Riga Region Local Customs

  • Riga Black Balzams
    Riga Black Balzams
    by Airpunk
  • Applied folk art and craft fair
    Applied folk art and craft fair
    by Inguuna
  • Labietis bottled beers
    Labietis bottled beers
    by SWFC_Fan

Riga Region Local Customs

  • Latvian artists

    Latvian opera performers, including Inese Galante, Ingus Petersons, Egîls Silins, Elîna Garanca Sonora Vaice and Inga Kalna are known on opera stages around the world. Pianist Vestards Shimkus won the 2002 international Ferenz Liszt piano competition in Los Angeles. Violinist Baiba Skride took first prize at the Queen Elisabeth competition in...

  • Christmas Market

    Christams Market startes in the first Adventa. Adventa it is a 4 weeks befor Christmas. Christmas Market is not very old tradition, it started on 2001. Here people buying presents for themselves, for relatives and friends, here can find tasty Latvian smoked fishes and smoked meat. In Christmas market you'll find decoration for your house.

  • Richard Wagner

    (1813-1883) Composer. He spent almost two years in Riga between 1837 and 1839 and was the musical director of the Riga German Theatre. In this role he produced over 20 German, Italian and French operas. According to legend, he found the inspiration for “The Flying Dutchman” on the stormy Baltic Sea when he was leaving Riga, when he was in a...

  • Gilded cocks on churches

    Many steeples on Riga churches are topped by gilded cocks. Latvian folklore the cock stands for vigilance and safeguards from evil, when it crows for the third time, the devil must retreat back to hell.The practice of placing a cock on the spire of churches stems from Middle Age Europe, where the cock also had a practical use as a windvane.

  • Downtown

    While walking in the Old Town keep your eyes wide open. You can see lots of unique and interesting things above your head, like for e.g. cat's statue on the roof. Lovely, isn't it? ;-)

  • Fountains

    Close to Freedom monument you'll find a nice park for to walk and have some rest after exploring Riga on foot. Park is quite big with many fountains. A must see.

  • Squares in downtown

    While walking in a downtown of Riga, I've found many nice squares and buildings with all wall painted. The same thing I saw only in Copenhagen. This way of decorating buildings is quite ineteresting, as these pictures are always painted and gives more colours to the town.

  • Spending your free time

    I really enjoyed that place - a coast of the river where you can walk or just to sit on the bench and enjoy the view in front of you. Just go from the downtown to the river.

  • Some useful Latvian words...

    During this little one day trip we had a great guide who taught us a bit Latvian, the most needed words ... I tried to thank buying the beer and it worked out :))So ... there some words:good morning - "Labryt"good afternoon - "Labdien"good evening - "Labvakar"thanks - "Paldias" ... and they usually answer - "Lucu" (i guess this means "please")sorry...

  • Cultural events in Riga

    Riga is a major cultural centre with many events taking place throughout the year. Gadatirgus is an annual arts festival in June, focusing on traditional Latvian arts and craft. The Folklore Festival is held in the first week of June, at the Open Air Ethnographic Museum, with explorations into traditional literature and song.The Midsummer Festival...

  • Try Riga Balsam

    A traditional Latvian tipple is Riga’s Melnais Balzams or Black Balsam. This is a thick, black alcoholic liquid which supposedly cured Catherine the Great of fever when she visited the country. Nobody knows how it’s made because the Latvians refuse to disclose the recipe but if you are sampling it, try it in your tea or coffee first as it is quite...

  • You've lived in Riga for too long, if......

    1. You see three cars in front of you, and you think you are in the traffic jam. 2. You are happy that underground parking houses are being built, but you never park your car there. 3. You have your umbrella with you during all the year round. 4. You speak min 3 languages.5. You are not surprised by phrases "horibly cool or ungly beautiful", you...

  • Legend of Big Kristaps

    In ancient times, when Riga had still not been built, a very large man named Big Kristaps carried people across the Daugava River on his back, letting them off at the spot where Riga now stands. Kristaps had built himself a hut nearby on the right bank of the river.One night he awoke to the sound of a child crying on the left bank of the river. He...

  • Eat something locals prefer...

    Karums - nobody can really explain what Karums is. It tastes similar to cheese cake, however, Latvian don't consider it to be a dessert. It's small (45 g), sold almost in any food store in milk product section. We eat it for breakfast or snack. You can get vanilla Karums, chokolate Karums, Karums with nuts, citron Karums, etc... It is the most...

  • Riga Art Nouveau...

    Riga is Latvia’s largest city with a long history, a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant contemporary style. Riga surprises its visitors with its beauty but its inhabitants have long since become accustomed to its face and prefer to proudly revel in its comfortable urban planning and compactness. Many city dwellers enjoy its proximity to water –...

  • Did you ever eat a lamprey?

    Did you ever eat a lamprey? I understand it's difficult to believe, but it gave me a strange feeling: eating a lamprey means eating an animal which is at the lowest level of the Cordata type, it does not even have a real column, but a 'tube' with a main nerve within; then it has unusual feeding habits. Lampreys use to feed on other fishes, even...

  • Just something I noticed while...

    Just something I noticed while I was in Riga....In many large cities you notice a crowd of younger people that have mulit-coloured hair and it usually comes along with some new age hair style. In Riga there are many women with brightly colored hair (pink, powder blue, red, green...) but it was on women of all ages and the hair styles were no...

  • It was nice building in 1996...

    It was nice building in 1996 in Ryga - they had one real building, and the other was painted. So it was twins...

  • It is worth to visit museums...

    It is worth to visit museums of history.There are any signs of old times especially from the reign Both-Nation's Kingdom of Poland, Lithua,Latvia, Beularussia, Ukraine when they were together a rule in Europe in 15 and 16 century.

  • You absolutely must to get...

    You absolutely must to get gide and have an excursion around old Riga. I try to interest You: Imagine, how does look like Cat's house? How does look lioke Hous of Blackhead? What can You see /panaramic view/ from Tower of St.Peter?Are You interested? Come and see it! Want to know why those bildings are named so? -Come and listen it by Yourself!

  • Those pictures are made of...

    Those pictures are made of AMBER.This is the greatest Baltic suvenire You can take with You as piece of Latvia

  • When you get to Riga, pick up...

    When you get to Riga, pick up a copy of “Riga in your Pocket”. This is one of the “In Your Pocket” guides, which are currently covering a very large area of Eastern Europe. This is a guide you cannot be without. The cost is 0.60 lats (£ Ir 1). You can read the entire guide, in advance of your trip, at www.inyourpocket.com but still purchase it when...

  • Shopping seems to be a very...

    Shopping seems to be a very active pastime in Riga.Shops are open 7 days a week and late in the evening. Not quite up to Western European standard yet, but getting here fast. CentrsAudeja 16This shopping centre in the old town would should satisfy most needs. Very good range of shops.I also has an information desk where you can get a copy of “City...

  • Russian and Latvian are not...

    Russian and Latvian are not hostile to each other.They usually speak Russian.But in there, Russian have to take exam in Latvian to obtain citizenship. It is very hard situation, because they hadn't use it before Latvia was independent in 1992.

  • The Latvians appear to be a...

    The Latvians appear to be a very pleasant, polite people, reserved like their neighbors in Estonia and Lithuania but by no means unfriendly.Tourists will find Latvians personable and helpful; but in Latvia, as in other east European countries, American tourists should try their best not to be pushy or over-talkative, and thus make nuisances of...

  • Westerners may be annoyed with...

    Westerners may be annoyed with slow service and taciturn waiters or clerks in stores and restaurants. 'Service with a smile' and 'The customer is always right' are maxims alien to former Communist countries - and the Baltic peoples are usually a reserved lot anyway. This takes some getting used to, but don't take it personally. They are trying just...

  • LU, Latvia University, is dead...

    LU, Latvia University, is dead in the water. Has a world-best collection of old USSR/Eastern Europe computers and pre-computer hardware that is moldering in upstairs rooms. Tried to help publicize it in the West but was ignored.


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