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  • Things to Do
    by Irena_Romeva
  • Things to Do
    by Irena_Romeva
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Dwejra Things to Do

  • The Azure Window, Gozo

    A natural arch located near Dwerja in Malta's sister island Gozo. It is surrounded by cliffs and is remarkable for its unique beauty. It is a location usually crowded by tourists, although there is another less known natural arch just on the other side of the Gozo island, near Gharb, which I had also a unique opportunity to visit.You can walk...

  • The inland sea

    The inland sea it is actually an unique small sea lake connected to the open Mediterranian Sea by a natural tunnel under Dwejra Point.This tunnel is wide enough to allow the passage of small boats and for a small fee, local fishermen take the tourists through the archway for a tour of the cliffs.Most of the buildings are homes for local fishermen...

  • Sant'Anna Chapel

    Consacrated in 1963, the small Sant'Anna Chapel at Dwejra was designed by Joseph Mizzi from San Lawrenz, the nearby village.The modern building with a covered entrance, has an interior consisting of a rectangular room with a flat textured roof. The main altar piece depicts the young Virgin Mary being instructed by her mother St. Anne, painted in...

  • Dwejra Bay

    Dwejra Bay, located on the eastern side of the island of Gozo, is mainly known due to the special natural attractions in the area: the Fungus Rock, the Azure Window, the Inland Sea and Dwejra or Qawra Tower.But, beside all these wonders, Dwejra Bay itself, with its rocky shores and the aggitated sea, offers fantastic views.

  • Dwejra or Qawra Tower

    Dwejra tower (also called Qawra Tower) was built in 1652 during the reign of Grand Master Lascaris for defending Dwejra coast, but was also used to deny access to Fungus Rock in order to prevent the public from collecting the famous fungus.Situated off the road leading to the small enclosed bay known as the Inland Sea, the Dwejra Tower was also...

  • Fungus Rock

    This circular rock formation has an interesting story.A rare plant Fucus coccineus melitensis, by mistake called a fungus, grew on the rock's top thousands of years ago.It is said that the Knights of St. John believed in the curing power of this special plant which was used as styptic dressing for wounds and cure for dysentery.In order to protect...

  • The Azure Window

    This natural rock arch made by thousands of years of waves and wind is one of the most spectacular attractions in the world.A 50 meter high hole in the cliffs through which you can see the most beautiful sea gave the name of this natural wonder.Formed by Coraline Limestone, the Azure Window became even more famous after it appeared in American...

  • The Coast

    The coast around Dwejra point is rocky, those strangely pock-marked and sharp rocks that you find in much of Malta & Gozo. It's very picturesque in a barren sort of way, especially with the crystal blue waters and all of the natural (and man made) wonders that there are to see here too.

  • Dwejra Tower

    Built in the 1600s to defend this part of the coast and also to guard Fungus Rock, the fungus on it being reserved solely for use by the Knights. The tower seems to me to be a rather futile attempt to guard such a large expanse of coastline!

  • Fungus Rock

    Fungus rock is a small rocky island just a few meters offshore at Dwejra. On it grows a strange kind of fungus, a bit like a mushroom I guess, but described as being "as big as a man's forearm". The Knights believed it had mystical restorative properties and guarded the rock (and hence the fungus) for their own uses. These days it's believed to...

  • Inland Sea

    The Inland Sea is a lake of sea water formed again by erosion of the cliff. A natural opening has been made in the cliff that allows the sea to pass through into this small lake. The passage way is big enough that small boats can pass through, and its popular with swimmers to swim from inside to outside and back.

  • Azure Window

    You can walk round towards the Azure Window, either clinging to the rocky outcrops (as I did) or taking off your shoes and having a bit of a paddle in the shallow waters around the edge. Round the corner are some overhanging cliffs (seen here) and some great views of the window. Unfortunately that's the moment my camera batteries ran out, so I have...


Dwejra Restaurants

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    Cafes & Kiosks: Cafes & Kiosks

    by steventilly Updated Jul 13, 2004

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    In the main car park at Dwejra point there are loads of ice cream and snack vans and a couple of permanent kiosks. Down by the waters of the Inland Sea there is a small cafe set out along a concrete jetty.
    (There are toilets in the main car park.).

    Snack Bar, Dwejra, Gozo

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Dwejra Transportation

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    Getting to Dwejra

    by Diana75 Written Oct 28, 2006

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    Dwejra can be reached from San Lawrenz, located 2 km away from the bay.

    Buses of the lines 2 and 91 are arriving here from Victoria (Rabat).

    In the spring and autumn 2 buses cover the route 91, while in summer there are 6 buses on this route.

    In the winter time there are no buses to Dwejra.

    Parking place at Dwejra
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Dwejra Warnings and Dangers

  • Careful how you're walking

    The rocks around Dwejra are quite sharp and for the best view you have to go closer to the shore.Good shoes and a bit of attention to where you step are a must if you want to wander around to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

  • Agitated sea

    If you get closer to the shore you have to be also careful with the strong waves that might wet you.Due to the steep rocks the sea is pretty agitated in the area and the high waves arrive up to the shore.

  • Dwejra Hotels

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Dwejra Off The Beaten Path

  • Dwejra's white sea

    This was another thing that fascinated me in Dwejra.I stayed a while to watch the sea hitting the rocks and see how the blue water became whiter and whiter. It gave me the impression that the sea was made of milk instead of water.

  • Incredible Dwejra

    The landscape at Dwejra is absolutely fabulous!Steep rocky shores, the bluest sea I've ever seen, amazing clear sky and wonderful natural formations... an unbelievable place!

  • The Salt Pans

    Producing salt is a long time tradition in this area, as also in other places on the islands.The salt from the salt pans in front of the Tower was also used by Capo Mastro or Castellano for raising money to cover the expenses with the construction of the tower.


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