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  • Basilica di Santa Maria di Monte Berico
    Basilica di Santa Maria di Monte Berico
    by BLewJay
  • Vicenza
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  • The stairs and statues
    The stairs and statues
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Vicenza Highlights

  • Pro
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    rubbersoul75 says…

     Very comfortable, medium sized town. Incredible Architecture, Palladian and other 

  • Con
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    kcochran111 says…

     Not a lot of non-architecture tourist attractions. 

  • In a nutshell
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     Vicenza is a good place to visit in the Veneto region, and some great wines too 

Vicenza Things to Do

  • Teatro Olimpico

    Wandering 5 minutes from the center of Vicenza you will find Teatro Olympico. In front of the Teatro is a quaint courtyard with some nice statues featured in a garden setting. This might be a nice place to rest your feet and take a few minutes to read about the history of this structure. It took 5 years to be completed, 1580-1585, and they say that...

  • Palladios Villa Capra - La Rotonda

    I waited years to return, but return I did. This time Rosemarie was in tow and I was a man on a mission. Time to see Palladio's masterpiece up close and understand why it's arguably the most copied architectural work ever, certainly in the western world. We got lucky and parked almost in front of the entrance but had to wait until siesta was over...

  • Monte Berico

    It is said Madonna appeared on this hill twice in 1426 & 1428. The first church was built as a promise to Blessed Virgin who was to have rid the city of the plague, which became a sanctuary. The basilica was designed by architect CArlo Borrello in 1688. It was a plan modeled on the Rotundsa. The Madonna was sculpted by Nicolo da Venezia in 1430....

  • Tempio di Santa Corona

    This is the look of the back side of the huge Temple of Santa Corona. This picture is taken from Via Canove Vecchie, where the very convinient parking place is situated. In case you are traveling by car, I suggest you to search for this parking place where, more or less, you can find frre parkings rather then in other locations of the city centre.

  • Basilica Palladiana

    Basilica Palladiana, also known as Palazzo della Ragione, is the symbol of Vicenza. With its white Piovene stone loggias the Basilica was in fact built in two stages, although seems to be a single building. The building partially collapsed in 1496 and in 1546 the reconstruction was then attributed to Andrea Palladio, but was not completed until...

  • Basilica di Santa Maria di Monte Berico

    After visiting the Ducati dealership, we continued on our tour of Vicenza. Our next stop was to the top of Monte Berico and the Basilica di Santa Maria di Monte Berico. Built in 3 months (1429), the church was/is a shrine to the Virgin Mary because if built, she would rid the city of the plague. Located in front of the basilica is the Piazzale...


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Vicenza Restaurants

  • Don't Miss The Fresh Seafood!

    The restaurant offers typical Venetian seafood Menù, selected and processed according to the most ancient Venetian traditions.The restaurant has a large fireplace for cooking on brazier fish and meat, and the pizza is with soybean paste, much more light and easily digestible.It was very exciting to taste fresh octopus salad, squids, shrimps...

  • Top Of Hill Trattoria Behind Vicenza

    This Trattoria was found by accident while driving through the hills between Padova and Vicenza. We came to the top of the highest hill, turned the corner and Romano comes into view. As we drove by we smelled to grilled items being cooked and we turned in to park. The trattoria turned out to be a great experience and we will return here again soon....

  • Di tutti i gusti

    I am ice-cream freak, can take it any time of the day or night and it doesn't matter to me wheter summer or winter season. During my often business trips to Italy I must stop either in Verona or Vicenza and take nice and big cup of gelato. This gelateria is situated in Corso Andrea Palladio, very close to his haus and nearby Teatro Olimpico....

  • Close to California Mexican Food

    La Cueva comes very close to presenting Mexican food in the style you would find in most California Mexican restaurants. They have a varied menu, but the main dish they serve there is fajitas, which they do quite well.The decor is Mexican, and they strive to make it a pleasant experience.Clean, organized, and an abundance of waiters, you are well...

  • Fantastic Kebap at a great price

    On a trip into the downtown area, we decided to stop in and have a meal at the Doner Kebap as it came highly recommended by our friends. Food was fantastic, delicious and you got a lot for the money. the kebap of fries and a Coke to go along with the meal

  • A wedding dinner

    I was going to be the "best man" when Phil and Kim got married in 2010, but then things changed and Phil got a job in Italy. So since we couldn't celebrate their wedding in the U.S., we did so when we visited them in Vicenza. Their choice was Al Company Ristorante & Pizzeria and a great choice it was. To start things off, we had Antipasto Rustico,...


Vicenza Nightlife

  • by Abnwldcat21 Written Jul 2, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is definately one of the better clubs I have been to. Compareable to Dream Nightclub in Washington, DC except it is outdoors. Definately a kick ass summer hangout for the Italians.

    Dress Code: You gotta dress to impress, but it is well worth it. The girls are absolutely bellisima!!!

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Vicenza Transportation

  • Scooters, scooters everywhere

    The most efficient and practical mode of transportation in Vicenza was either a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle. Due to the high cost of petrol, insurance and lack of parking for automobiles, the two wheeled (or three-wheeled) mode of transportation makes a lot of sense.

  • Take the train

    To get from Milano to Vicenza, we took the express train and arrived at our destination in just under two hours. Quick, efficient and relatively inexpensive is how I would describe our experience on the train. The seats were comfortable, tables were available and there was ample space to store your luggage (near the doors, behind the seats, above...

  • By public bus to Villa La Rotonda

    Bus 13 goes from the train station to the corner Via della Rotonda and Viale Riviera Berica, 1,20 Euro, there is a vending machine at the bus station in front of the train station (but not at most other stations, buy the tickets you will need in advance), there is also a 1 day pass for 5,10 Euro


Vicenza Shopping

  • Ok, this is much more reasonable

    Before we left on our vacation, I had been looking at motorcycles to see what I wanted to purchase to replace my Scarabeo which had begun to breakdown. One of the product lines I looked at was Aprilia and specifically, the Mana. So while in Vicenza, not only did I visit the Ducati dealer, but also stopped by the Aprilia dealer. Obtained lots of...

  • I can dream can't I?

    On a tour of Vicenza, my buddy surprised us by taking us to the local Ducati dealership. Oh man, what an experience. The salesman was very friendly and let me sit on the Multistrada 1200 S was used and was offered at a great price. Too much to ship to the U.S. at the moment, but may be in time :) If you are looking for a motorcycle,...

  • Flea market

    Ocassionaly, the main square of the town is turned into the huge flea market. Usualy it happens by the end of the week, like this one on May 8, 2005 when Italy celebrates the Mother's Day. A great number of items, from very different periods, is exposed to those who are interested in bying antiques.


Vicenza Local Customs

  • Palazzo Angaran

    Palazzo Magre Angaran is situated in Contrada of Santa Lucia. The building has arches running round it and the facade facing Contrada Santa Lucia has a beautiful quadrifora window.Conctant flooding of the Bacchiglione river caused the steady sinking of the main door which was demolished and rebuilt at the new street level in the 1930's.The palace...

  • Twins

    Vicenza is very beautiful town, full of magnificent buildings designed by Andrea Palladio. This lovely couple of twins, however, are the most beautiful scene I have seen in Vicenza. They were infinitely cute and I just couldn't resist not to take this picture.

  • The Sunday Stroll

    One of the local customs in Vicenza appeared to be taking a walk through the town center or one of the parks after mass on Sunday. You would see people of all ages dressed in their sunday best - walking.


Vicenza Warnings and Dangers

  • Autostrada Exits

    BE aware the the exit on the east (SR 11) makes finding your way to the old part of the city more difficult that the west exit SR 46). There are many connecting roads right at the exit, and with traffic flow, or in darkness of night, the signs and directions are hard to find. There is a perimeter road that runs parallel to the autostrada, and has...

  • Swans in Park are practical jokers

    I was taking pictures of the ducks and swans and noticed two swans submerge and then start swimming toward this poor duck that was just floating there minding his own business - he even seems to have a smile on his face. Then the swans emerge right under the duck and scare the daylights out of him. As you can see, I caught the practical joke on...

  • Good map - a must

    A good and detailed map of Vicenza is absolutely a must while visiting the town.Some of the palaces have the name displayed on the corner but most of them are missing and, as the buildings are so close one to each other, is easy to miss them.Even if you have the number of the palace on the street is hard to find it as most of them, especially on...


Vicenza Tourist Traps

  • Cioccolandovi

    This event is practically a way to sell chocolate.Cioccolandovi is made of several stalls located on six squares of Vicenza. It lasts three days and is due at the end of october. Besides the stalls a free of charge guided tour of the town is offered. You can taste various kind of chocolate and pralines for free. Most of the stalls (perhaps every...

  • Ponta San Michele

    This bridge, built 1620, is often touted as a very scenic place from which to soak up Vicenza atmosphere. To us, it held nothing special compared to other bridges in the city which revealed much more of a skyline. Further down the river is a different bridge where I took my intro page.

  • Goldsmith's trade

    Vicenza is the most important centre for the gold trade in Italy. Twice a year there is a big international fair and that is the time when visitors might have inconviniences because magnetic sound of gold gather here thiefs from all over the Europe. In case you are visiting the fair at that time, keep watching your things and in particularly do not...


Vicenza Off The Beaten Path

  • Giardino Salvi

    Giardino Salvi is small but beautiful city park, right next to the medieval walls and Piazza di Castello. It was erected in 1592 by Luigi Valmarana, who at the same time commissioned construction of an Loggia inside the park, known as Loggia Valmarana. The loggia was constructed in a shape of an temple, right on the River Seriola, and served for...

  • Monte Berico

    The legend says Virgin appeared to announce that Vicenza would be spared during a plaque in first half of the 15th century.Three wide symmetrical staircases lead up to the church which, majestic in its huge size and nunerous statues, lifts high over its three facades, like a crown, an airy dome which gives a distinct gracefulness to the building as...

  • Monte Berico

    The 17th century church is work of Vicentine architect Carlo Borella, begun in 1688 and finished in 1703. The work begun at the wish of the city of Vicenza as a symbol and an expression of the continued bond of faith between the city and the Madonna.The exterior's architecture is repeated exactly of three sides of the Sanctuary, the east, the north...


Vicenza Favorites

  • Andrea Palladio.

    Andrea Palladio (his real surname is unknown) was born in 1508 in Padua and died in 1580. As a child he worked as an apprentice for a local stonecutter. In 1524 he moved to Vicenza where he met Gian Giorgio Trissino; a nobleman and an architect. Count Trissino tutored him and gave him the name Palladio, that comes from the Greek god Pallae...

  • Giardino Salvi and Loggia Valmarana.

    This beautiful garden was opened to the public in 1522 and then closed for two centuries. In 1909 was opened again. There are several beautiful statues and two loggias there. One of these is the called Loggia Valmarana. It was probably built at the end of the XVI century by a scholar of Palladio.The Seriola river runs through this garden

  • Piazza dei Signori.

    This square was probably built on the site of an ancient Roman Forum. Here we see the Basilica, also called Palazzo della Ragione. Originally this was a Gothic structure that was built in the mid 15th century. Palladio designed the two storey loggia around the building a hundred years later. This building was finished in 1614. The Basilica was not...


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