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  • Gili_S's Profile Photo


    by Gili_S Updated Dec 1, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This restaurant was the choice for dinner place, in the old city but in a peaceful corner. It is a bit more of a classic style, excellent food and service and additional to this, a live band playing music.

    Favorite Dish: Be sure to order the Butautu Dvaro Alus beer here.

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  • stevemt's Profile Photo

    Cosy: Real nice cafe

    by stevemt Written May 22, 2014

    Great atmosphere, great prices, excellent service, you can be either inside or outside.

    Just really nice and friendly

    I stopped in here for a beer around lunchtime, and stayed for a grilled sandwich which ended up to include fries.

    Favorite Dish: All good

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    Snekutis: Fantastic Lithuanian restaurant

    by stevemt Written May 22, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place is a local pub/brewery/restaurant. It is great.
    I ate here twice, Both times I was made to feel very welcome by friendly staff, and it was obvious that the locals ate here as well, it soon started filling.

    The decor is rustic and the food I had was rustic and delicious.

    First time I had the grilled local sausages, and the 2nd time cepelinai. (A dish made with a meat filling covered with a mashed or riced potato cover and cooked like a dumpling. They are shaped like a zeplin) Both were fantastic and so cheap and filling.

    The huge array of beer was great as well, and you could try before y6ou chose what to drink.

    Favorite Dish: It was all fabulous

    Grilled sausages cepelinai

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  • jonathanbarker's Profile Photo

    Snekutis: Authentic Lithuanian Food, Three Locations

    by jonathanbarker Written May 16, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are three of these pub/restaurants in Vilnius, I visited the restaurant in the old town (Senamiestes) and shared my meal with some friends I had met earlier that day on our walking tour. Our walking tour guide (Martina) suggested this restaurant, as the prices are competitive, the food and beer are locally produced. The ambiance is "rustic" & cozy and the food portions were very generous. The beer was very tasty too. After the meal patrons pay at the bar. The owner's photo is shown on each page of the menu, as well on fliers. Other branches can be found in Uzipis & in Sv Stepano street.

    Favorite Dish: I tried the Lithuanian sausages which were served with boiled potatoes and a variety of salads. The portion was generous. I also had a local beer which was less "gassy" than most of the beers sold elsewhere.

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    Charlie Pizza: A last night dinner

    by gordonilla Written Mar 1, 2014

    I was again not sure what to eat, nor did I want to walk to far from my hotel. So I made a visit to Charlie Pizza. It was pleasant and quite informal.

    The service was excellent and the menu seemed to be very good for what looked a little limited initially. Good food is available in this restaurant.

    Favorite Dish: Just check the menu!

    Signage Exterior Interior (1) Interior (2) Starter

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    El Gaucho Sano: From the Pampas to the Baltic

    by gordonilla Written Mar 1, 2014

    I was hungry, but did not want to travel to far from my hotel. So El gaucho Sano was the restaurant I selected. It seems to have a good reputation; the service I got was excellent.

    Favorite Dish: The menu is good and it is worth exploring what sounds good!

    The Entrance Starter Main Course My fillet steak and pepper sauce Interior

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    Dione: Ice Cream and Coffee

    by gordonilla Written Mar 1, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I made several visits to Dione as it was a short walk from the hotel. They have some reasonable opening hours:

    Mon - Thu: 10:00 - 22:00

    Fri - Sat: 10:00 - 23:00

    Sun: 10:00 - 22:00

    It was enjoyable and the staff very professional.

    Favorite Dish: Coffee and Ice Cream

    Exterior Interior (1) Interior (2) Interior (3) Interior (4)

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    Cili Kaimas: Local Lithuanian food

    by ValbyDK Written Jul 10, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I went to Cili Kaimas for lunch one day during my stay in Vilnius. My first thought was that the place looked touristy, but the restaurant seemed like a popular place for locals too... And the restaurant is specialized in local Lithuanian food. I had a really good potato casserole; the portions were a little small, but the prices very reasonable, and I will visit again anytime...

    Cili Kaimas

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  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    Zuvine Fish Restaurant: Dine in style in the Town Hall

    by suvanki Written Sep 26, 2012

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We'd passed by this restaurant many times, and had gazed at the plates of diners eating outside, under the patio heaters.

    On our last night, we decided to treat ourselves to a meal here. We decided to eat inside as it was a bit chilly that evening.

    We were directed to a dining room, passing through another room that was occupied by a private party and a lone accordionist.

    The room was quite comfortable, with an understated elegance, but not at all stuffy. A mix of clientele - a family group at the next table, (that disappeared halfway through their meal, leaving their wine, then returning nearly an hour later with an extra female and minus the man (father?) who'd been there earlier), a young couple who appeared to be on a first date (or at least early in their relationship), another young couple and a jolly group of senior citizens who appeared to be on holiday together.

    The party next door (a company do?) were going through speeches, with much applauding followed by dancing to the tunes from the accordion.

    Our waiter was polite, helpful, efficient and spoke very good English.

    After our meal, I got chance for a quick look around the town hall with its impressive staircase.
    We exited through the front door of the Town Hall, down the steps and into the square - a lovely end to our meal.

    Open Monday-Saturday 11.00-24.00, Sunday 11.00 - 22.00

    Favorite Dish: Oysters

    I have recently 'discovered' oysters and usually treat myself when I'm in Dublin. I've only ever had small oysters though.

    I decided to try 3 large ones. Phil declined a starter and was quite bemused at my excitement over these raw molluscs.
    At 15Lt each (£3/$5) these were a good price to me.
    They arrived on a platter of crushed ice with a lemon wedge.
    These were nicely chilled, and with a real 'Taste of the sea' Phil tried a small morsel, but wasn't impressed. I was impressed that he'd tried oyster voluntarily though!

    Zander cutlet filled with butter and greens, described as a gastronomic heritage dish(44Lt/£10/$16)
    I wasn't sure what Zander was - the waiter explained that it was pike - perch! I decided to try it. It came with with mashed potatoes and a few carrots with leek. I was warned to be careful when I cut into my fish as it was full of hot butter.

    Well Zander wasn't what I was expecting - the texture was quite un-fishlike and it didn't taste of fish - it didn't really taste of anything - Like chicken? A bonus was that there were no bones!

    I'm glad I tried it, but I don't think that I'd order it again.

    Phil had ordered cod, but was informed apologetically that this was off the menu, so he opted for halibut which came with white sauce and bolete mushrooms on a bed of rice (42 Lt/£10/$16) He enjoyed this.

    Goats cheese trio
    These small balls of creamy goats cheese were coated in 1) Flaked almonds 2) black poppy seeds and 3) rasins
    Served on a dusting of icing sugar with halved strawberry and a berry that I didn't recognise.
    Phil devoured a trio of very fruity ice cream with a marmalade accompaniment.

    We finished the meal with coffee and Lithuanian herbal liquor (me) and vodka (Phil)

    With a 1/2 bottle of wine this came to the grand total of 223Lt! One of those heart stopping moments until converted - £51/$83/65Euros.
    Expensive by Lithuanian standards, but very reasonable for us

    Oysters Zander cutlet Berry ice cream trio Goats cheese trio with fruit
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  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    Užupio Kavinė: I got to try a Zeppelin here!

    by suvanki Updated Sep 26, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'd been recommended to try this riverside terrace restaurant by VTers who'd visited it. We arrived late afternoon, and decided this was the time and place to try one of Lithuanias delicacies- the - cepelinas or Zeppelin. A type of dumpling made from grated potatoes and stuffed with minced meat, which are boiled and served with sour cream and bacon pieces.
    These can also be stuffed with curd (cottage cheese) or mushrooms.
    These are called Zeppelins due to their resemblance to the German airships.

    We found a seat on the outside terrace overlooking the river, opposite the mermaid sculpture and a gallery of photo's of some of Užupio's residents/characters.
    Read about the history of this restaurant building
    Well this was a nice place to chill out! We intended to return one night, but never got round to it. I'd forgotten that this place sold Uzupio souvenirs until I returned home -doh! Ah well, I'll just have to return to Vilnius!

    Would recommend this place for location alone!
    Apparently it's the only restaurant overlooking a river in Vilnius.
    As we arrived late in the afternoon it wasn't overcrowded, although there were plenty of customers relaxing over a drink or snack on the terrace, enjoying the sunshine.

    Favorite Dish: Well, we managed to finish off our Zeppelins, they were quite tasty, but I'm glad that we ate them fairly early on - they felt like a brick in my stomach for quite a while!

    Washed down with a glass of Volfas Engelman beer this was a pleasant snack.
    One Zeppelin cost 8.50 LT (£2/$3)-September 2012 Two cost 15.50Lt - Hmmm, one of our neighboring diners attempted two, but failed half way through the second.

    Uzupio Kavinė Uzupio Kavinė Uzupio Kavinė - my Zeppelin! Uzupio Kavinė- menu Uzupio Kavinė - beers and mermaid
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  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    Gusto: Pancakes galore!

    by suvanki Written Sep 25, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We wanted something fairly light to eat, and pancakes seemed to fit the bill - This place had so many varieties of fillings. We were a bit hesitant as it looked like a bit like a 'Fast Food chain' but decided to give it a go.

    We were shown to a table where we had a view of staff making the pancakes. There was a mix of clientele - all ages - family groups/couples/friends

    Open - Daily 09:00 to 22:00

    Favorite Dish: I chose the Cheese/ham and mushroom pancake.(7.10 Lt/£1.60/$2.65)-September 2012
    I was then asked to choose a sauce, so went for the Mustard/horseradish (1.60Lt)
    Phil went for the Cheese and ham pancake (6.40Lt) with mayo (1.60Lt)
    We washed this down with a Tauras Extra beer - small for me (5Lt) and large for Phil (6Lt)

    I enjoyed my pancake - the filling was tasty and it was just enough to eat.
    Worth visiting for a quick cheap tasty meal.

    I'd hoped to return to try their 'Gingery' pancake - Chocolate pancake with ginger, hot pepper, cinnamon, cloves, Tabasco sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream - I love ginger/chocolate and thought that this would help clear my cold!
    Afraid that we didn't find time to return this visit.

    Gusto Gusto from the outside Gusto - my pancake Gusto - Menu Gusto- Beer!
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  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    Forto Dvaras: Lithuanian Cuisine -

    by suvanki Written Sep 25, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Forto Dvaras is 'a large Lithuanian franchise of folk restaurants' We chose this place (the Pilius branch) for our evening meal as we were getting increasingly hungry, trying to make our minds up what we wanted to eat. We'd found one likely place, after perusing the menu, but heading inside (it had turned a bit nippy) the 'greeter' told us that it was a different menu inside - yes, and much more expensive too, so we ended up here.

    Enquiring if there was a table for 2, the waitress off-handedly said 'Only Downstairs' well, she made it sound as if this was quite grim! No it wasn't - it was quite homely in a cave like sort of way.

    This was certainly a popular restaurant, with a mix of clientele of all ages, couples, family groups, groups of friends and solo diners.
    An extensive menu of dishes including meat, fish and poultry, dumplings/pancakes, salads, soups, appetisers etc also beer snacks and snack plates.

    Our waitress was quite efficient and our food was hot and tasty.

    Forto Dvaras was the first restaurant in Lithuania to serve certified meals from the Gastronomic Heritage Foundation. A quality mark for meals made in the traditional way and using locally sourced products.

    Open Daily 11.00 - 24.00

    Favorite Dish: I chose 'The Strongman Roast' - Pork neck roast with fries, cabbage salad, tomatoes and garlic sauce 18.50 Lt (£4/$7)-September 2012

    Phil had a chicken dish, which I think was crispy chicken with vegetables, fried potatoes and cheese sauce 16.90 Lt (£4/£6)
    We had been tempted to try the cepelinai (Zeppelins), but having eaten one a few days later I'm glad that I didn't - I think I'd have had an uncomfortable night!
    This restaurant has 12 varieties of this traditional dish.

    Again, we chose beer to drink with our meal

    Forto Dvaras - exterior Forto Dvaras - downstairs Forto Dvaras - downstairs Forto Dvaras - my meal Forto Dvaras - menu
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  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    Medininkai: Characteristic restaurant

    by suvanki Updated Sep 25, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We came across this pleasant restaurant while wandering around the old town near The Gates of Dawn.
    It was about 14.00 and we'd realised that we were quite hungry.

    This is one of the oldest restaurants in Vilnius. We ate outside in the 16th Century courtyard.

    Medininkai serves an array of Lithuanian and International dishes. Apparently the chef has received many awards.
    The restaurant is part of the adjacent elegant Europa Royale Hotel.
    Inside there are three dining halls - The White Hall with 18th Century Italian ceramics, the frescoed Big Hall saloon and the Wine Cellar.

    It was just warm enough to eat out - there were overhead heaters, but the one near our table wasn't switched on.

    At the far end of the courtyard, an artist was painting scenes of wine barrels, which I enjoyed watching.(pic 4)

    Being on 'the tourist trail' I suspect that this restaurant would have been quite busy a few hours prior to our visit - Good Timing!!

    Service was efficient, and our young waitress spoke good English.
    Although it's probably a bit more expensive than some restaurants in Vilnius, it was still very reasonable to us - I think my soup was 14Lt (£3 /$5) - September 2012

    Open daily
    12:00 to 23:00
    Breakfast: 07:00 – 10:00 (weekends 08:00 - 11:00)

    Favorite Dish: I fully enjoyed my "Granny's" wild mushroom soup served in a special bread loaf" (pic 3) I chose it as I'd enjoyed a similar dish in Krakow a few years ago.

    The soup was Hot, and with lots of flavour from the mushrooms, onion and potatoes- i think I could taste dill too. The dense bread had a light caraway seed flavour.

    Phil enjoyed his Caesar Salad with grilled chicken

    We both had a glass of Svyturys Extra beer

    Medininkai Medininkai Medininkai - Grannys Wild Mushroom soup Medininkai - artist at work Medininkai - courtyard
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  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    Dione Premium Ice Cream: Ice Cream since 1950

    by suvanki Written Sep 25, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Our first day in Vilnius and Phil spotted this Ice Cream shop - he was in 'like a rat up a drain pipe' - Hmmmm, and I thought I was keen to try new ice cream venues!!

    There was quite a selection of flavours to choose from, mainly described in Lithuanian. Well we had ample time to choose as the American gentleman in front of us wasn't in a hurry - he sampled a few flavours before deciding which to have.

    I'd spotted a brightly 'berry' coloured ice cream - the assistant (who spoke excellent English) described it as cranberry with chocolate pieces! Mmmmmmm - Health Food :-)
    Now to decide which cone - there were 3 varieties - one being 'home made' biscuit, which we opted for - in hind-sight perhaps I'd have preferred one of the lighter versions.

    We'd hesitated over deciding whether to go for 1 or 2 scoops , but settled for 1 - pheeew! The scoop was quite big.

    Initially I really enjoyed this ice cream, but towards the end, I was feeling a bit full and overpowered by the sweetness of the ice cream and the claggy 'biscuit' texture.

    Besides cornets, you can choose tubs or pre-packed ice creams etc.

    Probably not the cheapest ice cream in Vilnius, but good for a treat!

    Seating inside. We noticed that cushions were provided outside for the deep windowsill.

    This company was formed in 1950, producing 'Premium ice cream' using natural products and fresh cream and milk.

    There are many branches through Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities. A kiosk opened at Vilnius airport recently.

    Dione FaceBook Page

    Dione Premium Ice Cream Dione Premium Ice Cream Is it an Ice cream or Olympic torch? Phil won't be  defeated
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  • jonathanbarker's Profile Photo

    Busi Trecias: Home brewed Lithuanian beer & food

    by jonathanbarker Written Aug 4, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The small brewery pub is probably not the easiest place to find, which is probably why I liked visiting the place. It is in a quiet area away from the Cathedral Square, Town Hall Square, Pilies street or Gedimino avenue, so it tends to be frequented by "locals". Busi Trecias means "you will be third" which harbours back to soviet times when a bottle of vodka costed 3 roubles. When two guys wanted not to get drunk but just "merrie" they would wait for a third person to share the vodka or beer. So the idea of not just drinking but sharing & meeting people is a good description of "Busi Trecias" in Vilnius. As well as drinking rooms inside, there is a lovely garden for alfresco drinking & eating. The beer, light & dark beers, beers with fruits are brewed in the cellars beneath the pub.

    Favorite Dish: The weather was hot, the beer was cool & refreshing (I had the light beer) and I also had a "Lithuanian" salad which also contained "pulses" as well as lettuce etc. In Lithuania I found I didn't often have to visit the bar, the waiter(ess) came to me. The staff at Busi Trecias were very good & friendly.

    Busi Trecias brewery-pub
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