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Trakai Things to Do

  • The Castle

    The castle is one of the main attractions at Trakai. You approach it through the town, and then by crossing 2 footbridges with a small island in between them.The castle’s construction began in the 14th century, and it was of major strategic importance to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.Skipping a few centuries, it started to fall into disrepair in the...

  • Lakeside walks

    You'll find paths all around the shore of the lake. I believe you can walk all the way around (10km, I think) but I haven't done it. I was thinking of it the last time I was there, but I was tired already and it was quite warm.Maybe next time.Even just walking the paths relatively close to the castle is a real pleasure. Mind you, I was there on a...

  • What is that over there?-Uzutrkis Manor

    Uzutrakis manor is a beautiful white house being renovated but the building and front garden renovations see to have already been done. It was created by by Warsaw-Juzef during 1896-1902.Its a French style of Manor. This is a must place when you are in Trakai.

  • Swimming in Trakai Lake

    You find many beaches on Trakai lake. They are mainly small ones. A couple can find their private corner, too. The water is clean and transparent. Enjoy!

  • White manor on the lake

    Užutrakis manor and park are situated in Trakai historical national park.Užutrakis manor was created upon the initiative of Juozapas Tiškevièius. Joseph Hus was the architect of the manor house. The park was laid out by a famous French landscape architect Edoard Francois Andre.The neo-Renaissance palace was built in 1896-1901.

  • Valve lake boat trip

    Highly recommended is the boat trip on the lake. Cost was 25lt for 45 minutes and it was worth every Lt. You get to see the island castle from all sides plus all the other things that the lake has to offer.


Trakai Hotels

See all 4 Hotels in Trakai
  • Apvalaus Stalo Klubas

    Karaimu 53 A., Trakai, LT 21104, Lithuania

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Margis

    Penkininku k., Trakai, 21103, Lithuania

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Salos

    Kranto g.5b, Trakai, 21105, Lithuania

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Trakai Restaurants

  • Karaim food

    When in Trakai trying the local (as in Karaim) food is almost compulsory.They have other offerings, but kybyn are the best known.They're like the Cornish pasties we get in the UK, but smaller. A variety of fillings are available. I chose one cabbage (€1.70) and one with cheese & spinach (€2).Both delicious.Although to early for me to be hitting the...

  • Kibinine

    Restaurant called Kibinine by Karaits national food - kibinai. Karaites went to Lithuania in 14 - 15th century to be a part of Lithuanian army. They mostly create his culture in Trakai and Vinius. Some Karaits work in this restaurant. Restaurant's interior looks great: wooden construction, nice attending. Especially memorized was a view to Lake...

  • Karaims and their... Turkish food

    After a 2-3 hours visit to the Trakai castle I started to look for a restaurant for late lunch or early dinner :-). I was looking for a restaurant with tables outside, a nice view over Galve lake (with the castle on an island), good atmosphere and surely Karaims food. First I thought over a restaurant located next to my parking lot but it was...


Trakai Transportation

  • public transport

    Most people will drive to Trakai from the city (25-30 minutes). You can take the train as well (35-40 minutes). It's a slow, local service with 3rd class only (but that's perfectly comfortable - see photo) but it only costs €1.68. The service runs avery hour for much of the day, but there's a big gap between trains mid-afternoon. I guess most...

  • By bus from Vilnus to Trakai

    Frequent buses from the Vilnus bus terminal to Trakai, Lt 4,40 take 1 hour 20 minutes and drave you mad by their snails pace, also frequent minibuses, Lt 6, take half the time but (at least on sundays) fill up very fast.In both cases you have to walk about 2 km to the island castle. There might be also a city bus, but no timetable. At the bus...

  • Bus, train, car.

    If to look for public transportation, the best way to reach Trakai from Vilnius is a frequent bus. It is taking you to Trakai bus station; it is about 2 kilometers away from Trakai island castle. If you take train, it is not so frequent schedule public transportation, and you have to walk about 3 kilometers to castle.Also, as always, it is possible...


Trakai Shopping

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  • Basketball and gifts

    This figure of basketball player, on my picture, was sold from street stalls, put one by one, along southern bank of Galve Lake, just north of the wooden bridge to the island castle.I saw a lot of gifts and souvenirs referred to basketball sold in Trakai and generally in Lithuania. Locals were proud of great succeses of Lithuanian basketball....

  • Souvenirs, amber...

    This store/shop was placed in typical Trakai wooden house and offered various gifts, souvenirs and local craft like: wooden figures/statues, mugs and bells, ceramic plates and pots, Lithuanian witches riding a broom, rag dolls etc. Add quite good choice of amber jewelry from simple bracelets to necklaces to amber fixed with silver and amber stones...

  • Funny T-shirts

    This T-shirt, on my picture, and many others, were sold from street stalls, put one by one, along southern bank of Galve Lake, just north of the wooden bridge to the island castle. T-shirts. There was written: "Lithuania. Hmm... but where is it" on this one, on my picture. I could see them in many gift stores in Lithuania. Tourist price (high as...


Trakai Local Customs

  • Basketball + beer = friendship

    I saw a lot of gifts and souvenirs referred to basketball sold in Trakai and generally in Lithuania. There were T-shirts with Lithuanian basketball players, with beer mug and inscription: "Vilnius = friends forever".Well, my recommendation, is to get to know more about Lithuanian basketball (follow the link below), before you go to Lithuania....

  • Karaims - Visit here!

    Kinesa - Karaims, a minority religious group, worships here. The origin of the minority group seems to open to different interpretations, so I recommend viewers of this tip to open "Karaims in Trakai in Lithuania" site.Direction: go on the main road 2-3 minutes from Trakai castle toward the city center. on your right side: Address: Karaimu 30.

  • Kibinas

    Local delicacy, a pasty filled with meat. Very tasty, goes very well with a beer. All restaurants in town sell them.


Trakai Warnings and Dangers

  • Frozen lake

    Trakai Castle looks wonderful not only in summer, but in winter as well. The whole lake all around is covered by ice. So, you can walk straight to the castle on it. Just be sure, that ice isn't thick... lol... That would be an extreme then...;-)

  • Just in case you drive...

    Svyturys beer (€ 1.2 for 0.5 l) brewed in Klaipeda tasted delicious in Trakai. Just in case you drive, 0.4 mg% alcohol blood level was acceptable in Lithuania. Just in case you drive to Poland... hmm... in Poland it's... 0.0 but we have less expensive local beer (€ 1.1 or less).Well, try gira instead of beer. It was traditional, Lithuanian,...

  • Narrow passages

    Some passages, doors, stairs and especially wooden galleries around yards of the Trakai palce were narrow. They were too narrow to allow two-way traffic for visitors. That's why there was one-way traffic for visitors, signed by arrows. Follow the arrows. Some parts of the passages were closed as well.


Trakai Tourist Traps

  • matcrazy1's Profile Photo

    No vacancy

    by matcrazy1 Updated Feb 2, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    During my second visit (by a car) to Lithuania, in June 2004, I visited a few off the beaten paths and I wanted to spend a night at Trakai but there was NO vacancy at any hotel there. By the way it was Thursday, not weekend.

    I was driving like crazy from one hotel to another in the early evening and... everywhere I was told: sorry, NO VACANCY. I asked about other accommodations in Trakai but I was told: hmm... probably they all had been already fully booked.

    Unique Suggestions: Don't be nervous like me in the 3rd hotel haha, keep smiling and drive to Vilnius where there were many more hotels, although... many fully booked as well.

    Keep in mind that both Trakai and Vilnius was mostly visited by thousands of Polish visitors during Polish long weekends that was close to:
    - 1-3 May,
    - in June when Corpus Christi catholic holiday is (always on Thursday, I was just that time!)
    - in August (15th is catholic holiday).
    Expect no vacancy and book in advance for these days!

    Fun Alternatives: Book in advance! More in my Hotels & Accommodations tips.

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Trakai What to Pack

  • matcrazy1's Profile Photo

    Weather, walking shoes...

    by matcrazy1 Written Aug 23, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: For walking around Trakai, small, city backpack and surely bag for your camera - both water-proof.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Comfortable walking shoes preferrably water-resistant: like good trainers or better special walking shoes (one example: Danish Ecco are very comfortable and... expensive but worth the cost).
    Sun-glasses esp. in winter and summer and always a rain coat, eventually less comfortable umbrella.

    Read info on climate in Lithuania:
    Climate of Lithuania
    Average temperatures and rainfall in... Kaunas (80 km west of Trakai):
    WorldClimate Kaunas

    Check weather (10-day forecast) for Vilnius (28 km east of Trakai):
    Weather forecast for Vilnius

    Photo Equipment: Take as many films as you can or as large memory card as you can - Trakai offered a lot for photography lovers :-).

    Miscellaneous: Do not forget to take BIG SMILE :-) Enjoy!

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Trakai Off The Beaten Path

  • Rykantai - old rennaisance church

    Rykantai is a home of rennaisance style church, built in 1585. The church stands on the hill and visible when taking road Vilnius - Kaunas. Nowadays is not so much rennaisance churches left in Lithuania.It is interesting fact, that Rykantai was mentioned in Tolstoj book "War and peace", as a place, where Napoleon stayed on his moving to...

  • Senieji Trakai - homeland of Vytautas...

    Senieji Trakai is a village, known of its planning, still kept the same as from 16the century. Anyway, the main thing why people visit this place is a mound with a church. In medieval times, 14th century, Vytautas the Great born here, in nowadays not survived castle.Here stands the church, constructed in neo - gothic style in 1899. Nearby is a...

  • Uzutrakis palace

    Uzutrakio palace looks very nice from the island of the castle. It is small and white. In 19h century famous Lithuanian counters Tiskeviciai built this one.Uzutrakis is about 10 kilometers from Trakai.You could visit my Uzutrakis page for more information.


Trakai Sports & Outdoors

  • Yachting :-)

    I saw a few yachts sailing on lakes in Trakai and even more "parked" along shores of Galve Lake. Do you want to hire one? Follow the link below for more. Or go to look at them on the banl of Galve Lake, maybe 200 m north of the wooden bridge to the castle island.

  • Sailling the boat

    Sailing the boat on Galves lake can be great in sunny bright day. Along the banks of Galve lake much local people offer to rent boat for a one-few hours. An hour can cost 5-10 litas.

  • Yachts

    I haven't experienced this active leisure in Trakai yet. But who knows what will be in the future...;-) So, if you have enough time while visiting Trakai Castle, rent one of the yachts near it for a half an hour or longer (depends on your needs). And I'm sure you'll have a great time with wonderful views for your eyes when sailing around the...


Trakai Favorites

  • Trakai Island Castle in far 1968

    Trakai Island Castle was my first European-view Castle which I was fortunate to visit in July of 1968. That was our trip around Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by two cars with my father (Moskvich-408) and my uncle and aunt (Moskvich-403). I was 13 years old and like all boys and youths was fond of Walter Scott ("Ivanhoe", "Quentin...

  • Trakai In You Pocket: highly...

    I have HORSCHECK to thank for introducing me to the 'In Your Pocket' series of tour guides, which we first had the opportunity to 'road test' in Tallinn (when the hotel we stayed in provided a copy of Tallinn In Your Pocket in each room).For my money, it's a much more useful travel guide than the Lonely Planet or Rough Guides that we tend to use...

  • Information

    If you haven't found an information you were looking for at my Trakai page, take a look at the official Trakai website: I'm sure that there you'll find all information you need: schedules of the buses, restaurants, accomodation, history of Trakai, etc.


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