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  • Merkine
    by CatherineReichardt
  • Spring water ;daylighting
    Spring water ;daylighting
    by CatherineReichardt
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Merkine Things to Do

  • Church of St. Mary assumption

    The church of St. Mary Assumption was built in 1648. Actually it got its shape so years earlier, as it is gothic and baroque in style. The church has quite massime entrance-gates. On the left side wall, walking from former town hall square, you could see a cannon ball left. It is a sign from 17th century, war with Sweden.

  • Small hill of crosses

    The real one, big one Hill of Crosses is located near Siauliai, but Merkine has its own small hill of cross.The first crosses appeared here after Second World War, when resistance of Lithuanian people started (because of Soviet occupation). Crosses were built to remember these who died for resistence. Time by time more crosses appeared here....

  • Monument of Petras Cvirka

    Monument for Petras Cvirka (from 1994) stands just nearby the school of the name of the same prosaist. Petras Cvirka got populariy after writing stories, based on folklore. In his books you could find mystical stories how one of another mound or lake appeared, stories about giants (big people), living long long time ago and defending their land.He...


Merkine Off The Beaten Path

  • Appreciate the tranquility of the 'Ula...

    One hears a lot about springs, but one seldom gets the chance to see one in real life, as they are usually located in inaccessible places. However, springs abound in the wetlands of the Dzukija National Park in South East Lithuania and one or two of them are easily accessible on foot.The most famous spring in this region is the 'Ula Eye' which we...

  • Observe the gentle pace of village life

    Southern Lithuania is lovely in the early summer: the sort of place best enjoyed when you drive around without a particular destination in mind at a fraction of the speed that you're used to in your daily life.The landscape is rural and feels timeless - a region where the term 'horsepower' might quite literally mean that. Fields are still bordered...

  • Look for carved wooden votive posts

    I am fascinated when folk art is a visible part of a cultural landscape, and so one of the highlights of touring around Lithuania for me was the strong woodcarving tradition. At the entrance to virtually every village in Southern Lithuania, there are beautifully carved wooden crosses or votive poles, which are symbols of religious devotion, but, I...


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