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  • Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport
    Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport
    by suvanki
  • Vilnius Airport
    Vilnius Airport
    by suvanki
  • Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport
    Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport
    by suvanki
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    Vilnius Airport

    by travelfrosch Updated May 21, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Inside Vilnius Airport
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    Vilniaus oro uostas, or Vilnius International Airport (IATA Code: VNO), is approximately 5 km south of the city center. As of 2012, 18 airlines run scheduled service into and out of the airport, from Aer Lingus to WizzAir. Nonstop service is currently available to 23 European cities, including Moscow, Kiev, Dublin, London, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga, and Rome. Currently, there are no scheduled flights to or from destinations outside Europe, though El Al does provide occasional charter service.

    Services at the airport are modest but comfortable. Outside of security, there is a coffee shop, a snack bar, and a candy store. There are a few small coffee and snack counters near the departure gates. Note that check-in counters for many airlines do not open until approximately 90 minutes before flight departure -- I arrived 3 hours early for my budget flight and ended up enjoying the outer lobby for the better part of 2 hours. Do be sure to confirm with your airline (e.g., Ryanair) how early you must check in.

    There are a number of fairly easy options to get downtown. Bus 1 runs from the airport to the bus station, while Bus 2 runs from the airport, up the west side of the city center, and to the section of town north of the Neris River. Fare is 2.2 Litas if you purchase an electronic fare card from a newspaper kiosk (cost 4 Litas for the card itself). Alternatively, you can purchase a single-ride ticket from the driver for 2.5 Litas. Supplementing the public buses are private minibuses, which generally run the same route and charge comparable fares. There are also "airport express" trains that run every 45-75 minutes to the main train station. Fare for the train is also 2.5 Litas. Taxis are available curbside, and will generally cost you approximately 50 Litas to get downtown.

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    Wizz Air Doncaster to Vilnius

    by suvanki Updated Sep 24, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport
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    Although Doncaster Airport (or Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport to give it its slightly annoying proper title) is my nearest airport, I've only flown from here once before. After my recent experience here it might be quite a while before I consider flying from here again!

    Civillian passenger planes have departed from here to destinations through Europe and beyond since April 2005. The airport is on the site of the former RAF Finningley Airfield, where I remember visiting their 'Open Days' as a child. Wikipedias bit about Donny airport

    Wizz Air recently added Vilnius to their destinations from Doncaster.

    We drove here from Sheffield via the M18 and a few small villages plus Lindholme prison (another former RAF station) and parked in a pre-booked car park with shuttle service to the airport.

    Standing outside the Departures Hall, I was surprised how quiet it was here.

    We were early and had to wait for 30 minutes until security opened up (we were travelling hand luggage only) so, we spent some time reading about Robin Hood and his connection with the area.
    Downstairs was a seating area with local tourist info leaflets.

    There was a WHS, sandwich racks and maybe a coffee place - nothing to entice me to spend - I'd keep my money until we were airside.

    So, through to security, with my bag of liquids in my hand. As per usual the security gate beeped - underwired bra/rivets in jeans...... I was taken to one side by an officious looking female. Well, I had the most vigorous/rough 'pat down' ever - it seemed to go on for ages. Standing on one leg, with arms outstretched, I thought I was going to topple over. My bra was twanged from behind. I swear she had more than two hands!At one point I winced as she prodded my abdomen "What's the matter"? was barked at me.
    Eventually after being considered 'Safe' I went to retrieve my case, only to be pulled over again. This time the 'female' security staff member was even less personable - completely devoid of humanity.
    My carefully packed case was emptied, and the contents put into various trays.

    Now, I'm in agreement with thorough security checks, and over the past few years have endured numerous degrees of checking with patient good humour. These are however consistantly inconsistant, even when using the same airport/airline.

    I don't wear a belt, and now wear slip on shoes rather than boots to ease the process through security.

    Well Ms Security got a bit animated when opening my Lush Shampoo bar tin, sniffing it and pulling faces, but it passed.
    Well it was my manicure set that she was searching for - one that I've travelled with on numerous occasions these past few years. She confiscated my tiny scissors and nail file. I explained that I'd had no problems before with these items, to which she muttered that it was airport policy. Now, I'd only glimpsed at the list of 'banned items' and hadn't seen scissors or nail files listed (checking again now I'm back home, I still can't) As far as I understand blades under 6" are allowed
    She handed back the case, to which I responded that there was no point having this without the scissors/nail file. She was reluctant to take this, but eventually did. I was quite annoyed (inwardly) as this set had sentimental value.

    Well, eventually I was allowed to go - and then had the job of re-packing my case.

    By now I was ready for something to eat and drink. Wetherspoons provided liquid refreshment in the form of a Guinness. There was a 'selection' of sandwiches, but none that were too appetising. The newsagents had an equally uninspiring selection of (more expensive) wrapped sandwiches. I spotted a menu of hot meals at Wetherspoons - yes, this was more like it. I chose my meal, only to be told that the kitchen was closed "due to an incident!" I didn't enquire further, but instead selected a sandwich (which was even more unappetising than its appearance suggested)

    For an International airport, I was surprised at the lack of ammenities here. As it's part of the same group as Liverpool airport which I've used a few times, I'd have expected more.
    East Midland airport has far more outlets, and even has some quite tasty food!

    Well, on our return to Doncaster, we had a long wait to clear security. Only two desks open, and one of these was 'blocked' by a passenger who appeared to have some problems with their papers?
    I asked the chap who was directing people to the desks why they didn't have the 'chipped passport' scans here and he just shrugged!

    Welcome to Doncaster, err Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport!

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    Vilnius by Air

    by antistar Written Jul 18, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Vilnius is the least busy of the three Baltic airports, and Tallinn is not exactly a hub of activity. Vilnius falls a long way behind neighbouring Riga. Only a few of the major airlines fly here, like Lufthansa and SAS, but it is well served by the budget airlines Ryanair and WizzAir.

    One of the good things about Vilnius airport is that it is now connected with downtown by a new rail line. Since 2008 trains have been running from Vilnius train station from 5.45 in the morning until 9 at night, taking only 7 minutes.

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    To Vilnius by plane

    by HORSCHECK Updated Sep 20, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Vilnius airport (Oro uostas)

    In 2006 I flew to Vilnius with Air Baltic from Dusseldorf (D), whereas in 2011 I flew with Wizzair from Dortmund (D) to Vilnius.

    Vilnius International Airport (Oro uostas) is situated only 7 km south of the city centre. The departure lounge has only two gates, but a new terminal will be finished in 2007.

    Two bus lines serve Vilnius Airport: Bus no. 1 goes to the railway station and bus no. 2 serves a route through the city centre to the outskirts. Tickets can be bought from kiosks or directly from the driver.

    Since October 2008 the airport is even connected to the Lithuanian railway network. The airport train station is located in close vicinity to the terminal building. Trains to the main train station go every 40 minutes.

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    Vilnius Airport

    by MikeAtSea Written Apr 7, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The airport

    The city’s increasingly modern and efficient airport is located 5km south of Vilnius. Facilities in arrivals include a currency exchange office, car rental, bar, toilets, telephones, shops and an ATM machine. In departures there is a currency exchange office, bar, toilets, telephones, shops and an ATM. Business facilities are available in departures at the lounge which has Internet and fax.

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  • Riga to Vilnius

    by adro98 Written Oct 5, 2007

    Got an Air Baltic flight to Riga to Vilnius/Airport in Vilnius is very outdated and basic.Buse 1 and 2 get you to the centre-BEWARE of taxis they will rip u off.was quoted 50 litas when it should cost no more than 20 litas.Vilnius is a beautiful city well worth a couple of days stay

    Thumbs up
    Irish Citizen

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  • scubaphoto's Profile Photo

    Vilnius Airport

    by scubaphoto Written Dec 19, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This was my aircraft unsure how to board it

    Ok still needs a bit of work (this is ongoing) to reach International standards but it is a relief to use a small airport. No 20-minute walks from aircraft to collect your bags (Heathrow). There are regular flights here all year round from many EU cities although some carries don’t fly here in the winter months (BA). YOu do not want to be stuck at this airport for a long period of time as there is nothing to do (i mean nothing) unless you have your laptop and can pass the time surfing the internet.

    The main carriers here are FLYLAL and AIR BALTIC both good and reliable airlines. There is a small bar and restaurant at the airport providing very good value for an airport location.

    Getting to the city is simple with frequent bus services to the centre passing the bus and train stations and also taxis although do take care and take an official one and ask them to use the meter. Expect to pay around 6-8 euro.

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  • ginte's Profile Photo

    By plane

    by ginte Updated Dec 9, 2003

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    The baggage claim is fairly quickly.
    Once through, immediately check out the Tourist Information Centre, located on the right side of the arrival hall. Here you can get travel insurance and also to buy maps of Lithuania.
    Getting to town. Any taxi at the airport will charge an outrageous fare for the 5 km journey to the centre (even 10 dollars is too much!). Ask someone at the information booth in the arrival hall to phone for one. Otherwise take the bus (tickets available from the driver for about 70 ct or 1 Litas sorry, can't remember now ). The No2 goes by Lukiskiu sq. to Vilnius' main street, Gedimino.

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  • Vilnius International Airport

    by Sonic747 Written Aug 15, 2003

    There are the following scheduled routes from Vilnius international airport, located several kilometers from city center:
    Vilnius-Frankfurt Am Main
    Most of routes are operated by Lithuanian Airlines, except Vienna and Riga ones. Some (Kiev, Warshaw) are operated on code-sharing agreements. Route to Saint Petersburg is planned.

    There are buses from the airport to city center or you can hire a taxi. Airport itself is not large and thus it is almost impossible to miss your gate. Note that there are different terminals for departures and arrivals (old Soviet pompous Soviet building and new one) and thus don't go into the same building you arrived when you want to fly out.

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