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  • Toyist Art Hotel Ten Cate in Emmen
    Toyist Art Hotel Ten Cate in Emmen
    by sachara
  • Hotel Ten Cate
    Hotel Ten Cate
    by sachara
  • Toyist artists wearing masks
    Toyist artists wearing masks
    by sachara

Emmen Things to Do

  • Peatpolis, art-in-nature

    In 2003 seventeen artists from France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru and USA are working with peat and other natural materials in the peatland near the Veenpark at Barger-Compascuum.Officially Peatpolis stopped in December 2003, but also after you could still visit the place and have a look at the objects, allthough...

  • CBK: Centre of Visual Arts

    For many years the Centre of Visual Arts (Centrum Beeldende Kunst) was located in the cityhall in the citycentre of Emmen. In two exhibition halls were every year several exhibitions of contemporary art. In summer 2004 there was a special exhibition ''aLiVe'' of the photogroup Vlinderstad, celebrating their 55 years existence. The CBK was closed...

  • Noorderdierenpark, Kodiak bears

    The Noorderdierenpark is known of its beautiful natural setting of the continents.In 2003 the North American section in the original park is enlarged, after the South American animals moved to the new built part of the zoo.Except the three Kodiak bears, there are now also elks and bisons to see.Meanwhile the Kodiaks left the zoo,The zoo is open...

  • Go to the Zoo!

    Emmen is famous because of it s zoo, the "Noorderdierenpark" as it is called, and rightfully. Not as old and charming as Artis in Amsterdam or Blijdorp in Rotterdam but thanks to the special animals they got here and the certain atmosphere they created, it is nice to strowl round for a day or so. If I lived nearby, I knew what I'd like! A card to...

  • Emmen Dierenpark (zoo) part I

    The zoo (dierenpark) is situated in the middle of the city of Emmen. You will find various animals up here: elephants, giraffes, monkeys, butterflies, hippos, penguins, rhinos, snakes, sharks, buffalos and tiger/lions. Opening hours are (in 2010):1 March till 31 May 10.00am till 5pm 1 June till 31 August 10.00am till 6pm 1 September till 30...

  • Hunebedden / Dolmens

    The story of the 'Schimmeres' goes like this:Unique for the Netherlands is this "Hunebed" with a special shape. Original one hill covered the 2 gravechambers. The circle of stones around the foot of the hill are still present.The hill was 40 meter long. Because of this extremely length, it is called a longgrave. In North Germany and Denmark you...

  • Playa Pinguinos

    The original zoo is in the middle of the citycentre of Emmen. In 2002 a second part of the zoo is opened at the edge of the centre. A huge pedestrian traverse connects the two parts through the centre of Emmen.In the new part of the zoo is the South American section. At the Playa Pinguinos you can walk between the pinguins, allthough they made a...

  • Zoo in Emmen, butterfly garden

    The zoo in Emmen has a beautifull butterfly garden. In a colourfull tropical garden with many flowering plants you can walk between the many colourfull butterflies. Sometimes a butterfly will come and sit down on your hand. I prefer to go there on a rainy or cold sunday to enjoy the tropics of the garden. It's a relaxing place to sit down for a...

  • Zoo in Emmen, african savannah

    The zoo has a nice african savannah with rhino's, zebra's, ostriches, wildebeasts, giraffes and impalas. It's one of my favourite places in the zoo.At one point you're a eye height with the giraffes. Here are always a lot of people around.I also like it to sit at the terrace of the safari restaurant, especially in the first hour the park opens it...

  • The Zoo of Emmen

    The Zoo of Emmen, called the Noorderdierenpark, has a very beautifull rather natural atmosphere. There is a herd of 14 elephants of all ages, an African Savannah with zebras, giraffes & rhinos. Further you can walk in the tropical butterfly-garden, at the Playa Pinguinos and in a huge green South- American bird cage between the butterflies,...

  • Langgraf at the Schimmeres in in Emmen

    The province Drenthe the province of hundebeds. You can find 52 of the 54 hunebeds of country in this province.A hunebed is supposed to be a megalithic skeleton of a burial chambers of 5.500 years old, made of huge boulders of around 25.000 Kg and in the past covered with earth. These boulders came to Drenthe from Scandinavia, transported by the...

  • Full Colour festival, Beyond Borders

    Every last sunday in August is the Full Colour Festival in the centre of Emmen.It's my favourite festival with wonderful music from all over the world, like African, Asian, South American. You can just listen to the music or dance. There is also a large market where you can buy many nice goods from the different continents. You can eat all kind of...


Emmen Hotels

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  • Hotel ten Cate

    The most remarkable hotel in the Province Drenthe or maybe even in the Netherlands is situated at...

  • Eden Hotel Emmen

    Hampshire Hotel (former De Giraf and Eden) is situated just east of the railway at a walking...

  • Van Der Valk Hotel Emmen

    Verlengde Herendijk 50 Nieuw Amsterdam, Nieuw Ams

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

Emmen Restaurants

  • World diner

    Under one roof you can have a wonderful world diner in three different restaurants.You start in the Spanish tapas restaurant Venga Tenga with a welcome drink and tapas variadas.The world main course is served in the french-style Patio restaurant.At the end for the dessert and coffee you go to the African Brasserie Mombasa.Restaurants are still...

  • Dinner in the city

    In the centre of Emmen you can eat International Cuisine, but also Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Mexican, Italian and Greek. All the restaurants are within walking distance of each other. There are also some restaurants-grand-cafes with a nice atmosphere. Our favourites are:Groothuis, Stationstraat 75, also second best café of the Netherlands in...

  • Caribbean- Cuban Restaurant

    In July 2007 a new restaurant opened its doors. It's a Caribbean restaurant where you can go for a drink, lunch or dinner. There is a variety in different types of tables, seats and chairs, all in bright colours. From the outside you don't have the slightest idea what to find inside, so we were very surprised to find this wonderful ambiance in the...

  • Tulip Inn - Just an Illusion

    Please double check with all the other hotels in this aread before selecting this Hotel. Hotel looks cool, but the people are not. I stayed in the hoted for a month paying 50 / 80 Euros per day. I didn't find time to search for other hotels in the area due to work. At the reception, They give a warm welcome only when you check in. They don't try :(...

  • Dinner at the golfcourse

    If you like to eat at the outskirts fo Emmen, you can go to the Golfparc Sandur south of the citycentre in the scenic new designed area of the golfpark. The Brasserie The Fairway with its nice terrace is not only for the golfplayers.You can have just a cup of coffee, a lunch, a sandwich or a icecream at noon or a four course dinner in the evening....

  • Nice & cosy business & good food

    We saw this lunchroom and just had to go in, for our neighbours own a lunchroom with just the same name. Fortunately it was a good guess lol because the food was good, the servants polite and friendly and above all, the toilets were clean. I had the hamburger special and although served in quite different way than I am used to (perhaps something...


Emmen Nightlife

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  • Summerfair

    Emmen is selected as the best leisure town in the Netherlands by the ANWB, the Dutch tourist organisation. Besides the very known Emmer Zoo there are a lot of activities in Emmen like markets and festivals.During the C'est la Vie Festival there is alos a summerfair in the towncentre with many spectacular attractions. At the last day of the...

  • Mondaynightmusicclub

    The mondaynightmusicclub is back in town!Every monday evening from 9 PM you can join the musicmaking crew at stage, jam and make music together. Or just enjoy to look and listen to the music. Often you can hear known musicians of different bands. At the 31th May 2004 the musicnight is for the first time back in Emmen again, after the musicnight...

  • Jazz & Blues Stad Emmen

    Every last fridaynight in May the centre of Emmen is very lively with people visiting the Blues & Jazz night of Emmen in more than 10 cafes and pubs.At 8 PM is the opening performance in the open-air at the muziekkoepel at the marketplace. From 9 PM there are about 20 blues and jazz bands playing till the early hours of the next day.During the year...


Emmen Shopping

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    Shopping Centre de Weiert: Funshopping

    by sachara Updated Jul 8, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The in 2002 renewed shoppingcentre the
    '''Weiert'' has many shops (not only women's clothes). A lot of people from the north of the Netherlands visit the ''Weiert'' for funshopping. The most parts of the centre are roofed.

    On the picture:
    The glass art-work of the artist Maarten Ploeg. At the left side you see an elephant an at the right side a pinguin. And in the middle the (shopping) jungle. The ''Weiert'' is situated between the two parts of the Zoo.

    Shopping Centre de Weiert, Dalipassage

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Emmen Local Customs

  • Cultural surprises in the streets

    In summertime there are a lot of activities at the Marktplein (Marketplace) and in the streets around, especially in the weekends. Often there are performances of local choirs of all kind, like shanty, barbershop, close harmony, pirates.The most funny choirs are the pirate choir ''De Stormvogels'' with men dressed up like pirates and the...

  • Annual entry of Sinterklaas

    Sinterklaas at the 5th December is a popular event to celebrate in the Netherlands.Sinterklaas brings a lot of presents to the sweet children and .....adults.A few weeks before the 5th Sinterklaas arrives by boat from Spain with its ''Pieten".Because Emmen is not reachable by water, he he arrives by train. The cavalcade from the trainstation to the...

  • Boxes for garbage ?

    In summer 2003 the municipality of Emmen placed new red boxes in the centre of Emmen.The whole centre is a pedestrian area and paved. So there is a problem for visitors with dogs. The solution .... they can put the dung of their dogs in these boxes at an very easy way.But... most visitors of the centre didn't understand the purpose and use of this...


Emmen Off The Beaten Path

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    Nieuw Amsterdam, Van Gogh was here

    by sachara Updated Jan 12, 2006

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    The Van Gogh house in Nieuw Amsterdam (in the municipality of Emmen) is the only house in the Netherlands where Vincent van Gogh has lived and worked, which can be visited. At the end of 1883 he lived two months in the logement of Hendrik Scholte in Nieuw-Amsterdam/Veenoord. A part of this logement is rebuilt in the authentic style of a caf?-restaurant anno 1880.

    The room where Vincent has made his paintings looks like the painter can be back any moment from a walk. Except the room where he worked and lived you can watch a film showing his life and history.

    In South East Drenthe are many places to find where Van Gogh has made his drawings and paintings. Excursions to these places can be organised. Known are the draw bridge in Nieuw Amsterdam, the tiny church in Zweeloo and the traditional boat, the so-called snikke.

    Opening times are from wednesday till sunday, 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm. Entrance fee is 4,50 euro. The address is Van Goghstraat 1, 7844 NP Veenoord/Nieuw-Amsterdam

    By car: A37 Hoogeveen-German border, turn off at Veenoord/Nieuw-Amsterdam.
    By train: 4 minutes walk from the station Nieuw-Amsterdam (on the line Zwolle - Emmen).

    Van Gogh House Van Gogh House, entrance Van Gogh House, bedroom Van Gogh House, working place Van Gogh House, exhibition
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Emmen Sports & Outdoors

  • Fifa Youth World Championship in Emmen

    The FC Emmen Univé stadion in Emmen, more popularly known as De Meerdijk. was one of the places were several matches of the Fifa Youth World Championship took place in Juin 2005. In Emmen played group F, being Brazil, Nigeria, South Korea and Switzerland.Usually I don't go to the stadion for watching soccer, but these international matches were a...

  • Basketball clinic in the citycentre

    The last year there are not only cultural performances during the festivals. Especially for the youngsters there are lots of sport activitivies as well. During the Full Colour Festival I saw panna football. In summer 2006 I there was a basketball clinics at the square between the two department stores V&D and C&A. There were lots of participants,...

  • Marathon straight through Drenthe

    On Saturday 14 October 2006 the Province Drenthe, the Municipality Emmen and the Foundation World Runners organized a marathon 'Dwars door Drenthe' (straight through Drenthe) on the provincial highway N381 from Hoogersmilde to Emmen. It was an unique event to celebrate the reconstruction of this highway, which was car free during most part of this...


Emmen Favorites

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  • Marktplein Emmen, the place to be

    The marktplein in Emmen is the most central part of the city in the middle of the green heart. It's the most favourite and lively place to be in Emmen and to watch and meet people.In this part od town there are a lot of terraces of cafes like de Brasserie, de Swetser, de Zaak, de Kamer, Su Sardu, Tapas Real and some more.At sunday afternoons in...

  • Summer Festival

    We were visiting Emmen at the time of a wonderful Summer Festival where we saw several Dutch music (mostly Rock) bands. Jaco even introduced us to some of bands. Wohoooo!

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