Lithuania Local Customs

  • Svyturys from Klaipeda
    Svyturys from Klaipeda
  • Local Customs
    by globetrott
  • Local Customs
    by globetrott

Lithuania Local Customs

  • Sauna - Pirtis

    We have a habit to rent a sauna time by time.... Sauna in Lithuania mainly means having group of friends who wish to have a beer and fun away from home. We have many Pirtis arround each city, we just book for a certain weekend. We take ourselves beer, snacks, towels and we spend all evening bathing and drinking, sometimes even dancing, etc......

  • "Are you sure you don't want to go...

    A baffling curiosity of road signage in Lithuania was the habit of displaying signs for the town from which you had just departed for many kilometres after you had left the town (and then providing a slip road to allow you to make the U turn).We have never seen similar signs elsewhere in the world and were rather baffled by why there would be a...

  • Country of Hospitalityclub ;)

    It is the real country of hospitalityclub organisation! I have got to know it quite recently, when I joined this internet club as well - I saw how much members Lithuania has and that I even meet some in Vilnius by accident :)Watch about this club in The essence of club is intercultural exchange made by meeting...

  • Literature and songs

    Most of literature and songs was strongly associated with nature of living place.Songs tell us about blue rivers, lakes, green forests and swamps.Literature mostly talks about the life of people in the same nature.

  • Wood carving

    Especially village people in Lithuania really like carving from wood. The most spread tradition is to carve crosses. In old time a wooden cross in a yard had meant what son of family is a priest.In todays live people place crosses in little villages or just in private territory. Picture shows old carved cross in little village in Kurkliskes,...

  • Basketball like second religion

    I can't really agree what basketball for Lithuanians like culture. But we call this game "second religion of Lithuania". There were formed such teams like Zalgiris, Lietuvos Rytas. Zalgiris had won 1998 Euroleague Cup, Lietuvos Rytas is always showing a good paricipations in other competitions.Have you remembered when Lithuanian National Basketball...

  • Padlocks-a guarantee of eternal love

    In many places by the rivers you can see locked padlocks. Young people very often lock padlocks and throw keys to the river as a symbol of their love for ever.

  • Wedding vehicles

    Summer is said to be the traditional time for weddings, so we met a lot of newly married young people. And their cars... :-)

  • Careful how you handle empty bottles...

    Luckily i was in the company of family and their friends when this happened so i avoided offending anyone.... however i did raise a rather stern look from a close friend of my Girlfriend.Here is the tip.... When dining, or sharing a table socially, if you are pouring a drink of (EG.) Vodka and you finish the bottle, the bottle then moves directly...

  • Lithuanian Crosses

    In most of cultures the cross is a very important symbol. Lithuania is no exception . But our traditional crosses are. That's why traditional Lithuanian cross making art is the heritage protected by UNESCO. Although we, Lithuanians, are mostly christians now, we were the last pagans of Europe. And we still have saved a lot from those times.It's...

  • Lend me your ear, please!

    Pigs' ears are obviously part of the common Lithuanian diet (and not only there since the picture was taken in Riga, Latvia). I had some in Vilnius - and they tasted, well, like ears...Not too bad but also nothing I missed when I was back home. Great to impress your friends, though, with how far you go to adapt to the local customs :-)

  • Suggested Souvenirs

    You can't visit Lithuania and not bring back some gintaras, or amber. This fossilized tree sap has adorned thrones of kings and tombs of pharaohs for thousands of years. You can find amber with insects inside, though this type of amber is relatively rare and more expensive if you do find it. Amber jewelry, from bracelets to watches, are among...

  • A different way of going out for a drink

    When going out for a few drinks with friends many Lithuanians, especially youths, don’t go to bars or clubs. Instead, they pick up a few drinks in the liquor store and find themselves a nice bench on a hill, in a park, on the beach or wherever and enjoy a few drinks and laughs. I guess it’s a lot cheaper but I also think their evening is quite...

  • 'Uzupys'-The Most Artistic Part Of...

    'Uzupys' is very old & interesting part of vilnius old town. there are a lot of artists living here & much more art students dreaming one day to live here as well:) ( it is one of the most place in Vilnius for buying a flat or house.Wonderful architecture (one of the best places for the photograps to take black & white pics:)....artistic...

  • Drinking Liquor

    While in Lithuania be sure to try some of their popular alcoholic drinks:1- Beer Beer is like football to them, Everyone has a favorite that they worship. Some of the favorite brands include Svyturys (Kalnapalis Region), Utenos (Utena Region), and Kalnapalis. I personally reccomend the Utenos Porteris which is a smooth dark Porter. Also any "Strong...

  • While in Lithuania from food you must...

    I oblige you to ;-)black bread, curd cheese with natural lincquid honey, fresh strawberries from the local market, black baked bread with garlic and cold good lithuanian beer, saltibarksciai - cold beet soup, one of the following: kugelis/plokstainis, cepelinai/didzkukuliai, at the seaside - fresh smoked fish. In winter additional things:...

  • neither now nor before II World War

    Lithuanians used to smile spontaniously when beeing photographing. My grandfather, considering its duty to stay SERIOUS in the memory of his descendants, did not use smiling either. Although Lithuanians are quite warm people...By the way, for everyone who is interested in antrophology, I can say, that the picture in left shows typical Lithuanian...

  • POLITICS – tricky thing...

    POLITICS – tricky thing. You can look very nice until you get in it. Later all your sins will be scrutinised by the journalists – the third authority in Lithuania. The faces of politicians you can see in the picture are loved and hated in Lithuania:Brazauskas, our former President and the present Prime Minister. Real political disnosaur. He...

  • Watch the details

    Perhaps you don’t want a cultural journey, but in Lithuania watch the traditional wood houses and its details; they show part of the real identity of this people.

  • Lithuanian language

    Lithuanian and Latvian are two Indo-european languages of the Baltic group. They are related to each other, but have nothing in common with Estonian, which belongs to the same family than Finnish.However, Latvian and Lithuanian are rather dissimilar and not mutually understandable. Lithuanian looks like a very complicated language but it has a...

  • Lithuanian people

    Lithuania is the most ethnically uniform of the three Baltic republics. 80 % of the population is ethnically Lithuanian and the rest are slaves (Poles, Russians, Ukrainians and White-russians). There are small minorities of Germans and Judes. Vilnius is certainly the most heterogeneous and multicultural place in all Lithuania, although it lost the...

  • The Gold of the North

    Amber is probably the most attractive tourist souvenir in Lithuania. It originally is fossilized pine tree sap. Amber is attractive as jewellery because of its light yellow color. In Lithuania you can buy it quite cheaply. If you just want to see how it is used in jewellery or to see some prehistoric insects in amber I recommend to visit the...

  • The money system

    Take dollars and exchange at the airport in VNO (Vilnius). LITAS is the proper name for their money. But I think soon they will be using he Euro-dollars.

  • Tranquility and tolerance

    Lithuanians are generally very calm (especially for people from southern Europe), there are no such things (and they never happened) as bloody demonstrations in which demonstrants burns cars or breaks glasses. There are no riots after football or basketball matches either ussually. Traffic also couldn't be compared with one of states in southern...

  • Generosity for guests

    Unlike some other western countries, in Lithuania if you'll be invited to home, you will get many meals and drinks there and if you won't eat or drink it might be though that those meals/drinks were bad. Ussually, hosts will try to keep you at home every time you will try to leave. This is especially true in small towns and villages.

  • Religion

    Lithuanian religion is Roman Catholicism, and it is the most religious former-Soviet country. Churhc has quite much importance, holidays like christmas or easter are very celebrated. In Vilnius old city there is no open place from which you couldn't see at least one church spire.

  • Lithuanian Gold- Amber

    One of the most comon Lithuanian suvenier is amber.not just amber but so many things made of find more pictures & info please visit these pages--->

  • Easter eggs

    One my friend, who lives in 1000 km from Vilnius tried to prove me that our grannies paint Easter eggs using template! What an insult!It’s really difficult to decorate an egg as in the picture right and not every granny will do it. If she can do it, we start calling her a master. The shell is carved with razor creating various Lithuanian symbols of...

  • Get beaten with juniper branches

    Wet saunas are very popular in Lithuania, especially handmade ones in "Sodyba," something Americans would call country homes. These differ from dry or Scandinavian saunas in that they are normally made of wood, and water is poured on heated rocks to create a sweating effect.One very healthy practice in these saunas is taking young juniper branches,...

  • Basic words in lithuanian language

    Here are some basic words in Lithuanian. Yes = Taip No = Ne Thank you = Aciu Thank you very much = Labai aciu Excuse me = Atsiprasau Hello = Labas Goodbye = Viso gero So long = Iki Good morning = Labas rytas Good afternoon = Laba diena Good evening = Labas vakaras Do you speak ... = Ar jus kalbate English = angliskai French = prancuziskai German =...

  • Kaziukas Market

    7 weeks before Easter, in Lithuania, especcialy in Vilnius, we have Kaziukas Market. There you can find folk art : nice wooden flowers, basketry, etc.The festival lasts all the weekend, even more. There are a lot of musicions in the streets, and all oldtown is intended to this fetival !!


    Not restaurant - Try Lithuanian BEER !! We have a lot of kind, but i offer to try SVYTURIO EKSTRA !! Is is bear, made in Klaipeda, and because of this the seaside is called land of Svyturys !


    Try lithuanian kind of alcoholic drink 'BOBELINE'. Is is quite strong drink with taste of cranberry, but it is really good, if you here in winter, and it is cold ! So with Bobeline you will not freeze !!


    If you see two Lithuanians singing, do not ask them what a song is this. They just talk:). Lithuanian language is very melodious.While other Indo-European languages underwent rapid transformations, the languages in the Baltic branch, and Lithuanian in particular, remained relatively unchanged. Out of all of the living Indo-European languages, it...


    AUTUMN-TIME FOR WEDDINGS!!! But everybody prefers doing it in summer.Weddings are a very important cultural tip because they indicate prolongation of family line and consequently - survival of the nation. Therefore weddings in Lithuania is not a business of two people. It is a duty of two families and a feast for all relatives, friends, neighbours,...

  • If you want to be respected...

    If you want to be respected by should be a “serious man” because in Lithuanian society the highest praise you can give someone was traditionally: 'He or she is a serious person' (rimtas zmogus). It means a lot of things. The word rimtas (it's related to ramus = calm, peaceful) suggests a whole host of positive attributes in the...


    Even though Lithuania is a small country, it is traditionally divided into four main ethnic regions. These divisions are based on dialects, traditions and other cultural elements: Aukstaitija (east), Zemaitija (west), Dzukija (southeast) and Suvalkija (southwest). People in these regions are different too. Dzukija people are sincere, sensitive,...

  • Learn few phrases in...

    Learn few phrases in Lithuanian - that will open the hearts of people. Just remember:Labas rytas - Good morning Laba diena - Good day Labas vakaras - good evening Aciu (pronounced: Achiu) - Thank you Prasom (pron: prashom) - please, here you are Ar kalbate angliskai? - Do you speak English?

  • We went one day to go buy some...

    We went one day to go buy some religious icons. The vendor, after bringing us into his house, offered my father, who was doing the deal, some vodka, as is customary to do: sit and have a drink with your business acquaintence. They sat and chatted and drank, and eventually got around to doing the deal. But it is customary to invite someone to drink,...

  • Lithuanian language is the...

    Lithuanian language is the oldest Indoeuropianian language. That is why it is very similar to sanscrit used by Arians in India before Crist. Old LIthuanian people are very religious Catholics. I guees it happened because of the occupation of Russia. In that times there was noone who could help to survive except God. In Lithuania there is a Hill of...

  • I hope you know - eggs...

    I hope you know - eggs painting during Easter ! We have also very popular game - eggs rolling ! We use special small trough ,and let the eggs go down by it.. The king or queen of eggs becomes person who have the biggest amount of eggs !!

  • Here are some basic words and...

    Here are some basic words and expressions you should know when going there :No = Ne Thank you = Ac^iu~; De'koju Please = Pras^auHello = Sveiki; LabasGoodbye = Viso gero Good morning = Labas rytas Good afternoon = Laba diena Good evening = Labas vakaras Good night = Labos nakties; Labanakt

  • At first contact Lithuanians...

    At first contact Lithuanians are generally very serious and may seem pessimistic. They have been through a lot, and continue to have a rough time with low wages, high unemployment and almost nonexistent pensions. Give money to the old women begging in the streets - some are alcoholics but many are not, and they genuinely need help.For all the...

  • Lithuanians celebrate...

    Lithuanians celebrate namedays, don't forget to greet your friends on their nameday. Meals: breakfast early in the morning - a light meal, lunch - the main meal around 1-3 pm, dinner after work, 6-8 pm. If you're coming to relatives they will expect lauktuves it's from the word 'to wait' (laukti) - that is you brining some things as a small...

  • road sign... sometimes they...

    road sign... sometimes they only tells you that you can go left or right, not where you're going turning left or right..... Roads are in good condition with police checking your speed :-)It seems normal green (I mean the insurance) card is not valid in lithuania. check it before you leave.


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