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  • Guze Bistro, Valletta
    Guze Bistro, Valletta
    by SWFC_Fan
  • Canapes at Guze Bistro, Valletta
    Canapes at Guze Bistro, Valletta
    by SWFC_Fan
  • Risotto with Mediterranean Prawns at Guze Bistro
    Risotto with Mediterranean Prawns at...
    by SWFC_Fan

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  • starship's Profile Photo

    Hard Rock Bar ~ Valletta, Malta: Hard Rock Cafes Are Found Around the World

    by starship Updated Jan 15, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I admit I'm a fan of collecting Hard Rock Cafe pins and so I was thrilled when I found the Hard Rock Bar Malta so easy to visit. But this Hard Rock was out of the ordinary and worth a visit in and of itself.

    The location of this 140-seat Hard Rock Bar is probably the best I have ever visited. This particular Hard Rock Bar occupies one of the beautiful niche spots or "vaults" that make up the Valletta Waterfront. Inside guests will find in what was once cargo storage areas, vaulted ceilings and concrete walls, but the shaded seating on the terrace facing the Grand Harbour with the extraordinary view may be what I remember the most.

    Although it was just late afternoon and the sun was far from retreating from the sky, the Hard Rock Bar Malta was experiencing a flury of visitors --- young and old jockeying for position at the merchandise counter! Most people were purchasing t-shirts and other items with the Hard Rock Cafe Malta logo. Since I was there to buy just a pin, I let the crowd thin out before approaching the counter!

    No one seemed to be interested in the music memorabilia but lots of people were having their photos taken next to the gigantic and iconic Hard Rock Cafe guitar close to the seating area.

    Favorite Dish: Not only am I a fan of Hard Rock pins which I try to buy during my visits to different countries, I'm a fan of their classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers!! Large, juicy and cooked to perfection! Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and french fries, this is my standard favorite at the Hard Rock! There are lots of other tasty menu items such as salads, appetizers, pastas, chicken, and desserts and prices always seem to be reasonable. A very attractive bar at the Hard Rock Malta invited you to take a seat there. Several flat-screen TV's were perfectly placed to watch music videos following the tradition of other Hard Rock Cafes. A lot of the younger people were enjoying themselves and a bit of freedom here it seemed. No one was rowdy---just loud and happy!

    On a nice day or evening, my preference would have been to enjoy a typical American hamburger and drink while sitting on the outside terrace as another way to enjoy Malta!! At night this place seemed quite magical with evening lights of Malta dotting the harbor.

    NOTE: Your AAA (American Automobile Association) membership card will get you a 10% discount on food and merchandise!

    Photo courtesy of Hard Rock Bar Malta Music Memorabilia encased on walls Who let all these teenagers in?

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  • Maurizioago's Profile Photo

    The Circle' s.: A nice bar and coffee shop.

    by Maurizioago Updated Mar 17, 2015

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This cafe-restaurant is the right place to rest after a visit to the G. M. Palace or after a long walk.

    It is housed into a late 16th century palace; the Messina Palace.

    Today this palace is property of the German-Maltese Circle.

    Favorite Dish: At the Circle' s they serve light meals and snacks, but I went there for a cup of tea or some other drinks.

    Picture taken from a leaflet.
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    Ta' Reno: great!

    by iaint Written Mar 17, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a hole in the wall place. That does not imply unhygienic - quite the opposite. Just tiny. Wide enough for 1 table and space to get past. Close to St John's.

    I had ftira - toasted flat bread stuffed with whatever you want (usually 1 meat and at least 6 veg). I had number 59 on the menu (cheese, peppers, olives...) and it was about halfway down the menu.

    They also do normal hot dishes.

    Cost €4 with a bottle of water. Excellent food, wonderful value and fun!

    Oh, and they're friendly. I might just go back tomorrow.

    Favorite Dish: Ftira!

    on the right, at the awning
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  • SWFC_Fan's Profile Photo

    Guze Bistro: Delicious food in a historic bistro!

    by SWFC_Fan Updated Feb 13, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I ate at Guze Bistro with my fiancee and her parents on New Year's Eve 2013.

    In previous years we had failed to make arrangements for New Year's Eve in suitable time and so had often been left desperately searching for a vacant table (or even an open restaurant) in whichever city we found ourselves in. In 2012, we found ourselves in a Chinese buffet in Bilbao. In 2011, we spent New Year's Eve in an overpriced Italian restaurant in Lisbon. In 2010, we squeezed into the last remaining seats of a busy Chinese restaurant in Munich. This time we were determined to be better prepared for the big evening. Not prepared enough to have made a reservation before flying out to Malta, granted, but better prepared than usual! So, four days before New Year's Eve, we made a trip into Valletta from St Julian's and scoped out potential venues for the 31st. We perused the special menus being advertised outside the various restaurants, dismissed some as being too expensive, and made enquiries of various waiting staff. Many places were already fully booked. It looked as though we had left it too late again.

    Then we stumbled across Guze Bistro, located on Old Bakery Street, just a short downhill walk from the main drag of Republic Street (turn off next to the Savoy shopping mall). I vaguely recalled the name from my pre-trip research (and the fact that it was highly rated), so I was sure that it would be fully booked for NYE. We decided to go in and make an enquiry anyway, although I was sure it would be a fruitless one. Much to my surprise, they had availability. Their second sitting, at 9pm, was fully booked, but as long as we were finished with our table before then we could show up whenever we liked. This suited us fine; we planned to eat around 7pm before soaking up the atmosphere of Valletta's New Year street party.

    As we stood in the intimate dining room (a small room with bare brick walls in a 400 year old building) the waiter showed us the special New Year's Eve menu and informed us that it was priced at €50 per person – which included canapes, soup, starter, main, dessert and coffee with petite fours. It was more than I had been hoping to pay, but I could see that it was a special place and, with the risk of not finding an alternative, we went ahead and booked.

    In the intervening days between booking and dining I became increasingly confident that we had made the right choice. I read the glowing reviews on Trip Advisor and discovered that Guze Bistro was ranked #2 out of 146 restaurants in Valletta and #7 out of 1,084 restaurants in Malta. I could scarcely believe that we had managed to get a reservation for New Year's Eve at such a late stage.

    New Year's Eve came and we arrived at the restaurant at around 6:30pm. A few of the other tables were already occupied, but it was only half full at this relatively early hour. The bare wooden tables had been set with wine glasses and Christmas crackers and there was a relaxed ambience.

    We studied the menu (which I had already read in depth having downloaded the PDF version from their website after booking, but had yet to fully decide on my choices) and ordered the first of two bottles of Prosecco (€14 per bottle).

    The New Year's Eve menu was as follows:



    Cream of Butternut Squash, Gozo Honey, Rosemary Grissini
    Lobster Bisque, Amontillado Sherry, Olive Oil Croutons


    Pastry Pithivier of Braised Rabbit, Creamy Port Jus
    Risotto with Mediterranean Prawns, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes
    Zucchini & Carrot, Local Sheep Cheese, Truffled Quails Eggs


    Duo of Sea Bass and Brown Meagre, Poached Asparagus, Sauce Maltaise
    Slow Cooked Pork Belly, Crispy Pork Cheeks, Apple Puree, Madeira
    Rib Eye of Aged Black Angus Beef, Mediterranean Sea Salt
    Wellington of Roasted Vegetables, Hollandaise, Sweet Potato Mash


    Warm Chocolate Fondant, Caramel Ice Cream

    Coffee & Petite Fours

    Our meal began with a complimentary portion of bread. This took the form of a wooden board of various sliced breads, rather rustic looking, and two small jars. One jar contained a sundried tomato chutney and the other contained olive oil in a spreadable, butter-like form. It was delicious and whetted our appetite for the meal ahead.

    Next came the canapes. They were tiny. They represented everything that I thought I hated about gourmet restaurants. The two miniscule morsels of food looked lost on a full sized plate. One (a piece of smoked salmon atop an olive oil crouton, garnished with a sprig of green herb) sat at one edge of the plate, the other (a postage stamp sized piece of lemon and chilli jelly topped with sour cream) sat at the other edge of the plate. Between the two was the faintest hint of pea puree. The merest trail, barely visible, and looking like the remnants on a plate that hadn't been properly cleaned. More style than substance. But, wow, the food was tasty! Especially the lemon and chilli jelly. How is it possible to pack so much flavour into such small nibbles?!

    Onto the soups. I opted for the Lobster Bisque while Emma and her parents all opted for the Butternut Squash soup. Once again, I was initially taken aback by the small portion size. Their bowls of soup looked reasonably sized, but the lobster bisque consisted of maybe four or five mouthfuls. It came in a large dish, but the majority of it was flat with just a small hollowed out area at the centre into which the bisque had been poured. Again, my disappointment at the portion size was blown away by the taste. It was delicious! Not only that, but there were three good sized pieces of lobster meat deceptively concealed within the seemingly small bowl of soup. The accompanying croutons took the form of a side dish of miniature breadsticks.

    Now we were onto the starters. I ordered the risotto. Sometimes I find risotto to be a little bland, but that was certainly not the case here. It was full of flavour and contained several large and small, shelled and unshelled prawns. Emma and her mum both opted for the rabbit pithivier. I'd never heard of a pithivier and I'm not sure that anybody else in our party had. It turned out to be a small rabbit pie with a puff pastry crust and the port jus was artistically splashed around the edge of the plate. Emma's dad opted for the zucchini, carrot, sheep cheese and quails eggs. It too was presented like a piece of modern art. Two pieces of sheep cheese sat on a bed of carrot and zucchini, while two spears of asparagus formed a cupid shape on top of the cheese. Some sort of sauce was dotted in perfectly alligned rows next to the cheese, while the quail eggs, on a bed of herbs, sat separately in a corner of the plate. The food didn't just look good, it tasted good as well. We all cleared our plates.

    Emma's dad and I both ordered the Black Angus beef for our mains and both ordered it medium to well done. The beef was cooked to perfection and there was little, if any, gristle or fat on our steaks. The beef came with an assortment of vegetables; balls of carrot, spears of asparagus, pak choi, mange tout, grilled mushroom and a side dish of potatoes roasted in olive oil, rosemary and other herbs. Emma and her mum both ordered the pork belly and pork cheeks. It too was served with a similar assortment of vegetables, as well as an apple sauce. Once again, we all emptied our plates.

    There was only one choice of dessert on offer....but it was a good one! The warm chocolate fondant consisted of a crispy cake exterior which, when broken into, oozed out hot chocolate sauce. It was accompanied by a scoop of caramel ice cream on a toffee and biscuit crumble, a sliced kumquat, a strawberry and a few blackcurrants. Very nice!

    All that remained was the coffee and petite fours. Emma's mum and I had espresso coffees, while Emma and her dad opted for tea instead. Each drink came with a praline chocolate on the saucer – i guess that's what a petite four is!

    Overall, this was a fantastic meal served in intimate surroundings by extremely friendly and attentive staff. All of the food was delicious and, although I initially thought it sounded expensive, was worth every penny that we paid. It was the perfect place to enjoy our New Year's Eve meal. I am not exaggerating when I say that it is one of the best meals I've ever had anywhere in the world. Very highly recommended!

    Guze Bistro, Valletta Canapes at Guze Bistro, Valletta Risotto with Mediterranean Prawns at Guze Bistro Warm Chocolate Fondant at Guze Bistro, Valletta Dining room at Guze Bistro, Valletta

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    Al Mare: Waterside Location

    by steventilly Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lovely informal Italian/Maltese restaurant serving Pasta & Pizza in a waterfront setting that looks across to Sliema. It's in a building that used to be a Police station, and there is plenty of seating inside or out.
    Unfortunately the ferry stops running in the evening or this place would have been ideal for an evening jaunt from Sliema.

    Favorite Dish: Risotto con Leghumi (mushroom risotto)
    Linguini Traponese (tomatoes, chilli, garlic)

    Al Mare, Valletta

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    282 Coffee Garden: Local Maltese dishes on Republic Street

    by SWFC_Fan Written Feb 18, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We ate at 282 Coffee Garden on the first evening of our visit to Valletta in December 2013.

    We hadn't done much research prior to our visit and so we wandered along Triq ir-Repubblika (Republic Street; the city's main shopping street) looking for somewhere suitable to eat. We were enticed into 282 Coffee Garden by a couple of chalk boards outside declaring that the restaurant specialised in local Maltese dishes and that the day's speciality was rabbit stew, which we were particularly keen to try.

    We made our way upstairs and found a nice dining area with lots of greenery and a few semi-private alcoves. It was busy, but we managed to find a vacant table. The much less interesting downstairs dining area was almost empty as we passed through; the upstairs dining room clearly being the one favoured by most visitors.

    The menu did indeed feature a selection of Maltese dishes, although not a particularly extensive choice. These included spaghetti with rabbit (€7.50), beef olives (€12) and rabbit stew (€12). Other dishes included swordfish, octopus, king prawns, salmon, chicken breast, pork chops, veal and rib eye steak.

    Emma's parents ordered starters, but Emma and I gave them a miss (not least because they looked on the expensive side). Emma's mum had the Maltese cheese (a couple of pieces of cheese in breadcrumbs) and, while she enjoyed it, I have to say that it looked hugely overpriced at €7.80. Emma's dad enjoyed a large bowl of vegetable soup (€5.00).

    Three of us opted for the rabbit stew (€12), which was served with a large plate of salad and a large plate of chips between the three of us. The stew itself was served in a fairly small portion, but it was very tasty. The sauce contained white wine, potatoes, olives, onions, rocket and various herbs. The rabbit meat was tender and, as somebody who hadn't previously eaten rabbit, it reminded me of chicken wings and frogs' legs. There were lots of small bones in the stew, which did make it a little awkward to eat. It was nice enough, but I didn't think it was worth the €12 that I paid for it.

    Emma's dad had the beef olives (€12) which, despite their name, didn't contain any olives. This local Maltese dish is actually beef stuffed with a filling, in this case minced meat, vegetables and herbs. He enjoyed them.

    The beer was reasonably priced. We enjoyed glasses of the local Cisk lager (€1.60 for 250ml), while Emma and her mum opted for the hot homemade mulled wine (€2.95 per glass).

    The service was very friendly, but a little slow and disjointed. I can forgive the slow service given how busy the restaurant was, but the fact that our meals didn't arrive together (one or two arrived and then there was a wait of several minutes for the others) was a little frustrating. We also had to chase up the mulled wines which hadn't appeared after 20 or 30 minutes and had seemingly been forgotten.

    Nice setting, friendly staff, local Maltese dishes....but probably not worth the price we paid.

    282 Coffee Garden, Valletta 282 Coffee Garden: Daily Special - Rabbit Stew Rabbit Stew at 282 Coffee Garden, Valletta

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  • leics's Profile Photo

    Les Deux Baronnes: For the view..........

    by leics Updated Aug 30, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is an ordinary cafe, with an extraordinary setting. It has the most fabulous views of Valletta harbour and the Three Cities ...just wonderful.

    And yet, and yet....when I visited (three times) in the course of an August week it was rarely very busy. I think, perhaps, visitors just do not notice it (locals know it's there, of course).

    They serve normal cafe things (coffee, beer, wine, soft drinks, snacks etc) and also do a range of main courses.

    The food is nothing special, but it is perfectly fine and very reasonably-priced.

    One oddity is that, although your order is taken at the table you have to pay as you leave at the cash till in the kiosk.

    I had a 'Maltese salad' one evening (see photo), ftira (Maltese bread) with aubergine/cheese and tuna/tomato/capers/olives (on separate pieces of bread) another. Both perfectly ok.

    But what better than to eat your meal watching evening slowly fall across the water, watching the boats ply to and fro (from small, traditionally-painted oared fishing-boats to enormous Grimaldi-line lorry ferries and even bigger cruise ships), seeing the twinkling lights of the Three Cities gradually appear......lovely!

    This place also offers a superb spot to watch the festa fireworks of the Three Cities. So much so that booking is advised on those nights.

    Buy a beer or a coffee or something, sit at a table and just watch the watery world go by for a while.

    To find it, stand with the entrance to Upper Barakka Gardens at your back, turn right, follow the road down and round and then turn right towards the entrance to the Salute Battery. You will actually go through the Les Deux Baronnes.

    The view The entrance The ftira The Maltese salad The view again.
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  • antistar's Profile Photo

    Margo's: Good Pizza

    by antistar Written Jan 16, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Excellent pizza, friendly service, but soooo slow. It wasn't really their fault - a party of about a dozen had arrived just before us. But there was no warning. There was no apology. And worst of all a group of three men arrived long after we'd ordered, about an hour that is, and they got their food before us. They seemed to be friends of the staff. That was annoying.

    On another day it would probably be a very good experience, and I enjoyed my pizza when it arrived, although my hunger might have affected how tasty I found the damn thing to be!

    Four stars for food, three stars because I had to wait so long.

    Margo's Pizzeria, Valletta

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  • MikeAtSea's Profile Photo

    Giannini Ristorante: Fine dining with a view

    by MikeAtSea Written Nov 17, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Located in an old Maltese town house situated beside St. Michael’s in the heart of the city. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Manoel Island and Marsamxett Harbour. Their menu features mainly Italian, Mediterranean and local-style dishes, and changes seasonally

    Giannini Ristorante
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  • iaint's Profile Photo

    Luciano: super lunch

    by iaint Written Mar 25, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place is right next to St John’s and usually is busy with touroids and locals. We were there on a public holiday, so it was quieter. Like most places, you can eat inside or out.

    We had the day’s special – stuffed pasta. Very good, but rich and filling. We also polished off a bottle of Maltese white.

    Good menu, friendly service. €18 each (with coffee)

    Favorite Dish: The pasta - I've never had black pasta before!

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  • Elly01's Profile Photo

    Trattoria del Nonno: Trattoria del Nonno

    by Elly01 Written Mar 16, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is one of my favorite restaurants in Valletta when visiting Valletta in the evening. This place is really small and cosy. It has seating downstairs and even upstairs however about only 10 people can fit.

    This restaurant is a typical Italian restuarant however be careful regarding the opening hours. I have tried many times to find the number in order to have it however I never managed and I guess it only opens in the evenings.

    Favorite Dish: The pasta dishes here are divine !

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  • Elly01's Profile Photo

    Ristorante La Sicilia: Ristorante La Sicilia

    by Elly01 Written Mar 16, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is one of my favorite places to eat when I am in Valletta during the day. Even though the place is nothing lavish and it is a very simple place run by an Italian family living in Malta. The place is situated just opposite the harbour so one can eat whilst enjoying a view under the sun.

    If the weather is not so good however sitting inside is very small however it is a nice day don;t miss out on going down to La Sicilia Restuarant.

    The food here is amazing and one can eat pizza, pasta, lasagne and many home made dishes.

    One can also buy latte di Mandorla from here

    Favorite Dish: Biscotti di Mandorle

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  • brittwit's Profile Photo

    Sicilia Bar: Great Valletta location to sit out and eat

    by brittwit Updated Apr 17, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The cuisine is very good Sicilian pasta (run by Sicilian family if I'm not mistaken so go figure). Nothng really special about the menu, however this eat-out cafe has an advantage over most others in Valletta because it has a lovely wide terrace to sit on during the summer AND a great view of the harbour. Dont drink or eat too much cos the walk back up the stepped streets can be a challenge!

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  • alyf1961's Profile Photo


    by alyf1961 Written Mar 2, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Marks and Spencer’s is a British institution. We visited the cafe in Valletta one sunny afternoon in February. I had a cheddar cheese and ham sandwich, which was delicious. After our sandwich and coffee we picked up some Percy pigs [sweets] and went back outside to enjoy the Malta sunshine.

    Favorite Dish: It was nice to have cheddar cheese, a taste of home.

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  • Turska's Profile Photo

    The Pub: The famous pub

    by Turska Updated Jun 19, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The only food we saw in here was potato chips ;) But I couldn´t put this at nightlife, because they said it´s not open until the night.
    I think most of you know the story of this place. I´m not very intrested in movies and actors, but my husband is, so he wanted to visit the pub, where Ollver Reed died. At the photo is the chair from witch he felt down after drinking more than most of us never can.
    And I have nothing against a good beer (neither has he..), so we both got something. They did have some beers we had never seen before. Tried two of them and liked. Don´t remeber the naes anymore, but they were Brittish. Maltan beers weren´t so great, if you ask us. Nothing wrong, but nothing special either.
    Place is quite small, sometimes you might not fit in.

    Favorite Dish: They had very good beers from Great Britain. The prices wewrn´t so high, as one could expect from so famous place. We found it even cheap!

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