italian Cuisine With Opera...

    The old Italian Salsamenteria inspired by the late-century inns, which offered the "tasting salami and Parmesan specialties, accompanied by live classical music and the choirs of the guests" The tradition of Verdi's land comes close to the Conservatory and Piazza in Italy '150 th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy: in the heart of the historic...

  • The world's best calzone

    Hot. Footsore. Put out because we missed the museums. So we stagger into this splendid restaurant whose air conditioning is set at Stun. Lots of white tablecloths; it looks a little too elite for our plebeian tastes. We are shown to a table up a winding, frescoed stairway but the waitress is actually assigned to tables below and we eventually...


Perugia Nightlife

  • Umbria Jazz 03

    Friday, July 11 was the opening concert at Arena Santa Giuliana with magnificient artists:Keith JarrettGary PeacockJack DeJohnetteand of course, the concert was sold out.It was incredible experience listening "in vivo" this artists who performed excellent music. There was a crowd of about 20.000 people of all ages, but mostly the young ones, and...

  • Umbria Jazz 03

    There are few festivals that do not show the signs of the passing years, the freshness of their youth transforming into a tired routine, but-again miraculously, Umbria Jazz is a full of life as ever: it is famous, admired, at times criticised, but whatever it is it is a festival that cannot be ignored.There are free outdoor concerts, every day, all...

  • Great Live Jazz

    Great intimate bar/cafe. no cover and live jazz on Thursday nights. Other nights include poetry readings, various live music, etc. The staff is awesome and it has a very comfy/artistic/classy ambience to it. anything goes


Perugia Transportation

  • Train station to city center

    Take the Minimetro from the train station (Fotivegge, 100 m north of the station, walk on Binario 1 (plattform 1) until a dark red bridge) to the city center (Pincetto near Piazza IV Novembre), get the ticket from a vending machine at the entrance, € 1,50 valid also on city buses for 70 minutes.

  • By car

    Perugia is easy to get to by car from both Rome (176 km) and Florence (158 km). From the northern part of Italy, Milan, Bologna or Florence, you take the Autostrada del Sole and exit at the Val di Chiana toll gate. Then after passing alomg the shores of Lake Trasimeno, you quickly arrive in Perugia. Coming from Rome, you exit at Orte. By car from...

  • MiniMetro Perugia

    Discovered that the MiniMetro is the best way to get into centro during the day, but it does close about 9 PM and I learned the hard way that in the morning it doesn't open until 7AM. Luckily the bus arrived at the nearby bus stop at 6.03AM to take me to Perugia rail station for my train to Rome.


Perugia Shopping

  • karenincalifornia's Profile Photo

    by karenincalifornia Updated Mar 4, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My husband and I both love music and we frequently have fun exchanging our favorite CDs and music. Naturally, I had to pay a visit to a CD store in Perugia, particularly since we were there during the Jazz Festival. And since it was the opening day of the Jazz Festival, I decided it was appropriate to buy Umbrian jazz CDs.

    What to buy: I am 1 for 2. On recommendations of the store staff I bought a "High Five" CD and a Tonolo CD entitled "Farfalle".

    The High Five CD was catchy, fun, and I thought the musicians were very talented. I have listened to this CD many times since arriving back home.

    The Farfalle CD was slower, somewhat repetitive and more new age. On the plus side, Tonolo and his group are local musicians from Perugia. I probably need to listen to it a few more times to really appreciate it. But then again, maybe not.

    What to pay: One CD cost 15 Eurodollars.

    Checking out the CDs in Perugia, Italy
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Perugia Local Customs

  • Cuban girl

    There are more then ten thousands of students in Perugia, coming here to study Italian language. Real cosmopolitan enviroment here.This beautiful and always smiling girl comes from Cuba, earning some extra money as a contemporarily waiteres in the cafe-bar on the main sqaure of the town.Oh, we just couldn't stop ordering our drinks again and...

  • American girls

    What a pleasent surprise right in front of the Tempio di San Angelo. One of the most significant monument of the medieval Perugia and this beautiful nowadays girls..., what a combination!The Temple is pretty far from the town centre, especially if the hot summer day, but I was rewarded properly.

  • Italian beauty

    My first Saturday morning esspreso after long jazzy&wine night was just delicious. Then I saw here seating on the table next to mine, she was so young, fresh looking and very beautiful. I just couldn't resist not to take the picture, and when I told here what is the purpose of it, she agreed about. I didn't ask for name but it is not important, she...


Perugia Warnings and Dangers

  • Poor "Vespa"

    This is what might happened to you if parking your "Vespa" outside the city walls of Perugia. I've took this picture at Borgo XX Giugno, which is situated in between Porta San Pietro and Chiesa di San Pietro. This area might be considerate as the outskrt of the town.I wonder what was the look of the guy's face when he come back on the spot?

  • Not validating bus ticket

    I've read a number of silly people stating that you shouldn't bother to validate your bus tickets because you'll never get caught blah blah blah well I'm here to tell you differently. I've visited six different parts of Italy and my husband and I have become very adept at using the bus lines. Only twice have we taken a bus and not been boarded by...

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Perugia Tourist Traps

  • deebum25's Profile Photo

    by deebum25 Written Sep 27, 2008

    At some point you'll end up at the market on the waterfront in Perugia. The handbags and shoes are outrageously priced and it's expected that you'll bargain hard if you want them. Of course the fresh farmer's market is in the same place so it can get a little crowded. Watch your valuables.

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Perugia What to Pack

  • Some like it hot

    Although things tend to cool off at night, if you're an American and used to air conditioning, you may find that it is well worth your while to bring a small battery-powered fan with you, or to purchase a slightly larger fan which has the appropriate plug for Italian current. I brought two of the former and we never did get around to buying the...

  • Earplugs!

    The hotel provides a lovely set of toiletries, shower cap, bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, shoeshine (we are in Italy after all) sponge, and moisturizer in travel sizes. Some parts of Perugia can be very noisy. Our hotel room window opened out over the street and a restaurant so without earplugs it would have been very difficult to get a decent...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Perugia Off The Beaten Path

  • Portal of Palazzo Priori

    Palazzo Priori has beautifull stone carved doorway which looks alike portal of some important cathedral. The interiors of the palace houses today Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria, the most important collection of art in Umbria, from the Medieval to the Modern period. At the ground floor there are Sala del Collegio del Cambio and Sala del Collegio...

  • Walk about

    Generally Perugia is a rabbit warren of backstreets. As long as you can keep your bearings you shouldn't have a problem but it can get chaotic if you don't speak the language!

  • night sight of Perugia -Perugia di notte

    darkness gives to the church a special light that make it as a star in the black sky.l'oscurità dà alla chiesa una luce particolare che la rende come una stella nel buio cielo


Perugia Favorites

  • Perugia in Umbria

    Umbria is one of the smallest regions of Italy (8456 sq.kms) and is the only one whose boundaries do not touch the sea. The population of Umbria is just over 800.000 inhabitants which is evenly distributed troughout the region. There are only two provincial capitals, Perugia and Terni, however, there are also many large towns and places of great...

  • Palazzo dei Priori

    One of the most impressive buildings in Perugia is the Palazzo dei Priori, the town hall built in medieval times. Construction began in the 13th century, and expansions were added in the 14th and 15th centuries. If you have the opportunity, go inside and take a gander at the spectacular Sala dei Notari, with its frescoes and murals.

  • Bit of trivia

    Perugia was inhabited by the Umbrians and the Etruscans before it came under the control of Rome (c.310 B.C.). It became a Lombard duchy in the late 6th century A.D. In the 12th century it became independent. After that point in time, it gradually gained control over other Umbrian cities. Perugia was ruled by strong tyrants until 1540, when it was...


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