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Aosta Things to Do

  • Ponte Romano (The Roman Bridge)

    There are many monuments built by the Romans 2000 years ago, beinbg one of them the famous bridge, that served the pilgrims of the Via Francigena to continue their pilgrimage to Rome.I found it thanks to a lady who helped me. It is not far from the railway station.It is worth a short visit. There are explanations about its construction.

  • Explore the Museum of Archeology...

    MAR....Museo Archeologico Regionale di Aosta.....I had to take a little time because I was here....although it was really too nice of a day to spend indoors...but I wanted to take a peek...The collection is small but very well presented...chronologically ..artifacts going back as far as the early stages of the Mesolithic period... 7000-6000 BC.The...

  • Relax and People Watch...

    The Piazza Chanoux is the main square in Aosta....its a beautiful spot to walk the cobbled stones and or just sit and watch people come and go...The square was once called Piazza Carlo Albertobut until after the Second World War when it was renamed after a resistance fighter named Emile Chanoux who was murdered by the Nazi in 1944...The site was...

  • Explore the Roman Ruins...

    Roman structures you can visit include the amphitheater; a well-preserved theater that is considered a masterpiece of late Roman provincial architecture; most of the original city wall plus the four towers that stood at its corners, a double-arched courtyard called the Praetorian Gate, and the remains of a cemetery, baths, apartments and more.The...

  • Day Market....

    This is the main reason that my friend wanted to go to visit the market....If you're looking for clothing,footwear,tools,foods such as meats and cheeses chances are you'll find it here...More than anything its a great opportunity to simply "people watch"....and trust'll have plenty of sights to watch...entertaining for sure..We...

  • Fenis Castle

    Ok this castle is not in Aosta but it's very close and morover the village where it's located is not available in Virtual Tourist, and so... here it is!It's a very beautiful Caslte like the ones you imagine when you listen to a fairy tale, you almost expect to meet dragons, princes and knights ;) You can visit it with a guide (it costs only 5...

  • La Porta Praetoria

    La Porta Praetoria was formerly the Eastern entrance into the city. It is another sight in the excellent state of preservation, except for the marble decorations (they used to cover the whole of the gates) which have not been concerved. The Porta Praetoria, incidentally, dates back to the year 25 AC (approximately) - same as Arch of Augustus.The...

  • Roman Arch of Augustus

    Founded in the year 25 AC, the arch rommemorates the victory of the Roman troops over the local tribes. Not much decoration, but it is remarkably well-preserved.You can find it in the Eastern part of the city, next to the course of the Buthier torrent.

  • What have the Romans ever done for us...

    .....well left us a tourist industry for a start.Aosta was founded in 25BC and the still stongly bears the imprint of the Romans.There are a number of sites, and indeed sights to see around town. The most obvious is perhaps the Augustian arch constructed in the same year as the town was begun. The main Roman road to Gaul via the alps ran straight...

  • Walking tour of the old city center

    The mayor's office, some churches and the oldest buildings in Aosta are all in the city center, which is bordered by the Roman ruins of the Coloseum and the pratorian gateway.This section of town has a number of good restaurants and has beautiful architecture to look at, as well as interesting alleyways and hidden corners to find ancient buildings,...

  • Ruins of a Roman Coleseum

    From the pratorian gate, there are signs that lead you to this excavation sight of a Roman coleseum. In the old days, several homes were built into the walls of this ancient structure. Later, these were demolished and the structure was shored up and preserved as more of a museum. There is a nice walk through the area, though at the moment (2003)...

  • Pratorian Gate

    This gate in the old section of town was built in Roman times. It is a beautiful piece of architecture, and the section of town it is in is well worth visiting.


Aosta Hotels

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  • Europe Hotel

    Judging by the sign laying in the bushes, this may have been the Golf Hotel at one time. The rooms...

  • Class Hotel Aosta

    On a 14 night trip around Europe in July - August 2005 staying at all types of hotel this was the...

  • Les Neiges d'Antan

    Cret Perreres, Breuil Cervinia, Aosta, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Aosta Restaurants

  • Expresso and Pastries...

    It was a cool morning and we had been up and driving since about 545 am...this was the first place that we found to have a nice coffee and croissants...conveniently it was located on the walk to where the Market place happens.The main entrance fronts onto the Piazza Emile Chanoux...the main town square where the Town Hall is located...its a...

  • YUM....

    We found this little restaurant after looking at menus posted outside of many different restaurants...the deciding factor was that this was the closest when opening time came the menue looked good...Word of caution ...we were looking for somewhere to eat before Noon and it seemed that most restaurants did NOT open until Noon...This...

  • Simple restaurant on the road

    We were going to Aosta after our visit to Fenis castle. It offers local and quite cheap food, waiters and waitress are very kind. I ate "polenta concia" (I am not able to translate it!) and some cheese.We spent about 20 euro per person with coffee and liquor. polenta concia


Aosta Shopping

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  • Ski Sweaters!

    This was a small ski shop located in the Piazza E. Chanoux. In August the sweaters are on sale. Compared to what I find in the states, the quality, materials (wool), and price made this an excellent buy and souvenir. August 1999: $75 and up

  • Shoes!

    We walked into this huge square and saw a shoe store. My wife at the time (now single again) introduced me to shoes (she was the Emelda Marcos of Blotzheim). There are some beautful shoes and great values to be found. I bought myself a pair of dress shoes made in Italy as a souvenir. My shoes were approximately $40.

  • wood carvings and wrought iron

    Aosta and the surrounding countryside are famous for wood carvings and wrought iron. There's a permanent crafts exhibition in the arcades of Piazza E. Chanoux, in the heart of Aosta; it's a good place to pick up a bargain.


Aosta Local Customs

  • Bring an Italian phrase book if you...

    Aosta is a touristic area but probably not as popular as some other nearby places such as Courmayeur. So, here naturally you will find less people who know English or French, compared to for example Courmayeur (which is a ski resort town closer to Mt Blanc). Take an Italian phrase book with you. The main 2nd language spoken here is French, and then...

  • Cover charge at restaurants

    If you have never been to Italy before (not sure if this is just a northern Italian thing or if it happens all over but we have seen it in Milan and many other northern cities we have visited) - be aware that restaurants have a 'cover charge' for sitting at the table even if you order dinner (in the US cover charge is often done only if you do not...

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Aosta Warnings and Dangers

  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    by sourbugger Written Feb 25, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Aosta is a place that is widely used by comapnies that specialise in ski trips for Schoolkids.

    During the half-term week in February 2004, one company I know of had over 850 'guests' in Aosta.

    I must admit that in the hotel I stayed in they were polite, well-behaved and mature - but I suspect this might not be the case every time.

    It may be worth checking with your intended hotel before you book to see if they have a large group of these things staying !

    Oh God, it's Kevin 'it's not fair' the teenager

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Aosta Off The Beaten Path

  • Greggor58's Profile Photo

    by Greggor58 Updated Apr 29, 2009

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    For eons of time the Great St Bernard Pass has played an important role in linking the north and the south of Europe. It has been crossed by Roman legions, barbarian tribes, Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, Popes, crusaders and Napoleon Bonaparte's forces.

    The crossing of the pass was always dependent on the weather and conditions at the was the case when we approached...the much smaller historic road winding over the pass itself,is only normally passable June to September. So..the tunnel...

    Construction work began on the Italian side in spring 1958, and soon after on the Swiss side..When the tunnel was inaugurated in March 1964, it was the first road traffic tunnel to be opened through the Alps.

    It is a toll tunnel....and costs vary depending on what you are driving and the number of passengers...

    The cost for the two of us to transit the tunnel and a return trip cost us 48.50 Swiss Francs...certainly not cheap...but a novel experience anyhow...

    The tunnel is about 5,798 meter's long and the roadway at either end is covered with what we in Canada would be called a "snow shed"...a structure designed to prevent the roadway and traveling vehicles from being destroyed in the event of an avalanche...

    The tunnel itself, and most of the connecting road between Aosta and Martigny are only single lane roads, and for most destinations in Switzerland and Italy the toll free St Gotthard Tunnel and Simplon Pass offer more direct or at least faster routes. This and the toll ensure that the Grand San Bernard Tunnel is almost always congestion free unlike the more popular Alpine crossing routes.

    Grand-St-Bernard Tunnel,Aosta Valley,Italy. Grand-St-Bernard Tunnel,Aosta Valley,Italy. Grand-St-Bernard Tunnel Receipt,Aosta Valley,Italy
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Aosta Sports & Outdoors

  • Direct to your door - a free Skibus

    Aosta has been operating a free Skibus on two routes around town during the winter season.The Skibus picks up between 8 and 8.30, and again a hour later, to deliver you to the Pila cablecar station.The Return journey begins at 4.00 PM or 4.30 PM, depending upon the route, and again an hour later.This means you can get rates at hotels like the...

  • No pile up at Pila

    The Skiing area of Pila has the great advantage of being directly connected to the town of Aosta.The 20-minute cablecar ride runs from a parking area on the far side of the railway station.Despite being what is termed a 'heavy' week, I didn't queue for more than about 3 minutes at any lift.I wouln't say there is a great amount of variety for the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Aosta Favorites

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  • Just in Case....WHERE IS AOSTA....

    If you've been reading this page or others regarding Aosta....I suppose that there's a chance that you're wondering WHERE is Aosta anyhow....."The Aosta Valley [ Valle d'Aosta] is a mountainous region in north-western Italy. It is bordered by France to the west, Switzerland to the north and the region of Piedmont to the south. The Aosta Valley is...

  • Who is this man ?

    I was surprised recently when visiting Aosta that it was the birthplace of a person I regularly lecture about.He was born in Aosta in 1033, and is probably the most famous person ever born there.He fled to France after an argument with his father, became a monk and ended up as the Archbishop of Canterbury. He wrote what he considered to be a...

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