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Chisinau Things to Do

  • Stefan cel Mare Park

    The park was built in the beginning of XIX century on the area of 7 hectares. There are few fountains, the main of which is situated in the center and all the alleys of the park meet there. In the park there is free Wi-Fi. Here is where the Pushkin monument is placed. This is a traditional place of rest, walks and meetings of the citizens. At the...

  • Statue of Stefan cel Mare

    Gradina Stefan cel Mare, formerly known as Pushkin Park, is the main city centre park. It was originally laid out, in the nineteenth century, by Russian military engineers during the reign of Alexander I. Pushkin used to walk here in the early 1820s. In 1863 the park was surrounded by a cast iron fence, manufactured in Odessa. A statue of Pushkin...

  • Presidential Palace

    The President of Moldova is elected every four years, and has been since 1992. The parliament elects a president, who functions as the head of state. The president appoints a prime minister as head of government Presidents of the Republic of Moldova: Mircea Snegur (1992-1996), Petru Lucinschi (1996-2001), Vladimir Voronin (2001- now).


Chisinau Hotels

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Chisinau Restaurants

  • Brew pub

    A brewpub, always worth a visit! Large and friendly, beer pretty good, enjoyed a Marzen, food tasty too, enjoyed our evening here. Expensive by local standards!

  • Expect to pay for the items you didn't...

    We went three times to this restaurant, and every time in our bill there were items we didn't order but had to pay for. The bill is in Russian, so international travelers have no way to figure out what they pay for. They have heard me and my company speak English, and didn't realize I know Russian. First time, I had to argue with the waiter because...

  • Patisserie

    It’s lovely French pastry shop in the center of Chisinau where you can try hundreds of delicious pastries, well maybe not hundreds but really they have a great choice. The atmosphere is typical French and the desserts come from different French regions. A perfect addition to the late dessert is a cup cognac.


Chisinau Nightlife

  • Star Track Discoclub

    Very nice and original interior design reminding of the famous Star Track movie.Entrance fees are 20-30 leis on weekdays and 40 leis for ladies and 60 for gentlemen on weekends.

  • flying somewhere?

    It's a popular disco-night-club. They got everytime a program for the night. And it seems like it's a theater or ...Anyway check the program before you go. Cause might happend that you will come to a Rio Fest or to man strip show! Show-ballet and singers are present here. check the program for that one

  • Cocktails in Chisinau

    Located on the edge of Chisinau's busiest park, Malina Cocktail House is a chic little bar and cafe with stylish seating, great people-watching and an expansive cocktail list... in Russian! Yes, while most eateries in Chisinau at least write their menus in Moldovan, the purists at Malina presented me with an entirely Russian menu (see attached...


Chisinau Transportation

  • Minibus to Chernivtsi

    There are minibuses from Chernivtsi to Chisinau, according to the Chernivtsi bus terminal at 8 am, 10 am and 12 midday, according to a web site also one at 8.45 pm taking about 7.5 hours and 356 UAH (about € 15). The timetable is not always reliable, i bought at the station at 8 am a ticket for a bus to Chisinau at 10 am, it was not running, had...

  • By train from Bucarest

    Every day from Bucuresti Nord Gara leaving at 19.35 and arriving in Chisinau at 8.52. Don´t believe any self appointed "helper" that there is no train, or the train just left etc., get the ticket inside the station at the ticket counter.

  • From the airport to Chisinau

    Minibus 165 brings you for 3 Moldavian Lei (more if you have luggage) to the City center, leaving the arrival hall turn to the right and walk about 100 meter. From the center i got this minibus from Cantemir Dimitrie Bulevard corner Strada Ismail (flag down if you see it).There is also a taxi counter, 80 to 110 Lei depending where in Chisinau.Money...


Chisinau Shopping

  • Souvenir Market

    The name of the market says it all. Actually they are many stands for souvenirs, paintings, needlework, wooden crafts, and so on. Traders don’t miss to invite you to take a look at their products and you can really find some interesting and cheap present for your friends.

  • Trade center

    I’m not sure if this is the name of the trade center or the supermarket but anyway, you’ll see the big number 1 on this building at Puskin Street, just next to the Cathedral Park. It’s a pleasant place to escape from the hot weather in the summer (probably in winter time too) and do some shopping. You can find shoes from 10 to 500 EUR, clothes,...

  • Flowers! Flowers! Get Your Flowers!

    Moldovan men are apparently very romantic. That was the only explanation my North American traveling companions could come up with to explain the existence of a twenty-four-hour flower market located in downtown Chisinau. Craving carnations at the crack of dawn? Missing marigolds at noon? The flower market's numerous vendors have got you covered!


Chisinau Local Customs


    When in Moldova....Across Chisinau you will see the little Kvas stands selling this very interesting drink. Kvas (looks like KBAC in Russian and often spelled CVAS here) is a most Eastern European drink. Essentially it is fermented bread that has a low alcohol content of about .5 to 1.5%. It is made from stale rye bread, sugar, yeast, water and...

  • No Visa required for Moldova anymore.

    British travellers NO longer need a visa for Moldova. There is no Moldovan Embassy in the UK but you can obtain a visa at the Moldovan Embassy in Brussels, Avenue Emile Max 175, 140 Brussels, (tel: +32 2 732 9659; fax: +32 2 732 9660) or at other Moldovan Embassies. A single entry visa costs $40 US Dollars valid for up to 30 days stay in Moldova....

  • Kvas

    “Що такое ето квас?” (What is this kvas) I asked the lady. She looked at me so strange and answered very serious: “Juice!” Hmm, strange juice it was but of course I tried it and it was not bad especially for the hot weather. But to be honest next time I’ll take...


Chisinau Warnings and Dangers

  • Police = thieves

    1st time I visited Chisinau was around 2006 to watch an international football match. I was a relatively late arrival to the city, maybe the day before the game. Other people who had traveled for the game told me how the police were on a feeding frenzy of stopping people and asking to see a passport. If the subject in question didn't have a...

  • you safe if you informed

    May be it is not a big problem, but if you want to discover Chisinau, uderstand what is this city all about - one simple way to do it is to buy "TENDDIS set" in the airport or you hotel. At least you will save money and be guaranteed from going to unknown or strange places in the city. Detail you will find at

  • The Biggest Criminals in Town are The...

    Your chances of being robbed by the police are much greater than any fear of a mugger. Every visitor soon becomes aquainted with the 'tourist tax', which is anywhere from 25 - 100 lei. It is always best to avoid eye contact with a policeman, and if you see a pair (they tend to run in packs of two or three), try to avoid getting too close - either...


Chisinau Tourist Traps

  • A tourist trap

    Like all cities common sense is required but in places which maybe considered unsafe in parts its better to keep things hidden or left at your Hotel.

  • There seems to be a link in...

    There seems to be a link in the touris hotels with the local hookers. Walk into your room at night and you get a phone call asking, 'want sex girl?'. When you answer 'no' she hangs up an leaves you alone. Not really a problem, but possibly unsettling if not expected. Also, prices charged are higher for foreigners, particularly westerners. This is...

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Chisinau What to Pack

  • Useful info

    Photographic processing facilities are located in shops on the main street of Chisinau (Stefan cel Mare and Puskin), as well as in a variety of stores such as UNIC, Gemini, Green Hills, and Fidesco. There are also several Kodak and Fuji film processing shops that offer one-hour service. The quality is fine but the price is high. It is important...

  • Packing List

    Luggage weight is restricted by air to 20 Kg. Men do not generally wear bright clothing. They seem to want to blend in in dark, solid colors.Women wear tight and a lot of the time revealing clothing. The women seem to put a lot of thought into what they wear, AND do a good job of it. Always carry toilet paper.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Chisinau Off The Beaten Path

  • Old houses

    Chisinau doesn`t offer a lot of attractions for tourists. Stolling around with open eyes maybe you will find out that even this city has is own charme. Many nice, old houses in small lanes are one of them.

  • Cemetery

    If you have time enough take time for a walk to the Chisinau cemetery. It looks more like a nature reserve area than a graveyard and gives you an insight of the diversified history of a former Soviet country as well. Following Ismail street uphill you will find the entrance.

  • The Gate

    Through this gate along Dacia Boulevard you enter to Kishinev from the airport. On the left you will find the Zoo. I was ashemed about the bad condition for the animals in there. On the right hand there is the Botanical Garden (you have to pay a small entrance fee) with a nice rosen garden and lakes.


Chisinau Sports & Outdoors

  • Fen's Profile Photo


    by Fen Written Aug 10, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Moldova is hardly set up to cater for tourists, and much of the area is covered in cultivated fields which limit the number of energetic outdoorsy activities you can indulge in. If you're an adrenaline junkie and really need a fix, there's a parachuting club above the open-air festival stage in Chisinau. Lake Valea Morilor, a sprawling park west of Chisinau, offers caneoing and paddleboat opportunities and is a great place to relax and write those long-promised postcards. But the best idea is to drink your way round Moldova. By the time you've visited all the wineries in Moldova and sampled all the sparkling red wines, cabernets, sauvignons, rieslings and port wines, Moldova will look like a tourist's paradise and you'll be thankful that there are so few things that require physical exertion or your undivided attention.

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Chisinau Favorites

  • A reliable guide

    For anyone wishing to visit Chisinau I can pass on details of a local contact.HE, is 22 and knows the city reasonably well, very useful when buying tickets and for arranging taxis over the phone. MISHA is not an official guide, and his knowledge of many things will be limited, but for an escort/fixer he is a very useful person to have around, or...

  • Romania vs Russia

    Chisinau/Kishinev and infact much of Moldova is torn between Romanian and Russian culture, you can hear both languages on the street. If you want to learn one, Russian is more useful but Romanian or Moldovan (as it is called here) is easier for Westerners.

  • Romanian and Russian

    Everywhere you may see advertisements in both Romanian and Russian languages both of this languages are spoken in this city. Trying to read the Russian words


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