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  • Market in centre of Victoria
    Market in centre of Victoria
    by mickeyboy07
  • Entering the Citadel
    Entering the Citadel
    by mickeyboy07
  • View from Citadel
    View from Citadel
    by mickeyboy07

Victoria Things to Do

  • Independence square

    This is the main square in Victoria and is a popular venue with both locals and tourists.Its a great place to shop,eat or relax.There are plenty of restaurants,cafe's and bars surrounding the square and quite a few souvenier stores and grocery shops.This is also where Victoria's main market is,though its nothing special and doesent seem to sell...

  • St.George's Basilica

    Located in the centre of Victoria just a few minutes walk from the Citadel this magnificent Basilica was built between 1672 and 1678.The parish originated from Byzantine times but it is documented in manuscript only in 1250 when it was a functioning parish church.At the time of completion it was the largest Christian church on Gozo and in Sept 1958...

  • Citadel

    The Citadel or Citadella lies in the heart of Victoria and is a fortified was first fortified during the Bronze Age around 1500 BC,it was later developed by the Phoenicians and continued development until,by Roman times,it had become a complex Acropolis.Up until the 18th century it was the only fortified refuge against attack for the...

  • Pjazza Indipendenza/It-Tokk

    Pjazza Indipendenza or It-Tokk or Indepndenca square is the very centre of Victoria. Om one side of this lively square, you will find the Church of St. james, built in 1.740.Would you like to know what It-Tokk means?: Meeting Point.

  • St. George's Basilica (1/2)

    This beautiful church was built in the 1.670s and suffered severe damages after the earthquake of 1.693. With the status of Basilica, it is dedicated to St. George.- Fax: (+356) 2155 6981- Radio: 104MHz FM

  • The Citadel (2/2): Cathedral

    Inside the Citadel, the Cathedral was built by the maltese architcet lorenzo Galfa between 1.697 and 1.711.Before the main facade, thera are two statues dedicated to:- Piju IX (2nd pic)- Gwanni Pawlu II (3rd pic)

  • Churches

    As usual in Malta there are many nice churches here, I took few photos, the one in the centre and another one by the fortress.

  • Canons at the fortress

    At the top of the fortress in one corner there is a nice café where you can have a drink and check out the few nice canons on site.

  • In the fortress

    On a nice sunny day you can buy ice cream in the stand and walk to a shadow corner enjoying a moment of peace and relaxation.

  • The Fortress

    There is beautiful fortress in Victoria, large fortress name citadel or as they say in Maltese: Cittadella. It is located at the top of the hill a distance walking from the centre.

  • The Old City

    Most interesting in Victoria is the old city of course. A place to walk around in the narrow streets, check some unique stores and few places for dinning too.

  • Go to the flea market !

    Even though its quite small however its quite relaxing and its a nice experience. There are loads of nice shops around the flea market too and they are really not expensive. Come on go - try going down those narrow allies and you can find really good bargains !

  • Go and visit the Citadel !

    One thing one must do is visit the Citadel which is Gozo's protected city as in 'Mdina' is to Malta ! The citadel is protected by high and thick bastions so that way back in the past it was difficult for the enemy to come in or climb up.

  • Arkadia - shopping centre !

    When visiting Gozo you cannot miss out from visiting Arkadia as this is the one place where you can buy load as of stuff from clothes, shoes, food, etc.

  • The Cathedral

    In the year ad 60, Saint Paul the Apostle was shipwrecked on Malta and, during an over three-month-long stay, he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to the islanders. A centuries-old tradition, partly proved by archaeological finds, relates how a Roman temple dedicated to Juno that dominated the ancient Citadel of Gozo, was dedicated by the early...


Victoria Hotels

See all 4 Hotels in Victoria
  • Gozo Village

    11 Capuchins Street, Victoria, 110, Malta

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Tal-Fanal Apartments

    11, Kappucini Street, Victoria, Vct 110, Malta

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Families

  • Villagg tal-Fanal

    Lighthouse Street, Ghamar, Victoria, Malta

Victoria Restaurants

  • Basic but nice

    This café/restaurant is situated on the outskirts of Victoria in a mainly residentional area just across the road from the Gozo sports arena.It belongs to the hotel of the same name and serves a variety of foods and beverages.We stopped here for lunch on our tour and sat on the balcony soaking up some sun.The food is rather basic but nice all the...

  • Cafe Jubilee

    Cafe Jubilee is one of the coffee shops & bars in the centre just next to the market. It has nice terrace to sit outside for a beer or a snack.

  • Ta' Rikardu

    Ta' Rikardu is a local restaurant inside the Citadel just at the side of the Church you find just as you enter ! This place is on the side of the law courts. Its a quaint, warm and cosy place made and the environment is very welcoming as it reminds me of those old wooden warm houses.One cannot leave Gozo and not visit Ta' Rikardu and if you want to...


Victoria Nightlife

  • Jubilee bar

    This cafe Jubilee & bar is also a place to have a night drink and maybe meet some of the local people or some other tourists in town.

  • Red Star Bar & Grill

    This place is a place when one can go and eat and chill out. The place serves steaks, burgers and chips etc. however once can also have a beer and other drinks. At times the place gets packed as it is a very popular place especially in the evenings. casual

  • Victoria Hotels

    4 Hotels in Victoria

Victoria Shopping

  • Arkadia Shopping Mall

    This is the nice shopping mall here in Victoria, have few small stores as well as big department store where you can do your shopping for souvenirs as well.

  • The market

    There is a nice market here in the independence square, from the usual general market stuff to some unique local items. Don’t forget to bargain on the prices ;-)

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Victoria Local Customs

  • Assenczo's Profile Photo

    Cinderella's nightmare

    by Assenczo Updated Mar 23, 2015

    Victoria is the capital of Gozo Island and it wants to impose its importance on the visitor accordingly. The problem is that not much has been left of the original town as a result of cultural expediencies throughout the centuries. Nowadays, in the era of mass tourism, Gozo in general and Victoria in particular are in need of something local that would make the hordes cross the Gozo channel. The look of the capital from afar is very promising thus making the foreigner think that this is it – the local treasure chest of authenticity. The image consists of major castle-like structure perched on a hill reflecting the sunrays in its ochre-tinted walls – medieval magic. The best way to enjoy a distant view of Victoria and other towns on Gozo is to walk. Distances are not that great and a walk, for example, from the site of Gigantica to Victoria is perfectly feasible. With the distance halved the fortress becomes more imposing and beckons the visitor and his curiosity. In town, the first signs that there is something fishy in Gozomark start to pop up. Cranes join the turrets and engine noise echoes in the narrow streets. Once inside, in what previously looked like a Cinderella fairytale castle, it becomes abundantly clear that this is a mega Disney-world project in disguise. The walls are brand-new with back-dated signs; the church has been finished, ready to charge euros for entry instead of serving God and some of the streets have outlined ghostly blocks of houses. The houses are nowhere to be seen which seems totally bizarre since street names have already been placed (albeit without numbers).

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Victoria Off The Beaten Path

  • Roman inscription...........

    Almost directly above the olive-stoner outside the Archaeological Museum is a huge stone incorporated into the entrance archway through the citadel walls. It's got a Roman inscription (translation on its notice) and is actually covered with a sheet of Perspex to protect it. which is a good thing; Roman inscriptions are as rare as hen's teeth in...

  • Olive-stoner...........

    ....supposedly. I think it's probably an olive-press, myself, but the notice above it said otherwise. It's Roman, and tucked into a corner by the Archaeological Museum in the citadel. Nice to see evidence of the Roman era, although very easy to just pass it by.

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