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  • Part of main piazza
    Part of main piazza
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  • Front of Osteria all Chiese
    Front of Osteria all Chiese
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Asolo Things to Do

  • The Queens Castle- Asolo

    Asolo was once ruled by Queen Caterina Cornaro (1454-1510). She was from one of Venice's most powerful families and is one of the more prominent females in Venice's history. She married the king of Cyprus, a year later he died, political tensions over Venice's intent to control Cyprus put the Queen in a sticky situation... she finally abdicated her...

  • Architecture - Asolo

    The city is loaded with a variety of great architecture. From gothic, to the Venetian style, there are a great number of beautiful buildings around town. Particularly along via Canova.

  • A break for the Kids

    A little swing set and slide, up at the Queens castle. This is right near the bocce "courts" and a huge Rosmary bush. Smell.

  • Cathedral - Asolo

    The Cathedral is worth a peak inside. Again, from Piazza Garibladi you can't miss it. It is in sight and just south of the piazza; Head down the stairs. Constructed in the 1740s, inside the church is a wonderful painting by Lorenzo Lotto (early 1500s). The tourist information is across from the Church, along with a city Museum.

  • Asolare - Enjoy the views

    Asolo is not too far up the mountain, but far enought to afford wonderful views of the surounding country side. The best views are from La Rocca, which is the midieval fortress perched above the town; a bit of a hike to get up there.The 2nd best spot is the much more accessable Castle just up the hill from Piazza Garibaldi. Just follow your way up...

  • Piazza Garibaldi

    This is the heart of the small town. From the Piazza, all the sites are 5minutes away (excluding la Rocca, the old fortress atop the hill). Surrounding the fountain are elegant buildings, shops, and cafes. The fountain is powered by an antique Roman aqueduct which keeps the water clean, one of the cleanest public fountains you'll see in Italy. See...

  • Piazza Garibaldi and Its Gigantic...

    Piazza Garibaldi ( former Piazza Maggiore) is in the heart of the tiny town and is symbolized by the large fountain of a winged lion. From this fountain, the water that gushes out is still the same cool water that flows along the Roman Aqueduct, which has supplied it for nearly two thousand years! Of course, the fountain has been modified over...

  • The Castle of Asolo: From Castle to...

    Today the castle is an old massive construction, which has been altered many times. Its typical tower (Torre Reata) is original. Now, the Eleonora Duse Theatre is located inside. Of The Asolo Castle there remains only the Clock Tower, one wing, the remains of the Reata Tower, & the walls.An interesting fact: In 1930 Mister Ringling of the American...

  • If You Are Fit, Walk the Steps to the...

    A ruined fortress known as the "Rocca" dominates the hillside and the ancient city of Asolo. Its purpose was to protect this walled city. This Fort is an imposing construction of rock laid upon rock. It is quite mysterious and has fed the imaginations of the citizens of Asolo and many great writers over the centuries. It would be pre-Roman,...


Asolo Hotels

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  • Hotel Villa Cipriani

    Via Canova 298

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Albergo Al Sole

    Via Collegio 33, Asolo, 31011, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Asolo

    Via Castellana 9, Asolo, 31011, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Asolo Restaurants

  • Authentic Dining in Asolo

    This little bodega is located right on the main piazza in Asolo. Their outdoor dining area is adjacent to the main parking lot (near the large palazzo) and their cafe proper is just a few feet up the street to the left. They offer many regional specialties including porchetta and salumi as well as interesting beers, wines, and grappas. The piatto...

  • Slow Food With A View

    This new Osteria has become a favorite of the locals in this area of the Veneto. The food is prepared well, presented with a flair, and the choices are varied. For example you will find at least 5 different types of meat, beef, wild pig, etc, and also different types of pasta which are all made in house. They begin you off with a complimentary...

  • a pricey restaurant with a view

    Well, we chose this restaurant for the view. Eating out on the terrace, above the city was great as the weather was wonderful. But we paid for the view. The restaurant is pricy, and portions are not large. However the food was good quality and service was also nice. All in all though, on my next visit I think I'll try "Ristorante Due Mori" after...


Asolo Transportation

  • Walk to Asolo Centro Storico

    There is a pedestrian trail that goes from Ca' Vescovo (the bus stop for Asolo) up to the old town of Asolo for those that want to enjoy some beautiful natural scenery along the route. The trail head is located across the highway from the Ca' Vescovo bus stop. It's to the right about 50 metres down the road and there are signs that designate the...

  • Bus to Asolo from Bassano del Grappa

    You can visit Asolo on public takes a bit of time, but it's worth it. This trip would come under the heading of 'it's about the journey AND the destination'. Across from the train station in Bassano del Grappo there is a news kiosk that sells round trip tickets to Asolo, but the stop is actually called Ca' Vescovo (look for this...

  • Parking...

    A few tips,There is a parking area in the city center, near Piazza Garabaldi (with the large palace in the picture up the hill). It was full when we arrived so I decided to drive around, and around, and around, and eventually returned to park here. If it is full, I recommend just waiting as within a few minutes someone will be leaving and you can...


Asolo Shopping

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  • Try the local food

    Asolo have several local traditional cake, you can taste them in town, just look around and you will find differen bakery and delicatessen. I reccomend to try "Pinza" a traditional cake that used to be made by peasants, so it is a "poor" food as they made it with the few ingredients they had. Nearly every family would have its own secret recipe but...

  • Flea markert

    Every second sunday of the month in the city center take place a very cute flea market. There are maybe 30-40 expositors with really nice craft and antique. Small furnitures, jewelry, crafts, old military suits, tools

  • Good Place to Buy Quality Murano Glass

    Among the elegant shops inAsolo is the lovely little shop run by mother and son called "Antichita Arredi D'Arte" (Antichi E Moderni). The name implies that it is an antique store, but it also sells art and modern pieces as well. The store carries a wonderful array of Murano glass by famous glass makers.My husband, Allan, saw some of the pieces in...


Asolo Off The Beaten Path

  • Beautiful Architecture in Asolo

    I had my nose in the air, eyes pointed upward, most of the time in Asolo because everywhere I looked, there were beautiful arches, balconies, windows, chimneys, rooftops, and hilltop vistas.It's quite a remarkable place if one is interested in architecture. There are the GOTHIC influences as seen in the arcades; MULLIONED AND TREFOILED WINDOWS;...

  • Architectuaral Oddity

    On a walk along the Contrada, at the end of it, we saw a strange house that is somewhat in disrepair. There were some workers inside doing work. This house is called Casa Longobarda (Longobard House). Paladini defined it as an "architectural oddity". Regardless, it remains one of the best known elements of the iconography of Asolo and is praised,...

  • Beautiful Gardens Abound

    On one of our many walks while in Asolo, we stumbled upon many beautiful gardens. Most of them are private; however, the fences are of wrought iron and have wide openings for viewing and picture taking. We were in Asolo in October, and there were still plenty of beautiful flowers and shrubs to admire.We also noticed a good deal of construction...


Asolo Favorites

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    by deecat Updated Apr 24, 2005

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    Favorite thing: On one of our long walks in Asolo, we took the Rialta di Santa Anna, which took us to the Church and Convent of the Capuchin Friars.

    We found out that the Church was founded in 1587. It was then abandoned at the end of the 18th Century, and like many other Convents in Italy, it risked being razed to the ground . For a time, it was deserted; then it became barracks and a hospice for the poor. In 1928 it was restored and came under the leadership of the same religious order.

    Over the last few years, the Convent has been modenised (mainly on the inside). However, it still has the ancient appearance and is typically Franciscan in appearance and atmosphere.
    There is now a memorial tablet which can be found under the atrium (it was once set in the facade of the Church). This tablet has verses by Ada Negri and is dedicated to Eleonora Duse and "to this solitary place".

    Behind the Convent is a small cemetary, which for centuries was set aside for the poor. At the start of the 20th Century, a few families from Asolo began to build their first tombs here. Eleonora Duse was fascinated by the site and decided to make it her last resting place. She died in 1924, and, as she wished, is facing Monte Grappa.

    Fondest memory: It was such a quiet, restful location when we finally reached the top of the hill and could see the Convent and the small cemetery behind it. The St. Anna Cemetery tomb of Eleonora Duse is quite lovely. It it made of white marble and almost lies flush to the ground. It just has her name and the dates of her birth and her death...very plain considering the flamboyant life she lead in the theatre.

    Note: This photo was taken from a booklet given to Allan by the shopkeeper's mother. Our photo did not turn out.

    Convent of the Capuchins of St. Anna
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