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    by Aspati

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  • Cars, bikes, staff in cars

    by spe Updated May 22, 2009

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    Be aware, that cars with foreign registration plates attract more attention of thieves of all kinds. So it is better have the car equipped with the alarm system and proper insurance. It is also better not to live any staff in the car visible from the outside. If you don't want to carry packets or handbags with you better to put them in the trunk. If you didn't, be prepared to find your car's side glass broken, and staff stolen. That may happen anywhere, but usually on small and quiet side streets, in the evening risk is increased. Such things more common in summertime, when tourists are coming here, some cases look even absurd, when car glass broken for simple perfume or toilet water flask left in car in visible place
    Bikes NEVER should be left without attendance in public places, somebody always should look after them. To some extent this concern motorbikes as well, because they are easy ones to steal (nobody will bother with alarm they just load your bike in a lorry and drive away, to deal with your alarm in some quiet place) so for the nighttime it is better to leave motorbikes at some guarded parking.
    In case of burglary call police, phone no. 02

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  • General safety so far

    by spe Written May 23, 2008

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    Here I will try to describe more or less common dangers for the tourists in Klaiped (besides of those are in my previous tip):
    1) Dangerous districts: There is no particullary more dangerous disticts in Klaipeda, at least to the same extent as in US or even some european cities, probability to get robbed or assaulted is almost the same in all town with minor deviation, usually such things happens when it' dark. Usually as more dangerous mentioned following districts Fish port (so called Rybportas), "new" district in the southerm part of the city , to some extent districts of condos nearby the Taikos prospect. That's because of that, that people leaving there are belong to the various social groups without strict stratification by district. Also the parks and Summer estrade maybe dangerous in nighttime beacuse of youngsters who came there to drink or even drug themselves. Be cautios nearby the night clubs, most renowed for the frequency of appearance in police reports currently is "California" but the others also not far from it.
    In summer Melrage and Giruliai disctricts and beaches become less safe due to the huge amount of people coming there.
    2) Transport: Buses -unfortunately besides of possibility to be insulted buy some rude ticket control officers other dangers are sometimes occur, bus driver maybe even drunk some times ( at least two such cases reported recently), or again aggressive youngsters may try to make their day on you or on the bus.
    Minibuses - more or less convinient mode of transport but your ears maybe punished sometimes with the music you don't want to hear from drivers radio ;)
    Taxies - always check the figures on the taxometer, and better to take taxies of bigger companies preferrably to make order by the phone.
    Traffic - take care because of cars not always intending to stop on the pedestrian crossings, when you stepping on it.
    3) People: Better not to go in contact with gipsies who usually maybe found in Fish port district, nearby the both markets ( New and Old) the sometimes involved in various criminal activities like pickpocketing, drug smuggling etc. Avoid groups of youth drinking alcohol or looking like under some influence of it, especially the sporty ones , as they as in the rest of the other world somewhat inpredictable in their actions. Try not to use the paid love ;) as possibility to be robbed in process or get into police raid is present, as well be cautios with your new "friends" met in bars and night clubs.
    4) Money - try not to show big amounts of money in publics. Skimming not so widely spread in Lithuania, but some cases were reported, so take care when you getting money from ATMs, for that reason is better to use ATMs placed inside the buildings, preferrably banks.
    5) Food - more or less safe, so you probably wouldn't be got to hospital or spending time on the WC on most occasions but it is better not to eat at certain places if you not sure in strenghth of your stomachs ;) - mostly that't the food sold by street retailers on the markets and beaches.
    Lithuanian national food also may cause some problem for digestion, because some courses are quite heavy with fat (like traditional cepelinai), besides the other things, if you want to try "vedarai" ( potato sausage baked in oven) please be aware of that, that this dish usually have a hint of pig muck in it's flavour ;) sometimes more, sometimes less but almost in all cases. But for my opinion vedarai is tasty despite of this small piquancy.

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  • aterola's Profile Photo

    hotels booking

    by aterola Written Feb 27, 2006

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    If you plan visit to Klaipeda in the end of July, book hotel very early, because all acomodation is booked for Sea Festival. When there is festival you can check on www.jurossvente.lt . There is same bad situation with hotels the first weekend of June, when Jazz festival takes place.

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    Taxis take more sometimes

    by Aspati Written Mar 14, 2005

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    Be carefull with taxis. There are some private ones that are very expensive. Usually it cost 2 Lt/km when normaly it is just around 1 Lt/km. Taxi drivers usually goes shortest way butsometimes they change calculator and it counts higher price. to go through all cuity don't pay more than 20 LT. From bus station to Int. ferry terminal cost only 16 Lt so don't pay more. better ask how much it will be before you will get into the car and as well ask for a price for 1 km.

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    Dodgy Locals

    by bkjohnstone Written Sep 20, 2003

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    Just be extremely careful who you have a drink with or become friends with whilst out on the town, whether they be boys or girls! I had my own frightening experience and so did another guy from the hostel on the same night! So be warned, just be careful.

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