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  • Famous Jûras perle restaurant
    Famous Jûras perle restaurant
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • The automatic unisex a bit wary!
    The automatic unisex a bit...
    by leics
  • Inside Galerija Centrs
    Inside Galerija Centrs
    by leics

Latvia Favorites

  • Lotyšsko 2010

    Původním plánem byla klidná poznávací dovolená v mnou tolik oblíbených, severských zemích. Půl týdne Norsko, druhou půlku Riga v Lotyšsku, zpět zase přes Norsko s jednodenní pauzou a výletem k moři. A realita? No může mě někdy něco vyjít podle plánu? Můžu já mít nějaký výlet bez...

  • Useful phone numbers

    The most common European emergency number 112 (following Directive 2002/22/EC: Universal Service Directive) and also standard on GSM mobile phones. 112 is used in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,...

  • Riga, a city with very few highrise...

    Except for the Riga Radio & TV Tower, the tall structures of the bridges along Daugava River, the tall Freedom monument, the towers of the churches and several skyscrapers in the distance, the city of Riga especially the Old Town has very few highrise buildings. Most of the buildings in the city are less than ten storey high.If you visit the...

  • Tourist Information Office, Riga Old...

    The Tourist Information Office in Old Town, Riga is located at the ground floor of the House of Blackheads at Ratslaukums 6 at Town Hall Square as depicted on our photo on the right. Beside enquiring about the places of interest in Riga, visitors are able to obtain free catalogues and maps of the city of Riga and other parts of Latvia from the...

  • Few words in Latvian

    Below few words that you can use while traveling in Latvian:Arrive: PienâkDepart: AtietWhat is the time, please?: Trîs biletes uz Tallinu, lûdzuWhere i can pick up my luggage?: Kur es varu sanemt manu bagâpu?Where is the closest money exchange point?: Kur ir tuvâkais valûtas mainas punkts?I would like to order a taxi please: Es gribçtu pasûtît...

  • Narvessen

    In addition to your guide book it is worth buying the 'Riga in your pocket' magazine that sums-up everything that is in the city on the month. Everything a tourist needs to know; from shops and food to operas and tours and more.You can buy it in Narvessen, (kind of UK's WH Smith) for 1.2Ls (Jan 08) Food is fantastic in my opinion. check this:...

  • not too expensive

    its a nice place to visit, I wouldnt say the people were the most friendly but some were nice and there is many catherdrals an churches in Riga, drinking in the city was cheap in comparison to other European cities,

  • Facts

    Language: Latvian (official), Lithuanian, Russian, other.Religion: Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox.Money: Latvian Lat (Ls) = 100 santimi. Notes are in denominations of Ls500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of Ls2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 santimi.

  • Eurovision 2003 in Latvia!

    The winner of the 2002 Eurovision song contest in Tallinn (Estonia) was the Latvian singer Marija Naumova - Marie N.The Eurovision song competition of 2003 took place in the Latvian capital Riga. More info about Eurovision in Riga: MarieN:

  • What is Latgale?

    It’s an ancient part of Latvia, almost a quarter of the whole country, where one third of Latvian population lives. Historically, Latgale was the whole region of Latvia from the River Daugava in the East to the Livian tribe’s border and the Slavs’ borders. Ancient Latgale (nowadays Vidzeme and Latgale) was under Polish rule in 16th century, and was...

  • Money

    Latvian Lat (Ls) = 100 santimi. Notes are in denominations of Ls500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of Ls2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 santimi.

  • Rundale Palace is an...

    Rundale Palace is an architectural pearl of Latvia created by an outstanding architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, designer of the Winter Palace in St.Petersburg. Rastrelli was invited to design the palace by Birzov, the favourite of empress Anna, in 1735 when the Duke of Kurzeme was just preparing to take the throne. For building the palace...

  • Latvia from the air

    This is what you see of Latvia from the air: a agricultural low lying country crossed by rivers and dotted with lakes. A symphony of green and blue.

  • Lakes

    There are not as many lakes in Latvia as in Lithuania, but they looked idyllic during the brilliant days that we enjoyed. We were there in mid spring, so the fields were filled with flowers: Latvia's most beautiful image.

  • Farms

    Apart from Riga, there are no cities in Latvia. The rest of the country is made of small and sleepy towns, pine plantations and many farms.

  • Storks

    Storks are the national bird in Latvia. Unlike in Spain, they do not nest on the church bell towers here, but on electricity posts near the farms. Impressive birds, no matter where they stand.

  • Not many Restaurants outside of Towns -...

    When traveling through rural Latvia, do not count on restaurants or inns in villages and smaller towns. They are rare.On the other hand almost every village has a grocer shop that can be easily spotted by the sign "Veikals". In fact it was in such shops that we usually bought our lunch.

  • 4 regions of Latvia: Latgale

    Eastern Region of Latvia - Land of Blue Lakes.Aglona, a spiritual centre for Catholic pilgrimsAn amazing number of lakes: Lubans Lake, the largest lake in Latvia (82.1 km2), Dridzis Lake, the deepest lake in Latvia (63m), Daugavpils Fort, greatest 19th century fort in Latvia.In this region, between Aglona, Kraslava and Ezernieki there are several...

  • 4 regions of Latvia: Zemgale

    Central and smallest region of Latvia: many historic monuments, palaces, manors, castles.Birthplace of the Latvian presidents Janis Cakste, Gustavs Zemgals, Alberts Kviesis and Karlis UlmanisZemgale is the smallest of Latvia's regions and is blessed with a great number of distinctive castles and manor houses where you can see and touch history. The...

  • 4 regions of Latvia: Kurzeme

    Southern region of Latvia that is shaped by the Baltic Sea Ventspils, largest seaport in Baltics Ventas Rumba (Rapids), one of the widest waterfalls in Europe (270 m) The Vineyard on Sabile Mountain for a long time was the most northern point of winery in Europe The Baltic Sea, yielding its gifts of fish and golden amber along the length of the...

  • 4 regions of Latvia: Vidzeme

    Northern region of Latvia: Gauja, Latvia's longest river (452 km); Gaizinkalns, Latvia's highest point above sea level (311.6 m); Gutmanala, Latvia's largest cave (500m3, 10 m high, 10.6 m wide, 8.8-m deep); Gauja National Park, Latvia's first national Nature Park. Vidzeme region is marked by contrasts. Embraced by the Baltic Sea, the Vidzeme...

  • When to Go to Latvia

    Spring and summer (April through September) are far and away the choicest times of year to visit. These months see better weather, more daylight, fresher food and plenty of folk festivals cropping up nationwide. The weather during this period is suitable for most outdoor activities - as long as you don't mind the slushy and chilly weeks at either...

  • The power of money

    Latvia is a country without a past as itself. An outdated nationalistic proud emerged in the XIX century and revived in the late XX century, when it became independent from the USSR.The country has deleted all traces from the strong ties that link it to Russia and discriminates Russian speakers to an intolerable degree for a country that is going...

  • Rundales Pils

    It is an impressive palace, it was made by the architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. There are symmetric gardens at a big area and the rooms have different colours. 1700's residence of the duke of Kurzeme is considered to be the most splendid castle of the baroque era in Latvia. It is about 60 km south of Riga, near Bauska.

  • Switzerland?

    Latvia is generally an unknown country, which I love a lot. It is ideal for people who like nature and the nice atmosphere in cities, especially in the night... "Switzerland of Latvia", Sigulda, is some 53 km to the east of Riga, where there are over 400 historical monuments near the town and in the Gauia River National Park. A little futher to the...

  • Visit Latgale, the beautiful lakes...

    Latgale is the region with more lakes in all Latvia. There are 972 lakes and water sources (2256 lakes in Latvia), among them 72 lakes larger than 100 ha. The two biggest are Lake Razna (82 km2) and Lake Lubans (57,6 km2). By the way, there are about 40 species of fish in the inner waters of Latgale.Latgale is just the eastern region of Latvia as...

  • Latvia is much more...

    In Latvia the more usual destiny are Riga and Jurmala as them are very nice city and pleasant resort. Well, I hope you can visit these two nice places, anyway LATVIA is not only Riga and Jurmala.There are very nice places all over the country as the Lakes Region in the southeast near from Daugavpils. After all, the best option in Latvia is just...

  • Inside the castle

    These are old clothes of Latvian people inside the castle of Turaida, which is worth a visit for many hours. Maybe you can feel like a knight in mediaeval years!

  • in Liepaja ..

    At last I am here in Liepaja and I would like to tell you a few words about how we are doing here. Liepaja is one of the biggest towns in Latvia and there is something original and singular about it. Wherever you look about you, there is water. Lake Liepaja is serenely rustling its needs, ships and yachts are relaxing in the canal and the...

  • The Landscape of the country...

    The Landscape of the country is marked by lowland plains and rolling hills. Most of the countryside is less than 100 m above sea level. Latvia has more than 3,000 lakes and about 750 rivers of more than 10 km in length.Forests cover more than 40 percent of the territory. The larger forest tracts are to be found in the northern part of the Kurzeme,...

  • The Latvian national bird ..

    The Latvian national bird is the balta cielava or white wagtail (Motacilla alba). This slender and graceful bird is often found in Latvia from April till October. The white wagtail can usually be seen running briskly along the ground, wagging its tail up and down. This bird usually nests in the rafters and eaves of buildings, woodpiles, stone...

  • To see possibly more of it!!!...

    To see possibly more of it!!! Latvia is one of Europe’s great “get away from it all” discoveries. With 12,310 rivers and 3,000 lakes the country has many opportunities for boating and walking and just enjoying the outdoors. There are many small medieval towns, country castles, museums and folk parks to be visited. Check out Riga, a city that has...

  • DRUSKU kalns ... We've had...

    DRUSKU kalns ... We've had the maps, where all the 'best' places were marked.. So one morning, we decided to go to the 'Drusku kalns', the mound of Latvia . It was really funny :)) Because the hill was not so high.What i found there - funny old toiled with the heart, cutted in the door !!

  • In Riga, walk around the Old...

    In Riga, walk around the Old Town, and go to the Occupation Museum.In Sigulda, go on lengthy hikes in the wilderness. I enjoyed my hikes from ruin to ruin or cave to cave. Also partake in the 'wheelbob', which is a bobsled on wheels. My time spent in Sigulda, where I stayed at a B&B and encounted another hosteller whom I'd already met in Vilnius,...

  • rent a car or use turist...

    rent a car or use turist transport and go Latgale district! Full of Lakes, Nature and Fresh/really fresh air/!

  • Latvia falls into five...

    Latvia falls into five ethnographic regions: Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Zemgale, Latgale, Augszeme, their distinctions reaching as far back as the ancient Balts and Finno-Ugrians. The feudal period with its territorial seclusion and total subjugation of serfs to their lords enhanced the regional and local varieties of the national costume. Regional borders...

  • Amber is fossilized pine...

    Amber is fossilized pine resin. Baltic amber is around 30 - 40 million years old. Deposits are located both on the shore and on the seabed, and during storms amber is often washed up on the beaches of Latvia and Lithuania. Baltic amber was one of the most important products that first stimulated the antique world to show interest in Northern and...

  • hockey is important to Latvians ..

    After posting ninth and eleventh place finishes at the World Championships in 1998 and 1999 respectively, the Latvians reversed their negative trend last year. The team finished eighth after losing 3-1 to the Czech Republic in the quarter-finals, a leap forward compared to the results in the previous years. Perhaps the biggest success last year was...

  • population of the black stork ...

    Few countries remain in the world whose territories are dominated by ecosystems largely untouched by man. Where forests, marshes, lakes and rivers have developed over the centuries at their own pace, with minimal human interference. Where pristine sandy beaches stretch for 300 km unspoiled by resorts, restaurants or hordes of holidaymakers. No...

  • the historical coat of arms of Riga..

    In 1988 after long discussions, it was decided to restore the historical coat of arms of Riga. In 1995, the Statute of Riga Symbolic was accepted. It stated that Riga has a big and a small coat of arms. “The big coat of arms: an open brick gate red with two turrets on a silver ground, a lion’s head in gold under the lifted grating of the gate....

  • Tadenava is not simply the...

    Tadenava is not simply the birthplace of the poet Rainis: it could be called ´the cradle of the poet's soul´ the source of love and sunshine described in his poetry. It is a place with a special atmosphere of enchantment and intense, almost primeval silence and peace. One can see that this place influenced Rainis in becoming the most outstanding...

  • There is a great place in...

    There is a great place in Latvia not far from the capital.It's called Sigulda. Canyon covered with trees with Gauya river flowing pretty fast here and all these caves, castles and legends make altogether unforgetable impression especially if you visit this place during a rainy weather. It's Sigulda with remarkable landscape, Riga with its old part...

  • I was impressed by the old...

    I was impressed by the old part of the city.There are many beautiful buildings and squares. Riga is very alive: there are lots of sport competitions and water shows. I liked parks in Riga - lots of fantastic trees and beautiful gardens.

  • Jurmala - shiny town on the...

    Jurmala - shiny town on the coast of Gulf of Riga (not far from Riga) is the best place to spend summer holidays. Every august teams from all over the former USSR come here to the KVN festival. KVN (from Ruussian) it is Club of the cheeful and smart. People laugh and have fun together.

  • Sigulda. View from Turaida...

    Sigulda. View from Turaida tower to the Gaya valley. There is a hill with many many stairs. When you climb up, you can't see where they end. From the top of this hill is a cable-way.


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