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Rudamina Transportation

  • Where is Rudamina?

    I drove to Rudamina by my car from Poland via Budzisko - Kalvarija border crossing point. Rudamina is located in southern Lithuania, very close to border of Poland, along the highway 134 Kalvarija - Lazdijai.Rudamina is accessible by scheduled buses from Kalvarija, Lazdijai and Sestokai as well. Kalvarija and Sestokai were accesible by trains....

  • Driving around - orientation

    Rudamina was located mostly on the southern side of highway 134 Kalvarija - Lazdijai, I drove. First I noticed tops of Rudamina parish church towers among trees on the right and I turned right and parked my car just by the parish church.Then I drove back to the highway 134 and maybe 100 m back towards Kalvarija where I noticed this sign on my...

  • Walking around

    Look at the village, its houses and farmlands from a hill where a parish church stood (on my picture) or take a walk to take closer look. While walking don't be surpriced to see locals gaping at you. Well, they don't have many (any) visitors especially from abroad and to see the two (one with well seen camera) walking around (what for?) had to be...


Rudamina Local Customs

  • National bird of Lithuania?

    I met many, even very many white storks both in Lithuania and in north-eastern Poland. This one on my picture put up a nest on the top of a house along the road from Rudamina to Lazdijai. There were many stork's nests located on a top of phone or electrical posts as well. In winter you can meet my white stork in... Tunisia. The most unique place...

  • Lofty monuments

    Look at this column, topped by an angel statue, put among beautiful coniferous trees by Rudamina parish church. It was a monument to Lithuanian priest and fighter for Lithuanian independence Antanas Milukas (1871 - 1943). There were quite many such wooden and lofty columns with a sculpture or a statue put on a top around Lithuania. They were put to...

  • Greenhouses or rather plastic tunnels

    There were quite many small greenhouses located by local houses in Rudaminy. Usually they looked similar to that one on my picture. They were not fit with glass but with plastic foil which created more a kind of a plastic tunnel than a greenhouse.As I know the only quasi-private and relatively effective agriculture allowed in the former Soviet...


Rudamina Warnings and Dangers

  • Only in Lithuanian

    There was no tourist information in and on Rudamina. There were inscriptions on a few graves and monuments located around parish church but exclusively in Lithuanian. I couldn't understand them.There was written something on this wooden statue of Jesus Christ, which stood somewhere along main highway 134, but I could only understand... 1944 - 1954....

  • Do you know Latin?

    Well, except no information and some information given in Lithuanian I found this commemorative plaque fixed to a wall of Rudamina parish church by it's northern door. It was written in Latin, language widely used esp. by clergy in this area in the past. Now? Latin is used only in medicine and still in church but not that widely.The Latin...

  • No information - am I the first :-)

    The only tourist information I could find in Rudamina was included on that information plaque on my picture which was fixed to a wall of a parish church.There were plaques similar in style and shortage of information limited to Lithuanian language, fixed on a wall of most churches around Lithuania.Rudamina was not mentioned in my travel books to...


Rudamina Tourist Traps

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    I didn't know... :-)

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    I didn't visit probably the only point of tourist interest in Rudamina, maybe except a parish church and graves around. Well, I was very close, a few hundreds meters only. But... there was no information neither at place nor in my travel books.

    Later on I found very short information on that place in the net : there were archeological excavations from late Roman mound in a village Urdomin (former, Polish name of Rudamina).
    The archaeological remains were located at Rudamina Hill (on my picture). This area was inhabited as early as the first century AD, almost 2,000 years ago!

    Unique Suggestions: Well, maybe the place was not that much interesting. I did find a few other small things around which attracted me.

    Fun Alternatives: Wait till they improve, add more info in travel books on Lithuania. Radumina was not mentioned in my travel books.
    Plan your trip to Lithuania place by place and look for information on each place in the net in advance.
    Ask locals if you know... Lithuanian language (sometimes Polish or Russian).

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Rudamina Off The Beaten Path

  • Manor house and... Spain

    This manor house on my picture stood opposite to a church and was proudly called Rudamina Palace by natives. Well, it was the only edifice in the village which was renovated, clean and surrounded by mown grass. It was built at the end of 18th century. I have no idea who lived there but I can say that there were and still are many, very many similar...

  • Along a road to Lazdijai

    I found this wooden cottage on the right (southern) side of highway 134 from Rudamina to Lazdijai. Notice stork nest with white stork on its top, a mess around and wild, high, unmown grass.Welcome to Lithuanian countryside :-).

  • Off the beaten path

    From the main highway 134 I turned southwards to main, asphalt street of Radumina and after maybe 1 km the asphalt pavement ended. Unpaved road to a village called Zimaitkiemis started there. Well, the village was accessible by paved road from nearby town of Lazdijai. But some (very few) villages in this area of Lithuania were accessible...


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