Malta Warnings and Dangers

  • Smoking notice, Malta.
    Smoking notice, Malta.
    by planxty
  • Electrical plug, Malta.
    Electrical plug, Malta.
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  • Taxis, Sliema, Malta.
    Taxis, Sliema, Malta.
    by planxty

Malta Warnings and Dangers

  • scooter rental

    Visit a city / region / island on itself it's usually better then by organized tours, as you can always decide what to see and how long to stop somewhere. Usually the best way, if the place is not very big, is to rent a scooter (which in Malta doesn't cost very much) and to plan a tour. Malta, and it's capital Valletta suite in general well this...

  • R.T.O. Signs common in Countryside walks

    If you're walking anywhere in the countryside, you'll definately encounter this sign - R.T.O. It's not a public sign, and most often it's either painted on walls, or on a rusty piece of metal. This stands for RESTRICTED TO OUTSIDERS. Unfortunately these are placed there illegaly by hunters or bird trappers so no one would interrupt their hobby....

  • more driving

    Have just spent 2 weeks in Malta with a hire jeep (this was also taken during the night to be cleaned i jest not.)Is a real experiance to drive in Malta if your brave enough to face other drivers down and drive just as aggresivly. Do not expect indicators, right of way on roundabouts or indeed destination signs of any sort.The most important thing...

  • Cars !

    Pot holes! MOT and seat belt laws- do they have any yet?Also take care when approaching a roundabout, the biggest and ugliest cars will overtake and force you off the road.The receptionist of my hotel was kind enough to give me a lift back to my hotel one night in her old car, and she didn't put on her lights for fear of not being able to replace...

  • Cliff Walking

    Walking along Malta and Gozo’s cliffs were a highlight of our trip to Malta but you must be careful. The clifftops are rough and rubbly and don;t always have a marked path. There are also no guard rails when there is a path running along the clifftops and if you fall it is a sheer drop with no hope of survival. It may sound like common sense but...

  • Malta Drivers!

    We had considered hiring a car in Malta, especially considering that they drive on the left like at home in Ireland (another British legacy) but once seeing the often reckless nature of the Maltese drivers we quickly changed our minds. They really are crazy drivers and in Valletta we witnessed a ridiculous crash first hard, when a car tried to...

  • Five Star Building Site

    The whole of Tigne Point, next to and behind the Fortina hotels in Sliema is being developed. This means that while sitting on your balcony, with a great view of Valletta, or swimming in the outside pool, you will also have to listen to lorries, cement mixers and general building hubbub. There is a lot of dust to be encountered when walking near...

  • How tender would rabbi be?

    This isn't a tip per-se I just thought it was funny, the board was outside of Geronimo in Bugibba I don't know if rabbi is a Maltese speciality but you would think they wouldn't stick around to find out.

  • escape club

    i warn people when going to this club i have heard several accounts of young men making advances towards young women and trying to 'touch' them in innapropriate places, this club has poor security and lets anyone in and lets them drink as much as they want. i give this warning from my girlfriend who had bad experiences in the club as did her...

  • Watch out for hunters in the countryside

    One of the worst things about Malta is that bird hunting is still legal (though the Government is sort of trying to limit this "sport").If you decide to go hiking, you might find a lot of areas marked Private/Privat. Most of these areas aren't private at all. They'd have been marked by hunters who wouldn't want people trespassing the area where...

  • hotels in summer - paceville

    if you're looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday, it would be best to avoid hotels/accomodation in the paceville area during summer! During that time, Paceville is plagued with foreign English students day and night!

  • Golden Bay Beach - Rip Tides

    Just come back from a week in Malta. Golden Bay on the NW coast looks a lovely beach and on one day myself and my family swam happily without incident.The day before yesterday (May 15 2007) it was a little windy and when swimming unforseen rip tides pulled me out to sea and I had to struggle to get to shore. There were no warning flags nor life...

  • Driving!!Like Road Runner with a Weak...

    Firstly, Be WARNED...traffic wardens target rented vehicles and indiscriminately issue parking tickets, knowing that most wont be around long enough to contest it. This wee rock should be the ideal place to hire a scooter during a summer vacation-everywhere is close to everywhere else, the climate is great most of the year..but roads are appalling...

  • Maltese over-charging

    I recall seeing a cartoon that showed someone asking a street vendor how much the beer was and the seller replied "Depends, what nationality are you?" Classic. I think the Maltese take to heart the motto: Who Dares, Wins. There's also a sort of attitude that if you get overcharged, you're the mug for accepting it and not quibbling. This applies...

  • Respect in churches

    As a tourist, mind that you should not enter churches or religious places throughout Malta in short-sleeved clothing (both men and women). Men are also required to take off hats and caps. Loud talking in churches is regarded as an offence and is seen as respectless.

  • Drinking water ?

    Malta unfortunately shares the fate of many African countries where no well, river, or otherresource to produce drinking water exists. That is the reason why Malta must export all itsdrinking water from Italy. Therefore, do not drink from taps but always buy small bottles,even though - because it is FOREIGN drinking water - they may be expensive...

  • When it rains................... may well flood. At least, that's what we discovered.It seems that many of the seasonal river courses have been built over, or maybe too much of the land has been built upon and minimal storm drainage put in. Certainly, any reasonable amount of rain (and I think this is not unusual in winter) resulted in large puddles and small rivulets...

  • Being Asked For A Cigerette!

    be careful in some areas if you see a group of teenagers, and while you walk past some of the group come and asked for a cigerette, me and my friends fell into this trap and ended up having to run away from a group of about 20 people that were all carrying knives and/or metal poles. also on a different ocasion a friend of mine was beaten up while...

  • General Annoyances

    This isn't so much dangerous as it is annoying. Valleta is a beautiful, picturesque town. That being said, it is also very dirty. There is so much trash everywhere that it's almost hard not to get the rubbish in your shots when you take photos. My photos as well as other photos of Malta are a bit deceiving because it looks much cleaner than it...

  • Bus Schedule on Gozo

    Buses around Malta are fairly efficient. However if you plan on seeing much of Gozo and you are staying on Malta, know the bus schedule well. There aren't as many departures as one would expect so you must plan accordingly. Also, in the evenings on Malta, the buses depart much less frequently. We did a late afternoon hike around the Dingle Cliffs...

  • Slippery When Wet

    OK, A real warning for a change, in some places rocks falling, in other places it might be slippery when wet, so be careful out there.

  • Hot summer

    Malta can be hot, especially in the summer and the shorts & mini get very very short, so be careful, especially if they pass while you are driving, they might block all your view ;-)

  • Never go to Karaoke restaurant.

    The only danger I faced in Malta was when they started Karaoke while I was enjoying my dinner in the Corinthia restaurant in Marsascala. I should have brought my Formula 1 earplugs.

  • Caution while Swimming !

    The sea may look tempting to swim in but sometimes it can be dangerous. Always swim where other people are swimming and NEVER swim in a beach by yourself. For several reasons, be accompanied by a friend/partner. If you're on your own, your personal items could be stolen, or even worse you might need help and no one will know. Unfortunately we have...

  • The sockets in Malta

    I suppose that it is not the problem for people from England but for the people from other countries it could be a problem. You should remember that the sockets in Malta are similar to English ones so you have to take the adapter going there.

  • Slippery roads

    If you are in Malta in the summer months the roads can get shiney with the heat and become very slippery.Me, Emmeline and Ian were walking back to my Aunty's flat in Sliema down a steep bank called Triq G. Bencini, Ian tripped and slid forward down the bank he realy hurt his hand and dented his pride, it looked like he was on the cresta run, so me...

  • Dodgy equipment

    The Malta Experience is a good way of finding out a little of the islands rich history I went with my nephew and it was great I went again with Ian and the head set either side of him didn't work and it was quite full so I had no sound as I had been befor it wasn't so important but it is bad to charge people and you have a hit and miss chance of...

  • Things to watch out for in Malta

    1. Crazy taxi driver. Don't forget to negotiate the fee before you ride.2. Strong wind in Winter months. I saw many people with broken umbrella.3. Bring comfortable shoes so that you can enjoy those pre-historical sites, and beautiful beaches.4. Cats are everywhere on the islands!!! Of course, I wanted to pet them, but not many of them were...

  • Accidental Fights

    One warning: When you go out in Paceville at night, for example to go clubbing, sometimes it happened to me to see Drunks fighting in the middle of the main streets..I'm not saying it always happens but just watch out! Be careful!The only thing you can do is just TRYING NOT TO GET INVOLVED...

  • Riding a bike is hazardous!

    Do NOT rent a bike to travel around Malta or Gozo. We tried this option on Gozo, thinking that it would be easier to see all the sights we wanted. However, the roads are not made for bicyclists. Although the drivers are polite, the roads are narrow with no shoulder to ride on, the pavement is very rough and uneven, and there is always a lot of...

  • Malta Beaches

    Watch out when you visit Malta's beaches! A lot of them are rocky.. and these rocks are sharp!! I did spend a few days at the rocky beaches as the snorkelling potential is good. Sunbathing is possible - but not the height of comfort. I visited Mellieha and Golden Sands for sandy beaches.

  • Malta Bus

    What value for money! These are literally pennies to ride in and get you where you need to go, but can get very hot and sticky. Don't be alarmed by the driving're not going to go flying off that very high cliff so dont worry!My warning is that the buses kind of finish shift when they want to in the nights, so you'll probably have to...

  • Before Crossing the Road - Look to the...

    Be very careful before you cross the road as we drive on the LEFT side of the road not like most of the other countries.

  • Driving on the left side

    Being from Continental Europe, I couldn't cope with driving on the left side of the road in the beginning, though I consider myself being a good driver. It gave me regularly a heart attack! So be careful on the first day(s) in Malta!

  • Stay Up Hill When it Rains

    This is a small problem and a big inconvienece still I think its worth mentioning. If you are in Valletta and it starts raining stay up hill. The streets become rivers. I made the mistake of trying to take the ferry back to Sliema when it was raining and should have opted for the bus. Since the ferry is below the city naturally all the water flowed...

  • Rainbow overlooking Msida Roundabout

    This is Msida Roundabout - one of the most popular roundabouts in Malta as its where all the traffic accumulates. One route takes you to University, another towards B'Kara, Attard, Lija and Swatar. Then there is another that takes you to the South of Malta, another to Msida to then proceed to Valletta and the last one towards St.Julians and...

  • Rainy Days!

    If you're driving in Malta, please avoid the areas of Msida, B'Kara and Qormi, if it has rained a lot (mostly between Dec- Feb). These areas could get very dangerous in this weather.

  • Driving and Parking in Malta !

    In general Maltese drivers do not adhere to the highway code. Some people drive too fast and some even under the influence of alcohol. Also, the roads are not all tarmacked well thus leaving the roads bumpy. Don't forget to drive on the left hand side of the road when driving in Malta.Also the way they park and leave their car is terrible at times....

  • DRVING a la Maltasian

    I do not recommend hiring a car at Malta. There is some competition between cab-drivers, mini-van drivers and bus drivers.The thing is, the locals know the code of the road (simple hand gestures) and the ins and outs of the local road conditions.In summertime you will hear the squeezing of rubber at every corner, due to a thick layer of rubber on...

  • Beware of the Sun!!!

    Beware of the sun especially during the months of June till September as the rays of the sun are very strong at this time of the year in Malta. Don't stay exposed in the sun between 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. as this is the time when the UV rays are the strongest. Even if you are in the shade or in the water or if there is some wind - the sun is so...

  • Reckless driving and pot holes

    If you have your own car or if you have rented one, this is for you:Driving in Malta can be dangerous, the road conditions can change very fast.The roads are often quite narrow.You drive on the left side of the road (I often joked: that´s because there are too many potholes on the right side), but you have to be aware, that other cars tend to drive...

  • Driving in Malta

    Be careful if you decide to get a car and drive around Malta. Although most of the driving rules are the same as they are here in England be careful as people will overtake when or where they feel like and there doesn't seem to be a law on how to use roundabouts, people will just pull out when or where they can.

  • Oh...

    There is one thing to beware of... sunburn! The weather was so absolutely perfect when we were there and we like to be out and about for the whole day, so it is very important to use a good sun lotion to stop yourself burning. You wouldn't want to have to stay indoors for half your holiday, would you.

  • A Very Safe Country

    I can't really think of any warnings or dangers other than those that always apply even at home - look after your belongings and take care crossing the roads.Malta felt to me like the safest place I had visited. We didn't see anything remotely threatening anywhere that we went, even in the backstreets of large and small towns. All we saw was some...

  • Heat exhuastion

    I was in Malta at the beginning of November, and it was quite warm! Walking from the Hagar Qim Temple to the Mnajdra Temple involves walking down a fairly long slope, 500 meters long. At the bottom, where you find the Mnajdra Temple, there is no place to buy water or anything, and you should have it for the walk back up! I recommend to wear a hat,...


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    I have been in pizzeria in Luqa Village close to the airport and it was amazing they cook in a old style Maltese oven with wood burning . Place name 'Speedway ' if you are in malta try don't miss out !

  • Feb 16, 2013 at 1:00 AM

    Romanian thefs are to be aware of.. Easten European prostitutes who try involve you into troubles with their pimps without you even clicking yourfinger! Wheather you are a man or a women... They just look for troubles... dont ask why! Police that is around Paceville area is never on a side of a foriegner... They would always talk you out of going into the police office or they would do it impossible for you to file a complaint! Very discoraging...

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