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  • acqua alta (flooding)
    by elpariente
  • acqua alta (flooding)
    by elpariente
  • acqua alta (flooding)
    by elpariente

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    Aqua Alta in summer!

    by breughel Written Apr 13, 2014

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    Tourists might think that Aqua Alta only happens in the winter. Not necessarily, it can even happen in the summer.
    At end August 1995 we experienced high water 5 -10 cm!
    There had been strong raining for some days and one noon at the time of high tide we saw the water coming out of the pavement at the Piazza San Marco. Some streets were also under water just enough to get wet feet. The hair dryer of our room was helpful to dry our sandals; who thinks of taking boots to Venice in summer?
    The terrace of our hotel was under water and we couldn't reach our usual restaurant near the Fenice Opera because of the water.
    One expects the water to flow over from the canals but it gushes out of the spaces between the pavings as can be seen from photos extracted from my film.
    When the tide turned to low all the water went back into the ground.

    Aqua alta at San Marco in summer 1995. Aqua alta at Piazzetta in summer 1995.
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    Agua Alta / high Water

    by elpariente Updated May 16, 2008

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    Por una combinación entre las mareas , los vientos , la presión atmosférica y las corrientes del Adriático se produce el fenómeno llamado "Acqua Alta" , que no es más que la inundación de las partes más bajas de la ciudad como la plaza San Marcos .
    Es curioso que el agua no entra en principio porque se desborde el Gran Canal , sino porque el agua sale del subsuelo por las alcantarillas
    Hace años , este fenómeno ocurría no más de diez veces al año , pero actualmente se puede repetir más de sesenta veces , lo que ha obligado al Comune de Venecia a tener preparado un sistema de plataformas que se colocan cuando aumenta el nivel para que pueda pasar la gente , a elevar los marcos de las puertas y acometer el gran proyecto Moses ( Moises : Salvado de las aguas ) para buscar una solución más definitiva a este problema

    Due to a combination of tide, wind, atmospheric pressure and flows of Adriatic Sea , it is originated the phenomenon called "Acqua Alta" (High Water), which floods the lowest parts of the city , as St. Mark's Square.
    It is curious that water does not come in principle because of the Grand Canal overflowing , but because the water comes out from underground sewers
    Years ago, this phenomenon occurred not more than ten times a year, but now it can be repeated more than sixty times, forcing at the Venice´s Comune to develop a system of platforms that are placed when the level rises ,so that people can pass, to raise the door frames and undertake the great project Moses (Moses, "Saved from the waters) to seek a more definitive solution to this problem

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    With a Gondola...

    by Aggeliki Written Apr 20, 2007

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    The Gondola is a traditional Venetian rowing boat. Gondolas were for centuries the chief means of transportation within Venice and still have a role in public transport.
    Its a kind of touristic local custom, but its worth for one time in your life. The cost for half an hour is about 60-80 euro.(depends of the season).
    Tip: A Venetian tradition dictates that couples must kiss under every bridge for Eternal Love.Dont forget this!!!

    The Gondolier, oh mama mia!
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    by newsphotogirl Updated Nov 3, 2006

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    The street in front of our hotel had some serious flooding at certain times of the day. The entrance even had a barrier to keep the water out. So bring good shoes for walking through the water. Some places have temporary walk ways set up to help you get around. And at some of place like Piazza San Marco there are wooden platforms.

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    Be prepared

    by jelw Updated Oct 21, 2006

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    Though the Aqua Alta may make a shambles of your plans for the day don't let it ruin your trip. Don a pair of wellies and explore. Just be cognizent of the difficulty and damage this does to the floating city and its inhabitants.
    There can exist almost a festival atmosphere during Aqua Alta. This comes from the tourists being excited and perhaps a bit insensitive. You need not go about with your head bowed in sadness though, the locals want your buisiness. Smile, be considerate and go on about your day. Pictured here is the Doges Palace in Flood waters.
    For more information on Aqua Alta I have included some sites below.

    Doges Palace under water
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    by LOHRER Updated May 8, 2006

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    aqua alta, very common situation in Venice these days. the City sinks every year more and more, the sea claims back what has been hers in the first place.
    so it is quite useful to set your visit accordingly, Springtime holds major obsticals for enjoying your stay fully
    more later
    an other thing you will see in the backstreets, dry-time for the daily washing. it always makes a good picture too

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    Ever heard of acqua alta?...

    by lichinga Written Sep 12, 2002

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    Ever heard of acqua alta? Well, it may happen in winter that a peculiar conjuncture of Moon phase (higher tides) and Southern wind (bringing rains) determines the extraordinary elevation of the sea level. During those days, special wood bridges are coolocated in the strategic points around in the city, so that people may walk easily. Unless you prefer to take off your shoes and have a ice-cold bath....

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