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  • Lovely wooden houses in a side street
    Lovely wooden houses in a side street
    by evaanna
  • Fountain in the park
    Fountain in the park
    by evaanna
  • The Neman near Birstonas
    The Neman near Birstonas
    by evaanna

Birstonas Things to Do

  • Birstonas city museum

    Birstonas museum houses the exhibition from the oldest times till nowadays. It shows how defensively important was Birstonas, who were going to hunt to Birstonas land forests, how Birstonas got the right for resort status. The tools for treating are exhibited as well. Museum also houses temporal exhibitions.Museum is located in old wooden house in...

  • Sanatorium "Tulpe"

    Sanatorium "Tulpe" is known as the first sanatorium here in Birstonas. “Vytautas” and “Vaidilute” mineral waters are used for procedures. “Vaidilute” mineral water has bigger constentration of bromine. It is proved that water with bromine efficient in treating joint, nervous, circulatory, respiratory deseases.Sanatorium is located just near the...

  • Versme sanatorium fountain

    Sanatorium “Versme” was established in 1975. Here water and mudp procedures could be made, here is also the only one salt room in Lithuania exists. Fountain is located just nearby the sanatorium. The look if it is quite Sovietic. The view of fountain, as I see, is quite popular for representing Birstonas.

  • Church of St. Anthony Paduvian

    This Catholic church was built between 1903 – 1909. It was projected by famous neo gothic style architect Vaclovas Michnevicius. The main altar of the church is a home of copy of famous St. Mary painting. The original one is in Gates of Dawn, in Vilnius. Church is interesting due to its stained-glass, symbolising Cristianising of Lithuania and...

  • Monument for partisans

    Monument for partisans who fought against Soviet army soldiers was established in Jonas Basanavicius square. As Birstonas land is quite forested one, partisants had their hidden bunkers here, was fighting against Soviet politics. Actually intensive actions of partisans was one of the reasons why immigration of Russians was in smaller number than in...

  • Square of Jonas Basanavicius

    It is the central square of Birstonas resort. After First World War Lithuanian Red Cross not only took care of medical ecquipments and buildings for medical purpose, but also for a whole look of town. In year of 1939 the central square was formed with a monument for signatory of Lithuanian independence act Jonas Basanavicius. This personality is...

  • Vytautas park

    The park, named after the name of famous Lithuanian Grand Duke, was formed in 19th century. Later, in interwar period (1928 – 1935) it was redesigned. The main object in park probably is Grand Duke Vytautas sculpture. Duke is shown on the horse. It repeats the history – as known Vytautas was a visitor of Birstonas both for a war purposes and...

  • Mound of Vytautas

    This mound is one of the highest and widest in Lithuania. Here in 14th century wooden castle stood. Later it was used as a home to Lithuanian Dukes who visited Birstonas region for hunting purposes. The castle finally lost importance in 17th century, nowadays here is just a high hill, where you could see beautiful panorama of Birstonas and Nemunas...

  • Museum of sacral art

    The museum was established in year of 2000 in old parsonage nearby church of St. Anthony Paduvian. Museum represents the items used for religical purposes. Exhibition also presents life of the cardinal Vincentas Sladkevicius and martyt archibishop Teofilius Matulionis. That time, in September 2010, it was also available to see funny caricaturas...

  • Fountain in the park and other...

    Birstonas boasts a number of interesting sculptures, the earliest of which is the bust of Jonas Basanavicius, a Lithuanian patriarch, in the square named after him. It was erected in 1939 and remained there throughout the Soviet period. Not far from the church is the lovely statue of Martynas Mazvydas, a 16th century Lithuanian author, sculpted by...

  • The Hill of Songs

    The Hill of Songs is a collection of sculptures carved in wood illustrating Lithuanian folk songs. They were all created during the Symposium of the Baltic States held in Birstonas in 1998. Their authors are Lithuanian, Latvian and Polish artists. To understand the sculptures, you should first realize that for the Lithuanians a folk song is a form...

  • Vytautas the Great's Statue and Hill

    As you walk along the Neman embankment, you will see a statue of a knight on a horse done in pink granite. This is a monument to Vytautas the Great, the 14th/15th century Grand Duke of Lithuania. According to Birstonas Tourism Information Centre website, the statue was sculpted in 1998 by G. Jokubonis (Is his/her first name a secret, I wonder?). It...

  • Vytautas' Park

    Vytautas' Park occupies the old area of the resort and was landscaped in the 19th century. Its alleys all had their own names, like Birute's, Love, Dream, Birch or Conker Alleys. Their intersections were decorated with flower gardens. One of them named 'Calendar' had its flowers re-planted every day so as to form today's date. Park visitors could...

  • The mud treatment centre

    This house with the symbol of the Red Cross above its entrance is one of the most important buildings of Birstonas. Built in 1927 by the Red Cross, it became the first mud treatment centre in Lithuania. The peat for the healing mud was brought from Velniabludis peatbog. 'Tulpe' sanatorium, as it is called. still serves the same purpose nowadays....

  • The pump-room

    There are two pump-rooms in Birstonas and their website says you can drink water from them for free. But we had no such luck. This pump-room was simply locked with no excuses or explanations offered. There was no information on the opening hours either, not even in Lithuanian. Anyway, this particular spring was discovered in 1879 by the owner of...


Birstonas Restaurants

  • satara's Profile Photo

    Druskupis: Druskupis restaurant in Birstonas

    by satara Updated Jun 8, 2003

    I noticed this restaurant on my way to the Nemunas loops, looked like a decent place to eat and to stay overnight as it has hotel as well. For more information look at the website address.

    Druskupis restaurant
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Birstonas Transportation

  • Driving car

    Daytrip by car was taken partly using book of A. Semaska “Kelionės iš Vilniaus” (trips from Vilnius). At this trip several small towns were visited. The route was Vilnius – Vievis – Semeliskes – Aukstadvaris – Birstonas – Ziezmariai – Vilnius. It could be, of course, possible by bus too, but could take much more time. The length of route was...

  • How to get to Birstonas by public...

    We went to Birstonas by car, staying as we did in a Polish village near the Lithuanian border, but if you have to rely on public transport, you will have to take a bus to get there. The bus journey takes 2 hours from Vilnius but only 50 mins from Kaunas.Here is the address of the bus station at Birstonas: 2 Vaizganto St

  • Birstonas Hotels

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Birstonas Local Customs

  • International Jazz festival

    Lithuanians like Jazz. Basically there are 4 international Jazz festivals Kaunas Jazz, Vilnius Jazz, Klaipeda Jazz and Birstonas Jazz. They have very particular atmospheres, there're a lot of people prefering Birstonas Jazz festival. It takes place every second year , on even years (so the next one is 2006) on the last weekend of March. More info...

  • Lazy to tidy up? Don't move to live in...

    Sometimes I think that some Lithuanians are a bit lazy to tidy up and clean their living areas, so they tend to be similar to South Europeans like Italians and Greek. But people in Birstonas are the Number 1 clean people in the whole Lithuania. The whole area was well arranged, the grass on the lawns mown, benches near the Nemunas river not broken...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Birstonas Warnings and Dangers

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    Look after your kids

    by satara Updated Jun 8, 2003

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    Look after your kids because not all are born to be sailors. In Birstonas there are millions of chances to escape to the river and look at the motor boats racing. It can be a big lure especially that other kids who practice motor boat racing are showing various tricks on the water.

    Kids on the Nemunas in Birstonas

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Birstonas Off The Beaten Path

  • Jieznas – small town with beautiful...

    Jieznas first time was mentioned in 1492. Here was a palace of famous Pacai family (nowadays just some buildings, not looking as palace left).Jieznas is most known for its beautiful baroque church, construction of it was funded by Pacai. Churcf of St. Archangel Michael and John was built in 1670. Interior is beautifully decorated, here is one...

  • Prienai – former rival of Birstonas

    Prienai got more significance than Birstonas in 17th century. Place got Magdeburg right in 1609. In 1785 the paper factory was established, it was one of the biggest in Lithuania. Town is interesting for its big wooden church, monument for Great Duke Kestutis, Freedom square, former buildings of water mill and paper factory. All significant...

  • Nemajunai – great wooden church

    Village of Nemajunai is known from 14th century. Most people here belonged to forest-workers. In 19th century place is already mentioned as contraband place – Nemunas river was a border with Prussia. Nemajunai is known for great looking wooden churchof Sts Peter and Paul, constructed in 1877, in neo gothic style. Especially nice are two towers of...


Birstonas Sports & Outdoors

  • Skiing

    Winter is generous with snow in Lithuania, but nature wasn't generous with mountains. don't expect the Alps , but we do have hills! Consequently, we have few skiing trails. Two of them are ready in Birstonas (160 and 300 meters long) with an "elevator" that brings you to the top. You can also do some normal skiing in the forests and close to the...

  • Yacht club and water scooters

    Birstonas has the most popular yacht-club and training spot for various water sports like kayaking, canoeing, scooter racing etc. The day I was there I could see children getting ready for the motor-boats race the next day which was dedicated to Birstonas Days Festival on June 5-8, 2003.

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Birstonas Favorites

  • The Neman in all its glory!

    We were too hot and lazy on that summer day to climb the many steps up Vytautas' Hill in Birstonas to get a better view of the Neman. We had some doubts whether we would see much anyway as there were some trees and shrubbery at the top which might have obscured the view completely. But this time our laziness was rewarded. Not long after we drove...

  • Children's wall paintings in the park

    I don't generally like graffiti. They deface the walls of houses of so many cities and removing them repeatedly is not only tedious but also very expensive. It would be best if any compulsive painters who want to find an audience for their art or 'art' were provided with special walls where they could enjoy painting or just daubing things with...

  • Water scenery

    I love sea, rivers and lakes, but I am afraid of water. I love to look at the boats, ships, but I never sailed myself (because I'm afraid of water and swim like a hammer straight to the bottom). So in Birstonas I could practice my favorite thing about water - looking at it and listening to the stories it tells!...


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