Valle d'Aosta Favorites

  • View of the Mt.Blanc
    View of the Mt.Blanc
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  • Lake Orta at night
    Lake Orta at night
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Valle d'Aosta Favorites

  • Lovely landscapes

    Aosta is an alpine area abundant with mountain sceneries and landscapes, that are not only relaxing but also very enjoyable even if you're not a nature/mountain lover. There are high mountain peaks, endlkess snowy valleys, high mountain paths...

  • Sheep

    Highplain meadows are ideal for cattle and sheep. They can be seen in a rural atmosphere immediately near thecastles or towns, Val d'Aosta is a place of contrasts...

  • Silver trees

    Sun in the tree crowns will provoke a silver glitter effect, even if there is no snow! It was the first time I saw something like that!

  • Viewpoint castle

    Most of the castles ar eon excellent viewpoints, but this one was really high above, overlooking all the valley!

  • Abandoned villages

    Along the way you'll find sometimes some abandoned villages in ruins. Pretty amazing for such a developed and highly visited area.

  • Husky sledging

    There are husky dogs (these are from Cogne) and you can take a sledge ride with them, they are patiently waiting for the next customer. I thought it was so sad and cruel, but who am I to be asked?!

  • Castles by night

    All the castles in the Aosta valley (and they are numerous!) are lighted by night, and since most of them are situated by the main road, you can easily see them and enjoy their beauty by night, enchanting!

  • Easy hiking in beautiful Val Ferret

    You can take a bus or drive into Val Ferret for quite a lot of its length. It is a long flat 'hanging valley' above Courmayeur. It has a beautiful wetlands with some unusual orchids and other plant life and you can follow paths leading up to beautiful wild waterfalls. There are amazing views of the mountains (this is the Italian side of the Mt...

  • narrow streets

    Like many Italian towns, Aosta is full of small, narrow streets, that are often full of surprised :), but for sure they guarantee lovely views. It's worthwhile to explore this labyrinth!

  • Antique Aosta

    When it was founded by ancient Romans, Aosta looked like on the map shown. It was called Augusta Praetoria (maybe Aosta comes from Augusta?! Simplified and adjusted pronounce). You can buy this map in the bookstores.

  • The Map of Aosta

    In the center somewhere, you'll find the map of Aosta, tourist map with the most interesting things to visit, so you can move arund knowing what you're doing and what you're seeing, you don't need a guide. :)

  • Aosta main square by night

    Every Italian town has a vast main square, ad Aosta is no different. The main square is HUGE!!! Resembles Eastern European style of towns! It carries a French name, but I forgot what it was... :( There is the town hall (hotel de ville :))) and by night it's especially charming!

  • Aosta by night

    Walking in Aosta at dusk is very romantic. :) The lights are slowly appearing, there are people going out for a coffee or drink in a bar before dinner, shop windows are at their best and everything is so lively and cheerful!

  • Christmas decorations

    Although there are more than six weeks left till Christmas, there are decorations everywhere around Italy, especially in the lovely towns, like Aosta. It's full of little passages going from the main promenade, and you'll find lovely decrations, making those tiny streets radiate the Christmas spirit already!

  • Aosta sunsets

    The sunsets in the area are amazing! Especially if you find yourself at some antique landscape, like in front of the medievalk castle, there is a sensation of a journey back in time, in the middle ages, in times of knights and kings...

  • autumn colours

    Driving through Aosta valley in the autumn is a bliss! Everywhere around you'll enjoy the golden landscapes, colours of the autumn are so beautiful. If you're lucky to be there on a sunny day, you'll witness the magic of colours mingling and glittering on the sun.

  • frozen stream

    Before entering the Breuil-Cervinia main promenade, you have to cross the stream and a small bridge. It would be frozen most probably unless it's summer. There is a warning beside the stream in 4 languages, saying that floods are possible, and they can cause damage!

  • icy shine

    The Blue lake was frozen when we visited, but it gave out the most beaurtiful shine, especially through the surrounding trees! It's not a rare view in Aosta, you'll find the ice and snow shining even if it's not the season yet...

  • Icicles

    Although it's mid November and the sun is shining, the snow didn't cover everything yet, just a bit and it was actually warm (about 15º when I visited) there are some corners under eternal ice. Those are the places in the shadow where the sun never arrives, and thee, the snow and ice stick for a looooooong time! I adored this icicle waterfall :), I...

  • Houses on wood pieces

    I've seen this very often n Valle d'Aosta, houses built on the pieces/rolls of wood! First comes a bit of concrete or bricks, and then a layer of rolled cut trees, and then the houses are built over this! I wonder why... Perhaps to hold an isolation and have a warmer floor in the cold winter days?!

  • Castles

    Valle d'Aosta is full of medieval castles! I have never seen such an immense concentration on castles! They are almost on every corner! The loveliest ones are on the hills ovcerlooking the valley, and they are enlighted in the night. Most of them are so well preserved, and accessible to visitors (some only seasonally).

  • landscapes

    Valle d'Aosta is a valley squeezed between Alpes mountain chains, it's quite narrow and thus all around you will see lots of mountains! The vegetation is a mountaineous one as well. The snow falls very early, but even in the snowy days, it can be warm if there is the sun, in spite of the elevation! When I visited (Nov 04) it was warmer at 2000m in...

  • lovely views

    The entire area is very picturesque and dream made ;), you can find lots of beautiful sights, it's a real paradise for the eyes! I just love the hight snowy peaks seen through the pines and trees (in blom or with colourful yields if possible!)

  • Hotels

    Most of the hotels in Valle d'Aosta are made of wood, in a very charming and cute mountain style, giving the impresson of warmth and winter idila. The scenes of wooden buildings under the snowy peaks are so relaxing and lovely!

  • Breuil-Cervinia elevation

    This lovely alpine town is at 2050m of height, completely accessible by the road, and surrounded by extremely high mountains (cca. 4000m). When entering the town you can see this wooden panel indicating elevation. It is just in front of the Blue Lake.

  • Aosta

    Aosta is the capital of the region of Valle D'Aosta. Founded by the Romans, it still has traces of Roman-ness throughout the city including a Roman amphitheatre and a forum. I was pleasantly surprised at what a nice little city this was. It has a great piazza and a very, very long main street with great shops and things to see. I was also surprised...

  • Cogne

    Cogne is about a 20 minute drive from the main highway (autostrada). It is a quiet little village with a few shops, restaurants and pubs. Plenty of hotels though! There is one information centre, that happened to be closed everytime we went there!It is a good base from which to do day-time trips to explore the many delights of the Gran Paradiso...

  • Courmayeur

    This town is cute if a little bit touristy. I like it because there are enough things to do in the town itself for those evenings after a long walk in the mountains. This is the last town in Italy before you head towards the Mont Blanc tunnel. There are plenty of restaurants, good shops selling typical foods of the region, some pubs and some really...

  • Lots of places are within easy reach...

    This is Lake Orta. It has a real Italian feel and din't feel as touristy as the larger neighbouring lakes.

  • The mountains around Mont Blanc

    They are still covered in snow even in the middle of summer, but it is the contrast with the green valleys that make it so breathtaking.

  • Mont Blanc

    You can take a trip in the cable car. If the weather is fine you can even do a return journey into France. It was a bit too windy when we travelled but we still had this superb view of the summit.

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Valle d'Aosta Hotels

  • Europe Hotel

    Judging by the sign laying in the bushes, this may have been the Golf Hotel at one time. The rooms...

  • Hotel Bouton d'Or

    I would like to strongly disagree with the jezrmidd review on this hotel. I have been travelling to...

  • Saint Hubertus Resort

    Breuil-Cervinia, 11021, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Chalet Eden

    Fraz. Villaret 74, La Thuile, 11016, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Le Rocher

    Route Ramey, Champoluc, 11020, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Grand Hotel Billia

    Viale Piemonte 72, St. Vincent, 11027, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Bellevue

    Rue Grand Paradis, 22 , Cogne, 11012, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Gressoney

    Via Lys 3, Gressoney Saint Jean, 11025, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel AD Gallias

    Via Vittorio Emanuele 5/7, Bard, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

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