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Malcesine Things to Do

  • Church of Santo Stefano

    We took a short walk around the church of St Stephen, who it turns out is the patron saint of Malcesine. The current baroque church building dates from the 18th century and houses the remains of two local saints, St Benigno and St Caro, who were thought to have lived in a cave at the foot of Monte Baldo.

  • A Day At The Lakeside

    We had a lovely day at the lakeside public beach. The quiet lapping of the water was just what we needed.It's worth remembering that it's a freshwater lake and so expect to see unexpected beach guests ... ducks

  • Take An Evening Sail Across to Limone

    We took a romantic evening boat ride across Lake Garda to Limone. Our vessel was the Siora Veronica, the oldest sailboat on the lake. You get some great sunsets.

  • Palazzo dei Capitani del Lago

    Palazzo dei Capitani del Lago was the seat of the Lake Captains in the time when Lago di Garda was under the rule of Venetian Republic. This elegant palace was constructed between the 13th and 14th century by the noble Scala Family from Verona, on the site of an Roman palace. The original construction was destroyed in a big fire and then completely...

  • Palazzo dei Capitani del Lago

    Salla delle Sedute (the reunions hall) is the most significant room in Palazzo dei Capitani del Lago. It was the place where the reunions of the Lake Captains were organized. The room is beautifully decorated with frescoes which dates from the 15th century.Since 1897 the palace is property of the commune of Malcesine, and today it is used for...

  • The Museum

    During Austrian rule the castle served for a military purpose and was home of a military garrison. The munition store was constructed, right next to the castle walls, which today houses a small museum.In 1786 Goethe visited Malcesine and was questioned by the local police on suspicion of being an Austrian spy, after drawing sketches of the castle....

  • Castello Scaligero

    Batween the 5th and the 6tg century, Langobards built a castle on the rock, where the Castello Scaligero stands today. In 1277 the castle fell to Alberto della Scala and although the rule of della Scala Family ended in 1387 the castle still bears their name.Castello Scaligero is the landmark of Malcesine. Its well preserved fortification is from...

  • Paragliding Tandemsprung Gardasee Monte...

    We are a group of local professional paraglider tandem pilots , we can organize also group flights up to 10 passengers ( 10 gliders ) at the same time. Flying with the para glider as a passenger is the easiest and safest way to approach this beautiful sport. After stepping out of the cable car on top of the Montebaldo we walk 10 minutes to the...

  • Take the cable car up Monte Baldo

    Taking the cable car from Malcesine is a great way to see the view from the top of Monte Baldo.We went up twice. The first time we walked back down, which really killed us, and I stretched plenty of usually untested muscles. This meant both of us hobbling about for a few days, much to the gentle amusement of our hotel landlady as we struggled...

  • Malcesine Cable car

    The cable car ride takes you from Malcesine (90m above seal level) up to Monte Maldo (1760 m. above sea level). The cable car stops at S Michele (about 1500 m) for those wishing to hike, if you want to continue your trip to very top, just follow the crowd and get on the cable car that are continuing the trip. It is not confusing, it is quite...

  • St. Stefano Church

    The St. Stefano Church is Malcesine's main church. It lies just south of the center of town along the main north-south road. The current church was built in the 1700s, on the site of previous churches. The church is baroque in style, with some beautiful frescoes on its ceiling and numerous paintings and sculptures around its nave. It's not hug, so...

  • View of the town from the castle

    The Scaligero Castle provides great views of Malcesine and its red rooftops. Because the town's streets are so narrow, it's hard to get a sense of the town's scale when you are walking through it. However, from the castle above the town, you get a much clearer picture. You also get a great view out across Lake Garda.


Malcesine Hotels

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  • Hotel Castello

    We had a spacious room with modern bathroom overlooking the lake. Balcony, too! We will definitely...

  • Hotel Augusta

    We stayed here for 10 nights in July 2007. We were on honeymoon and booked the hotel through Thomson...

  • Villa Lisa Hotel

    We have just returned from Malcesine and thought this was an excellent hotel. We were the only...


Malcesine Restaurants

  • Pizza Slices For Lunch

    We became quite the lunchtime regulars at this excellent pizza place; even to the stage of being offered a free Limoncello.The pizzas were served by the slice, which gave us an opportunity to sample a couple of varieties at a time. Spot on for a quick lunchtime snack.

  • Ice Cream Sundaes

    We went through most of the ice cream sundae menu in the ten days we had in Malcesine.They were huge and looked and tasted spectacular. It was a great place to relax after getting off the ferry and before returning to the hotel.

  • La Pace

    We had a couple of lovely meals here.It's a popular spot in the old port, so be prepared to wait for a table at peak times. The staff are really friendly and will always offer a drink whilst you are waiting.Also they always seemed to be happy for you to drink a bottle of the local favourite, Limoncello after the meal. Limoncello is an Italian lemon...

  • Al Marinaio

    We had a lovely meal here. You get a lovely view of the old port.The waiters were really friendly and one of them even helped me with one of my dodgy contact lens, which was playing me up at the time.

  • Italian Ice Cream

    A daily intake of Italian ice cream was an important part of absorbing the local culture. I think that we went through most of the large sundae menu.

  • Halfway up the Cable Car

    We stopped off here for a well earned lunch, halfway down our descent of Monte Baldo back down to Malcesine.The restaurant has spectacular views

  • Malcesine's Beer Garden

    The Speck Stube is a large outdoor beer garden in the hills above Malcesine. It is very family friendly, with outdoor picnic tables and benches. The menu is very simple: speck (dried prosciutto), chicken and pork for entrees, and fries, sauerkraut, and cucumbers for sides. There is also strudel and ice cream for dessert. You can wash your meal down...

  • Traditional Osteria

    I was hungry after wandering around Malcesine, and I wanted a salad (I'd had my fill of pizzas and pasta etc!), but I could only find Pizzerias or fast food. There was a strong smell of frying and burgers lingering in the air :-(I was about to give up - I had just over an hour until the ferry left for Brenzone- when I came across a small square...

  • lovely romantic dinner

    My boyfriend and me have been staying in Malcesine for a week in may2008. We often passed by this small restaurant in the very heart of Malcesine, with it s wunderful quiet terrasses andcute romantic balcony-tables. Reading the large menu with it s resonable prices we decided not to have dinner at our hotel the last evening of our stay, but to...


Malcesine Transportation

  • Funivia to Monte Baldo

    Spectacular Monte Baldo, which rises up to 2218 meters high, is reachable by the cable car departing from town itself. The cable car takes passengers to 1750 meters above the level of the lake, offering magnificent view of the whole Lake Garda. To the top of Monte Baldo, at 2218 meters altitude, can be reached only on foot. It is advisable to wear...

  • FAQ How do i go from Venice to...

    From a forum post i gave.When are you travelling? In Summer there is a bus (runs once a day) direct from Venice to Malcesine.Last year (2007) it was from june 11th to sept 28th (look here: for Venice - Riva del Garda line )If not, the best way is a train along the route Venice - Milan to Verona nearly every hour.Look here for trains timetableType...

  • By ferry from Brenzone

    I couldn't visit Lake Garda and not travel on one of its ferry boats that criss cross the lakeside. I decided that I'd travel northwards to Malcesine. The ferries are also known as steamers, although they now are diesel powered I purchased my ticket from the shop near the jetty. A return ticket cost me 6 .60 euros (no intermediate stops allowed)...


Malcesine Local Customs

  • The streets of Malcesine

    Malcesine is a small town compacted along the Lake Garda and by its appearance closely resembles the coastal cities of the Mediterranean. Narrow streets with dense clustering houses sink to the small city harbor on the lake. Stone houses and sidewalks in the old core of Malcesine are irresistible charming. Wandering through these streets in the hot...

  • Rooftops of Malcesine

    Malcesine is the northernmost commune of the Veneto shore of the lake, immediately to its north lies Trentino Alto Adige. The first settlement here was founded by Etruscans, around 500 BC. After collapse and disappearance of the Etruscans, Malcesine became part of the Roman Empire. In the early Middle Ages the city was alternately ruled by...

  • Malcesine Hotels

    81 Hotels in Malcesine

Malcesine Off The Beaten Path

  • Roof Top Views

    You get some great views of the beautiful somewhat mosaic style of the roof tiles of the town from Malcesine's Scaliger castle

  • More of the same

    It was blissful, eye candy was everywhere; I couldn't stop myself from taking pictures.We took a side trip to Castel di Drena but it was closed though it didn't stop me taking a wander around and, with the lovely panorama both sides it was well worth the effort.As you can see in pic three the roads were dramatic, exciting even.Built during the...

  • Road to the heavens

    I looked across the lake. It was like a magnet. Sheer cliffs rising from the lake shore crested by villages perched in improbable positions above. I yearned to go there. The first visit I had not the time or the maps.The next time I made a beeline for it. I'm so glad I did. Just after coming through Limone from the north I turned up a small side...


Malcesine Sports & Outdoors

  • vichatherly's Profile Photo

    by vichatherly Written Jun 16, 2013

    We were introduced to two guys, by our tour rep, who would take us a tandem parascending from the top of Monte Baldo.

    It was brilliant. We arranged to meet them at the bottom of the cable car and then, when at the top, we hooked up. Training consisted of simple instructions .. "start running when I say so".

    They were great guys, it was only afterwards, whilst we were relaxing with a drink, that we thought that it was maybe a little strange that we had put our trust in two guys who we had never met, didn't even remember their names. No forms were filled out and we paid in cash. We are trusting folks.

    Great fun though, and we'd do it again.

    Tandem Parascending from Monte Baldo Tandem Parascending from Monte Baldo Tandem Parascending from Monte Baldo Tandem Parascending from Monte Baldo Tandem Parascending from Monte Baldo
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Malcesine Favorites

  • The lakeshore of Malcesine

    The town of Malcesine was built on the rocks and most of the houses are situated on the immediate lakeshore. It gives aspect as being on the boat which drives around the lake. The commune of Malcesine consists of Navene, Campagnola, Val di Sogno and Cassone and is streches along the Via Gardesana Orientale (strada statale nr. 249). The place is...

  • The beach resorts

    Although the beach resorts around Malcesine aren't so big as in Sirmione, Desenzano or Bardolino, the lake-water on the eastern side of the lake looks more clear and much more attractive. It is also pretty windy area and therefore very interesting for surfing and sailing activities. Navene is situated in the immediate vicinity of Malcesine and the...

  • Monte Baldo

    It is hard to imagine that such an green mountain could be covered by the snow and yet it is so during winter season. Monte Baldo is connected with Malcesine by a funicular, offering spectacular view at the Lake Garda. It is also an attractive ski resorts during winter season although most of "profi" skiers wont like it too much.Monte Baldo rises...


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    We are an active retired couple looking to visit the Italian Lakes area and considering Malcesine as a base to explore the area. Is it possible to do this without a car? Bearing this in mind, I would also be interested in accommodation suggestions other than a hotel please. Many thanks

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