Malta Tourist Traps

  • Ta Pinu cathedral on Gozo
    Ta Pinu cathedral on Gozo
    by reenby
  • Time for forty winks
    Time for forty winks
    by mrpastry
  • Tourist Traps
    by BE001903

Malta Tourist Traps

  • Hagar Qim what a disappointment!

    We went to Hagar Qim because of the pictures we saw on the internet, it's location at the seaside etc. In their attempt to preserve Hagar Qim from wind and other damages from nature they covered the site by an enormous monstrosity of a structure. What makes these structures special is how they are constructed in relation to how the sun comes up...

  • Bus fares

    If you get a bus from the airport to Valletta you might be charged a child's fare for each of your cases. As the child's fare is only 23 cents I wouldn't get too stressed by it, but it's as well to know. Try and have the right change for the bus driver too - some don't like giving change to tourists. Just wait with your hand held out and they...

  • Valletta - Grand Harbour cruises

    Valletta Grand Harbour cruises - a number of boat operators run hour-long cruises around the Grand Harbour with a commentary explaining the various sights along the way. The trip includes the shipyards and offers views of the Baracca Gardens, Vittoriosa (and the Three Cities) seafront, Manoel Island etc. Many start and end on the Sliema...

  • Taxi

    Well do not call a taxi from the hotel, they are going to charge you and you will never now about it. The Maltese authorities out a fare lists that they have to keep. you have to or arrange the price in advance or insist to make the counter run. just get on the bus - they are fun and you will keep some money

  • Bus fares

    Be aware !!! The buses are very conveninet way to get around, but be careful as they are not very happy if they have to give a change when you give them more then 5 euros. Prepare the change. if you are staying for more then a few nights and you are not renting a car buy the few days buy a MULTI DAY PASS. You can buy them directly on the bus and...

  • watch out for the new prices in euros!

    Keep a close watch on the prices in Euros. Malta is currently converting from the Maltese lira to the Euro currency, and I have no doubt that some people will try to take advantage of this situation. Make sure the prices are fair & count your change!

  • Be careful around magnets when buying...

    When you are in any of the stores that sells souvernirs like knights and other things be especially careful around magnets. They are totally fragile (I think on purpose), situated low and in a narrow exit and keep on falling down even if you brushed against them with your clothes. Then the owner of the store asks you to pay for the damaged item -...

  • Timeshare Reps.

    On occasions, especially in Bugibba, Qawra and St Paul's Bay Promenade, you meet persons who sell timeshare. Altough Malta's timeshare have excellent reputation, DO NOT engage in a conversation unless you are genuinly interested in buying. If you show the slightest hint of interest, prepare yourself for a two hour dialoge, negotions, brochures and...

  • Be aware

    Be aware of different prices charged i.e one for the locals, one for maltese living away, and one the tourists (other than maltese) Don't be shy to bargin - bargin & bargin - enjoy . Hopefully this will change when euro kicks in January 2008 other than that; enjoy these little islands of Malta & Gozo. They have alot to offer. Just Bargin and don't...

  • Prices for Turists at Kiosks

    When you buy something from Kiosks at Valletta, make sure you don't pay extra. If you have Maltese relatives or friends let them buy the things for you. Because the Kiosks near the bus terminu, Valletta, tend to charge higher prices for turists. Sometimes they even charge higher prices for me! always ask for the receit to! Try to buy things from...

  • Car parks!

    We drove to the Craft village near Mdina a Maltese man waved us into an empty car park then said "you pay me now." I asked how much thinking he was a car park attendant he said " how much you think," I gave him 50 cents.The exact same thing happened at Gnejna Bay beach again I didn't want a confrontation with anyone Maltese so I gave him 50 cents,...

  • Hired Cars - Target for Traffic Wardens

    If you're hiring a car take care where you park, especially in Tourist zones. As the traffic wardens have a quota for a number of tickets daily, the hottest target for them are rented cars as they know that tourists can't justify their inncocence. Rented cars are recognized in Malta as the numberplate is always **K-***. Tickets are immediatly...

  • Karozzin - The Horse Drawn Cab

    Always negotiate the price before you ride the cab. The average fee is Lm7 irrilevant of the number of party. Ask for the journey time as well, and try to find a 'friendly' cab driver. Some of the drivers will give you a decent description about your tour and others doesn't even know a word in english except the service price *of course*. These...

  • Special (Expensive) tourist prices!

    Unfortunately some restaurant/bar owners tend to take advantage of tourists by raising prices on food and drinks. This tends to be done mostly in Gozo (it is even done to Maltese people sometimes - Gozitans are very patriotic!). In some cases they even have different menus to show, depending whether you are local or foreign. Not really much you...

  • Karrozzin

    The Karrozzin is a lovely ride and very romantic at night but be careful they are expensive, you will be quoted as much as ML15-00 but if you bargain you will get it for about half of this don't pay more. the first time I rode in one it cost me five bob. There is no alternative if you want to ride bargain.

  • Ta'Qali Crafts Village

    This is a crafts village outside Mdina, selling Maltese lace, glass works, pottery, leathers, etc., and is the largest crafts centre on the islands, with 20+ companies located in former WWII airport hangers. Many shops have demonstrations, and watching the glass blowing was interesting. (See photo.) Of course, after the demonstration, you have to...

  • Rental Umbrellas and Chairs

    I will say that the Blue Lagoon in Comino is a must see. Just beware the beach area is very small and therefore crowded. You will notice that some smart Maltese person had the idea to rent deck chairs and sun umbrellas. When you hear the prices it doenst sound like a lot, I beleive it was 1.50 Mtl for a chair and 2 mtl for an umbrella but for the...

  • Taxis

    Generally no problems but on our first day we got in a taxi and were charged some huge amount to go about 3 mins down the road. It was only when we worked out the currency that we realised we had been had :oD Wise yourself up and negotiate a rate before you get in! Take a Malta Bus :oP

  • St Paul's Bay

    This is an absolutely stunning location but watch out! Last time i went to Malta I stayed here and although St Paul's is gorgeous, it is really expensive. There are only a couple of restaurants here and they serve up some lovely food but if you take yourself to the next town in either direction, Buggiba or Melliah, the prices drop by a great...

  • The Greek gate in Mdina, the...

    The Greek gate in Mdina, whish was the ancient capital of Malta. The name must have the arabic origins because "medina" is what the Arabs call market place. Of course, this tip has nothing to do with any kind of tourist traps, it was made long ago when I joined to VT AND THE WHOLE SITE WAS MUCH DIFFERENT THEN TODAY.

  • Avoid the tourist prices

    When buying drinks and such at shops avoid ones on main tourist streets. For instance a 2 liter bottle of water will cost .70 on Islet Promenade in Bugibba but if you walk up the side streets a bit you can find stores that cater to the locals and get it for .30 for a 2 liter bottle instead. Other things can also be purchased for less away from the...

  • Hard Rock Cafe

    Located in the Bay Street Complex opposite the Hotel InterContinental in St. Julians. Beware: the food sucks there big time !!! If you have to go there, then only order something to drink. If hungry then go to the "Fluid", an Italian style bistro located directly opposite to the "Hard Rock Cafe". My recommendation: The dish "Flowing" (Pasta with...

  • Crossing the roads in Malta and in Gozo!

    When crossing the road around Malta and Gozo just be careful. Make sure that you look on both sides to see whether the roads are clear. Maltese drivers tend to drive carelessly and at times don't bother who is crossing the road. Also don;t take it for granted that if you are crossing on a zebra crossing the cars are going to stop because at times...

  • Popeye Village

    I felt I had to put this under "Tourist "Trap" and not a "must see activity" because it is off the beaten path - maybe it should go under that heading !! - and unless you have children who enjoyed the film, and wanted to see the movie set etc., it is not worth going to. some of my fellow travellers said just the same thing. We visited this place on...

  • Blue Grotto

    The Blue Grotto can only be reached by sea, either on a motor boat or a rowing boat. So they are a lot of companies that offer that "experience".I would only recommend you doing it, if you have too much time and the weather is good (or else you will not be able to see the "fantastic" blue")

  • Being ripped off in Comino

    We went to Comino for snorkelling and have been told we could rent the equipment there. When we arrived, there was a stone platform (very comfortable!) with some chairs and sun umbrellas and 2 guys with very little snorkelling equipment. They wanted 15 Euros for fins, snorkel and mask per person and another 15 Euros as deposit, even though there...

  • Beware of some taxis

    Visitors should note that sometimes the rates that are charged by local taxidrivers are much too high compared to the ride given. If u have to catch a taxi (espescially from the paceville area) be sure to bargain with the bugger, getting other people with whom u share a common destination will also help If u are old enough, u can rent a car (25...

  • Taxi Drivers

    These guys in Malta are maybe the ones you can have a fight easily.When they distinguish you are a tourst,they do their best to steal your money...there are two txi types in Malta.Black ones and white ones....the drivers of white ones are very rude althought their taxis are more expensive.can u believe it?i want to say something to them here:''You...

  • Valletta

    The only tourist trap would be the horse carriage taxi's. But unlike many countries you do not get hassled and I am sure that if you like that sort of thing, a trip around the city in a horse drawn carriage could be fun. Negotiate a price first. Walking around the city is really interesting, also it is hard to get lost and it is also not that big...

  • All the taxis are metered, but...

    All the taxis are metered, but the meters don't always work. Ask the driver beforehand what the fare will be.

  • Fontanella and other pubs in...

    Fontanella and other pubs in Mdina are a waste of money. What was once known as the silent city has long been ruined by such places.Paying through your nose for a meager cup of coffee and a funny parade is no body's idea of enjoyment.

  • No doubt they'll give you a...

    No doubt they'll give you a coupon to the free boat trip (harbor cruise of some sort, they call it). If your feet hurt and you are looking for a place to sit, get a tan and catch a breeze - go! If not it's a waste of time! They'll circle the same part of the harbor at least 5 times and there's not even enough to be said once! Beware Floriana!

  • Just because it's August and...

    Just because it's August and the weather at home sux, don't even think of coming to Malta. It's way too hot, not at all enjoyable and there's about a million and one other tourists who had the same bright (bad) idea... Try May or late September... the weather is sunny but not so hot that you can't breathe :-) The beaches will never be this...

  • BUSES : cheap but shabby and...

    BUSES : cheap but shabby and usually dirty. timetables very approximate, and drivers are mostly surly and liable to start shouting if you don't give them exact change. Watch out for the change..if you look foreign you might get short-changed.TAXIS : expensive and drive arrogantly; Imperative to agree fare beforehand unless you want to be...

  • Azure Window The Azure...

    Azure Window The Azure Window created by sea-breakers over a period of thousands of years is the third marvel to be found at Dwejra point. On the top of two giant columns of rock each with a diameter of approximately 40 metres, rests a huge ledge of rock of about 100 metres in length and 20 metres in height forming a giant door or window through...

  • Stay away from the movies and...

    Stay away from the movies and 'walk throughs'. The only exception to this is the Malta Experience which will give you a sense of the complete background of Malta. They remind me of Madame Tussands at the Jersey Shore -- YUK! Oh, and give the cab horses a break. When it's really hot, it's hard on them and they are over priced.

  • I've talked to many tourists...

    I've talked to many tourists who have visited the island and I often find that most are disappointed by the fishing village, Marsaxlokk. I guess for some it's not really worth the bumpy bus ride to see a few luzzi (typical Maltese boat), a lace market and smell the horrid smell of fish.

  • do not buy jewellery from the...

    do not buy jewellery from the market stalls, buy your jewellery from the reputable jewellers shops in the villages, as they are reasonably priced, you will get a better deal if you pay with pounds sterling.

  • All I can say is 'Popeye...

    All I can say is 'Popeye Village'. Many moons ago, a young actor by the name of Robin Williams starred as Popeye in the film of the same name! The Maltese were obviously proud of this fact, and have left the village open for people to visit - at a price!The place is ran down and to be frank is a complete waste of time and money!!I wonder if they'll...

  • Beaches in summer months......

    Beaches in summer months... If you think that you gonna find Malta very quiet and peacefull in summer months - you are wrong! I think to come to Malta in August is crazy as first of all is too hot and second - overcrowded...


    THE POPEYE VILLAGE OK, I will be honest here. I did not visit this place myself( although I did view it from both the sea and the road) I am just passing along information.The reason I did not visit here is because I read and heard several times that it is a big tourist trap.

  • Malta has its share of tourist...

    Malta has its share of tourist traps. Topping the list are the 'multimedia' exhibits 'The Malta Experience' and 'The Wartime Experience,' both in Valletta, and Popeye Village. Who would want to see the set of a terrible movie made twenty years ago!?! Yet it's pretty popular, from what I hear (I avoided it).

  • Any of the Cruises offered to...

    Any of the Cruises offered to the Blue lagoon or any spot on the island are a complete waste of time and will usually take up a whole day. taking the bus in malta is the best option and is most deffinitly the cheapeast

  • Popeyes village. Great place...

    Popeyes village. Great place but I feel a lost oportunity to have created something better. A bit run down. Dispite this, worth a look.

  • Pls stay away from the Preluna...

    Pls stay away from the Preluna Hotel in Sliema !!! Yes, it's clean, it's at the seafront but ... it is simply horrible, old, obsolete ... and they have as courage as enough to put up a web page @


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