Unique Places in Netherlands

  • Windmill Oranjemolen
    Windmill Oranjemolen
    by vtveen
  • The small port of Marken
    The small port of Marken
    by Pijlmans
  • Barge leaving the Locks
    Barge leaving the Locks
    by hanleo46

Most Viewed Off The Beaten Path in Netherlands

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    DUTCH RECORD SHOPS (outside Amsterdam)

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Sep 28, 2014

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    DROPSTYLE-Grote Oost 3-Hoorn
    GOOD TIMES-Wageweg 74-Alkmaar
    DE TWEEDE RONDE-Laat 54a-Alkmaar
    VELVET (Pop_Eye)-Boterstr 10-Alkmaar
    YESTERDAY AND TODAY-Wandelweg 104-Wormerveer
    DE MUZIEK FREAK-Raadhuisstr.41-Koog aan de Zaan
    DE PLATENKELDER-Zuiddijk 107-Zaandam
    DE JONG JUKEBOX SINGLES-Kaasmarkt 11-Purmerend
    NORTH END-Marsmanpl.19-Haarlem
    RAINBOW's END- Schagchelstraat 12-Haarlem
    TONI MUSIC-Heereweg 212A-Lisse
    DISCOUNT-Oostermeent West 15-Huizen

    KING KONG RECORDS-Voorstreek 11-Leeuwarden
    Déjà Vu-Slotmakersstr.1a-Leeuwarden

    SWINGMASTER-Kruitlaan 21-Groningen

    MINSTREL MUSIC - Assendorpstr.95-1-Zwolle
    PLAATFANAAT-Weg naar Voorst 38-Zutphen


    WIM's MUZIEKKELDER-Korte Heezenstr 5A-Doetinchem
    VELVET-Maandereind 40-Ede
    PLAY IT AGAIN-Zwanenstr.17-Arnhem
    WAAGHALS-Achter de Hoofdwacht 7-Nijmegen
    VINYLARCHIEF-Lange Hezelstr.68-Nijmegen

    't OOR-Brouwerstr.10-Almere

    VELVET (De Nootzaak)-Havik 7A-Amersfoort
    PANDORA's BOX-Veldweg 4-Soest
    DE GRAMMOPHOON WINKEL-Oude Gracht 26-Utrecht
    DE PLAATBOEF-Oude Gracht 306-Utrecht
    DE SCHATKAMER-Middenstr.22-Woudenberg

    VELVET-Nieuwe Rijn 34-Leiden
    VELVET Outlet-Zijlsingel 2D-Leiden
    PLATO-Vrouwensteeg 4-6-Leiden
    THE LONELY HUNTER-Burgsteeg 9-Leiden
    DE WINKEL-Weimarstr.171-Den Haag
    EMPIRE-Korte Houtstr.14/C-Den Haag
    DE PLAATBOEF-Korte Houtstr.13-Den Haag
    ANY RECORD-Amsterdamse Veerkade 17/B-Den Haag
    SPUI RECORDS-Spui 43/E-Den Haag
    VINYL GROOVE-Boekhorstr.97c-Den Haag
    VELVET-Voldersgracht 3-Delft
    PLEXUS/'T PLATENMANNEKE-Voldersgracht 11a-Delft
    FREJO MUSIC-Abrikozengaarde 8-Schiedam
    DE PLAATBOEF-Nieuwe Binnenweg 81A-Rotterdam
    DEMONFUZZ RECORDS-Nieuwe Binnenweg 86-Rotterdam
    VELVET-Oude Binnenweh 121A-Rotterdam
    GET BACK-Voorstr.18-Dordrecht
    VELVET-Vriesestr 110-Dordrecht

    TUNES VILLE - Haagdijk 15 - Breda
    PLAY IT AGAIN-Nieuwstr.10-Breda
    GREY-Van Coothpl.7-Breda
    VELVET-Tolbrugstr 12-Breda
    DE WATERPUT-Bosstr.36-Bergen op Zoom
    'T HOEKSKE-De Hoek 15-Eethen
    VINYL DESTINATION-St.Annapl.68-Tilburg
    BULLIT-Tongelresestraat 445A-Eindhoven

    SOUNDS-Parade 66-Venlo
    't EZELSOORTJE-Bakkerstr.30-Roermond
    PSYCHO RECORDS-Parallelweg 69-Heerlen
    GONG-Uilegats 6-Heerlen
    DIDI-Akerstr.Nrd 248-Hoensbroek
    ZOOM RECORDS-Grote Gracht 38-Maastricht


    More music shops
    and even more

    Good Times - Alkmaar The Lonely Hunter - Leiden Dutch Record! Clog dancing record
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    hop on hop off tourist bus-Amsterdam

    by gwened Written Apr 19, 2013

    no time take the tourist bus, want an overall view of the city to decide which ones to hit in detail ,there is the tourist bus. Useful, handy, available, let others drive for you. And you are above ground to see it all.

    nice way for a family to take it and decide what to come back later on.

    hop on hop off bus by Centraal going to Centraal the hop on hop off bus
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    by traveldave Updated Aug 5, 2012

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Volendam is a small village of 22,000 inhabitants located about 12 miles (18 kilometers) northeast of Amsterdam. It used to be primarily a fishing village, but nowadays the tourism industry has become the most important aspect of the town's economy. So now, in the summer many of the inhabitants dress in traditional costumes, which include tight bodices, winged lace caps, and striped aprons for the women; and baggy black pants with silver buttons, and short black jackets over striped shirts for the men. Unfortunately, all this has led to the town and harbor area being overrun with tourists and an abundance of souvenir shops.

    Volendam was founded after 1357 when the nearby town of Edam built a short canal to the Zuiderzee. Access to the Zuiderzee made Edam's harbor on the IJsselmeer obsolete, and it was filled in as part of a land-reclamation project. A town was built on the reclaimed land and was called Vollendam, meaning "Filled Dam." The name of the town was later shortened to Volendam.

    During the early part of the twentieth century, Volendam became something of an artists' retreat, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Pablo Picasso spent some time here.

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    cycling the LF routes

    by ardnas67 Updated Oct 24, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Netherlands is perfect to have a cycle holiday. The country is flat, so no heavy work. And a perfect way to see the real country.
    There are many LF routes through the country with several theme's. On the website an explanation in Englisch.

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    Holland Casino, Schiphol International Airport

    by hopang Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We placed Holland Casino at Schiphol International Airport under "off the beaten path" tip as this casino is not really a "nightlife" tip nor "things to do" tip! The Casino opens to all international passengers with minimum age of 18 years old between 6.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. daily. You may try your luck at the casino in the airport while waiting for your flight out of the Netherlands. Schiphol International Airport is probably the only airport in the world with its own casino!

    The Holland Casino in the airport has more than 100 slot machines together with several table games such as American Roulette and Black Jack. Admission to the casino is free but minimum age of 18 years old is strictly applied as required by the law of the country. The casino is located between Gate E and Gate F.

    Holland Casino, Schiphol Airport
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    The first in-Airport Museum of the World.

    by csordila Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although international airports in San Francisco and Mexico City also feature art museums, but the Rijksmuseum is the first museum in the world to have an annexe in an airport and Schiphol is the first airport to have a museum in its terminal focusing on 17th-century masters of the Dutch Golden Age, Jan Steen. Pieter de Hooch. Jacob van Ruisdael and Rembrandt.
    The ten works of portraits, landscapes, still lifes and paintings of life in 17th-century Netherlands have been selected from the Rijksmuseum collections. The museum was officially opened in December 2002 by His Royal Highness, Prince Willem-Alexander.
    In addition, frequently changing exhibitions of applied arts, such as ceramics and silverwork, from other museums are also on show.
    Do not expect queues at the entrance, because the exhibition has cca. 500 - 600 visitors each day, an average visit lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

    You will find also Museumshop here, where reproductions of 17th-century art from the Rijksmuseum may be bought together with Delft Blue vases, silk shawls, jewellery, posters, postcards, books etc.
    Internet terminals, near the shop, provide information on the Rijksmuseum's collections and the schedule of exhibitions.

    Opening hours: 7:00am - 8:00pm every day
    Admission free of charge, for departing, arriving and in-transit passengers.
    Direction: In the departure lounge after passport control (meaning you do not need to go through customs or come back through immigration to visit) on Holland Boulevard, the corridor connecting the E and F Pier.
    Passengers are allowed to carry their hand baggage into the museum.

    The only airport museum Rembrandt on display
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    by tompt Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Puzzled about the mummies?

    Well we do have a pyramid too !!

    The Pyramide of Austerlitz is erected at 12 october 1804 by the french general Auguste F.L.V. de Marmont to commemorate the stay of a 18.000 man army here. Marmont assembled all the french soldiers in the low countries at the heathland between Zeist and Woudenberg to prepare for an english invasion. To keep the men busy he decided to let them built a monument. It was a pyramid of dirt with grass and an obelisk on top. The pyramid was based on his visit to the Gizeh pyramid in Egypt. The obelisk is historical a roman memorial for emperors.
    Marmont dedicated it to Napoleon who crowned himself emperor that year.
    In 1806 the pyramid was named Pyramide van Austerlitz, in honor of a battle won by the french at Austerlitz (Czech republic). From then on the village where the armybase was located was also called Austerlitz.

    The pyramid is located on one of the highest points of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug (49,5 meter above sealevel)

    The pyramid is restored from 2001 to be opened again at its 200 year anniversary.

    Pyramid in Austerlitz

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    Hunnebeds: Megalithic Tombs in Drenthe province

    by airkarat Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    More than 50 of these ancient burial sites run along a distinct swath through the province of Drenthe on the West side of Holland bordering Germany. A small number of hunebedden are found in Germany as well, and the terrain becomes more forested with large oak trees, the kind that Hansel and Gretel could easily have become lost in ;)
    Borger is the site the largest hunebed, as well as the National Hunebeden Information Center. This is a smaller hunebed at Noord Sleen. Get the map and driving directions from Borger and find out what Napoleon and the Nazis thought of these unique sites.

    If you like Stonehenge...

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    SAIL 2005

    by ATLC Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This huge event will take place 17-21 August 2005.
    If you like tall ships and all kinds of other sailing ships and yachts, then this event is a must see!

    The event in 2005 will be called The Seven Cities of Sail. This is the programme:

    Portsmouth, June 23 – 27 2005
    Waterford, July 7 – 10 2005
    Cherbourg July 15- 18 2005
    Zeebrugge, July 23 – 26 2005
    Frederikstad, August 3 – 6 2005
    Bremerhaven, August 10 – 14 2005
    Amsterdam, August 17 – 21 2005

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    Hunebed in Drenthe (prehistorical grave)

    by ATLC Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a hunebed. Found in the province of Drenthe. People in prehistoric days used to bury their dead like this. Amazing how they made these burial places with the great sidestones, capstones and endstones.
    There are 54 of them in The Netherlands, all different in size but mostly in the provinces Drenthe and Groningen (up north!).

    For pictures of them all go see the website.
    The descriptions, I'm afraid, are in Dutch.

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    Alkmaar, the Cinderella City

    by GYOW Written Feb 17, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you have been to Amsterdam and it’s too busy for you then travel north about 35k and in the shadow of Amsterdam you will the city of Alkmaar.  More famously known for its cheese market which first took place in 1622, you can get a taste of it every Friday morning at 10 am, between April and September.  The cheese market is very historic and draws hundreds of people who stand 8 deep around the market square to get a glimpse of the proceedings.  If you manage to get to the front to see properly then it might be worth the crowds but personally I recommend going first thing on a Monday morning when little is open and the narrow streets are a pleasure to explore. The shops open about 1 pm so make sure you have seen most of it by then.  I picked up a brochure and browsed it over a tasty cup of coffee outside one of the many cafes on the square, then set off in almost empty streets.

    If you go to http://www.vvvalkmaar.nl you will find all of the details you need for a visit. The tourist office behind the Weighing House is full of souvenirs at reasonable prices as well as the usual local leaflets; I found the City Walk Through Alkmaar brochure worth the 2 Euros 50.  It takes you through the winding streets and documents places of interest with a little about their history, it was fascinating and I would recommend it.  Alternatively you can take a boat tour and view most of the same places whilst on the canal complete with a commentary in 4 different languages.  I really enjoyed the canal trip, with over 400 historical monuments to see within and around the city it’s a pleasure to have some of these pointed out with the history explained.   Although the cruise was delightful the biggest surprise were the bridges, as we approached the first one we were told (in four different languages!) that it was low and to mind our heads.  This was truly an understatement as the height of the second bridge was barely about the seats and everyone was almost prostrate on the floor. It made everyone laugh which created a very friendly atmosphere on board!

    You certainly get a real taste of Holland here, local people are going about their business and the car park was full of Dutch cars and the occasional German one, I think most the tourists are in Amsterdam! In 1811 Napoleon visited the conquered Netherlands with his consort Marie Louise, he visited Alkmaar and at the Mayors command all was decorated and a triumphal arch was placed near Kennemer Gate.  It was quickly moved when the Emperor changed his route and to make things worse he never even got out of his carriage.  I bet that went down well with the locals who had paid for it all through their taxes! I think Napoleon missed out on a little gem of a place.  I chose to eat my lunch at a small cafe at the side of St. Laurens Church, a place called De Bonte Bengel, where I enjoyed an unhurried meal with good food and friendly staff. Afterthought: Oh yes, for those of you with large feet there is a specialist shoe shop and for lovers of ice cream there is an Australian home-made ice cream shop... bizarre! 

    Alkmaar Cheese Auction The Cheese Auction The Canal by the market
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    What's on in Dutch museums

    by ATLC Updated Nov 29, 2010

    There are countless museums in The Netherlands, spread all over the country.
    How about some Off the Beaten Path ones like:

    - Dutch Watermuseum
    - Museum of the 20th century
    - Dutch leather and shoemuseum

    Enjoy !

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    Muiden Castle

    by traveldave Updated Oct 17, 2010

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Muiden is a small town east of Amsterdam that is located at the mouth of the Vecht River. Its biggest attraction is Muiden Castle, the most visited castle in the Netherlands, although its period rooms can only be visited on guided tours.

    Muiden Castle was originally constructed in 1205 by the Bishop of Utrecht, and was rebuilt by Count Floris V of Holland in 1280. In 1292, Count Floris V was captured and held prisoner in his own castle. During a rescue attempt, the count was killed. Because the count had no successor, the Bishop of Utrecht, Willem van Mechlen took control of the castle. He then set about tearing it down. The castle was rebuilt on its original foundation in 1370 by the Duke of Albrecht, Count of Holland. The old brick fortress is square in shape and features corner towers and a moat. The castle sat abandoned for many years leading to crumbling and decay. Renovations were done in 1895 and again between 1948 and 1972.

    The castle never served as a residence, but was used as a court and state prison. Nowadays, it is a museum run by the Dutch government.

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  • traveldave's Profile Photo

    Volendam Harbor

    by traveldave Updated Oct 17, 2010

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Since its founding, the fishing industry has been an important part of the life and economy of Volendam. Volendam Harbor is located on the Gouwzee, a small landlocked sea. The Gouwzee in turn is connected to the ocean through the IJsselmeer, which gave the fishing fleet access the rich herring grounds of the North Sea.

    During its heyday, several types of traditional fishing vessels put out to sea from Volendam Harbor to catch herring, a major Dutch food staple. Most of the fishing vessels were wooden, flat-bottomed, sail-powered boats that could easily navigate the shallow inshore waters, as well as the shallow inland canals. The two most popular types were the herring buss and the bomschuiten.

    During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, however, many of these traditional boats gave way to engine-powered steel boats. Nevertheless, there are still many old wooden boats moored in Volendam Harbor, offering great photographic opportunities and a sense of what traditional Dutch fishing villages must have been like.

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    Dutch images by Anton Pieck

    by ATLC Updated Aug 20, 2010

    Anton Pieck is a 20th century master of Dutch landscape and daily life. His images are much loved because they are so sweet to see and capture Dutch life in it's smallest detail so well.
    You'll find loads of images via Google.

    There's a small museum about Anton Pieck in the small fortified village Hattem.

    The address is: Achterstraat 46-48, Hattem.

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