Malta Shopping

  • Shopping
    by mickeyboy07
  • Shopping
    by mickeyboy07
  • Shopping
    by mickeyboy07

Malta Shopping

  • Kinnie!!!

    Next time I go to Malta, I make sure to bring some Kinnie home from there.Kinnie is the national soft drink in Malta and has this absolutely fantastic slightly bitter taste to it - oh, how I wish, we could buy it here in Germany!!!

  • Local wines

    The Maltese have a good selection of local wines. My personal favourites were Marsovin´s "Cabernet Sauvignon" and "La Valette (vin rouge)".

  • Travelling Lagguage

    This shop has a wide selection of travelling lagguages most probably the largest one of its kind. On buying the salesman were very nice however be aware of them. I bought a Samsonite laptop bag from this shop and just after a month it torn up. I took it back to the shop for repair and after three months they told me that it could not be repaired....

  • A wonderful gift and souvenir shop

    Casa Castelletti Gallery deals mainly in gifts and souvenirs. Nevertheless the signboard (the words may not be seen clearly with your naked eyes unless you magnify the photo) as depicted roughly in the center of our photograph above, listed the following items available in the gallery:- Decorative Maltese Folk Arts & Crafts,Victorian and Modern...

  • Open-air Markets, Victoria, Gozo Island

    The capital's open-air markets is located at the foothill of the Citadel, not far from the Central Bus Station at Victoria (also known as Rabat) in Gozo Island. Many of the city's shops are located around the area which is also said to be the main shopping district of the city. Wide range of items are on sale at the open-air markets such as small...

  • Open-air Markets, Valletta

    Open-air markets are held at Merchants Street in the city of Valletta daily. However Valletta flea market is held only on Sundays. There are more things on sale at Sunday flea market. Opening hours are usually between 9.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. Wide range of consumer goods are on sale at the open-air markets in Valletta such as clothings and textiles,...

  • Isn't this how you normaly buy shoes?

    The sale is a bit special buy 1 get 1 free it is the way I thought you bought shoes anyway it doesn't say buy 1 pair get one free just buy 1 shoe get one free. Very odd only in Malta Shoes but not just 1 hard luck if you only have one leg

  • Sunday shopping

    It depends what kind of shops that you want to visit.Most large stationaries/book shops are open till 12.00pm selling also newspapers ets.There is a large flee market just near the Valletta bus terminus selling practically everything that comes to mind,There is also Baystreet complex in St Julians/Paceville although a bit upclass one can also find...

  • Qaghaq tal ghasel or honey ring.

    This is a traditional Christmas cake, but it is sold even in the summer. Its filling is made with honey, semoline and other things.I bought some of these cakes in Valletta; at "Camilleri and Sons". It is a nice confectionery shop in Merchants Street.

  • Bay st

    You can buy tourist momentous among many other things but you will sometimes find the same thing a little cheeper elsewhere. My favourite shop was M&S for the crisps.

  • Nothing special but hand made jewelry

    Man in the marketplace. Goran Carevic, 42. In fifty seconds flat he delivers Bettina in perfect calligraphy all set to wear, hand made from a silver wire with on pliers only!Amazing work!!

  • Souvenirs

    You will find lots of shops where you can buy souvenirs but if you go to Mdina you will see lots of local crafts that are nice and not that expensive. There you will find lots of pottery items and also glass ornaments which are made locally. They aren't the usual souvenirs but for the second time pay attention since there are fakes and they will...

  • Clothes

    You can buy nice clothes from here.... there are shops like Dorothy Perkins, Next, Marks & Spencer, Wallis, BHS etcAlso there is a market in Valletta (the capital city) where you can find bargains so take a look for sure There aren't that expensive but think twice before buying something so as to get it at a reasonable price, cos certain shops...

  • Nougat & honey ring

    The local Nougat Delights. Chunks of four aroma varieties of chocolate, orange, lemon and vanilla nougats.The Honey Ring is a traditional Maltese delicacy dated back to the 15 century.

  • All kinds of tourist tat

    In old R A F huts they sell allsorts of things I liked the glass blowers because you can watch them making things then go to the shop and buy the hand made goods I like Malta glass but you can buy knitwear or pottery or jewellery. The prices vary on what you want

  • The original Glass of Malta

    Mdina Glass is Malta’s original design glass stores of unique glass design items. I assume they have more then one store in the island but this one was in Valletta waterfront.

  • Shopping for souvenirs

    There will be souvenirs shops almost everywhere you go, t-shirt and other clothing, beach towels, postcards, maps, books, handcrafts, glasses and mugs etc. I did buy some of those ;-)

  • Prickly pear & other liqueurs.

    Prickly Pear, it is called Bajtra tax-Xewk in Maltese, and the fruit is very popular in Malta. It is also used to make Bajtra Liqueur, which is one of the three in this pack here in the photo. I bought it in the airport duty free store.

  • Madlien liqueur

    This is a traditional family made liqueur from the village of Naxar. It is traditionally made with local herbs aroma and has golden colour and sweet honey taste which is smooth and tasty. You can get it also at the airport duty free store.

  • Snacks

    Those are few examples of Maltese snacks I was nibbling while hanging around in Malta. Some are more of the usual, some are unique in taste and spices, so remember to try them while visiting here.

  • Sottovoce Frizzante

    I tasted two very nice local wines, Lambrusco and Gellewza sparkling red wines made in Marsovin winery, I enjoyed them very much on a special dinner.You can get those wines in restaurants or buy them in some selected stores. They are available also on-line in the winery web site.

  • Shopping in Sliema

    This shop is an international brand however i find good bargains from here. Prices and styles tend to vary also. In the beginning of the shop as soon as you enter is the smarter section, mostly evening wear and also more expensive and further in at the back more casual and cheaper

  • Shopping Centres in Malta - Sliema &...

    The main shopping centres in Malta are in the cities of Sliema and Valletta. Here you will find a variety of shops (clothes, shoes, jewellery, lingerie, books, pharmacy,bank, etc) from where to choose. Prices are quite moderate (unless you go to the designer shops obviously. But on the whole average prices.....and great when there are sales. But...

  • Maltese Capers

    Capers are flower buds, and are harvested in April before they bloom. They are pickled in salt vinegar, and usually sold in a small jar. Capers are a distinctive feature of Maltese cuisine, and many housewives on the islands harvest and pickle their own.It's great with pasta and salad! The one I purchased came with sun-dried tomatoes, capers,...

  • Shopping Complex

    Baystreet boasts a broad mix of services, from retail and food and beverage to arts and culture, education and games. There are shops and services to suit all ages and all pockets. The place is specifically designed to make people feel it is open to all, and that they are comfortable to just come in and wander around and not necessarily shopping.

  • Hygine Products

    I had a hard time finding health products in Malta this time. Last visit I found a Boots pharmacy in Silema but didnt see anything like that while in Bugibba. I know there must be something like that there but the location eluded me. Instead I came upon Companion Mini Market on the Promenade. They have all the health/hygine products that you may...

  • Souviners in Bugibba Square

    KTA is a small gift shop that carries most everything one would look for in souveniers: Postcards, shirts, Maltese craft products, as well as sunscreen and hats. I found they had pretty competative prices on postcards and a great selection. Yeah, Im a postcard addict. I find you can never have too many because they always seem to be at angles and...

  • Bajtra.

    Bajtra is a sweet liqueur made from prickly pears. This is a fruit that grows on a certain kind of cactuses. ...

  • Reasonable Prices

    A small grocery store with the basics located in Bugibba. Why is it special? Prices. On the main streets you can expect to pay more than .40 more for items such as soft drinks or water. Here the prices are more at the level locals pay. They also do currency exchange and sell postcards.

  • Shoemark

    This shop is amazing ! Its a massive discount shoe shop where on can buy loads cheap shoes. At the moment there is even an offer of when you buy one pair you get the second paid half price ! Also they always get new stock weekly ! There is also a shop like this in Sliema and Bugibba They have men's, kids and womens shoes. They also have bags and...

  • Ta Qali

    A group of hangers which contain shops that produce the local crafts of Malta. Glassblowing, delicate sliver work, stone carving, crochet/knitted wool garnments, blankets, shawls etc. It gives you the opportunity to buy these souviners right from the source. mouthblown glass vases, sculptures, perfume bottles. Varies depending on size, quality...

  • Beautiful Knitted Products

    A small shop in Victoria which specializes in knitted and crocetted wool products. You can watch the women make the products which they are selling. Sweaters, shawls, table clothes, etc. Depends on the item you buy.

  • Open-Air Markets

    Open-air markets are held in the morning, usually, up til 12.00am and you will find one in Merchants Street Valletta everyday. Other markets however are held in other towns in Malta, but perhaps the largest is the one in Birgu, which is held every Tuesday. There is another good one in Mosta, on Mondays and then on Sundays, one in Valletta, in Rabat...

  • Shopping

    Shopping in Malta is colourful markets with fresh fish; quaint old shops in Valletta’s backstreets; and the latest continental fashions in shopping plazas.But more than anything, it is an excuse to stop off at a café and people gaze. Shopping is a cultural window on the Islands too.You’ll find plenty of tempting must-buys to take home. For a taste...

  • For all your shopping needs

    I think that the best fashion shops in Malta are in Sliema, and here, at the Plaza Shopping Centre, the largest shopping centre in Malta, you can find many different shops all under one roof, besides restrooms, a Mc Donalds, a hairdresser and a Chinese Restaurant and a Coffee Shop as well. There is also an ATM at the entrance of Bizazza Street....

  • Valletta most Happening street

    This is Malta "Oxford Street", shopping street.Best time to visit is during christmas period as you may enjoy christmas carols and lightings along the streets.

  • Streets of Valetta

    The main streets of Valetta are crowded by fancy stores hugged from the sides by tourist shops that sell all sort of expensive things that it's expected toi bring home. Well you can buy designer clothing but it's not very can buy souvenires..but's not very cheap. Try the backstreets. The ones off of the main ones. They're...

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables

    These mobile fruit and vegetable vehicles are seen in almost every village. The produce is well presented and because of the lack of supermarkets, are vital to the local people.

  • Kinnie

    Kinnie was originally developed by Simonds Farsons Cisk in Malta in 1952, as an alternative to the innumerable cola. Kinnie is a unique tasting, alcohol-free, natural, refreshing beverage. Its golden amber colour, and the fact that it is made from bitter oranges and a variety of aromatic herbs, lend this beverage a bitter taste which is an...

  • Maltese Glass

    Amongst other souvenirs, Malta has several glass producers. Most well known are Mdina Glass and Imtarfa Glass. Both can be found at the craft village of Ta Qali. All the workshops are housed in disused aircraft hangars and former military premises. Craftsmen and women can be seen busy at work throughout the many 'huts'. The glassblowers are always...

  • The Trendiest Place to Shop in Malta

    A medium sized shopping area set on 3 floors of a purpose built block - there is a hotel within the complex too. All of it under 2 years old.There are several designer shops, an amusement hall, a few restaurants and bars, and the inevitable...McDonalds! Some more shops are located outside the building, very close by.

  • Traditional Maltese Easter Sweets -...

    It is customary for Maltese women (and some men :-) to make Figolli for Easter. If you visit Malta around this time of the year you will see them in colourful displays in shop windows. Don't be tempted to buy them from the first place you come across because you will be greatly disappointed. I usually make my own, but if I were to buy them I...

  • Ta'Qali Crafts Village

    In this particular store, first you may watch the glass blowers at work as shown in the pic, then you may purchase some of the most beautiful glass in Malta, which make great souvenirs/gifts!Walk around the crafts village and you will find all sorts of Maltese crafts, such as pottery, filigree, Maltese wool jumpers, lace and so on... Definately the...

  • The craftvillage

    Ta’Quali craftvillage occupies a WW2 airstrip used by the Royal air force, and the nissenhuts of those days now have a more peacefull function. Here all sorts of craftsmen works,from carpenters to jewelers. There is made pottery, streetsigns and beautiful glassware. The funny about this place is that visitors are supposed to look, some places even...

  • Closing time

    I arrived in Valletta around midday and found that it wasn't too long before the shops started closing, although on the main street some of the more well known stores stayed open. Generally though most places close at about 2:00 pm for siesta!


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Malta Shopping

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