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Monaco Highlights

  • Pro
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     The Palace's beauty, the exhuberance of rich mansions, the architecture of it all mixed with exotic vegetation 

  • Con
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     no character, too much concrete and $$$$ 

  • In a nutshell
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     A chic, historic & attractive city-state 

Monaco Things to Do

  • Oceanographic Museum

    Albert I, great-grandfather of the present prince, founded this museum in 1910. In the main rotunda is a statue of Albert in his favorite costume: that of a sea captain. Displayed are specimens he collected during 30 years of expeditions. The aquarium, one of the finest in Europe, contains more than 90 tanks, and even has a shark lagoon. The...

  • Grand Casino

    The casino was built in 1863, but is history dates back to the 1850s when the Grimaldi family was in financial trouble and was looking for a new source to generate some income. It was one of the earliest steps on Monaco's way to become a harbour for the rich and famous. After Monaco abolished all direct taxes in 1869, the Casino was Monaco's only...

  • Exotic Garden - Jardin Exotique

    Built on the side of a rock, these gardens are known for their cactus collection. They were begun by Prince Albert I, who was a naturalist and scientist. He spotted some succulents growing in the palace gardens and created this garden from them. You can also explore the grottoes here, as well as the Musée d'Anthropologie Préhistorique (tel....

  • Cathedral of St. Nicholas

    The cathedral's history goes back to the year 1252 when St. Nicholas Church was consecrated. Neoromanesque is the dominating style. It was consecrated in 1875 and as become the burial pace of the Royal family. No wonder that the graves of Grace Kelly (Gracia Patricia) and Rainier III are visited by many tourists and that their graves are often...

  • Grand Prix - Formula 1

    My budget does not allow me to watch a formula 1 race and I am not that much of a fan to save for it. The Monte Carlo Grand Prix however is a classic in car racing and the Circuit de Monaco probably the most famous racetrack in Formula 1. For many years, it was the only race to take place in a city on normal everyday streets. Those familiar with...

  • The Palace

    Francois Grimaldi is one of the most legendary figures in Monaco's history. In 1297, he tried to get access to the fortress disguised as a monk. After he was welcomed, he opened the gates for his men and made his cousin Rainier I the first Grimaldi ruler of Monaco. Although four years later, the fortress was lost to the Genoese again, the Grimaldi...


Monaco Hotels

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Monaco Restaurants

  • Crepes and Pizza for affordable prices

    Creperie du Rocher stands for a handful of restaurants which show that a meal in Monaco is not only affordable for the rich and famous. Especially in the old town (the rock) you can find some places where you can get food like pizza for prices comparable to the rest of western Europe. Normal-sized pizzas are in the 7-8 EUR range, crepes are...

  • Fine Dining with a view of the Monaco...

    Le Miramar is a bit of a puzzle if you try to categorise it into a themed restaurant. Overlooking the Marina of Monaco and the main Grand Prix curcuit lanes of Monaco this restaurant has an excellent location. But what about the food?Having been to this restaurant a couple of times I was happy enough to take my parents there when they came to visit...

  • Funky Food & Great Wines !

    This restaurant is also a wine bar, it is relatively new & designed with good taste. As the name suggests the menu is quite diverse & creative without beeing too complicated, there is a good choice of fish, meat, pasta & salads that can be described as world cuisine, keeping an emphasis on local produce. It has good & vibrant atmosphere, the...


Monaco Nightlife

  • Nights with stars

    Every Summer the roll call of the greatest names of recent decades top the bill at Monaco's master concert venue, Salles des Etoiles, Le Sporting.Recently Eric Clapton knocked off a couple of evenings there, one of many nights where the price of admission is generally a not trivial hundred euros, or two hundred with dinner thrown in. With so many...


    Casinos de Monaco: The Star Wars Jackpot has reached the stratosphere: 795,709 € !! The amount of the progressive jackpot of the Star Wars slot machines was won on 7 September at the Casino Café de Paris on a machine for 0.05 cents. The next one may be for your.New opening hours :- Sun Casino : 12.00- Bay Casino : 2.00 pm

  • The Jet Set Experience

    You came to Monaco looking for Glamour, Luxury and VIP ? Then you should not miss the Jimmy'z.It is probably one of the most exclusive (and expensive) disco in the world. Around 40 euros for a soft drink (and up to 120 euros for Grand Prix night for example) and much much more for bottles...For sure the place is special. With a gold mine decoration...


Monaco Transportation

  • By bus from/to Nice / Bus line 100

    Line No. 100 is the cheapest option. For only 1,50 EUR single trip, you get to Monaco. Only single tickets are available and they can be purchased from the driver. The bus has several stops in Nice, including Ségurane (next to Place Garibaldi) and Place d'Armes. The bus stops at a couple of places before reaching Monaco after 35 to 40 minutes. Note...


    The best way to get around Monaco is by bus (, and you can buy bus cards, which cost 2€ per ride, directly on the bus. Bus stops are set up every few blocks on the main streets in town, including boulevard Albert-1er, avenue St-Martin in Monaco Ville, and boulevard des Moulins in Monte Carlo. Buses go to all the major tourist sights;...


    Monaco has rail, bus, and highway connections from other coastal cities, especially Nice. Trains arrive every 30 minutes from Cannes, Nice, Menton, and Antibes. For rail information, call tel. 36-35, or visit Monaco's railway station (Gare SNCF) is on avenue Prince Pierre. It's a long walk uphill from the train station to...


Monaco Shopping

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  • Monaco famous market

    Lots of fruits and vegetables freshly delivered from Provence, France. Gorgeus and a cheap to buy fruits in Monaco. 3 Huge Persimmons also known as Sharon fruits only costing Euro 2.50. So tasty and value for money

  • Souvenirs at your convenience

    Tiny little shops along Place du Palais area, find plenty of souvenirs and gift which the best and right place to buy when your in Monaco. Forget other places in Monte Carlo, because you find any souvenirs shops especially before when is your lastminute shopping.

  • Supermarket

    Don't worry. Casino is also the name of the supermarket. Expect to waste a lot of money in Monaco.It is expensive, period.Maybe a nice way to save some Euros is to buy some food in the supermarket and eat by the docks.


Monaco Local Customs

  • Dress code, Monaco style

    People often say they like to blend in with the locals when they travel. Well, some of the people in this photo are "locals" in Monaco . Can you guess which? There, wasn't that difficult, was it? Every day wear requires dressing up. What's the point of having the good life, the finest things, designer everything, and keeping them all in a cupboard....

  • Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince

    The Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince are the royal guard of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco. The Palace is guarded by two officers and eight carabiniers around the clock. The guard is changed every day at 12 o'clock, announced by the company's section of eight trumpeters.If you want to see the changing of the guard; line up early aboyut 11am to...

  • Flashy Cars

    A big thing in Monaco seems to be very sauve Italian and French guys with Flashy, expensive cars trying to get you to pay them to take a picture of you with their car. They seem to all gather right by the Casino which makes sense since it's brimming with tourists. We experienced many of these guys trying to talk Liz into a picture with their car....


Monaco Warnings and Dangers

  • Tourists dresscode - keep your kit on

    Monaco, in common with its spiritual twin, the Vatican, goes to great pains to maintain public propriety. You are warned not go bare chested or saunter around the principality in swimming shorts.Personally I don't think this goes far enough.They need to ban all tourists wearing cheap sportswear and rucksacks, baseball cap backwards, or whose pants...

  • pound of flesh

    Nothing much, but if you are travelling with currency other than Euros, you will be hard pressed to find a bank that will convert your currency. There are several Bureaux de Change,but be prepared for hefty surcharges. My tip is to change up some money before enteringMonaco.

  • Furs essential

    In the cooler Winter temperatures a fur coat is the essential wrap. No animal rights campaigners will get far here - luxury furs are a womans birthright in Monaco. Here mother and daughter in matching furs take the pooch for walkies. The pooch has its own fur, of course.


Monaco Tourist Traps

  • Train touristique

    All along the Riviera a franchise operates to provide a quick and easy ride around each town. Monaco is no exception, though this one has to mount the very steep inclines of Monte Carlo, with a bunch of overweight tourists so appears to be driven by the equivalent of a Ferrari engine.They are always packed to the roof with the kind of tourists who...

  • Cafe de Paris, opposite Casino Monte...

    Ouch this place is expensive!. A miserable 25cl glass of beer clocked 6 euro. The menu described it as a "demi". I understand that - a demi - a half, as in a half litre. No. A half, as in "half as much as you expect". When I asked the waiter "was not a demi a half litre?, he sneered "You can buy two if that is what you want". Twelve euro for a half...

  • Grand Casino

    Although beautifully decorated with sculptures, paintings and stained glass, I found this place very boring and stuffy. You have to pay 10 euros to get in to play and have to be suitably dressed. Men need to wear a jacket and tie, No one under 18 is admitted. There is also a free casino for which you do not pay to get in which is a few doors away....


Monaco Off The Beaten Path


    Secret passage to Monte Carlo Casino. Dont all over the roads and building if you can convenient pass through this marvellous subway to get to the casino areas.

  • a special lifestyle

    Although it's more a pre-breakfast stroll than a country, Monaco packs a lot of living into a little land. Most of the people who dwell here come from somewhere else, drawn by the sun, glamourous lifestyle and – most importantly – tax-free income.

  • Monaco, home of many rich and famous

    It's well known that many rich and famous people, move to Monaco to get their tax duties off. Sporters, actors, businessmen atc. ... they all at least want an appartment here to register as inhabitant, but almost never are actually living here. Also certain companies and industries are finding here a tax-friendly ground to settle on. This boosts...


Monaco Sports & Outdoors

  • International Marathon de Monaco et des...

    Pasta Party! International Marathon de Monaco et des Riviera.Marathon de Monaco 2005 ! On november 13 !!ALSO A 10KM. RUN!!!! :o)Nowadays, every town in the world hosts its own marathon. Monaco has hosted its own race for eight years, offering runners and spectators spectacular views of the Cote d'Azur. As Monaco is too small to host the whole 42...

  • Watch some Formula I Grand Prix

    This is one of the original places to host Formula I races.Being a compact city, the circuit runs through a large part of it, taking in swathes of the marina, passing by the Japanese gardens & the Casinos, etc.Some of the seats on offer are very well appointed, eg opposite the Grand Casino! However, many residents of the high-rises can also get...

  • Monaco offers the best conditions 4...

    Beaches & Swimming PoolsThe main public beach is the Larvotto Beach. Private beaches are at the Monte-Carlo Beach Club or the Beach Plaza Sea Club. There is also a choice of several swimming pools: the Rainier III Swimming Pool, the Prince Albert Swimming Pool in the Louis II Stadium in Fontvieille, or the swimming pools in the grand hotels of the...


Monaco Favorites

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  • Monte Carlo Festivals

    The 38th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo took place from 16 to 26 January 2014.Admission prices - Price category 1 (full price) : 190 €- Price category 2 (full price) : 110 €- Price category 3 (full price) : 95 €- Price category 4 (full price) : 90 €- Price category 5 (full price) : 85 €...

  • History

    Monaco as an independent country has existed since 1297 by the Grimaldi family. It is completely surrounded by France and at less than 2km squared it is the second smallest country in the world. You'll get by on French and English, and it's a very wealthy place.

  • Malizia !!

    As you head towards the Palace, you'll come across this information board that tells you how the present ruling family came to own Monaco!The story of Francesco Grimaldi, 'la Malizia'.On the evening of January 8, 1297, Francesco Grimaldi resorted to trickery to capture the Genoan fortress built on the @Rock' of Monaco: disguised as a monk, he...


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