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  • Picturesque Ventimiglia, Italy
    Picturesque Ventimiglia, Italy
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    The beach in Ventimiglia
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Ventimiglia Highlights

  • Pro
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     A day out that's a pleasure for keen bargain hunters 

  • Con
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     can get very crowded on Fridays 

  • In a nutshell
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     A great day out 

Ventimiglia Things to Do

  • Support St. Michael’s church

    I was going to write a full-scale story on this impressive landmark, but with the eye surgery this month and another in the nearest future I don’t know when I will get to my computer again.The community is really in need of financing, they don’t seem to afford to pay the keeper, an elderly signora, and the church is only open two hours a...

  • Ventimiglia Market Day #1

    Photo Group #1Ventimiglia Market Day is FridayIf you like to shop, enjoy an adventure, like meeting new people, & appreciate finding a wonderful bargain, then the daylong open air market just across the French border in Ventimiglia, Italy.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Ventimiglia Market Day #2

    Photo Group #2Ventimiglia Market Day is FridayIf you like to shop, enjoy an adventure, like meeting new people, & appreciate finding a wonderful bargain, then the daylong open air market just across the French border in Ventimiglia, Italy.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • Day trip to Ventimiglia, Italy

    I took the train from Nice to Ventimiglia for some shopping. I had read online that they have very nice leather goods, and also having friends with a sur name of Ventimiglia I wanted to get them some gifts. The train ride was lovely, the station nice and lots of little eateries to sit outside and people watch. Walking straight out the station there...

  • Hanbury Gardens Cool Escape

    This is a very nice escape. If the heat is keeping you away the beach try a refreshing tour just few kilometers away, up the hill.Anatoli has a tip with a good description of Hanbury's Gardens @ I can skip it and give you some practical infoes.Opening Hours:Autumn: from the last Sunday of...

  • Boat Club #2

    Associazione Pesca Sportiva "La Scogliera"This little boat club is located onthe beach front ....

  • Walk Along The Beach

    We went to Ventimiglia forthe weekly Friday market, but we took some time towalk along the shore.Great day, and we found afew interesting rocks and afew shells ......

  • Sir Thomas Hanbury gardens - La Mortola

    Sir Thomas was a ninteenth century entrepreneur who with his brother made a fortune trading in Shanghai. He visited Bordighera and fell in love with this area of the Ligurean Coast. He bought up land near the French border to create a botanical garden world-renowned among the plant-fancying set, La Mortola.In addition to lush mediterranean...

  • Fine views from the old town towards...

    Leave behind the market and commercial district, cross the bridge and make the ascent through narrow streets through the old town of Ventimiglia. Here from its high vantage point you can look up the beautiful unspoilt Ligurean coast towards France.


Ventimiglia Hotels

Ventimiglia Restaurants

  • great food but you'll have to find it!!

    we actually strolled up to the charming little town of san biago dellacima, looking for a bit of "away from the highway" when we accidentally stumbled upon this little restaurant.they turned out to be just opened, and boy did we feel lucky!! was a stunningly set restaurant (medieval vaulted ceilings) with apparently on nice days a terrace outside...

  • Sometimes you find things where you...

    Having travelled much of the world, the one place your expectations are near zero is a railway station buffet. Think again.OK, its not Maximes, but the station buffet at Ventimiglia is really welcoming and stylish. The cappucino came out of one of those black and chrome fifties things that hisses and splutters at pressure of 200 pounds per square...

  • Great earthy Italian, unprentious,...

    Pizza and Pasta and a selection of others, but the Pasta is done to perfection with Italian pride in doing it right. Full of noisy talking Italians a testament to that. Easy going atmosphere, very low prices. Pink Frizzante chilled, the Arrabiatta, and Profiteroles with cream. Sounds ordinary, but its anything but.

  • Sea front - peaceful and simple

    UPDATE: This restaurant has closed. Nearby one also closed due to a mysterious fire. Usually a symptom of being reluctant to pay protection to the local hoodlums. This is Italy you know. Instead super restaurant along the sea front direction San Remo, called "La Grotta" Pastas are brilliant, with rose frizante, and go for the profiteroles - with...

  • Italian ice cream near the train station

    On our day trip to the Italian town of Ventimiglia during a holiday in Nice in May 2009, I was determined to indulge in Italian pizza, Italian wine and Italian ice cream. With the first two ticked off at lunchtime at Pizzeria La Vecchia Napoli, that just left the ice cream to find.We found Il Gelato, a small ice cream vendor, on Via Stazione...

  • Italian pizza and wine!

    My girlfriend and I ate lunch at Ristorante Pizzeria La Vecchia Napoli during our visit to Ventimiglia in May 2009.We were visiting Ventimiglia for the day from Nice in France, and the fact that we had crossed the border into Italy had me longing for pizza, wine and ice cream. In my mind, I had visions of a nice little Italian pizzeria, home-cooked...


Ventimiglia Transportation

  • Bus tickets

    If you forgot to buy your bus ticket in advance, you can always try these machines – provided they function (never seen anyone use them)

  • Bus Schedule

    Frankly, you don’t need a bus to get around in Ventimiglia.And if you go to Hanbury villa in Mortola, your hair will go grey while you are waiting for one. VT member Leics kindly supplied this link to their Internet site (it works, I have checked it up)orariotrasporti.regione.ligu...If you still want to take a challenge, remember to buy the ticket...

  • Ventimiglia taxi

    This is the taxi line at Ventimiglia railway station.The good news is that the taxis stand in line, not the customers! For this reason I would rather recommend them, if you go to Hanbury gardens in Mortola, because with a bus you can only do so theoretically – the interval is 2 hours and more!These are the sites I found in WWW if you wll have to...


Ventimiglia Shopping

  • Shoes and bags galore

    Never mind the market, there is lots of shopping with the permanent shops crammed full of goodies to try and buy.Leather goods are a real bargain. Almost certainly counterfeit and made in sweatshops around the world copying western designs, nevertheless you can find great value here provided you are willing to pinch your nose at the morality of it...

  • In vino veritas - get your truth drugs...

    Before the EU eliminated duty free shopping we would have a great day out on cross channel ferries and come home smashed and loaded with cheap booze. Now thats a thing of the past but you can get the same buzz wandering around Vertimiglia's booze emporia Abslotoolely everything - as musssh as you can carryzyz. Expect 15% below French prices,...

  • Cheapest cigarettes in Europe

    Dotted around Ventimiglia are specialist Tabacs selling all international brands of cigarettes Ever since the French hiked the tax earlier this year, Italy is now the smokers friend, with Marlboro at €3.50 a pack of twenty.Means nothing to me since I gave up smoking thirty years ago, and save atleast €7 a day by not smoking, however those...


Ventimiglia Local Customs

  • Eat Gelato

    As They say:When In Italy - Do As The Italians Do So we did, we stopped and hadsome gelato .....

  • The Police

    The main purpose of policing in Italy is to give young people an opportunity to wear a stylish and sexy uniform, flirt and chat to each other most of the day, and smoke cigarettes with lots of exaggerated hand movements. Oh, and wear a gun. And thats just the girls.Occasionally the Market Police will launch a sweep against the organised gangs of...

  • More about Balzi Rossi

    With the exception of The Mask, all of these carvings can be seen as variations on the Palaeolithic Venus, a model that we now recognize as fundamental to the artistic repertoire of the Eurasian Upper Palaeolithic. Research shows that this model occurs, with regional variations, in many places in Western Europe, Central Europe (the Czech Republic...


Ventimiglia Warnings and Dangers

  • Irishsim's Profile Photo

    by Irishsim Written Aug 31, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Be very very careful around the market as pickpockets love big crowds. But it is not only the market area. BE VERY VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL AT THE TRAIN STATION even on the platform. I was there last week and a friend of a friend had her wallet taken out of her bag while standing on the platform. the guy was seen by a passenger on the train and he appeared very respectable, so much so that a woman on the train thought it was my acquaintance's 'husband' and that they had had a row. But the story gets worse, the thief got on the train. The guards wanted the train to go without looking for the guy but when we explained that the thief was on the train, they held it for five minutes. They let my friend and her friend walk up and down the platform to find him, the guards wouldn't let them on the train to check. The guards had a full description of the guy - light t-shirt, black backpack, dark trousers - but they wouldn't check for him. We got on the train and lo and behold our thief got off the train at the next station, Menton, with a baseball hat on him but what gave him away was that he was running faster than Usain Bolt. So the moral of the story is, make sure that no-one can get at your bag at any time, be careful if you are making a purchase at the market and whatever you do, don't carry all your money in the one place.
    Sorry the story is so long!

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Ventimiglia Off The Beaten Path

  • Explore the Ligurean Coast from...

    It is possible to explore this area of Northern Italy by train, which runs along to coast to Genoa in around three and a half hours. Bear in mind 7 hours round trip to Genoa is a lot of bottom on seat, not much time with your guidebook out, and you will be ariving just as the town shuts up for a long lunch. Leave Nice early, but don't leave it too...

  • La Mortola, Giardini Botanici Hanbury

    In the most truly perfect setting, tumbling thousands of feet down to the sea a few kilometers inside the Italian border, an 18 hectare luscious sub-tropical botanical paradise created by two Victorian plant-hunters, Thomas and Daniel Hanbury.Some of the stupendous views are captured hereAccessed by Linea 101 from Via Cavour , Ventimiglia - see...

  • DolceAcqua (in english...

    DolceAcqua (in english dolceacqua meens SweetWater) - Near Ventimiglia. to see: the middle-aged bridge on the river and, behind, the ancient castle.


Ventimiglia Sports & Outdoors

  • bazsi79's Profile Photo
    Le Calandre beach 2 more images

    by bazsi79 Updated Sep 12, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Le Calandre Beach is a small, narrow and secluded beach near Ventimiglia, about 1.5 km west of the city. It is one of the few sandy beaches in this area.

    As this beach is nicely hidden behind a cliff, it is probably less crowded as the ones near the town centre.

    Both the beach and the path to the beach offer great views of the neighbouring mountains.

    Equipment: Don't expect a wide range of services here, but you will find a small bar to get some drinks, plus an outdoor shower to wash the sand off yourself.

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Ventimiglia Favorites

  • Ice cream to die for

    The Market. Of course. No-one makes ice cream like the Italians. No-one. Ventimiglia has a small kiosk just near the railway station where I chanced on a "semi freddo" which blew my socks off. And the funny thing was that I wasn't wearing any at the time!.

  • Notable monuments

    From the artistically notable monuments, there are the Roman ruins, the church of Saint Michael, from the 10th century, and the Vergine Assunta's cathedral from the 12th century. Already the center of the Liguri Intermelii with the name of Albium Intermelium, then called Albintimilium and, in medieval times, Venttimiglia, was the seat of the...

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