Malta Off The Beaten Path

  • Off The Beaten Path
    by mickeyboy07
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by mickeyboy07
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by mickeyboy07

Malta Off The Beaten Path

  • A walk through Balzan

    The main reason for visiting this part of Malta is to visit the San Anton Gardens. Balzan itself is also worth a visit. It is a quiet village with a lovely centre, and some lovely residential properties. This is a good way to see where the well off Maltese live.

  • Countryside views

    One of the best views of the Maltese countryside is from the terrace of the Fontanella Cafe. Another good view ids from the Tarja Hill near Mosta. If you have time take a walk between 2 villages and watch farmers working in the fields. Gharghur has excellent views of countryside. It is surprising how much open space there is in Malta considering...

  • See the registration plates at the cars

    I don´t know why, but we saw lots of funny registration plates at Malta. Maybe they are cheap, or maybe it´s easier to get one in so small country. Who knows, but keep your eyes open, you might have parked next to a "spyderman" or a princess ;)

  • The Chinese Garden of Serenity.

    The Chinese Garden of Serenity (Gnien is Serenità) is located on the outskirts of Santa Lucija. It was built in the 1996-97. Things which makes a Chinese garden symbolize something. In this garden there is a winding corridor that represents the windings and challenges of life; there are rocks; a pond where water means birth. There is a bamboo...

  • Ta Hagrat Temples - Mgarr Malta

    Erected around 3600 – 3200 BC, it is one of the earliest temples but still in a very good condition.The pottery of earlier date found at this site suggest that this was built on top of an earlier village. Finds from this site include a small limestone model of a building.The larger temple is set in the middle of a large semicircular forecourt. Two...

  • Skorba Temples - Mgarr Malta

    Skorba Temples lie in fields near Mgarr. At Skorba, a typical three-apsed temple was built in the Ggantija phase (3600 – 3200 BC), replacing a village that had been inhabited since the Ghar Dalam phase (5000 – 4300 BC). Remains include the stone paving of the entrance passage, with perforations to carry libation offerings, the torba floors of the...

  • Planning to cylce off the beaten track...

    If you're planning to cycle off the beaten track in Malta, here are some sources you could use:The Visit Malta page - - is helpful, as it provides the general background on Malta.The Malta By Bike page - is useful to book bike adventures which, importantly, include free transportation...

  • Play Mobil

    If you've been to the Play Mobil in Nuremburg, you will be very disappointed. This is definitely more of a Play Mobil plant, then a kids play area. They do have a small area in the front where kids can play, but it is not really a place to spend an afternoon.

  • Coastline

    The coastline of Malta is beautiful. It is worth driving around the perimeter of the island, just to see the views along the coast. If you don't have a car, think about paying a taxi driver to take you for an island tour. We got a taxi to take us to Play Mobil, and then just paid him to drive us around the island for a few hours and had a great...

  • Egg Church

    Although the dome of Mgarr's Church of the Assumption does indeed look a bit like an egg, that's not the reason why it is known as the Egg Church. The reason for its strange nickname is that the church was built in the 1930s with money raised by local people from the sale of eggs.There isn't much else to see in the village of Mgarr apart from the...

  • cinema

    Me and Ian wanded into this cinema in Valletta but we left because it looked dark and had no film posters we both thought it was a porn cinema but in Malta it probably isn't.Has anyone been to City Lights Cinema?Does anyone know what Kinemastik means?

  • For Classic Car Lovers!

    Today I visited the Classic Car Collection Museum. I was so impressed with the museum that I decided to set up a VT tip about it. It's worthwhile visiting the museum if you are interested in classic cars. There is also a large collection of model cars on display. The classic cars are spread out on two floors and a few of them are actually for...

  • Fort St Lucian

    South of Marsaxlokk you will see a small, isolated fort. This is Fort St Lucian, which was built by the Knights of St John in 1610 to protect the south-east coast of Malta from attacks by the Ottoman Turks. Today it houses a naval college.

  • A romantic walk along the Dingli Cliffs

    This is not to be missed. You can tie this in with your trip to Rabat as it is very close. Take bus #81 from Valletta. Buses run every half an hour. There is a restaurant at the cliffs, but it is closed on Mondays. It is just a wonderful place to go and reflect. The air is crisp and clean and it is very relaxing and truly romantic.

  • Foliage in Malta ! Simply Beautiful !

    Usually around the Maltese Island when you go off the beaten path you always find something nice to see and what I like is that Malta and Gozo are so safe that you never feel insecure I mean unless its at night !!! However, Malta the streets and the area is quite safe.In this section I am going to try and create a tip dedicate to the foliage around...

  • Getting away from the people

    For those who have already visited the islands, it is obvious that it is a highly populated place. As a result most people end up thinking that these islands are all built up! Gozo is relatively less built, so its natural beauty is more easily appreciated.However, Malta in itself does have some great countryside. The reason why most tourists never...

  • Blue Grotto

    I have been to Malta many times but this is the first time I have visited the Blue Grotto. You buy a ticket, walk to the waters’ edge and then take a small boat (with a few others). You are taken around the headland and through various sheltered cave entrances including that of the Blue Grotto. The sea takes on a bright blue hue and it is crystal...

  • Cemetry visit

    Ok, so it is not your usual kind of place to visit but this is a lovely well-organised and tidy place. Many of the graves have pictures of the deceased displayed on them.It is a special place for me as my grandparents are buried here along with a special cousin Arthur who was a priest in the Vatican. Sadly he died in 2005. There are flower sellers...

  • Peaceful bay

    We walked into Birzebbuga after we had been to the Ghar Dalam cave it was lovely the sun was so hot and we hardly passed another person.The photo was taken in St George's bay after we walked around the bay we went to Birzebbuga or Buzy Bugger as I called it we bought drinks from a newsagent near the church and got the bus back to Valletta.It was...

  • Take a walk on the wild side

    The island of Malta dips downwards on a roughly west-east axis which has created some amazing cliff faces all along its western side. Here is where one can enjoy some fabulous walks along the cliff tops. My fave location is just past the town of Bahria. Park your car somewhere in the tarmaced area around the restaurants on the perimeter of the town...

  • The Aqueduct

    When Valletta was built in 1566 by the Knights, the main problem was fresh water supply, thus several measures were set up to conserve water resources. The provision of fresh water was considered to be of paramount importance to the inhabitants of Valletta since the lack of it could have drastic consequences especially during a siege. Regulations...

  • Limestone Quarries

    The area around Mqabba, Qrendi and Safi, is litterally surrounded by Limestone Quarries. Most of the building in Malta is built up with stones cut from these quarries (Globegerina Limestone).The stone is quite soft and is capable of being cut by an electric sawing machine, but hardens when it becomes dry. Not quite a tourist attraction but if...

  • Victoria Lines

    The British military constructed a series of Defensive lines, forts and other fortifications right above the Great Fault which is a natural geaographical barrier which practicallt divides Malta in two parts. The Lines cross the island from one side (Fomm ir-Rih) to the other (Bahar ic caghaq). The 12 Kilometre fortification was named after Queen...

  • Mamo Tower - Marsascala area

    Although referred to as a Tower it is really a fortified country house built in 1657 and has a unique shape of St Andrew's Cross with sixteen sides. The Tower was built as a defensive building against the invasions of the Turks particularly from St Thomas Bay below. On entering one finds a beautiful round domical-roofed room leading to four smaller...

  • Girgenti Inquisiter's Summer Residence

    This charing Palace hidden in the Girgenti countryside was built in 1625 as a summer residence for the Inquisiters in Malta. See Vittoriosa Main Inquisiter's palace When the French conquered Malta in 1798 and two years later by the British, this palace passed hands as a summer residence for the Governors. Nowadays as expected, it is habited in...

  • Prehistory

    I imagine that most visitors to Malta miss the prehistoric sites, unless they are specifically visiting for that reason. Yes, there are the sites on the tours (such as Ggantija temples on Gozo, or the Hypogeum) but the whole island is covered in prehistoric remains (5000+ yrs ago).Get a good map (such as the AA/Macmillan one) and see if you can...

  • Zejtun church

    This is the church of I think St Catherine it is in Zejtun, this is the last place I came to a festa night, the church was beautiful and we had a long time to walk around the town it too was lovely.At the band club opposite the barman knew what I wanted and had two cisk waiting for me as I got to the bar, I did drink an awful lot that night.

  • A Natural Christian Cross

    On your way from Attard to Rabat as you pass Ta Qali at the beginning of the hill look on your right and you should see this tree.

  • Ghar Lapsi - Siggiewi Limits

    This is one of the few places on the south coast where you do not have to scramble down the cliff sides for a swim. It is also a very popular place for a picnic, with tables and benches laid out above the sea. There is bar and sea view restaurant nearby which serves local specialities. The resort takes its name from the cave below the car park....

  • Mnajdra Temples - 4500 Year Old...

    The Mnajdra Temples are situated in a quite location appx half a mile away from Hagar Qim Temple. Sadly you can't miss the bird traps all around you on your way to this Temple. Three Temples were built close to each other and are known as the Small, Lower and Middle Temples. The smallest was erected circa. 3300 B.C. The middle Temple ( 2nd from the...

  • Old Railway Station - Birkirkara

    Up to year 1930's this Public Garden was a Railway station which was half way between Valletta and Mtarfa. Situated just by the Bus 71 terminus. Not much to see if you're not a Railway Station Fan, but worth a look if you're in that area. Click pic for more photos.

  • Xlendi

    Xlendi itself isn't off the beaten path, but if you follow the trail to the south out of town up to the watchtower, you'll find some really nice rock formations and salt pans. It's also an excellent sun-bathing spot.

  • Chapel of Siggiewi

    One of the advantages using a car in Malta that you can visit also the very little places, here is another chapel, this one is the Chapel of Siggiewi

  • Chapel of Bingemma

    Malta is the most crowded country in EU according to size and population. But I am sure also with its churches and chapels, where ever you go there will be one.This one is the Chapel of Bingemma.

  • Ghar Lapsi

    I think this is the most southern spot of the Malta island. Ghar Lapsi is another nice location for swimming, sunbathing, drinking and so on. The Blue Creek restaurant here has a great view to the sea.

  • Filfla Island

    This is not exactly a place you can visit, but you will see the Filfla Island often from different locations on the south side of the island, I wonder what is there to see if any fisherman’s will be willing to take you there if you asks?

  • Horse Shoe

    Oh well, this is not the official name of this place, it is just how I name it, another one of the beautiful cliffs of Malta, not sure exactly how to get there, and maybe better to keep it private ;-)

  • A fjord in Malta: Wied iz-Zurrieq

    Being a frequent visitor to Norway I know what ‘real” fjord is, however, being in a small island fjord can be interesting as well, especially when you do not expect it. This is a small fjord, which used as a fisherman’s harbour. It is popular also with tourists that come here to take a short boat trip to the blue grotto.

  • Fomm ir-Rih (Mouth of the wind)

    This is a small place with quiet stone beach. To get here you need to park your car in the end on the read and continue by foot over the cliff, in the other photos here you can see the cliff I was walking on, thankfully, before drinking the beer or else I would be here writing this tip ;-)

  • Classic Car Collection

    A private owned ' Classic Car Collection'. The only one of its' kind in Malta. Should not be missed by automobile enthusiats. Opening hrs; 0930 - 1800 Weekdays and 0930 - 1230 on Saturdays. Entrance fee is Lm2.75 ( appx 7 Euros ).

  • San Anton Palace and Gardens - Attard

    Grand Master Antoine de Paule built this Palace as his summer residence in 1628. Further embellishments were carried out during the Knights' Rule, including the Irrigation system, and the Chapel inside the Palace by Grand Master De Vilhena some 100 years later. The gardens around the palace are the best example of a botanical garden in Malta....

  • Providenza chapel

    This is the Providenza chapel, it is in the real countryside of Malta, located somewher in the south of the island, not very far from the Hagar Qim Temples

  • Country road between Rabat and Siggiewi

    This countryroad is relaxed and can take you straight from the Rabat/Mdina area to the Neolithic Temples and Blue Grotto. There is some nice countryside and chapels to be seen - but a word of caution if you are driving - beware of the potholes!! It is nice to hike too, but not on a very hot day because it would be hard to find a scrap of shade.From...

  • Cart Ruts - San Gwann

    The Cart Ruts are parallel channels, usually in pairs but sometimes also found in groups that are cut in rock .The purpose for these channels is still a mystery though many scholars and scientist have said their theories. Some tracks in Malta were found right to to edge of cliffs or under the sea. Malta has got the most 'samples' of Cart Ruts from...

  • A tiny village ...

    Safi is a small village in the south of Malta, near Zurrieq. Maybe if you use a rental car to go and visit the Blue Grotto, Wied iz-Zurrieq or the Mnajdra neolithic temples you can pass through here to see a quiet, traditional village.The main attraction here is the windmill, which has been recently renovated.


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  • Park Lane Aparthotel

    Park Lane Aparthotel is a nice place to stay in the north side of the island. The neighborhood is...

  • San Andrea Hotel Gozo

    Xlendi Promenade, Xlendi, Island of Gozo, Malta

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • The Xara Palace

    I did not stay in this hotel, but I passed by it, when walking through the old town of Mdina. b.t.w....


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