Malta Favorites

  • Typical Luzzu boat
    Typical Luzzu boat
  • Luzzu boats in Marsaxlokk harbour
    Luzzu boats in Marsaxlokk harbour
  • Favorites
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Malta Favorites

  • Streets & squares

    Valletta Favorites

    Republic Street is the main street in Valletta. It starts at the City Gate and goes to Fort Sant Elmo. Here you can see lots of shops and cafes. One of the things I liked most on this street was this florist stall. It is opened only in the morning. Unfortunately this pic doesn't do justice to this treat for the eyes.

  • Grand Harbour

    Valletta Favorites

    Arriving by Cruise Ship at Valletta is a wonderful experience! Some ports are "just" a Port, and others are spectacular, and for me, the latter is Valletta. You must be on deck so you don't miss seeing the old town which is the colour of honeycomb and blends into the landscape from the wharf to the top of the hill. You will see the city walls,...

  • Walls, gateways & gardens

    Valletta Favorites

    They were built as a private garden of the Italian knights. From these gardens you can enjoy great views of the Grand Harbour and of the Three Cities (Senglea Vittoriosa and Cospicua). Here you can sit on a bench; have a drink (there is a kiosk) and rest. The Saluting Battery. It is an area located one level below these gardens. Every day at...

  • Fort St Elmo

    Valletta Favorites

    The rest of the Fort serves as the Maltese Police Academy. A fortnightly event known as" In Guardia' occurs at the Fort which is a historical re-enactment of the inspection of the troops and military parades in period costume. Unfortunately this was rained off for our visit :-S The Fort is open to the public at the weekends though - Sat 1-5pm and...

  • Co-Cathedral

    Valletta Favorites

    The Co-Cathedral is one of Maltas real gems. The external architecture is quite simple, but in a pleasing sort of way, and it gives you no clue about what lies inside. If you visit Valletta you must be sure to come on a day when you can get into the co-cathedral because if you miss it then you are really missing out. The whole of the interior is a...

  • Grand Masters Palace

    Valletta Favorites

    The Grand Master's Palace in Republic Street was built 500 years ago as the abode of the Grand Master of the Order of St John, and contains a series of paintings depicting the great siege of 1565, painted by a pupil of Michelangelo, and a group of tapestries originally designed for Louis XIV. The palace also houses an armoury which has one of the...

  • Auberges of the Knights

    Valletta Favorites

    How lucky the prime minister can be!! His office is situated in the most beautiful baroque building. I quess I read somewhere, that the building was built for the foreign knights who didn´t have the palace of their own in Malta.

  • Local Beer:Cisk

    The Malta Export Brewery produces the countries finest and most popular beer called 'Cisk'.The Brewery was established in 1840 by 'Giussepe Scicluna'.The name Cisk comes from a nickname that people called Giussepe,it meant cheque as it was his favourite method of payment so the locals stuck with the name and so the beer was born.The beer itself is...

  • Confusing street names

    Finding hotels, restaurants and shops can be difficult as reviews and advertisements often give the English name of a street, but maps and signs are usually in Maltese. Some are fairly easy to translate. Trq ir-Republika is Republic Street and Triq it-Turisti is Tourist Street. Others are not so easy. I don't know of an easy way around this except...

  • The Black Pearl.

    This big black vessel was built in Sweden in 1909. It is thought that it was owned by the actor Errol Flynn for some time in the 1950's. This ship served to transport goods and as luxury cruise. In the 80's it was used in the movie "Popeye". Today it houses a restaurant.It is moored at Ta' Xbiex seafront; not far from Sliema.

  • Figolli and Kwarezimal.

    Figolli are Easter typical sweets. They are almond filled pastries cut out in various shapes and coated with icing colored sugar or chocolate. The traditional shapes of figolli are men, women and baskets. Figolla (singular) is a Maltese corruption for the Italian word “figura”. Kwarezimal. The name originates from the Italian word “quaresima” (40...

  • Elizabeth's Malta Memories

    In August 2010, I went to Malta with my Mam, Dad and sister, Clara. We stayed in a lovely hotel called the Meridian Palace. The weather was hot and bright and I met lots of people and made friends with a girl called Orla.I saw lovely clothes and lovely toys and some really old buildings.My best memory from the trip was being a flower girl at a...

  • Head for another neighbouring country!

    If you haven't seen Sicily, go there, but at a relaxed pace instead of the mad dash many seem to make from Malta!This way you get to visit two island 'countries', with Italy offering the volcanoes, whereas Malta offering the charm, history, & Blue Grotto :)

  • Non EU Citizens

    If you are a non EU citizen purchasing a package tour which includes hotel and transfers from an EU country visiting another EU country such as Malta, it is advisable to let your travel agent know that you are a non EU citizen so that they can inform their counterparts in the country that you are visiting.Malta is one of the few countries in the...

  • Quaint Windmills

    Around Malta you will find many quaint windmills like this one in the photo they are really nice to draw and paint ! These are found mainly in the villages

  • Tourist Information Offices in Malta

    The following are details of Tourist Information Offices on the main island of Malta:-1) Vallettta, capital of Malta -Address: 1, City Arcades, City Gate, Valletta.Tel: +356 2291 5440Fax: +356 2125 5844Opening hours: Between 9.00 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. from Mondays to Saturdays, and between 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. on Sundays and public holidays.2)...

  • Shops closed on Sundays and Public...

    Remember to bring along all your essential items if you have to travel to Malta on a Sunday or a public holiday. Almost all shops, department stores and shopping malls close on Sundays and public holidays. We forgot to bring along our toothbrushes and toothpastes to Malta. As a consequence we had to search for a sundry shop along the Promenade from...

  • The People of Malta

    The locals are happy friendly people. The fact that the majority speak English as if it's their 1st language is a real bonus. They also show a genuine interest in where you are from and are only too willing to give advice on places to see. I went there every year from 2000 to 2004, staying months on end whilst we we were doing up our yacht. The...

  • Around Malta

    There are amazingly wonderful places on Malta: like the wonderful and idyllic Sliema with long walks along the sea with numerous shops and causy restaurants or the Three Cities to the right from Valletta (Cospicua, Vittoriosa, and Senglea) with old palaces, street decorations and abandoned docks.

  • Language

    There are two official languages in Malta: Maltese and English, so, no problems at all (if you speak any of them, of course).Maltese language is quite difficult, at least for me, so, fortunately they speak English too. Would you like to learn (or try to learn) a few words in Maltese? Have a go!- Hello = Merha- Good morning = Bongu- Good afternoon =...

  • General Info

    In case you want to know about geography, religion, History, etc., check this website, it knows anything about Malta.

  • Currency: Euro (€)

    Malta adopted the Euro on 1 January 2.008. So, it's good for many european citizens due to we use the same currency.Would you like to know how much 1 Euro is? Your "mouse" will tell you at once.

  • September Weather in Malta

    September is pretty much the end of summer in Malta but it can still be very hot although not as hot as in July and August. We sometimes get our first storms in September and this brings the temperature down a little. Regarding clothes I suggest you bring swimwear and summer clothing but bring a light waterproof jacket and a couple of long-sleeved...

  • Marsaxlokk.

    Marsaxlokk is a nice fishing village located in the south-eastern side of Malta.Its name means "south-east harbour". Marsa = harbour; xlokk = south -east.This is the right place to have a good lunch. There is a big choice of restaurants there. In Marsaxlokk you can also see a lot of luzzus. These are traditional bright colored fishing boats.

  • Golden Bay.

    Its real name is Ramla Tal Mixquqa.This beautiful beach with golden sand lies at the north-west of Malta. You can get there by bus. At Golden Bay there are some cafes-restaurants. Not far from this beach there is a mini-market.

  • The Buskett.

    This beautiful wood, with various kinds of trees and shrubs was a hunting ground of the Order of St, John.The Buskett is overlooked by the Verdala Castle. This mansion was built by the Grand Master de Verdalle as his summer house.This wood is located about two km. from Rabat.If you like to know some information about the Verdala Castle go to;...

  • Malta shore visit

    Not sure if you have started your cruise. Just back from Western Mediterranean cruise with Costa Concordia and visited Malta by myself. They offer 1 Euro return to the main gate where you can find bus to Mdina. When back to town, you take a walk along the main road and then the same bus back to the port.The day we ahored in Malta, we learnt that...

  • Parking for Disabled Persons

    Parking is free in reserved places for disabled drivers, other than that, you cannot park on any yellow lines. Here is the link to the National Commission Persons with Disability If you search for disabledparkingbays.pdf you will find a list of reserved parking bays in various streets of Maltese and Gozitan towns.

  • The first time I went to Gozo...

    ...I only had a taste of it.I visited the Citadel in Victoria. This is the main town of this island. I stayed into this fortress at least two hours.Inside the Citadel there is the Cathedral (1697-1711), three interesting museums; some shops and cafes. I wanted to see some other nice places on this island, but unfortunately buses in Gozo are not as...

  • San Anton Gardens.

    These beautiful gardens were laid out by Grand Master Antoine de Paule between 1623 and1636 as grounds to his summer palace.Here you can stroll among exotic plants, fruit trees and statues. There are also some aviaries.Into these gardens there is the residence of the President of Malta.San Anton Gardens are located in Balzan.

  • Sandy beaches in Malta

    Hi Michal,Considering that september is the most busiest time in Malta for sandy beaches one can always find parking on the northern sandy beaches before 9.00am.After that time one have to drop off the passengers on the beach and park further away for about 200 mtrs or so.Regarding Hired cars in Malta its quite safe but as per anywhere else...

  • Find a friend

    It is hard to say just one activity Malta has so much so offer Valletta , Mdina and Gozo are a must see.I named this find a friend because one of Malta's best assets are the Malteese people last time I went to Malta I met up with Josef and Anne and had a great time.The photo is of Me and Josef in Vittoriosa, he took us around the three citys one...

  • Rural Gozo

    One of the nicest things to do in Malta is walk in the countryside of Gozo. On the main island of Malta there really isn't much pretty countryside left, but on Gozo, where there has been considerably less urban development, there is. Only 30,000 people live on Gozo and many of them are farmers.

  • Maltese Windows

    You can see the strong influence of Arab architecture in Maltese buildings, especially the windows, which jut out into the narrow streets in order to catch the breeze during the hot summers. These are like the Arab mashrabia windows, except that they have panes of glass rather than wood latticework and shutters.

  • Malta International Aiport

    Malta International airport has certainly come on in the last few years and now has a slick and professional attitude to its travellers.This lovely piece of artwork greets you as you enter the passport control area in the arrivals area.

  • Maltese cats

    Maltese cats are famous for being very cute and that you can see them almost everywhere. Here are two very cute cats examples :-)


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  • the assumption of our lady

    on august the 15th several towns in malta celebrate the feast of the assumption, in august 2006 i visited mosta for this feast. i was shown around by some friends from mosta. i found this to be a very moving feast.

  • the three cities

    a visit to the three cities is a must. here you will find lovely enchanting streets and lots of history. taking my girlfriend to the inquisitors palace to see the torture exibition.

  • Local wine

    I found that in most restaurants the wine list did not offer open wine. The first night out I had bought a bottle and it cost around 6 Maltese. However, if you ask for local wine it will come in a carafe and cost at least half the price!

  • The island of Gozo

    Most people who come to Malta stay on Malta. However, after our trip, we would probably recommend staying on the island of Gozo (or at least spending a few days on Gozo). It's a much more laid back and somewhat prettier island in our opinion. Also, if you like things like hiking or scuba diving, Gozo is a nice choice.

  • Have a walk around the THREE...

    Have a walk around the THREE CITIES - SENGLEA (1551), COSPICUA (beginning of the XVIII century) and VITTORIOSA or BIRGU (XVI century). There are no borders between them, they form a single whole. These Cities played a very important role during the Great Siege (there were severe fights with the Turkish army here). Bigru, by the way, had been the...

  • Nice poeple, nice cats and great weather

    The best side of Malta apart from great places to vist are the people. They are friendly and polite and always smile to you. We were surprised how nice poeple were there! Thanks to all people who helped us, who talked to us then, who made the visit there nicer ;)Remember, people are the biggest treasure of Malta.There are also a lof of the cats...

  • Wooden balconies

    Ornate balconies are a traditional building style in Malta. Each balcony is is different from the next in style and colour!

  • Enjoy Malta

    I usually go everywhere myself, and rarely take organized tour, but I'm glad that I went to pre-historical sites with guided tour. Sure, you can read about each site, and I did, too. But, guides are very knowledgeable about the sites, and usually give you something that you don't read on the guide book. Good book to read: the Great Siege of Malta...


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