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Riga Things to Do

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  • St Peters Church

    St. Peter's Church was built in 1209, in a style of medieval architecture that needed to be preserved, as such, UNESCO has made it a World Heritage site. A rather plain looking Church on the outside, it's built of stone which probably saved the Church from being devastated by the fire that burnt nearly all the wooden buildings in Riga to the...

  • Old Town

    Historically Riga's Town Hall Square was the city's administrative centre where, obviously, its Town Hall was located. The square was used for markets, local events and public executions. It was pretty much destroyed by German bombing during World War II and what was left behind afterwards was demolished by the Soviets after they had retaken the...

  • Central Market

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Riga's Central Market was the only thing I'd actually planned to do during my couple of days. A city's markets, to my mind, tell a far better story of the place, and its people, than the guidebooks and the guided tours can ever do. I certainly wasn't disappointed with this one. The buildings have a unique architecture, having been converted from...


Riga Hotels

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  • Reval Hotel Ridzene

    This year - hotel Ridzene again. The main hotel's advantage is its very quiet location in the very...

  • Radi Un Draugi

    We had a great stay at Radi Un Draugi. Our room was nice and clean and the breakfast buffet offered...

  • Hotel Bergs

    Hotel Bergs is located in the posh Berga Bazaars shopping area in the new town, about ten mins...


Riga Restaurants

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  • Lido

    4 out of 5 stars

    Great place for trying local food. Prices are very good, atmosphere is great and service good. This restaurant is part of a chain that extends through several countries, all restaurants are great, clean serve wonderful food, and prices very reasonable. You will enjoy this restaurant It was all so good.

  • Rozengrals Medieval Restaurant

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    This restaurant, situated in the old wine cellar that belonged to the Riga Town Hall is great. You are served medieval dishes, entertained my minstrals, All the staff is in medieval costume and the restaurant it's self certainly keeps up the atmosphere. The food is great, warming and tasty. A great time was had by all. Definatly go here for a...

  • Staburags

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The place is said to have huge portions of local heavenly food at really low prices. The ambiance is very nice; good for those who like a little but dark old-fashioned or country style surroundings and not just plastic and metal and full neon lights. The staff (men) are dressed in Latvian country-style clothes; wearing hats. Again; we did not...


Riga Nightlife

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  • My Favourite Beer Bar

    Although I only ever used the terrace here for afternoon/early evening beers I was suitably impressed by the range, and quality, of the beers available. I think they offer, in total, 20 on draft, of which half are Latvian brews and were under 3 euros (November 2014) for a large one.Service was always friendly and swift and the side street location...

  • A Musical Square

    For a summer evening spot to sit with a beer, enjoy some excellent live music and soak-up the local atmosphere the terrace here at 13 Kresli (13 Chairs) is unbeatable - the pretty girls were a bonus.I've no idea what the inside of this pub/restaurant is like but with its outdoor bar, complete with barstools and ashtrays, on the square of the Dome...

  • Lively Music Bar

    Although I only managed one early-evening visit I was suitably impressed with this lively, buzzy, cafe-bar. With its US American diner theme, which is also reflected in its food menu, the upbeat band playing was enthusiastic and professional.Service was youthfully friendly and swift and I particularly noted the fact that, as well as the US-inspired...


Riga Transportation

  • Tram #11 to Riga Zoo

    During our stay in Riga in December 2014, we caught Tram #11 when visiting Riga Zoo.Our visit was on New Year's Eve, (when all public transport in the city was free), so we didn't need to purchase tickets on this occasion.We rode tram #11 for the entire length of its route. We boarded at Stacijas Laukums (located on Radio iela, near Latvian...

  • Free public transport on NYE and NYD

    If you are visiting Riga during the New Year celebrations (as we did in 2014/15), the following is worth bearing in mind:All public transport (buses, trolleybuses and trams) in the city is free to all passengers on 31st December and 1st January.We took advantage of this offer when travelling to Riga Zoo on tram #11 on New Year's Eve.Further details...

  • Train to Jurmala

    During our visit to Riga in December 2014 we decided to take a day trip on the train to the nearby seaside town of Jurmala. The following details were correct as at the time of our journey:Riga – Jurmala (Majori)We visited Riga Central Station on the evening before our intended journey. We familiarised ourselves with the train times and purchased...


Riga Shopping

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  • Departmental Shopping

    I am used to visiting the Stockmann store in Helsinki, and this was an unexpected find. It was nice to see that they have the same standards of service and stock.It was a home from home in regard to having a coffee and doing some clothes shopping.

  • Hand Knitted Gifts

    The shop is within a building from the 17th century; it was a priest's house and part of the St Jacob's cathedral complex. The three-storied house is built in the Baroque and Classicism style, it was constructed by using timber framing techniques to build the walls. The house was renovated in 1733 when a second floor added.In late 19th century a...

  • My Sorta Shop!

    Although I didn't have need to use it, this visit, I couldn't help but take note of this little shop. Tabakas Nams (Tobacco House) is, as the name suggests, a specialist tobacconist offering a range of imported tobacco, cigars and the necessary requisites for their enjoyment.It also stocks an upmarket selection of wines and spirits.This is part of...


Riga Local Customs

  • Labietis Craft Beers

    As a Real Ale drinker, I have become resigned over the years to drinking Pilsner-style lagers during my visits to eastern Europe. I don't mind them, some of them are quite good, but it would be nice to have some variety.So, before our trip to Riga in December 2014, I was heartened to read in "Riga In Your Pocket" that Latvia is now home to a...

  • Riga Black Balsam

    Riga's Black Balsam is considered the Latvian National drink although I didn't notice any of the locals drinking it. I personally gave it a miss whilst I was there, having focused my altruistic support of the local economy by drinking their beers.We did all get a sample though from our wonderful hostesses, Rita and Inguna. This was the blackcurrant...

  • Live Riga Tourist Offices

    I found Riga a very welcoming city and one where I got the impression that cultural tourism is actively encouraged. To that end there are three "Live Riga" tourist information offices around the Old City, and a fourth "Welcome to Riga" office in the arrivals hall at the airport.The main office is on the ground floor of the House of Blackheads (in...


Riga Warnings and Dangers

  • Attempted coin scam! (December 2014)

    The following coin scam was attempted on us during our trip to Riga in December 2014.We were walking along Tirgonu iela, just past the Lido Alus Seta restaurant, close to Dome Square, when a gentleman (probably in his late 30s/early 40s) approached us and asked if we could help him.He told us that he had parked his car in the street and the...

  • Cover Charges When The Bands Are Playing

    Not particularly dangerous but rather something to be aware of. Several of the cafes on the Old City's Livu Square (between St Peters and the Dome churches) have live music in the evenings and on sunny summer afternoons. The music is free to enjoy if just wandering the square but if you stop at one of the cafes for a beer there will be a cover...

  • General Safety

    Riga's got a bit of a reputation for crime. It once had the highest murder rate in the EU, and at a rate of 18 in every 100,000 that was as high as many cities in the US. The recent economic downturn had the Finns running home and complaining about a crime wave in the city. I've read some real tales of actual crime, and most of the Embassy reports...


Riga Tourist Traps

  • Dont exchange your paper money for...

    Happened to the Old Riga district,suddenly a man that seemed desperate,appeared from nowhere and asked if we could exchange 10 Lats (his in coins of 2) with paper money.In our acceptance we found our selves (later understood) that those coins were Lietuvas and not Lats.All those are pretty simmilar nowdays-Euros-Lats-Lietuvas-Turkish lires etc...

  • No problems about Riga's panorama

    At first sight, it is hard to think where to find place to see panorama of Riga. Riga's central part is on plain grounds - no mountains, or even smaller or bigger ups and downs when walking. But no problem about it! I suggest you three places from where you can see very different and nice panoramas: >>> Another bank of river Daugava,...

  • Interesting park bridge

    I think you will be wondering why they put such locks on this bridge. At first I wrote that Latvians lock bikes there, when just coming to the centre (mostly for work, shopping). But for real, it is really nice tradition - when Latvians merry each other they put the lock on the park bridge with their names and after locking they throw keys into the...


Riga What to Pack

  • What to pack for a weekend in Riga

    Most people come to Riga for a “city break” of just a few days so probably you’ll want to use a small bag that can be carried on to your flight. Wheeled cases that meet cabin baggage restrictions are great but be aware that many of Riga’s streets are cobbled and its pavements narrow, so you will probably have to carry your bag at times. It may be...

  • Another Travel Guide Riga

    I was presented a copy of "Another Travel Guide Riga" by my Latvian colleagues. It is a great book and useful guide. It is full of commonsense comments and tips for places to visit and sights to see across the city of Riga.

  • Riga in your pocket!!

    This is a complimentary tourist guide, well worth using as it has a range of maps, tips and suggestions for your visit to the city.


Riga Off The Beaten Path

  • The Ethnographic Open-Air museum of...

    The Ethnographic Open-Air museum of Latvia, which is the largest and the oldest of that kind of museums in Europe, in more than 80 hectares shows the life what it was many years, even some centuries ago. You can see there more than 100 houses from different regions of Latvia, the fishermen, farmer villages, windmills, churches. Do enter them, they...

  • Outdoor Museum of Soviet Aircraft - Riga...

    During the daytime you can go and see the outdoor museum of Soviet Aircraft at the airport. There are dozens of jets and helicopters. The ‘Curator’ comes to the gate when you sound the bell and will negotiate a price for entry. I think I told him I only had 5 Euros. He restores the aircraft and I watch him working on a jet. You can actually see the...

  • Take a stroll on Riga left bank -...

    Kipsala is one of river Daugava islands where to have a nice and relaxing walk. The island is more than 300 hundred years old and its' name comes from inhabitants' surname who once lived here. Historic inhabitants of the island were fishermen and wood rafts-men. The ancient architecture was wooden fishermen villages, sawmill, gypsum factory....


Riga Sports & Outdoors

  • Bobsleigh

    While we had a holiday in Riga, we had booked bobsleigh in Sigulda.We booked it with travel2riga.com. They organise different travel packages and sport activities as well.If you enjoy quick extreme and speed, bobsleigh is for you. Sporty, warm and comfortable clothes.

  • Pool

    I know Latvians like ice hockey and football, but the only sports I noticed in Riga besides beer drinking was pool ;-)

  • Football in Riga

    Established in 2006 – Riga United FC is hungry for foreign opposition to dazzle and astound with their footie skills and panache?! A cosmopolitan team made up from signings around the world, Riga United FC will endeavor to play with 100% commitment although dependent on the previous nights activities gambling activities and Riga antics might...


Riga Favorites

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  • Architecture

    When going along many main streets in Riga, you will see 19th century wooden buildings - one-storey - two-storey - most decorated with exquisite details. There are 23 such buildings on Kalnceima Street alone. I found myself fascinated with these wooden structures and first saw them when we took Tram #7 to the LIDO Saturday night and again when I...

  • Tourism

    With more than 693,000 inhabitants, RIGA is the largest city of Latvia and also its capital. The city lies on the Gulf of Riga, at the mouth of the Daugava River. Riga was founded in 1201 and its historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and noted for its Art Nouveau and 19th century wooden architecture. Riga is also the 2014 European...

  • Old Town

    It is not so hard to see where old town starts and where ends – the main borders are parks. Crossing parks from old town's side you see the centre and vice versa. Parks are full of flowers, statues, fountains, birds - Is that I liked very much in Riga. One of the nicest parks is Bastejkalns (Bastion hill).


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