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    Ponte San Martino
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Treviso Highlights

  • Pro
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    BruceDunning says…

     Neat city with water running through it 

  • Con
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    STEFZAMM says…

     Most of the interesting places are not open for visitors. 

  • In a nutshell
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    DSwede says…

     Smaller and less traveled than Venice, but just for that reason, less touristy and more worth a visit. 

Treviso Things to Do

  • San Nicolo

    This is the view at the baptistery of the church of San Nicolo and the bell-tower. Only from this side you can be aware of its huge proportions. The facade is very simple made of the brick and decorated by many windows.Next to the church is the former convent of San Nicolo, now the Seminario Vescovile. The complex is connected by cloisters to the...

  • San Nicolo

    The Dominican chuech of San Nicolo is situated in the southern quarters of the old core of the town. The church itself is of the a very large proportions. It was built in the 14th century and has a fine rose window and doorway on the facade, slender windows on the flanks and three tall polygonal apses.

  • Ponte di Santa Margherita

    Ponte di Santa Margherita is designed by the Italian architect Paolo Portoghesi (born 1931), who is also theorist, historian and professor of architecture at the University La Sapienza in Rome. Unlike previous bridge from the early 18th century, which was located in the same place, the new bridge is constructed of wood and therefore controversial...

  • Visit the fish market "Le Pescherie"

    Treviso is a city of water and on the water, in a small island surrounded by the river they have their fish market.The are has been recently restored, they put some interesting looking statues spiking out from the water, a sirens and some fish. The center of the island has several stand where they sell fresh fish every day.We visited a Saturday...

  • Piazza dei Signori

    Piazza dei Signori is the core of Treviso center, the medieval Palazzo dei Trecento dominate the square-There are some elegant cafeterias with tables under shady awning or under the lodge.The square used to be called "della Berlina" as during medieval time, people guilt of some crime were made walking around so everybody could see their dishonor,...

  • Walking Around The Center

    You are going to like Treviso, such a well kept place, and many things to see by just walking around.Featured here are photos from my walk through the center.If you are lucky enough to hear an accordion player, be sure and stop and listen, and then give the fellow a few coins. Being an accordion player, myself, I can tell you that he practiced a...


Treviso Hotels

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Treviso Restaurants

  • Traditional local dishes

    Restaurant L'Albera is situated closest to my hotel and I was curious to find out the meaning of "Qui cucina la Piera", what is write in front of it. Didn't ask, but I suppose it is the name of the well known cook, famous in the local area of Treviso.The restaurant offers limited number of traditional Trevigiano dishes and fresh fishes...

  • Some more pictures of the restaurant...

    Here you can see a few more pics of restaurant Magnolia. It is one of my favorite restaurant in whole of Veneto. To be honest, I have a special treatment in this restaurant since I am a very regular guest.You may ask what is the catch? Well, I prefer small family hotels outside of the city area with easy access and own parking, which is of major...

  • Nice, elegant and inexpensive

    I prefer to have a supper in the restaurants outside the city centres, which are usualy overcrowded and impossible to park the car. "Magnolia" is situated on the local road in between Treviso and Mestre, in a small town of Preganziol. You can't miss it, it is right behind the hotel with the same name. It has huge parking place so you wont have any...

  • Trattoria Trevigiana

    When I saw this garden in front of Trattoria, my second thought was, this is my kind of place. Here I can eat and enjoy in a GOOD smoke, which is not possible in the most of the Italian restaurants today. To tell you the truth, it was my lucky day. I ordered speciality of the house, which is called "Ganciale di vitello all'Antico Portico con...

  • Great sushi

    Zushi is a japanese restaurant chain that operate in different town of north east Italy. It is furnished in a clean and modern style that seems like a resemble of Japanese way of do stuff. The staff is welcoming and friendly.The restaurant is located on the north west side of Treviso circular road that run along the walls.I did not used it but it...

  • Gelato On A Hot Day!

    Every Italian City has multiple gelato shops, and Treviso is one of them. This shop was found on the main street called Calmaggiore, near the domed cathedral. Italians eat gelato on cold days, too, so don't be bashful to taste this flavorful, soft, ice cream made in this very shop.(Actually most gelato shops make their own.) Everyone has a...


Treviso Nightlife

  • cafe-bar

    There is a large and very attractive cafe-bar in the loggia of Palazzo Trecento which is situated in the very heart of the city. Loggia has always been a gathering place for people on variety of topics, from community meetings to the open public tribunals. Large city loggia of Treviso was transformed into a very attractive cafe which is a favorite...

  • Drinks

    On our one night in Treviso we didn't have enough time to explore the bars but our hotel had this lovely bar, nice, cosy, romantic and in venetian style. Smart casual.

  • Eating out

    In the Night its either eating or drinking in Treviso. Check out my restaurant tips. Locals suggested that in Treviso there is some of the best pizza places in Italy. So do check out a pizzeria at night. In most places in Italy, casual and casual smart will be best unless you visit a very formal dining restaurant were you need to dress smart!


Treviso Transportation

  • Liverpool to Treviso

    On my previous trips to Venice, I've flown into Marco Polo from East Midlands airport with Easyjet.This time, I'd opted for Ryanairs Liverpool (LPL) to Venice-Treviso (TSF) route, partly due to price ( £30 return including taxes etc. - instead of £120+) and partly because I'd been wanting to visit Treviso for quite a while. I'd decided to stop...

  • Rent a city bike

    Treviso is a very bike friendly town, either the center and the walls can be cycled and there are several other trails. The town has recently started a public bike sharing service. It is available to everybody with a itentity card. You apply at one of the offices indicated and for 10 euros you get a card. 5 Euros are caution and 5 are for bike use....

  • Train to Trieste.

    When I arrived late in the evening to the train station , the information desk was closed and I could not buy any tickets. I should have bought in a machine. But I had NO time to do that, so I went directly to the platform where the train was. I went on and that was no problem to buy a ticket. I explained for the girl who worked on the train, and...


Treviso Shopping

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  • Pescheria, pesce al minuto

    Pescheria, the fresh fish market, is situated on a small islet in the middle of Canale Cagnan. It is newly build construction surrounded by the elegant medieval palaces and houses. Right nex to it we found Ca dei Carraresi. Well, if Treviso is not far from your home, then I suggest you to check the market and buy some fresh sea-water fish. In case...

  • City open air market

    Every Saturday morning an extensive market take place in the area of Viale Burchiellati, Piazzale Burchiellati, Borgo Mazzini e Piazzale Matteotti.You can find every kind of stuff, fruits, vegetables, plants, flower, cheap clothes and shoes, kitchenware, in other words, everything!Prices are usually cheaper than supermarkets.In some special...

  • Art Shop For Painters

    It is sometimes difficult to find a shop for painting supplies in Italian cities. It is even more difficult to find a shop that has good quality products, and so when I stumbled onto Mesticolor in Treviso, I was more than pleased. This shop has paint that is of professional quality, not student level, and even though it is a small shop, has all the...


Treviso Local Customs

  • La Befana - January 6th

    In Italian tradition Befana is an old and ugly looking woman who delivers gifts to children on Epifania (Epiphany Eve), which is night of January 5. Befana visits all the children of Italy to fill their socks with candy and presents, if they are good, or to lump of coal or dark candy if they are bad. Before leaving, Befana will sweep the floor of...

  • Ponte Santa Margherita

    The wooden bridge connects Riviera Santa Margherita and Riviera G.Garibaldi, which are a favorite promenade for the local inhabitans, especially for honeymooners when dark. During the night the bridge is illuminated along its entire length. The light is indirect and discreet, which kakes bridge to be especially attractive....

  • Christmas - Presepe - Chiesa di San...

    This was my third Christmas in Italy, so I was used to seeing the different prespe in churches, shop windows and outside. The crib in Chiesa di San Nicolo is amongst my favourites now. The term presepe or presepio comes from the Latin word praesepium which means manger, with references to the stable where Jesus was born.This three-dimensional...


Treviso Warnings and Dangers

  • Watch Where You Park

    Designated places to park for the locals are marked out with blue lines around the spot. They have a sticker that allows them to park there. No one else is allowed to park there. There are some other places with yellow lines that have limitations of who can park there, or time limits. The only area where someone out of town to park is with white...

  • A Real Throne!!

    I got a kick out of this toilet at a small cafe. You walked up two steps to get to the door and then had a couple more steps to get to the toilet. "The Throne" is a joke term used in the US to refer to the toilet. Well, with as high up as this thing was, it really was a throne. Best to make sure you are sober when you climb on this one. LOL

  • A no-go for gays

    Treviso's deputy mayor has urged for "ethnic cleansing" of all gay people in his town and has promised to have them "eliminated" from Treviso. In words reminiscent of nazi-times he also said: "They can move to other cities in the region that are willing to have them but here in Treviso, there's no place for such faggots".The mayor found these...


Treviso Tourist Traps

  • by inge-w Written Feb 22, 2012

    A lot of shops open in the afternoon, but in Italy, the afternoon starts at 15:30.
    As the museums and everything else of interest is also closed, there is absolutely nothing to do but walk aroudn until 15:30. Which is fine if it is a nice day, but it is not when it is cold and rainy.

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Treviso Off The Beaten Path

  • Torre del Visdomino

    Torre del Visdomino, in Via Cornarotta, is the third of surviving medieval family towers which can be seen in Treviso. This tower is lower than the other two and has a very massive structure so that more resembles to a fortress. This tower is also known as Torre Cornarotta, after the eponymous family who were the owners of it. Later on, in the 16th...

  • Torre dei Canonici + Torre degli Oliva

    Beginning of the 13th century was a period when in many Italian cities sprang up high towers, built of several layers of bricks. Such towers were at the same time forts and houses in which resided rich and powerful urban families. In the Middle Ages it was emphasized strongly rivalry between powerful families that fought for supremacy. Within the...

  • Vila Manfrin - Margherita

    The Venetian Villa Manfrin is located in the suburbs of Treviso called Sant'Artemio. This villa, built in the neo-Classical style, is a typical aristocratic structure by which their owner is showing his political power and wealth. Villa was built between 1775 and 1783 for client Girolamo Manfrin and designed by the Venetian architect Giannantonio...


Treviso Favorites

  • Piccola Venezia

    Although the city is located deep in the mainland part of the Veneto, it deserve to be call Little Venice, as it is colloquially called. Through the center of the city flows the river Sile, which has a ricj aquifer. Because the city and its surroundings have always been an important producer of food, the great amelioration works have been done in...

  • Calmaggiore

    Calmaggiore is the main street of "centro storico" (historic center) of Treviso, connecting Piazza del Duomo and Piazza dei Signori. Its name derives from the Latin word "cardo".The "cardo" was a north-south oriented street in Roman cities. The cardo, as integral component of the Roman city plannings, was lined with shops and vendors and served as...

  • Fiume Sile

    The resurgent springs of the River of Sile are near Vedelago, a small town north of Treviso. The river is only 95km long and it flows into the Venetian Lagoon at the port of Piave Vecchia. It meets its tributary the Botteniga or Cagnan at Treviso.In the 17th century, during the great land drainage works and constructions of canals, the natural flow...


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