Lithuania Tourist Traps

  • View of TV tower
    View of TV tower
    by kulmalukko
  • TV tower of Vilnius
    TV tower of Vilnius
    by kulmalukko
  • UGLY :-(((
    UGLY :-(((
    by matcrazy1

Lithuania Tourist Traps

  • Ridiculous questions and answers

    The most ridiculous question is: where are Lithuania?A lot of people from foreign countries don't know about it. Sometimes they ask: "What is mean Lithuania?"When one my friend have been in France, he asked passer-by: "Where are Lithuania".Passer-by smiled and said: "Somethere in Africa".Bad knowledge in geography can cause smiling, due to this I...

  • English will not help you!

    In many places- even in Vilnius speaking English will not help you. Not many people speak English, and in many museums (especially outside Vilnius) the information is only in Lithuanian so you can only WATCH the exhibits.

  • Europa Park - a major ripoff

    At almost 20 Litas per person, we considered it a major rip-off for an open air sculpture exhibition. Driving from "Centre of Europe" to "Europe Park" is a nightmare as the road is in very poor condition and the directions are very poorly marked.Definitely not recommended at this price. There's even extra charge for car parking (unguarded)...


    Since high antiquity Lithuania is called 'The Land of Amber'. In ancient times amber was worth its weight in gold, and special caravans were carrying amber to Rome from the Baltic region.There are two serious hypothesis how amber appeared in the Baltic sea: 1st - Perkunas (King of Thunder) destroyed Amber Palace of Jurate (Princess of the Sea)...


    There are more than 100 000 crosses on the hill. You can only add your cross but not to take one for the memmory:)HILL OF CROSSES - the place important to every Lithuanian. It is a spontaneous, slightly primitive creativeness, expressing the mysteries of our legends, traditions and pre-Christian symbols. The Hill of Crosses is a Lithuanian Golgota....

  • The centre of Europe

    No matter how hard they insist, I cannot help to think of the countries that used to be behind the iron curtain as East. Not to mention the former Soviet Union!! After all, I grew up in the cold war era and these mind sttings are difficult to change at my age...And now, the French Geographical Institute comes and says that the geographical centre...

  • Lithuanian Currancy

    soon will be more info:) Local CurrencyLithuanian litas (Lt) come in denominations of 10Lt, 20Lt, 50Lt, 100Lt, 200Lt and 500Lt notes; 1, 2 and 5 litas coins, plus a number of weightless centai that are worth very little and generally annoy.Since 1994 the litas has been pegged to the US$ at a rate of 4Lt to US$1. In line with Lithuania's...

  • Some Useful Words in Lithuanian Language

    OPEN - dirba / atidarytaCLOSED - nedirba / uzdaryta ROUND THE CLOCK - visa paraLOUNCHBREAK - pietu pertraukaGROCERIES - maisto prekesSTOREPHARMACY - parduotuveCAFE - kavineSNACKBAR - uzkandineCANTEEN - valgyklaHOTEL -viesbutisCURRENCY EXCHANGE - valiutos keityklaHAIRDRESSER/BARBER - kirpyklaPRESS -spaudaREPAIR - taisyklaNEWSPAPER - laikrastisTICKET...

  • Be careful with Bielarus and Russia...

    If you are a western person and are travelling in Lithuania by train or bus, be careful with the route. There are a lot of passenger transports that its routes cross the Belarus or Russian territory. For these cases you NEED A VISA just for the country you are crossing the territory, if not, you would get problems. Most of people in Lithuania...

  • Telling Fake Amber

    There are a couple of tricks I've learned over the years to tell fake amber. Amber can come in several different colors, ranging from amber-colored, to white and green. It all depends on the conditions under which it petrified (amber is petrified pre-historic tree sap). I believe the green kind is the rarest.The most common and easiest to fake is...

  • GRUTAS park. A park, dedicated...

    GRUTAS park. A park, dedicated to Soviet time sculptures, there you can find Lenin, Stalin, Dzerzinski and some other russian and lithunian famous people. These sculptures were moved from places they stayed after the Lithuania became free were and started to destroy. One man took them all to one place, to the park. This park is near Druskininkai,...

  • Trakai

    With mould and lichen overgrown,Behold, revered Trakai!Its great lords lie in graves unknown,The castle though stands highYet from time’s fury unprotected The walls are crumbling, long neglected. This poem was written in the XIX century. The castle was restored and today it houses the Museum of Ethnography. You can visit it. A rich museum is...

  • Taxis are very cheap...if you...

    Taxis are very cheap...if you do not take a taxi! I mean, in front of a taxi station, it is worthwhile to enter a bar ('kavine') have a drink and ask the attendant to call a taxi. That's the way it works and the call is free. Then you are sure to have the counter working and no surprise. Be aware that 5 Litas (1,25 USD) is anyway the compulsory...

  • For a rest with noise,...

    For a rest with noise, volleyball, beaches, biking, pine woods, bars, discos, fun, beautiful botanical park and amber museum housing the biggest collection of incluses, my favorite seaside resort - Palanga. (check travelogue)Seaside: Palanga, Sventoji (similar to Palanga, just considered to be 'calmer ' place , but recently is catching up with...

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