Lithuania Warnings and Dangers

  • Crowded Vilnius bus station
    Crowded Vilnius bus station
    by hopang
  • Vilnius drain pipes
    Vilnius drain pipes
    by suvanki
  • Watch where you are walking!
    Watch where you are walking!
    by suvanki

Lithuania Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware of pickpockets!

    Pickpocketing is quite common in large cities in Lithuania especially the popular tourist destination of Vilnius. Be extra careful when you are in crowded areas like Pilies Street in the Old Town in the city of Vilnius. Pickpocketing is also common in crowded Vilnius bus station and railway station and also on crowded public buses including bus #1...

  • Avoid Fortuna Car Rental at Kaunas...

    I just wanted to flag up problems I've had with Fortuna Car Rental at Kaunas airport. We hired a car from them in July. When we picked up the car the fuel tank was only three quarters full. We highlighted this to the staff member and I asked him to mark on our rental records that this was the case. He said that we didn't need to return the car...

  • Long summer evenings disrupt kids' sleep...

    Long summer evenings are usually a joy. But when we visited the Baltics in June with our two year old daughter, we hadn't realised how much of a mixed blessing they would prove to be!We live in Johannesburg, which is not far south of the Tropic of Capricorn. As a result, there isn't much difference in the length of days between summer and winter,...

  • fortuna rent a car

    fortuna rent a car kaunas airport-This firm will take your bank details on hiring a car in Kaunas in the airport. They will not return your deposit, they make extra charges to take from your account, they will lie to your bank that you never paid them to take more money, and show your signature from hiring the car that you authorized them to take...

  • Radar speed traps around Kaunas

    Having driven in the areas of Druskininkai, Siauliai, and Kaunas, the only place I found police radar traps was around Kaunas. And there were plenty of them; and they frequently move, like every half hour. While they are not supposed to hide from motorists, I found it almost impossible to spot them in time. The radar speed traps are so common that...

  • Uneven Paths

    Vilnius seems to share Warsaws problem with uneven footpaths and roads. Saw some potholes that were quite deep, so take care when driving.

  • don't walk alone in dark

    if u walk alonein recesses places in dark n unlight u can be attack, beatten n robbed.dangerous places: station regions, parks, woods.

  • Take care - stay safe

    The chances of getting robbed in the street are tiny. However, coution never did anybody any harm, and you're advised not to flaunt you wallet in stupid places, or announce to the entire world your huge wealth by wearing loud jewellery in quite backstreets.Theft is the major problem. Mobile phones are apt to go walkies if left even vaguely...

  • Lithuania is a completely safe

    Lithuania is a completely safe country for a traveller coming without a car or with an old car. Only your common sense is required. But with a not too old car it can become dangerous. Let me tell my experience. To visit the nice open air ethnographic museum of Rumsiskes not far from Kaunas I parked in 1995 my car which was one year old in the...

  • did you know that...

    Everybody knows that the herd of bison runs at the speed of the slowest bison. When the beasts pursue bison, they hunt up the lagging behind bison ? the slowest and the weakest. Thus, due to natural selection, the herd becomes faster and tougher.Similarly, the human brain can?t work faster than their slowest cells. During immoderate usage of...

  • the most often stolen amber

    It has been found. At the rubbish container. The story looks like from X-Files: the stone has been returned by mentally disabled man, which "inner voice" told him to check rubbish container. Strange...Later it appeared that he robbed it, according to experts, in a very professional way. But he was not professional enough to sell it, so he decided...

  • Dot ahead?

    This road sign can be found on all roads in Lithuania and in the first two days we didn't know what it could mean. First I tought "tunnel ahead" or "huge pothole ahead" but as no tunnel or pothole was nearby it couldn't be. Later we noticed that almost everytime after passing that sign the speed was checked. So I guess it means "watch your...

  • Don't go over the LINE.

    When you approach a turn of the century hut normally there's a rope to not enter the don't enter. The gentleman of this hut invited me to enter completely so that I could have my picture take. Was very nice of him.

  • Be prepare to pay to take pictures

    In some areas of of Lithuania there are museum and outdoor museum. You are always going to pay a toll fee at the window for entrance, and if you want to take pictures....that extra $$$, I paid 5 litas.

  • Unpaved roads

    First of all I must admit all roads in Lithuania are under excellent conditions except this one road near Mazeikiai. For the first 10 kilometers the road was paved with not even one pothole but suddenly, after a curve this paved road ended in an unpaved gravel roads. Rain occured corrugation in that road which made it impossible for my tiny car to...

  • Not special warnings, except the cars...

    This country is not especially dangerous, but problems with car stolen are frequent mainly in the tourist places. If you are in Lithuania with your own car (that means, a foreign car) you have lots of possibilities to be robbed. So keep it in a parking, anyway it's not 100% secure. Even with a lithuanian car (from a rent-a-car) you must be careful...

  • THE BORDER - as you can see...

    THE BORDER - as you can see it is pretty serious: do not try to cross it somewhere in the woods. From the Polish side everything looks so innocent, but the nice fence is about 1/2 km further on the Lithuanian territory.

  • I would like to warn everybody...

    I would like to warn everybody traveling to Lithuania about one thing. Don't leave any belongings in the car, even if you park just for a minute. Believe me, those that have 'long' fingers do it very quickly. I'm sure this isn't a problem only in Lithuania,other places have same problem, but just be very careful. I know a few cases when tourists...

  • I heard a lot about the crime...

    I heard a lot about the crime and stealing cars... But I didn't see anything, may be I was lucky?:) Only problem we had that:if you have cash(foreign currency) and they are not very new - some banks do not acept them; as mentioned before - although everywhere are stickers that they acept credit cards but..or they don't have the 'mashine' or it...

  • If you're staying for a month...

    If you're staying for a month or more, need to make many calls inside Lith and would like to have a number of local operators, I'd suggest buying a number (~20LT) and a LABAS card (20; 40; 90 LT) BITE GSM operator or number and EXTRA card from OMNITEL. Would not recommend anyone provider TELE2 In Lithuania.All mobile operators in Lithuania recently...

  • The only 'danger' I have...

    The only 'danger' I have witnessed in Lithuania are drunks, especially during the evening and nightly hours. Most of these are really dead drunks men or women, who don't try to harm you in any way..but anyway it's not a nice view.


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Lithuania Warnings and Dangers

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